2013 Northeast Top Prospect Showcase


Game 10 Gold vs Columbia Blue >>

8/11/2013 9:55:55 PM

Brian Christian (Plymouth, MA) got things going quickly for Columbia Blue off the bump, topping out at 87 mph with his fastball, Christian also showed a very nice curveball that topped out at 75. With a good feel for both pitches, Christian was able to have 3 quick innings and struck out 4 batters. 

2014 right-handed pitcher William Money (Fairfield, CT) also had three quick innings and struck out 3 batters. He topped out at 81 mph and sat predominately in the upper 70's throughout. His fastball had some arm side run and showed a curveball that topped at 75 mph and a change-up at 68 mph. 

Connor Elwell (Cornwall Bridge, CT) also threw 3 innings, the last Columbia pitcher to do so. He worked 70-72 mph with a lot of movement on his fastball and showed a feel for a change-up that sat 66 mph. 

Throwing an inning each to close out the last two innings was Jarrett Archambault (Seekonk, MA) and Jason Polgano (Bronx, NY). Archambault a right and Polgano a left each topped out at 80 mph with Archambault touching 70 mph on his curveball and Polgano up to 71 mph with his breaking ball. 

Despite only collecting six hits, Columbia Blue was able to scratch across a couple runs. Zachary Merkle (Orefield, PA), who has showed well throughout the showcase, collected two line drive singles and score the first run for Col. Blue. Jack Gethings (Wallingford, CT), Zachary Blecher (Ashland, MA), Austen Swift (Etobicoke, ON), and Jason Polgano all collected a single a piece throughout the contest as well. 

Gold used 4 different pitchers to get through the 11 innings of game action.

Adam Krol (Sunderland, MA) went the first 3, pumping his fastball up to 81 mph with 2 different types of curveballs, a harder one at 70 mph and a softer 58/61 mph breaker. He also showed a change-up that sat 65-68 mph. 

Both Paul Regan (Wrentham, MA) and Hunter Hamlin (Mansfield Center, CT) threw 3 innings and both topped at 80 mph, sitting mid to upper 70's throughout their three innings. Regan showed a feel for a low 60's curveball (65 top) and a change-up that sat 67/68 mph. He used his 3 pitches to have a quick outing, facing 10 batters, only 1 over the minimum. Hamlin backed up his fastball with a 68/69 mph slider and showed the ability to get downhill.

Randall Fraizer (Wareham, MA) threw the last 2 innings and sat 76-80 on his fastball, topping out at 81 mph. He also showed a feel for a change-up at 71 mph and was able to pick up three strikeouts with those pitches.

Mark Tumosa (Willington, CT) led the charge offensively with 2 base hits, a single and a double. Randall Frazier, David Neil (Randolph, MA) and Jack McGuire (West Hartford, CT) all picked up singles scattered throughout the 11 innings. 
Game 9 Black vs Cardinal >>

8/11/2013 9:09:05 PM

Starting the game for Black was Marvin Gorgas, a 2014 right-handed pitcher from East Hampton, CT. Gorgas was very impressive, sitting 90-92 mph with his fastball and topped out at an impressive 93 mph. As good as his fastball was, Gorgas showed a very good feel for a sharp mid 70's breaking ball and a 78/80 mph change-up. With those three pitches working for him, Gorgas was able to strike out 8 of the 9 batters he faced. 

Nicholas Kuzia (Seymour, CT) followed with three innings of his own, topping out at 77 mph with his fastball, flashing both a curveball at 68 mph, a change-up that touched 73 mph and a knuckleball at 68, a pitch that is not regularly seen. Kuzia worked 3 very quick innings, allowing only 1 base hit and struck out 2 batters. 

Both Dan Paul (Farmington, CT) and Zach Mastrangelo (Merrick, NY) pitched an inning each. Paul worked 69-71 mph with his fastball and topped at 62 mph with his curveball. Mastrangelo topped out at 81 mph and featured a 65 mph curveball, resulting in a quick 1-2-3 inning with a strike out. 

Offensively the big hit came from 2014 Nico Cribb (Strafford, VA) in the form of a long 2 run home run to right-center field. Peter Grippo (East Haven, CT), Marvin Gorgas, Dan Paul (Farmington, CT), Jason Staub (Portland, CT) all collected singles and Cyrus Senior (Kirkland, QC) had a double. Also showing well was Greg Eng (Middletown, RI) who was 3/3 with 3 singles. 

Cardinal sent out three pitchers to throw 3 innings a piece:

Terence Ely (Geenlawn, NY) started the game, topping at 80 mph sitting 76-79 mph with a low 60's curveball. 
Nick Price (West Haven, CT) also topped out at 80 mph and 76-79 as well with a curveball that topped at 65 mph with 5 strikeouts. Price, like Kuzia, also threw a couple knuckleballs, with his topping at 64 mph. 
Benjamin Contento (Schenectady, NY) closed out the game and sat 80-82 with his fastball, topping 83 mph with a curveball up to 65 mph and a change-up at 66 mph.

With the pitching of the Black team, Cardinal was only able to collect 4 base hits, all of which were singles. Michael Bentley (Plympton, MA) led the way going 2-2 with 2 singles, with Contento and Michael Fernandes (Lexington, MA) also picking up a single a piece. 
Game 8 Green vs Purple >>

8/11/2013 8:13:15 PM

Like the games prior, the Purple team used 2 pitchers, each of whom threw 3 innings each. 

Brian DeMaio (Wallingford, CT) is a 2014 left-handed pitcher that topped at 81 mph with his fastball and sat 76-80. He has a lean frame with room to fill out and also showed a feel for a 1/7 breaking curveball that clocked in between 68-71 mph. 

DeMaio gave way to Brandon Ginnetti, a 2015 right-handed pitcher from East Haven, CT. Ginnetti struck out a batter an inning, topping out at 84 with his fastball, comfortably throwing 81-83 mph while also showing a mid-to-upper 60's curveball.

Purple scratched out four base hits, all of which were singles, by four different batters. The batters that picked up hits were Holden Bruce (Lexington, MA), Miles Arecchi-Schuh (Montreal, QC), Caedon Saltis (Wallingford, PA), and Connor Perry (Longmeadow, MA).

Michael Kreiger (Derby, CT) threw the first 3 innings for Green, running his fastball up to 83 mph from a lower 3/4 arm slot. A 2015 graduate, Kreiger also showed a feel for a low 70's slider which topped out at 75 mph. In his three innings, he was able to strike out 5 batters. 

Following up Kreiger was Junior Ramirez, a 2014 graduate from Queens, NY. The right-hander also struck out 5 batters and sat 79-81 mph with his fastball, topping out at 82 mph while showing a feel for a curveball that topped out at 67 mph. 

Mike Young (Mashpee, MA) continued to collect base hits, picking up to more, one single and a double. Both Peter Harris (Wellesley, MA) and Junior Ramirez scored a run each after getting on with a base hit. Harris knocked out a single and Ramirez doubled to right-field. 
Game 7 Purple vs Orange >>

8/11/2013 7:34:58 PM

Throwing for Orange three innings a piece today was Andrew Ryan (Rochester, MA) and Alexander Scallion (Norwalk, CT), both of whom are right-handed pitchers and 2014 graduates. Ryan allowed only 2 base hits and struck out 2 batters. Topping out at an impressive 86 mph with his fastball and sitting 81-85 on the pitch, he also showed a low 70's curveball both of which he threw for strikes. 

Alexander Scallion topped out at 77 mph on his fastball while sitting 72-76 mph and also featured a 69 mph curveball. He used both of his pitches to strike out 4 batters.

Three different hitters picked up hits for Orange including singles by Tyler Preizler (Mount Kisco, NY) and Kiernan Besse (Marion, MA) and another double for Rick Smith, his second in as many games. 

Starting on the mound for the first three innings for Purple was Holden Bruce (Lexington, MA), a right-handed pitcher, who topped out at 73 mph with his fastball and worked 70-72 throughout. He allowed 3 hits but surrendered no runs, striking out 3 thanks to mixing in a curveball in the low 60's and a mid 60's change-up. 

Colin Tenney (Amherst, NY) threw the last 2 innings, working real quick with two 1-2-3 innings. He threw threw different pitches with a fastball topping out at 73 mph, a curveball up to 67 mph and flashed a change-up at 65 mph. 

Reynaldo Guillen Jr. (Bronx, NY) continued to show well this showcase, leading the Purple offense with two hard hit singles into right field. Both Colin Tenney and Justin Trochiano (Morganville, NJ) added doubles while Walter Zelaya (Kitchener, ON), Holden Bruce, Evan Ball (Bloomsburg, PA), and Caedon Saltis (Wallingford, PA) all chipping in with singles. 
Game 6 Green vs Orange >>

8/11/2013 6:46:53 PM

Staring the game for Green was Stefan Livsey from Englewood, CO. A right-handed pitcher, Livsey topped out at 77 mph with his fastball and sat comfortably 73-77 mph. He also showed a mid 60's curveball and a 70/71 mph change-up.

Mike Young threw the final inning for Green, running his fastball up to 83 mph, sitting 80-82 mph. He also used a mid-60's curveball and a 71 mph change-up to have a quick 1-2-3 inning with 1 strikeout. 

Green had three hits total, singles by Michael Silbert, Vincent Giglia, and Mike Young.

Pitching for Orange was Case Bongirne for three innings and Zachary Risedorf for the final inning. Both 2014 graduates, Bongirne topped out at 78 mph with a 67 mph curveball and a 65 mph change-up while striking out 4 batters. Risedorf, who played for Green but ended up pitching against them, sat 82-84 mph, topping 85 with a 71 mph curveball and flashed a 78 mph change-up. 

Both Rick Smith and Derek Kasperzyk picked up doubles offensively for Orange, Smith drilling one to deep left center field and Kasperzyk going down the left field line, opposite field. 

Picking up the other hit was Jesse Archambault, a left handed hitter that hit a line drive to the opposite field for a single, showing the ability to keep his hands inside the ball. 

Game 5 Cardinal vs Columbia Blue >>

8/10/2013 11:00:09 PM

Ricardo Fernandez (Bronx, NY) threw the first three innings for Columbia Blue, striking out 2 batters and allowed only 2 hits. His fastball topped out at 80 mph and sat 75-79 mph throughout. His curveball sat in the high 60's and featured 11/5 break.

Greg Hutnick (Islip, NY) was in next and topped his fastball out at 80 mph also, sitting 76-79 mph. Striking out five, Hutnick also featured a curveball that was 66/68 mph and showed a change-up at 71 mph. 

Throwing the final three innings was Zachary Blecher (Ashland, MA), who was dominant. He struck out the side twice, ending with 7/9 of his outs coming by way of strikeout. His fastball sat 80-82 mph and topped at 83 mph, he showed the ability to vary speeds on his breaking ball and showed a feel for a change-up at 74/75 mph. 

Cardinal also used three pitchers, the first of whom was Jourdon Wydra (Bristol, CT). He topped at 81 mph with his fastball and sat in the upper 70's, showing both a curveball which was up to 69 mph and a change-up that was 73/75 mph.

Next in to throw was Nicholas Palladino (Emerson, NJ), who struck out five batters in his three innings of work. Nothing Palladino threw was straight, as his upper 70's fastball (78 top) featured some cutting action and he showed a good feel for his 11/5 curveball which he worked 68-71 mph. 

Working the last 2 innings was Hayden Manning, a left-handed pitcher from (Portland, CT). He had two quick 1-2-3 innings with 3 strikeouts and sat 75/76 mph on his fastball and worked in a low 60's 11/5 curveball. 

David Sills, Jason Polgano, Zachary Merkle and Cameron Walsh all picked up singles for Columbia Blue. Both Polagano and Matthew Payero made similar plays in center field that were very nice and put their athleticism on display. With the ball hit well over there head off the bat, each put their head down, sprinted, found the ball, and completed the play. 

Ryan Evans went 2-2 with 2 line drive singles over the head of the shortstop.

The Cardinal offense had a total of six hits, with 2 coming off the bat of Liam Matheson. Both of his hits were singles and he also showed off some arm strength, delivering a strike to home plate from centerfield. Chris Puiia, Hayden Manning, and Corey Furia all pitched in with a single and Vincent Prisco added a double in his second at bat. 
Top 1B Velo's >>

8/10/2013 10:58:06 PM

Juan De La Cruz 86 2014 George Washington Carver New York NY
Jason Polgano 81 2014 Cardinal Spellman Bronx NY
Vincent Prisco 80 2014 St Dominic Northport NY
Jesse Archambault 78 2014 Seekonk Seekonk MA
Top IF Velo's >>

8/10/2013 10:57:04 PM

Marvin Gorgas 85 2014 East Hampton East Hampton CT
Reynaldo Guillen Jr. 84 2014 St Raymond HS For Boys Bronx NY
Brian Moskey 84 2015 Haddam-Killingworth Higganum CT
Justin Nicklas 84 2014 St Sebastians School Foxboro MA
Andrew Ryan 84 2014 Old Rochester Reg Rochester MA
Matthew Toth 83 2014 New Canaan New Canaan CT
Terence Ely 82 2014 Harborfields Greenlawn NY
Caedon Saltis 82 2014 IMG Academy Wallingford PA
Brian Christian 81 2014 Plymouth North Plymouth MA
Justin Trochiano 81 2014 Marlboro Morganville NJ
Nick Price 80 2014 West Haven West Haven CT
Top OF Velo's >>

8/10/2013 10:54:43 PM

Brian Moskey 89 2015 Haddam-Killingworth Higganum CT
Matthew Payero 88 2014 Rabun Gap Nacoochee Corona NY
Zachary Risedorf 88 2014 Northwestern Regional Barkhamsted CT
Miles Arecchi-Schuh 86 2014 Vanier Cegep Montreal QC
Jason Staub 86 2014 Portland Portland CT
Cameron Walsh 86 2015 Duxbury Duxbury MA
Michael Kreiger 85 2015 Derby Derby CT
Zach Mastrangelo 84 2014 Sanford H Calhoun Merrick NY
Joe Mercadante 84 2015 Agawam Feeding Hills MA
Darcy Moore 84 2014 Bill Crothers Sharon ON
Jason Polgano 84 2014 Cardinal Spellman Bronx NY
Junior Ramirez 84 2014 Aviation Career And Technical Corona, Queens NY
Austen Swift 84 2014 Bishop Allen Academy Etobicoke ON
Game 4 Black vs Gold >>

8/10/2013 10:24:22 PM

Both game 4 and 5 were 8 innings a piece and as a result, we were able to see more pitchers when compared to the first 3 games today. Each team today played 8 innings a piece in total. 

The Black team used 4 different pitchers, with the first 2 guys throwing three innings a piece and the following 2 throwing an inning a piece. 

Starting for Black was Chase Orava, a side arm pitcher from Sagamore Beach, MA. With his arm slot, Orava is able to get some good sink on his fastball which topped out at 76 mph and sat 72-75 mph. He also showed a curveball that was up to 58 mph and was able to strike out 3 batters in his time on the mound.

Following Orava was Jason Staub (Portland, CT) who saw his fastball get up to 85 mph and worked 81-84 mph with the pitch. He used a curveball that featured sharp 11/5 break in the low 70's to help him pick up the 5 strikeouts he collected while surrendering only 2 base hits.

Both Zach Mastrangelo (Merrick, NY) and Joel Reynoso (Bronx, NY) threw an inning each to close out the game. Mastrangelo topped out at 82 mph with his fastball, sat 79-81 mph, and showed a 71 mph curveball, using both to strikeout 2 batters. Reynoso closed out the game with a quick 1-2-3 inning, topping out at 73 mph from the left side, flashing both a curveball and a change-up. 

Gold had the same pitching rotation set up, sending Luke Mangan (Darien, CT) out to throw the first three. The left-hander struck out 4 batters and topped out at 81 mph, showing a curveball that clocked in at 68 mph. 

6'5" RHP Ronnie Rossomando (Stratford, CT) worked the next three innings and faced one over the minimum number of batters. Rossomando worked 84-87, topped 88 mph on his fastball, which had arm side run, and showed a slider at 72 mph and a mid-70's change up. Not one ball that was put in play off Rossomando was hit out of the infield. 

The final two pitchers for Gold were Chris Cotaling (Westport, CT) and Darcy Moore (Sharon, ON). Cotaling worked 78-80 mph on his fastball and topped 81 with the pitch and flashed a curveball at 70 mph. Also picked up a single in his first at bat of the game. 

Moore showed some velocity on the mound, topping out at 84 mph with slight run while sitting in the low 80's in his one inning of work. He also had a nice day at the plate, scoring 2 runs for Gold and collecting a triple in his second at bat of the game. 

The third of three hits for Gold was a single by Paul Regan that was hit through the right side.

Seven different players had base hits for the Black offense:
Jason Staub: Line drive single to opposite field and would later come around to score the first run of game.
Cyrus Senior: Singled and stole a base before scoring in the 8th inning.
Christopher Ruocco: Doubled in his third at bat of the game
Joel Reynoso: Picked up a single in his final at bat.
Dan Paul: Singled up the middle in his first at bat of the game. 
Nicholas Kuzia:Hard line drive single to center field.
Nico Cribb: Line drive single to opposite field, showing ability to keep hands in.

Game 3 Purple vs Green >>

8/10/2013 9:49:20 PM

In game 3, there were a total of 3 base hits, one for Green by Junior Ramirez (Queens, NY), a single, and 2 for Purple, a single by both Reynaldo Guillen Jr (Bronx, NY) and Juan De La Cruz (New York, NY). Despite the lack of offense, both teams scratched across a run to end in a 1-1 tie. 

Cody Kozin (Storrs, CT) started the game on the mound for Purple and allowed only one hit in his 3 innings. He struck out 3 batters and topped out at 81 mph with a low 70's curveball and a 74/75 mph change up. 

Relieving Kozin for the final inning was Miles Arecchi-Schuh (Montreal, QC) pitched a quick 1-2-3 inning with 3 quick outs. He sat 76-79 mph with his fastball with a big breaking curveball at 61 mph and also flashed a 68 mph slider, which he kept low in the zone. 

Starting for Green was 2015 Brian Moskey (Higganum, CT), who put his arm strength on displayed throughout the drills earlier in the morning. On the mound, Moskey struck out 5 batters in 3 innings, working his fastball 81-83 mph and topped at 84 mph. He also showed a very good change-up which he kept low in the zone and sat 73/74 mph on the pitch. Flashed a curveball at 69/71 mph. 

Throwing the last inning was Mike Young (Mashpee, MA) who also ran his fastball up to 84 mph with some tail on the pitch. He struck out one batter and threw a 70 mph curveball and 74 mph change-up to complement his fastball. 

Game 2 Orange vs Purple >>

8/10/2013 9:37:48 PM

Offense was a plenty for Purple, scoring 3 runnings and knocking out 7 base hits. Connor Perry (Longmeadow, MA) led the way going 2/2 with 2 singles, stole 2 bases and collected an RBI. 

Caedon Saltis (Wallingford, PA) and Walter Zelaya (Kitchener, ON) each picked up a double, Saltis going down the right field line and Zelaya pulling his down the left field line. Reynaldo Guillen Jr (Bronx, NY), Justin Trochiano (Morganville, NJ), Holden Bruce (Lexington, MA) and Evan Ball (Bloomsburg, PA) all picked up singles throughout the four innings of play. 

John Fanelli (Bronx, NY) went three innings for Purple, surrendering one run on one hit while striking out one batter. His fastball topped at 81 mph and showed a 12/6 curveball and a 72 mph change-up. 

Caedon Saltis closed out the last inning, striking out 3 batters and ran his fastball up to 83 mph. He also showed a nice feel for a 70 mph curveball. 

Picking up the lone hit for Orange was Eric Therrien (Bristol, CT) who had a hard hit double to the left center field gap. 

Jon Ostroff (Delmar, NY), a left handed pitcher, went the first three innings for Orange, topping 77 mph with his fastball and sat 73-76 mph. He showed a nice feel for a high 60's curveball.

Closing out the game was Neil Ring (Oxford, CT), who topped out at 81 mph with his fastball and complemented that with a 73-75 mph slider. He had a quick last inning, surrendering only one single and struck out a batter also. 

Game 1 Orange vs Green  >>

8/10/2013 9:32:23 PM

Starting on the mound for Orange was Jesse Archambault, a left handed pitcher from Seekonk, MA. In his three innings of work, Archambault struck out three batter, running his fastball up to 78 mph. He also flashed a change-up and curveball. He also picked up a base hit, one of four for the Orange team.

Relieving Archambault was Eric Terrien (Bristol, CT) for the final inning. A long, lean frame, Therrien had a quick 1-2-3 inning with his fastball topping out at 77 mph and a slider that sat 70-72 mph. 

Also picking up hits for Orange was Ryan Wadsworth (Williamstown, MA), who also made a nice defensive play charging in on a ball at shortstop, Derek Kasperzyk (Killingworth, CT), who turned a single into a triple by stealing both second and third, and Jon Ostroff (Delmar, NY) who hit a line drive up the middle. 

Splitting the four innings on the mound for Green were Christopher Paiva (Middletown, RI) and Joe Mercadante (Agawam, MA), both of whom threw 2 innings a piece. Both are left-handed pitchers also. Paiva ran his fastball up to 82 mph, while flashing both a change-up and curveball. 

Mercadante topped out at 84 mph with his fastball , showing a feel for a 1/7 breaking curveball at 71 mph and a mid-70's change-up. He struck out four batters and also had a loud out batting, lining out to deep center field.

Peter Harris (Wellesley, MA) picked up the the lone hit for Green in the form of a single. 

Top Catcher Velo's >>

8/10/2013 4:39:27 PM

Juan De La Cruz 81 2014 George Washington Carver New York NY
Zachary Risedorf 78 2014 Northwestern Regional Barkhamsted CT
David Neil 75 2014 Blue Hills Reg Voc Tech Randolph MA
Justin Nicklas 75 2014 St Sebastians School Foxboro MA
Caedon Saltis 75 2014 IMG Academy Wallingford PA
Rick Smith 75 2014 Xaverian Brothers Weymouth MA
Zachary Merkle 74 2014 Parkland Shs Orefield PA
Neil Ring 73 2015 Blair Academy Oxford CT
Sean Becker 72 2014 Lansdale Catholic Telford PA
Top Catcher Pop times >>

8/10/2013 3:50:28 PM

Zachary Risedorf 1.85 2014 Northwestern Regional Barkhamsted CT
Zachary Merkle 1.93 2014 Parkland Shs Orefield PA
Rick Smith 1.93 2014 Xaverian Brothers Weymouth MA
Juan De La Cruz 2.01 2014 George Washington Carver New York NY
Neil Ring 2.01 2015 Blair Academy Oxford CT
Ryan Evans 2.04 2014 Norwalk Norwalk CT
David Neil 2.04 2014 Blue Hills Reg Voc Tech Randolph MA
Top 60 times >>

8/10/2013 3:06:25 PM

Name 60 Grad School City St
Zach Mastrangelo 6.65 2014 Sanford H Calhoun Merrick NY
Cyrus Senior 6.74 2014 John Rennie Kirkland QC
Austen Swift 6.75 2014 Bishop Allen Academy Etobicoke ON
Matthew Toth 6.79 2014 New Canaan New Canaan CT
Derek Kasperzyk 6.83 2015 Avon Old Farms Killingworth CT
Matthew Payero 6.85 2014 Rabun Gap Nacoochee Corona NY
Brian Moskey 6.91 2015 Haddam-Killingworth Higganum CT
Connor Perry 6.92 2014 Longmeadow Longmeadow MA
James Palmer 6.93 2014 Jonathan Law Milford CT
Cameron Walsh 6.96 2015 Duxbury Duxbury MA
Hayden Manning 6.98 2014 Portland Portland CT
Marvin Gorgas 7.04 2014 East Hampton East Hampton CT
Liam Matheson 7.04 2014 Dennis-Yarmouth Reg Yarmouth Port MA
Jason Polgano 7.04 2014 Cardinal Spellman Bronx NY
Zachary Risedorf 7.04 2014 Northwestern Regional Barkhamsted CT
Michael Silbert 7.04 2014 The Pingry Warren NJ
Colin Tenney 7.06 2014 Canisius Amherst NY
Batting Practice Highlights >>

8/11/2013 9:40:54 AM

Here's a list of the most impressive batting practice rounds this weekend....

Jack Gethings, SS, Wallingford, CT (2015) - Showed off a consistent smooth stroke and made hard line drive contact.

Tyler Palmer, SS, Milford, CT (2014) - Palmer showed impressive bat speed and showed an ability to drive the ball to the opposite field.

Nico Cribb, 3B, Stafford, VA (2014) - Has big lift in his swing and stays consistently compact to the ball.

Zach Risedorf, C/OF, Barkhamstead, CT - Showed outstanding balance and consistency, produced nothing but hard line drives.

Austen Swift, OF, Etobicoke, ON (2014) - Hit well from both sides of the plate, showed particularly well from the right side. Strong hitter.

Douglas Schaffer, INF, New Haven, CT (2014) - Showed bat speed, power potential and a sound approach.

Justin Nicklas, C/3B, Foxboro, MA (2014) - Keeps his hands inside the ball well and drove the ball to all fields.

Eric Feliz, OF, Englewood Cliffs, NJ (2015) - Has a powerful swing and gets big time lift to his pull side.

Matthew Toth, SS/OF, New Canaan, CT (2014) - Really attacks the ball, shows good bat speed and hits the ball to all fields.

Tyler Preizler, OF, Mount Kisco, NY (2014) - Consistently squared the ball up, working from a calm, balanced setup.

Derek Kasperzyk, SS/OF, Killingworth, CT (2015) - Displayed very fast hands and has a big sound off his bat.

Mark Maguire, C/1B, Brooklyn, NY (2014) - Looked very under control and hit consistent hard line drives back up the middle.

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