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2021 Puerto Rico Workout Showcase (10/21/2021 - 10/21/2021)


Top Exit Velos >>

10/22/2021 6:04:10 AM

NameExit VeloGradSchoolHometown
Alexis Rodriguez Ruiz982022Pro Baseball High School AcademyYauco, PR
Kelvin Agosto912022Carlos Beltran Baseball AcademyVega Baja, PR
Henry Clausell Giraud912024PerkiomenPatillas, PR
Carlos Beltran892022MagnoliaConroe, TX
Waldemar Edgardo Caro892022CBBAAguada, PR
John Lopez892023Puerto Rico Baseball AcademySalinas, PR
Damian Jose Ortiz892022Puerto Rico Baseball AcademyGuayama, PR
Diego Vega892022Luis Munoz MarinAñasco, PR
Gilbert Santiago882024IBAHSSalinas Pr, PR
Cesar Lam872022Puerto Rico Baseball AcademyAibonito, PR
Michael Ortiz872022Toritos AcademyCidra, PR
Luis Otero872022Christian Military AcademyBayamon, PR


Top 1B Velos, C Velos, and C Pops >>

10/22/2021 6:03:35 AM

Yired Ortiz Falcon802024Escuela Libre de Musica Ernesto Ramos AntoniniToa Baja, PR


John Lopez802023Puerto Rico Baseball AcademySalinas, PR
Abner Rodriguez802022Albergue Olímpico Baseball AcademyCayey, PR
Hederick G. Torres Horta782023Albergue Olímpico Baseball AcademyHormigueros, PR
Luis Martinez772022ESCAVega Baja, PR
Jeremy Javier Morales772023Leadership Christian AcademySan Juan, PR
Sebastian Del Valle Estrada762022Academia PresbiterianaCarolina, PR
Justin Soto762022Esc Antolina Velez InteramericanaAguadilla, PR
John Lopez1.832023Puerto Rico Baseball AcademySalinas, PR
Abner Rodriguez1.852022Albergue Olímpico Baseball AcademyCayey, PR
Luis Martinez1.912022ESCAVega Baja, PR
Justin Soto1.932022Esc Antolina Velez InteramericanaAguadilla, PR
Sebastian Del Valle Estrada1.952022Academia PresbiterianaCarolina, PR
Carlos Beltran1.962022MagnoliaConroe, TX
Damian Lopez1.962022Academia PresbiterianaCarolina, PR
Hederick G. Torres Horta1.962023Albergue Olímpico Baseball AcademyHormigueros, PR


Top IF Velos >>

10/22/2021 6:00:54 AM

Eric Maisonet902023Juan Ponce de LeonFlorida, PR
Cesar Lam882022Puerto Rico Baseball AcademyAibonito, PR
Adriel Vega Santiago882022Leadership Christian AcademyCaguas, PR
Joshua Chaparro852022Dr.Carlos GonzalezAguada, PR
Henry Clausell Giraud852024PerkiomenPatillas, PR
Esteban Acevedo842024Carlos Beltran Baseball AcademyMoca, PR
Waldemar Edgardo Caro842022CBBAAguada, PR
Diego Vega832022Luis Munoz MarinAñasco, PR
Miguel J. Maldonado Bonet822025Dr. Pedro Albizu CamposCataño, PR
Yadiel Martinez822023Superior Luis Muñoz MarinCoamo, PR
Angel Yasiel Rivera Carrion822022Albergue Olímpico Baseball AcademyArroyo, PR
Angel Santos822024IBAHSCeiba, PR
Dorian J. Torres Ocasio822022Albergue Olímpico Baseball AcademyCayey, PR
Abdiel Hernandez802023Carlos Beltran Baseball AcademyVega Baja, PR
Sebastian Machado Fernandez802022Bilingual Education School at CidraCidra, PR


Top OF Velos >>

10/22/2021 6:00:22 AM

Luis Otero902022Christian Military AcademyBayamon, PR
Jan Luis Reyes Camacho902024IBAHSHumacao, PR
Damian Jose Ortiz892022Puerto Rico Baseball AcademyGuayama, PR
Adriel Vega Santiago892022Leadership Christian AcademyCaguas, PR
Joniel Cardona882022Puerto Rico Baseball AcademyAguas Buenas, PR
Kelvin Agosto862022Carlos Beltran Baseball AcademyVega Baja, PR
Alexis Rodriguez Ruiz862022Pro Baseball High School AcademyYauco, PR
Ian Martinez852023Carlos Beltran Baseball AcademyBajadero, PR
Emir Melendez852022Superior Luis Muñoz MarinBarranquitas, PR
Jesus Nieves852023Manuel Cruz Maceira BaseballNaranjito, PR
Josmer Aponte842022Puerto Rico Baseball AcademyAibonito, PR
Dariel Rodriguez842023IBAHSCarolina, PR
Oscar Sanchez832023Albergue Olímpico Baseball AcademyHumacao, PR
Jaime Samuel Serrano832024International Baseball AcademyGurabo, PR
Michael Ortiz822022Toritos AcademyCidra, PR
Yeriel Pastrana822023International Baseball AcademySan Juan, PR
Edwin J. Gonzalez Ortega812023 Aibonito, PR
Cesar Andre Lopez802024PerkiomenCarolina, PR


Top 60 Yard Times >>

10/22/2021 5:58:59 AM

Kelvin Agosto6.512022Carlos Beltran Baseball AcademyVega Baja, PR
Ryan Javier Yulfo6.552022Carlos Beltran Baseball AcademyAguada, PR
Oscar Sanchez6.592023Albergue Olímpico Baseball AcademyHumacao, PR
Damian Jose Ortiz6.712022Puerto Rico Baseball AcademyGuayama, PR
Luis Otero6.712022Christian Military AcademyBayamon, PR
Edwin J. Gonzalez Ortega6.722023 Aibonito, PR
Yeriel Pastrana6.742023International Baseball AcademySan Juan, PR
Jan Luis Reyes Camacho6.782024IBAHSHumacao, PR
Issander Vega6.812022El Shaddai PrivateVega Alta, PR
Joniel Cardona6.832022Puerto Rico Baseball AcademyAguas Buenas, PR
Eric Maisonet6.852023Juan Ponce de LeonFlorida, PR
Jeremy Javier Morales6.892023Leadership Christian AcademySan Juan, PR
Ian Martinez6.912023Carlos Beltran Baseball AcademyBajadero, PR
Emir Melendez6.952022Superior Luis Muñoz MarinBarranquitas, PR
Mickael Alicea6.962023Natividad Rodriguez GonzalezGuayama, PR
Adriel Vega Santiago6.972022Leadership Christian AcademyCaguas, PR
Angel Yasiel Rivera Carrion6.982022Albergue Olímpico Baseball AcademyArroyo, PR


Top 10 Yard Splits >>

10/22/2021 5:58:04 AM

Edwin J. Gonzalez Ortega1.492023 Aibonito, PR
Eric Maisonet1.532023Juan Ponce de LeonFlorida, PR
Jeremy Javier Morales1.532023Leadership Christian AcademySan Juan, PR
Natanael Ocasio1.532022ESCA BASEBALL CLUBCanovanas, PR
Ian Martinez1.542023Carlos Beltran Baseball AcademyBajadero, PR
Kelvin Agosto1.552022Carlos Beltran Baseball AcademyVega Baja, PR
Oscar Sanchez1.552023Albergue Olímpico Baseball AcademyHumacao, PR
Waldemar Edgardo Caro1.562022CBBAAguada, PR
Luis Otero1.572022Christian Military AcademyBayamon, PR
Jan Luis Reyes Camacho1.582024IBAHSHumacao, PR
Ryan Javier Yulfo1.582022Carlos Beltran Baseball AcademyAguada, PR
Jeremy Nazario1.602023American Military AcademyToa Alta, PR
Jesus Nieves1.602023Manuel Cruz Maceira BaseballNaranjito, PR
Damian Jose Ortiz1.602022Puerto Rico Baseball AcademyGuayama, PR


Puerto Rico Workout Batting Practice Highlights >>

10/22/2021 5:42:39 AM

Adriel Vega Santiago (2022 SS, Caguas, PR) showed a simple stroke with good hand quickness and the ability to get on plane quickly. The ball carries off the bat with a sound gap-to-gap approach and some pull side power as well. 

Yeriel Pastrana (2023 OF, San Juan, PR) whips the barrel hard and does a good job at working from the ground up to generate impact and power. Pastrana remains balanced and swings with intent and projects extremely well particularly from a power perspective. 

Jan Luis Reyes Camacho (2024 OF, Humacao, PR) has really loose hands to create plenty of barrel whip that he uses to turn the barrel over nicely and hit the ball hard. The hands are really loose and he controls the barrel well with plenty of present bat speed. 

Gilbert Santiago (2024 C, Salinas Pr, PR) does a solid job at keeping the swing short and still being able to impact the ball with strength out in front. Santiago can use all fields but also looks to turn the barrel over and generate power to the pull side. 

Justin Soto (2022 C, Aguadilla, PR) showed a consistent swing with the ability to replicate the path nicely and work the ball back through the middle. He will flash some pull side power and has a clean, repeatable stroke. 

Chris Tavarez (2024 SS, Río Grande, PR) stays connected nicely between his upper and lower halves with a middle of the field approach and line drive oriented stroke. It's a consistent swing with a lot to project on in terms of power. 

Jeremy Javier Morales (2023 C, San Juan, PR) has a strength-oriented stroke with a heavy barrel head while generating backspin and carry to all fields. Morales hits the ball hard out in front and does a nice job at transferring his weight well through the finish. 

Mickael Alicea (2023 OF, Guayama, PR) generates plenty of whip and bat speed with the ability to create lift out in front of the plate. It's a tight turn and there's a lot of things to like and project on long term. 

Alexis Rodriguez Ruiz (2022 OF, Yauco, PR) has a huge frame at 6-foot-6 and generates significant, explosive bat speed through the zone. The power has potential to be huge at maturity as he utilizes a big leg lift to leverage and drive the ball for a couple of majestic fly balls. 

Joniel Cardona (2022 OF, Aguas Buenas, PR) shows very good bat speed as he stays connected through the finish and had a really consistent quality of contact. He controls his levers well and does a nice job at staying through the middle of the field. 

Miguel J. Maldonado Bonet (2025 SS, Cataño, PR) showed quick hands with a high hand set and a high back elbow. Bonet uses all fields well with a short, line drive stroke and a smooth swing that really projects with additional strength. 

Luis Martinez (2022 C, Vega Baja, PR) is balanced at contact with a very easy trigger and little pre pitch hand movement. He turns the ball over well to the pull side with a really consistent barrel head and long term power. 

Emanuel Vazquez (2022 C, Bayamon, PR) works with a quick, contact-oriented stroke and really does a nice job at replicating swing plane. Vazquez works up the middle with a line drive approach that produced consistent results. 

Henry Clausell Giraud (2024 3B, Patillas, PR) showed a powerful approach that resulted in long, carrying fly balls to both sides of the field. He backspins the ball nicely with good torque in his hips and lower half to generate the power. 

Kelvin Agosto (2022 OF, Vega Baja, PR) showed massive bat speed with one of the best rounds of the day including a home run that went halfway up the bleachers in left field. He took a consistently loud round, peppering long fly balls all over the yard and rarely missing a barrel. 

Ivan Luciano (2024 C, Rincon, PR) uses the ground nicely and brakes with his front side to create leverage and impact the ball with strength. He can reach balls all over the hitting zone and has good feel for the barrel and manipulating the head. 

Gian Otero (2024 2B, Vega Baja, PR) is very athletic in the batter's box with good feel for contact using a short, controlled stroke nicely. He barreled the ball consistently using an all fields approach. 

Hederick G. Torres Horta (2023 C, Hormigueros, PR) stays connected through the swing well and flashed some power while being extended out in front. There's some power upside long term as he gets stronger. 

Emir Melendez (2022 OF, Barranquitas, PR) swings with intent and generates plenty of jump off the barrel as he looks to use the whole field for power. He hits the ball hard and has plenty of present strength to pull. 

Cesar Lam (2022 SS, Aibonito, PR) really uses his foundation nicely to generate a ton of lower half strength through contact. He's got excellent bat speed and stays through the ball nicely showing off the power for a couple of home runs. 

Sebastian Machado Fernandez (2022 2B, Cidra, PR) turns the barrel over nicely while being tight over the inner half to get the hands and barrel through well. He's a switch hitter with similar tools on both sides with easy jump off the barrel. 

Damian Jose Ortiz (2022 OF, Guayama, PR) has quick hands and showed off some sneaky power by one-hopping the pull side wall. There's easy bat speed with plenty of well-proportioned strength throughout. 

Yanzel Daniel Ortiz Lopez (2022 C, Arroyo, PR) turns the barrel over consistently while remaining balanced when he gets the front foot down on time. He keeps the stroke simple and has plenty of looseness with intriguing bat speed. 

John Lopez (2023 C, Salinas, PR) has power that plays to both gaps and stays connected well through contact while generating leverage. Lopez swings with intent and often gets rewarded for it with loud contact. 

Abner Rodriguez (2022 C, Cayey, PR) creates space and separation in small places to really allow the hitting tools to play nicely. He's got good bat speed and uses his lower half really well to whip the barrel and pepper balls to the pull side. 

Michael Ortiz (2022 OF, Cidra, PR) turns the barrel over well and gets out in front to create some big power to the pull side at times. He maintains the barrel nicely and the power upside is intriguing. 

Oscar Sanchez (2023 OF, Humacao, PR) shows some twitch and athleticism to the swing while generating a ton of line drive contact. Sanchez gets behind the ball well to create consistent hard hit contact. 

Ryan Javier Yulfo (2022 OF, Aguada, PR) whips the barrel nicely and turns tightly over the inside to generate hard hit contact. The swing plane is smooth and he flashed some hard liners to pull. 

Joshua Chaparro (2022 SS, Aguada, PR) has a loose, whippy swing and the hands work really well through the finish. He creates line drive contact to both sides and repeated his swing well. 

Yabdriel Gonzalez (2023 SS, New Haven, CT) whips the barrel well and turns it over consistently to the pull side. Gonzalez shows off the power nicely and shows a consistent, quality swing. 

Cesar Andre Lopez (2024 SS, Carolina, PR) controls his levers nicely while keeping the swing relatively compact for his size. He turns and fires well for a lot of well-struck fly balls that will turn into extra base hits at physical maturity. 

Andres Vazquez (2023 OF, Ponce, PR) uncoils well to torque through contact and generate power form both sides. The bat speed plays well from either side of the plate with real tools to project on as a long term switch hitter. 

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