2010 National Underclass - 3


Maroon vs. Navy Highlights >>

1/10/2010 6:59:32 PM

Maroon vs. Navy

In an Early afternoon game at Terry Park, Adrian Marin of Team Maroon (Gulliver Prep, 2012, Miami, FL), went 2-4 with a double, two stolen bases, and an RBI. Also helping out Team Maroon was Christopher Leduc (Palatka High School, 2012, East Palatka, FL). Chris was able to show off some of his speed while going 2-3 with a triple and a run scored. Helping pace Team Maroon on the mound was Michael Clemens (The Woodlands High, 2011, Woodland, TX). Michael topped out at 87MPH with his fastball. Michael also has a big breaking Curveball that sits between 73-76 to go along with his fastball. He has an athletic build and uses a low ¾ arm slot.

Team Navy was lead to their seven run outburst by Ramsey Diaz (Gulliver Prep, 2011, Miami, FL) going 3-5 with an RBI, and scoring three runs. Ramsey was able to get in scoring position for other players by showing off his speed and good base running instincts. A couple of the Team Navy pitchers showed off their arms by topping out at 85MPH. Brendan Croce (LaSalle Academy, 2011, Hope, RI) topped out at 85MPH, while sitting at 81-84MPH. Croce was able to keep hitters off balance with his tight slider, and ability to stay in the strike zone. Also helping out the Team Navy pitching staff was Brett Byrum (Rowlett High, 2012, Rowlett, TX)sitting at 82-84 while also topping out at 85MPH. Byrum impressed with his stamina throughout his appearance, and ability to continuously throw strikes.

Orange vs. Red Highlights >>

1/10/2010 6:58:00 PM

Team Orange vs Team Red

On a chilly after noon at Terry Park Team Red defeated team Orange in a 2-0 game that was highlighted by a couple of 2012 pitchers in the Showcase.

Team Red sent 2012 RHP Matt Constance (Canton, MI; Plymouth Salem HS) to the mound, Constance has a very projectable build so velocity should increase with some added strength and maturity. His fastball showed good movement and threw it down hill. To go with his fastball he showed good feel for a sharp 10-4 curveball that was consistently in the strike zone. The two pitches helped keep the Orange team off balance in his 3 innings of work that included 6 strike outs.

Opposing Constance was Team Oranges own 2012 in Mitchell Traver (Sugar Land TX; Fort Bend Baptist Academy HS). Traver was very impressive in his three innings, sitting comfortably in the 85-87 range with a smooth easy delivery, a young 2012 showed great mound presence. He had plus command of his fastball and a very deceptive change up that had good sink on it. He also showed a very nice 11-5 curveball with good bite.

Another 2012 that was impressive was Christian Morris (Archer, FL; Williston HS), he sat in the 83-84 range topping at 85 with an arm that works well, his feel for a 69-71 curveball showed during his last two innings.

Not to be out done a few 2011’s from each team showed some good talent on the mound, first for Team Red, John Gorman (Norwood, MA; Catholic Memorial HS), Gorman sat in the 84-86 MPH range with some good arm side run from a clean arm action, he also shows good spin on a 74-75 MPH curveball.

Team Red brought in Jace James to close out the game, the 2011 from Oklahoma City, OK; Putnam City North HS) the strike throwing James sat 83-85 with good life to his fastball, he also showed a good a plus 12-6 curveball with great depth and break.

Though pitchers dominated the game a few hitters did jump out. 2011 Thomas Rivera (Pennsauken, NJ; Pendleton School) the athletic MIF showed good hitting mechanics staying on the ball and showing the ability to go the other way.

Matt Sinclair (2011 Spring TX; Oak Ridge HS) showed some very good bat speed on a short compact swing, he drove a solid single up the middle in his first at bat that was caught by the radar gun at 96 MPH.

Purple vs Royal Highlights >>

1/10/2010 6:18:53 PM

Will Finley (2011, FL) retired all six hitters he faced and struck out four. He relied on his best pitch all day which was a very heavy sinker with late life that sat in the low 80's and hit 83 a dozen or so times. He showed a solid curveball and changeup as well but honestly didn't need them the way his sinker was working today.

Stephen Lapatin (2011, RI) threw well today and showed a sound delivery and kept hitters guessing with his 3 pitch mix. He commanded the zone well for the most part and sat around 80 with his fastball touching 82, showed a big 12/6 curveball with good spin and flashe a solid change-up.

Tyler Hermann (2011, WI) threw one inning without allowing a baserunner. He ran his fastball up to 83 and showed a long and fast arm action and also threw a hard 3/4 breaking ball with good bite.

Jordan Strittmatter (2011, FL) showed the best velocity of the game as he touched 84. He has a loose, quick arm and also mixed in an 11/5 curveball with big break and a solid changeup.  He also looked as a position player showing good outfield tools in the workout with athletic actions.  He swings on a flat path and showed good game swings.

Chris Chinea (2012, FL) showed the best overall tools in this game.  The strong 6-0/205 lb. catcher led off the game with a solid double to right center field.  He has some length to his swing but showed pretty good bat speed.  Chinea also showed well behind the plate.  He has good catch and throw skills with sound footwork.  Chinea has some arm strength and makes accurate throws. 

Brothers Connor and Patrick Lien (2011, FL) also showed well.  Connor hit a ringing double down the left field line and showed some bat speed throughout the game.  He showed well in the workout as well showing solid OF actions with arm strength.  Patrick also had a hit in the game and showed some bat speed.  He showed well in the workout and game with good catch and throw skills and receiving skills. 

Jan Luis Castro (2012, PR) had a good game for the Purple team.  He went 2-4 at the plate with a run.  Castro showed some bat speed with a line drive swing path.  Defensively, he attacked the ball well and showed good actions and footwork.

Kellen Creech (2011, FL) had a good game at the plate for Purple going 2-4.  He showed some bat speed.  Clayton Vranic went 1 for 4 with a triple.  He showed some range in the outfield as well.
Workout Results >>

1/10/2010 3:39:15 PM

Team # Last First 60Yd OF INF 1B C Pop
Maroon 1 Slimak Jacob 7.12 75
Maroon 3 Wells Micah 7.32 71
Maroon 4 Marin Adrian 6.51 83
Maroon 5 Jacobs Elige 7.11 66
Maroon 6 Valentine Brandon 7.29 79
Maroon 7 Becker Dylan 7.10 71
Maroon 8 LaPointe Mark 7.16 75
Maroon 9 Pacheco-Pares Luis 7.88 67
Maroon 10 Phinney Duff 7.05 72 2.01
Maroon 11 LeClair Gary 6.70 85
Maroon 12 King Ed 7.35 76
Maroon 16 Sutter Cole 7.91 70 2.04
Maroon 17 Askew Adonis 6.81 72 1.93
Maroon 18 Cavanaro Jeff 7.24 84
Maroon 19 Leduc Christopher 6.88 83
Maroon 24 Mackin Brian 8.10 74
Navy 1 Chirino Fabian 7.52 75
Navy 2 Harvey Spencer 7.47 79
Navy 3 Bacon Richard 7.19 73
Navy 4 Pruett Brian 7.06 81
Navy 5 Simmons Michael 7.40 75
Navy 6 Sunstrom Adam (AJ) 7.87
Navy 9 Metzger Zachary 7.41 74 1.90
Navy 10 Gayler Will 8.00 75 72 2.12
Navy 11 Valletta Nick 7.23 76
Navy 12 Diaz Ramsey 7.07 81
Navy 13 Alfonso Ricky 6.89 80
Navy 14 Strickland Skylar 7.23 69 2.00
Navy 17 Byrum Brett 7.90 81
Navy 18 Fonseca Robert 7.48 81
Orange 1 Paschal Grant 7.63 77
Orange 2 Hitchcock Quinton 6.52 85
Orange 4 White Max 6.82 84
Orange 5 Kriston Garrett 7.59 76
Orange 6 Rabakozi Robert 7.37 78 1.93
Orange 7 Eierman Johnny 6.54 82
Orange 8 Roland Matthew 7.54 70
Orange 9 Thorson Tyler 7.29 70
Orange 13 Perez Andy 6.78 78
Orange 15 Morris Christian 80
Orange 17 Traver Mitchell 7.55 83
Orange 18 Henkels Ryan 7.78 68
Orange 19 Sinclair Matt 7.63 75 2.00
Orange 20 Dunn Joe 7.12 75
Orange 21 Haasz Zach 7.09 81 71
Orange 22 Colucci Nick 7.00 78
Purple 4 Lien Patrick 7.38 86 78 1.95
Purple 5 Etheridge Garrett 7.26 67
Purple 6 Perez Raul 7.72 72 70 1.94
Purple 7 Meadows Matt 7.07 81 78
Purple 9 Castro Jan Luis 7.32 75
Purple 10 Vranic Clayton 7.10 77
Purple 11 Loew Randy 7.28 75
Purple 13 Creech Kellen 7.96 75
Purple 14 Hermann Tyler 6.79 78
Purple 16 Lapatin Stephen 7.39
Purple 17 Finley Will 7.19 82
Purple 18 Lien Connor 6.77 84 78
Purple 19 Wilcox Johnie 7.58 76
Purple 41 Salvatore Troy 6.97 76
Red 1 Thompson Brett 7.02 80
Red 2 Blackman Tanner 6.79 82
Red 3 Washington Michael 6.80 76
Red 4 Bermudez-Rosso Eduardo 7.72 72 70 2.12
Red 5 De la Torre Joseph 7.76 74 2.10
Red 7 James Jace 7.31 79
Red 9 Mercedes Melvin 6.77 81
Red 10 Hampton Darius 7.50 78
Red 11 Constance Matt 7.50 84
Red 12 Rivera Tomas 7.64 86
Red 15 Pollack Tanner 77
Red 16 Suarez Jordan 7.84 82
Red 17 Gorman John 7.11 80
Red 18 Bellinger Zachary 7.33 79 73 2.04
Red 24 Zilberman Patrick 7.88
Royal 1 Strittmatter Jordan 6.75 86
Royal 2 Moscato Daniel 7.18 75
Royal 3 Wong Justin 6.97 77
Royal 4 Chinea Chris 6.86 84 77 1.81
Royal 5 Meier Thomas 7.21 74
Royal 6 Renegar Tanner 7.92 72
Royal 7 Weeks Corbin 7.55 69 2.12
Royal 8 Bowers Mathew 7.86 74 2.12
Royal 9 Salgado Ortiz Ismael 6.65 75
Royal 10 Essig John 7.73
Royal 11 Ondrejka Cole 7.73 67
Royal 12 Spires Bradley 7.23 81 77
Royal 13 Escobedo Julian 6.76 83
Royal 15 Moody Jordan 7.00 74
Royal 16 Renegar Taylor 7.60 79
Royal 17 Devine Logan 7.93 68
Royal 18 Stadel Joshua 8.06 77
Royal 19 Sebastian Nicholas 7.05 77 1.94
Batting Practice Moves Indoors >>

1/9/2010 7:46:17 PM

People generally think of Florida as a tropical paradise in the winter with sunny skies and beautiful weather, but that was far from the case on Saturday in Fort Myers.  With some of the most miserable winter weather Fort Myers has ever seen, the batting practice portion of the showcase moved indoors.  With temperatures hovering around 40 degrees all day and a steady rain in the area, the decision was made to finish the rest of the event on Sunday.


The players split apart in to two groups on Saturday morning at the batting cages with the Navy, Orange, Red, Royal, Steel, Teal, Texas Orange and White hitting in one cage. 


National Underclass


1B/OF Robert Fonseca (2011, Seton Hall Prep, NJ) showed very good raw hitting tools at the plate with quick hands and good bat speed.  He is a strong and physical player at 6’1”, 195 lb and with better balance and leverage in his swing his potential is very high.


While listed as a primary pitcher, it is obvious RHP/3B John Gorman (2011, Catholic Memorial HS, MA) has the physical tools to be a force at the plate as well.  He showed some of the best raw power of any player, as he has super quick and strong hands and is able to get the bat through the zone very quickly.


OF Jordan Strittmatter (2011, Lake Brantley HS, FL) is yet another in a long line of talented players that have come out of powerful Lake Brantley HS.  At 6’3”, 195 lb Jordan is a good-looking athlete that shows good raw hitting tools highlighted by his quick hands and good bat speed.


OF Bradley Spires (2011, Evans HS, GA) has a simple and easy hitting approach and he showed the ability to stays inside the ball well with his quick hands.  At 6’2”, 165 lb Bradley has the type of build that projects to fill out well.



Some other notable players that stood out during the National Underclass batting practice session included:

- RHP/1B Christian Morris (2012, Williston HS, FL)

-OF Quinton Hitchcock (2011, Vanguard HS, FL)

- 1B Jordan Suarez (2011, Chaminade Madonna College HS, FL)


World Open


MIF Brian Walker (2010, Highlands Christian HS, FL) had some of the best raw hitting tools of the day with very good present strength and plus bat speed.  With some small adjustments in his approach and improved balance the upside is very high for Walker.


SS Omar De la Cruz (2010, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy) was the top switch-hitting prospect on the day with a powerful swing from the right side with good present strength.  He was a bit more polished as a left-hander and showed a smooth swing with good balance and leverage.  Omar has good bat speed left-handed and his upside is high offensively.


Some other players that stood out during the World Open batting practice session included:

-C Yohan Nunez (2010, Miami Lakes, FL)

-C Daniel Whitecavage (2010, Hopewell HS, NC)

-OF Jose Castellanos (2010, Samuel Gamper HS, NY)

-OF/1B Eric Barbieri (2010, Cherokee HS, NJ)


Maroon BP Notes >>

1/9/2010 4:27:28 PM

After the six teams from the World Showcase, featuring mostly 2010 prospects, took batting practice in Cage One, two teams from the National Underclass (Session 3) took the cage.  The difference in the physicality and strength between the older hitters and the 2011/2012 prospects in the National Underclass was very obvious.  A year makes alot of difference!

Interestingly, two of the top graded hitters on the Maroon team were fighting the same timing issue that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.  Both 2012 OF Christopher Leduc (Palatka HS, FL) and C Cole Sutter (Marist HS, Alpharetta, GA) are anxious hitters who had trouble occasionally staying back on the ball in the BP environment.  The 6-2, 190 lb Leduc has very quick hips that drive his plus bat speed and learning to time his hips will be an important part of his development as a hitter.  The 6-1, 200 lb Sutter projects plus power in the future when he learns to trust his hands and not drift out early to the ball.

2012 IF Adrian Marin (Gulliver Prep, Coral Gables, FL) isn't especially strong yet at 5-11, 160 lbs but has very good bat speed for a young hitter and a sound fundamental swing.  He really hit the ball hard to the RCF part of the "field/cage", something you like to see from a young right handed hitter.

OF Jeff Cavanero (Cohasset HS, MA) and OF Gary LeClair (The Steward School, Richmond, VA) both showed very sound fundamental swings  and are starting to develop strength and next level bat speed.
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