2011 National Pre-Draft Showcase


14 of 20 pitchers 90+ >>

5/16/2011 4:22:12 PM

14 of the 20 pitchers who threw in the 2011 National Pre Draft Showcase were gunned at 90 mph or better. JC RHP Vincent Spilker was the top velocity at 96 mph followed closely by free agent RHP Ricky Bowen at 95 mph. 2011 RHP Ryan Harris (Jupiter, FL) was next at 93 mph and Jamestown college RHP Alex Kries topped at 92 mph. 5 other pitchers topped at 91 mph with another 5 topping at 90 mph.
Final two pitchers both reach 90 mph >>

5/16/2011 4:16:13 PM

Junior College pitcher Alfredo Gonzalez (Ellsworth CC) closed things out for the Red team with his fastball reaching 91 mph. Upper Iowa RHP Josh McKeon was the final pitcher for the Navy team and he touched 90 mph with his fastball.
FA RHP 93-95 MPH >>

5/16/2011 2:36:07 PM

Free Agent RHP Ricky Bowen was 93-95 mph with his fastball in his first inning of work. He was drafted twice by the Reds and pitched for Dayton in the Midwest League last year.
RHP up to 90 mph >>

5/16/2011 2:32:25 PM

College RHP 6'7 James Mahler worked a quick inning with his fastball sitting 88-90 mph. His slider was 78 mph. He played at Dixie State this Spring.
Iowa LHP up to 88 mph >>

5/16/2011 2:25:59 PM

2011 LHP Andrew Hedrick (Polk City, IA, Ankeny HS)  worked his fastball 86-88 mph. He has signed with Iowa. His arm works well and he is a LHP to watch in the future.
Simpson looks good >>

5/16/2011 2:05:44 PM

2011 RHP Taylor Simpson (Cumming, GA, Lakeview Academy) looked sharp in his 2 innings of work. His fastball was 87-90 mph and he also showed a 81 mph slider. 2011 RHP Evon Previte (Raritan, NJ, Immacualta HS) was up to 87 mph while catcher Drew Stiner threw one inning on the mound and was 87-88 mph with his fastball.
Stiner stands out defensively >>

5/16/2011 1:36:08 PM

2011 catcher Drew Stiner (Owasso HS, OK) has really stood out with his catch and throw skills today. He is one of the better defensive catchers in the country and spent the spring catching top 2011 draft prospect Dylan Bundy at Owasso HS.
2012 Impresses >>

5/16/2011 1:27:12 PM

2012 RHP Calvin Mathews (Bloomfield, IA, Davis County HS) is definitely an arm that needs to be followed closely for the 2012 draft. He sat 88-91 mph in his inning of work. Also mixed in a few nice breaking balls.
Another 90+ arm >>

5/16/2011 1:19:11 PM

College RHP Alex Kries from Jamestown College topped out at 92 mph. He has been very successful at Jamestown College. 2011 LHP Austin Christensen's fastball topped out at 87 mph and projects for more.
Spilker shows power arm. Fastball up to 96 mph! >>

5/16/2011 12:49:51 PM

JC RHP Vincent Spilker (Johnson County CC) had an outstanding first inning of work showing a mid 90's fastball that topped at 96 mph. He broke off a couple of nice breaking ball. He should be moving up teams draft boards.

2011 RHP Brandon Platts (Mason City, IA) worked one inning and his fastball was 88-91 mph. He has signed with Missouri.
Roberts impresses >>

5/16/2011 12:22:05 PM

2011 Ben Roberts (Missoula, MT, Sentinel HS) just laced a hard single up the middle and then stole second and third before scoring on a throwing error. Very interesting prospect for the upcoming draft.
First five pitchers all 90+ >>

5/16/2011 12:17:48 PM

After Harris and Freese, Javier Reynoso (Odessa, FL) is a 2011 LHP that looked good throwing 88-90 mph with his fastball. Worked a quick inning and mixed in his offspeed well. He has signed with Coastal Carolina. Nolan Peterson (Milwaukee, WI) is an interesting RHP that sat 88-90 mph. He has signed with Jacksonville. Braden Shull (Mount Pleasant, IA) is a very interesting 6'6 LHP with a fastball that was 88-91 mph and showed a nice change at 77. Keeps getting better each time out. He has signed with Kansas State.
Harris up to 93 mph, Freese 91 mph >>

5/16/2011 12:09:47 PM

2011 Ryan Harris (Jupiter, FL) had his fastball top out at 93 mph and also showed a nice breaking ball. He has signed with Florida. Dakota Freese (Cedar Rapids, IA) topped out at 91 mph. He is signed with LSU Eunice. Both interesting RHP's to watch.
Top Catcher Pop Times >>

5/16/2011 12:03:20 PM

Top Catcher Pop Times from the National Predraft Showcase

Drew Stiner 1.79 84 2011 Sand Springs OK Oklahoma State
Christopher Long 1.83 83 2011 Zebulon GA Columbus State
Eric Haase 1.83 85 2011 Westland MI Ohio State
Vincent Tranchina 1.89 83 2011 Manasquan NJ St. Johns
Alex DeBellis 1.90 82 2011 Kinnelon NJ UCONN
JC Coban 1.96 85 2011 Boca Raton FL Penn State
Nathan Vincent 2.04 76 2011 Russellville AL
Top Infield Arms >>

5/16/2011 11:57:53 AM

Top Infield Arms from the National Pre Draft Showcase

Nick Day 88 2011 Solon IA Iowa
David McFarland 88 JC Lufkin TX Richland College
Christopher Long 87 2011 Zebulon GA Columbus State
Francis Rodriguez 87 JC   DOM Ellsworth CC
Eric Haase 86 2011 Westland MI Ohio State
Jason McMurray 86 2011 West Des Moines IA Notre Dame
Ryan Hall 85 JC Chesterfield MO Johnson County CC
Taylor Ostrich 84 2011 Carroll IA Indian Hills CC
Jake Yacinich 84 2011 Des Moines IA Iowa
Blake Gipson 83 2011 Corinth TX Dallas Baptist
Josh Martsching 82 2012 Bloomfield IA Iowa
Jameson Henning 81 2011 Janesville WI Western Illinois
Top Outfield Arms >>

5/16/2011 11:53:02 AM

Top Outfield Arms from the National Pre Draft Showcase

Name OF   City ST
Ryan Harris 94 2011 Jupiter FL Florida
Nick Day 93 2011 Solon IA Iowa
Adam Eggnatz 92 2011 Tampa FL Coastal Carolina
Derrick Loveless 92 2011 Solon IA Iowa
Christopher Long 92 2011 Zebulon GA Columbus State
Gabriel Ayala 91 JC Florida PR Ellsworth CC
Austin Christensen 90  2011 Cedar Rapids IA Nebraska
Brandt Barnes 89 Coll Bentonville AR Rogers State College
Michael Bradshaw 89 2011 Crestwood NY
Ben Roberts 86 2011 Missoula MT Washington State
Blake Gipson 86 2011 Corinth TX Dallas Baptist
Taylor Ostrich 85  2011 Carroll IA Indian Hills CC
Ryan Krill 85  2011 Kalamazoo MI Michigan State
Reggie York 83 Coll Ft Worth TX Kansas Wesleyan
Top 60 Times >>

5/16/2011 11:45:25 AM

Top 60 times from the National Pre Draft Showcase
Brandt Barnes 6.46 Coll Bentonville AR Rogers State College
Reggie York 6.58 Coll Ft Worth TX Kansas Wesleyan
Adam Eggnatz 6.59 2011 Tampa FL Coastal Carolina
Nick Day 6.6 2011 Solon IA Iowa
Ben Roberts 6.65 2011 Missoula MT Washington State
Derrick Loveless 6.71 2011 Solon IA Iowa
Ryan Harris 6.75 2011 Jupiter FL Florida
Blake Gipson 6.79 2011 Corinth TX Dallas Baptist
Nathan Vincent 6.79 2011 Russellville AL
Francis Rodriguez 6.86 JC   DOM Ellsworth CC
Michael Bradshaw 6.87 2011 Crestwood NY
Eric Haase 6.88 2011 Westland MI Ohio State
Christopher Long 6.92 2011 Zebulon GA Columbus State
Gabriel Ayala 6.92 JC Florida PR Ellsworth CC
Ryan Hall 6.96 JC Chesterfield MO Johnson County CC
Jake Yacinich 6.97 2011 Des Moines IA Iowa
Batting Practice Highlights >>

5/16/2011 11:28:53 AM

2011 Eric Haase (Westland, MI, Divine Child HS) was very impressive in BP today. He showed outstanding batspeed and the ball jumps off his bat. He knocked multiple balls over the fence and a few that went well over the fence. He continues to show he belongs with the top players in the country. He is signed with Ohio State

2011 Nick Day (Solon, IA, Solon HS) has a nice line drive stroke and keeps getting better each time we see him.

2011 JC Coban(Boca Raton, FL, Community HS) showed good power and knocked a few out of the park. Bat to watch. He has signed with Penn State.

2011 Austin Christensen (Cedar Rapids, IA, Kennedy HS) took a nice BP and showed very good power potential as he continues to fill out his 6'6 frame. He has signed with Nebraska.

2011 Javier Reynoso (Odessa, FL, Brooks Debartolo HS) has a nice line drive swing and drives the ball to all fields. Nice looking switch hitter. He has signed with Coastal Carolina.

2011 Ben Roberts (Missoula, MT, Sentinel HS) showed a nice approach and has excellent power potential. The big left handed hitter has a nice easy swing and the ball is loud off his bat when he squares it up. He has signed with Washington State

2011 Alex DeBellis (Kinnelon, NJ, Pope John HS) hit a few balls into the deck over the left field wall. He has signed with UCONN.

2011 Drew Stiner (Sand Springs, OK, Owasso HS) showed good hitting tools and a nice approach.

2011 Nathan Vincent (Russellville, AL HS) peppered the left field wall and the ball came of his bat well.
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