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2021 13U Main Event Showcase (12/29/2021 - 12/31/2021)


56 Columbia Blue vs 63 Purple >>

1/1/2022 10:10:08 AM

David Bowman (2027 SS, Atlanta, GA) has a strong athletic build and had a nice overall game.  He showed good skills and range at third base defensively and picked up a couple of solid barrel singles.

Will Stapleton (2027 OF, Southside, AL) showed the ability to hit the ball to all fields, lining singles to left field, centerfield and right field in a strong overall offensive performance.

Braeden Ray (2027 RHP, Weatherford, TX) hit the ball hard a couple of times to centerfield and showed his athleticism with a nice double play turn at second base.

Ethan McCubbin (2027 OF, Duluth, MN) made the defensive play of the game with a diving catch in centerfield.

Aaron Concepcion (2027 3B, Pittsburgh, PA) showed an aggressive pull approach at the plate, lining a single and a double down the left field line.

Logan Hawkins (2026 LHP, Cape Coral, FL) is a fun player to watch play with his consistent energy and hustle.  The lefty even caught a few innings to show his versatility and athleticism.

Logan Harrimon (2026 1B, Weston, FL) is another player who plays with energy and has fun on the field.  He picked up a few base knocks and impressed with his base running energy and skills.

Nasir Stevenson (2026 OF, Perth Amboy, NJ) has impressive raw bat speed and offensive potential.  The 5-9/140 right handed hitter picked up a double and a triple and flew out to deep centerfield in what was probably his strongest contact of the day.

Arvis Croll (2027 SS, McDonough, GA) has a nice all-fields approach at the plate and hit the ball hard almost every time up, using the whole field to pick up at least three hits.

Matthew Villena (2027 C, Pembroke Pines, FL) showed his strength well, knocking a pair of doubles over the left fielder's head.
60-Maroon vs 67-Navy Game Highlights >>

12/31/2021 4:23:46 PM

Tanner Uderitz (2027 SS, Delray Beach, FL) expanded on a big weekend with numerous hits in the simulated game today showing big handle for the barrel and tons of strength off impact.

Aidan Flanigan (2026 C, Cape May, NJ) did an impressive job spraying the field during game action today as he had multiple hits, one of which went for a double to the gap.

Jirius Khoury (2027 SS, Houston, TX) showed well defensively at the shortstop position and ended with a solid line drive to the pull side that showed fluidity through impact.

Jaylen Jones (2027 SS, Humble, TX) also showed well at shortstop making a ton of plays to both sides while also showing a clean swing on a liner single to the middle.

Tai Jones (2026 OF, Brandon, MS) has one of the quicker swings of those in attendance and his handle of the barrel was on display throughout the game today as he impacted the ball well to all fields.

Miles Desrosiers (2027 C, Keene, NH) showed good extension through the zone today as he drove a hard single through the middle.

Landon Jones (2027 C, Wayne, PA) showed a ton of ease lifting and creating carry to the outfield on his contact as he drove the ball over the head of the centerfielder on a long double, one of a few hits.

Rowan Johnson (2027 C, Nixa, MO) was on the barrel a ton today, also adding a double over the head of the centerfielder among his four hard barrels through the game.

Jayden Pearl (2027 SS, Mt Juliet, TN) used his strength well showing he could drive the ball the other way with just the hands covering the outer half of the plate well.

68-Orange vs 61-Navy  >>

12/31/2021 3:34:28 PM

#35 Andrew Moss (Malvern, PA) started things off early in the first with a hit to left field doing a good jobs using his hands to keep the ball fair.


#36 Takumi Yoshida (2027 Brookline, MA) followed Moss with a single to left field. He has a short stroke and solid feel for the barrel. The second at bat was taken to the next level as he hammered a double over the left fielders head.


#23 Cole Rucker (2027 Blue Springs, MO) picked up an rbi hit in his first at bat on Sunday. Rucker showed good timing and was aggressive to the ball. He hit a missile up the middle in his second at bat to continue an impressive showing. He rounded out a perfect day by smoking an rbi single to left in his final at bat.


#27 Santiago Espitia (2027 Orlando, FL) smoked a line drive single into left centerfield. The ball has good carry with the swing creating back spin. The second at bat he stays on the ball well and hits a solid single into centerfield. The third at bat found another hit, finding a single to the opposite field. Espitia had a perfect day showing an impressive approach, lining a single the opposite way for his third hit.


#29 Benjamin Jameson (2027 Bradenton, FL) stays through the ball well using a middle approach, belting a hard line drive up the middle. The swing is loose with some whip through contact. HE sent a single into centerfield during his third at bat as well.


#41 Jamuel Villalongo (2027 New Haven, CT) lifted a single over the short stop in his first at bat for an rbi. He has a balanced approach with the ability to use the middle of the field. During the second at bat he added on with a hard rbi single.


#37 Landen Green (2027 Clearwater, FL) went the other way for a long double in the right centerfield gap. Green is an impressive athlete and can really run.


#33 Cord Brown (2027 Hastings, OK) has a strong frame that prodcues a powerful left-handed swing. He smoked a 2-rbi double into the right centerfield gap during the last inning.


#11 Gordon Sambdam (2027 Sharpsburg, GA) turned on one finding a barrel for a hit during his first at bat. Sambdam uses the hands well as he launches.


#3 Penn Kelleher (2027 Fort Myers, FL) pulled the hands in and creates space with the barrel to hammer a ball through the six-hole for a hit. He roped a pitch in his second at bat for an rbi single that got to the outfield in a hurry. He followed with another hard barrel in his second at bat for another single. Kelleher had a perfect day with an rbi single down the line in his last at bat.


#12 Rylan Jessee (2027 Pennington Gap, VA) unloads on a ball with good extension out front to bang a double off the left field wall. Jessee has impressive bat speed and strength for his age.


#14 Rene Ruiz (2027 Miami, FL) has an aggressive approach and put a good swing on a pitch to produce a single. Ruiz followed with a single through the six-hole in his second at bat.


#2 Jayden Flores (2027 Wentzville, MO) had a hard rbi hit in his first at bat. He uses his hands well and can work the barrel through the ball.


#16 Yeshua Montanez (2027 Orlando, FL) elevated an inner half pitch to burn the left fielder for a hit. He takes a strong full swing at the dish. He drilled a line drive single to leftfield in his last at bat showing plenty of offensive prowess.

57-Gold vs 64-Red Game Highlights >>

12/31/2021 2:53:29 PM

Noah Price (2027, Smithfield, NC) with 4 hits on the day, three of them doubles. Using a short compact stroke, showing good barrel awareness and present strength in the swing.

Hunter Daniels (2027, Burlington, NC) contributed 3 hits, all of them singles. Middle to pull-side approach with the ability to control the barrel out in front.

Hayden Waller (2027, Mount Olive, NC) Used an opposite field approach for 3 hits on the day, including a double. Showed awareness and speed on the basepath, always looking to take the extra base.

Conner Horner (2027, Burlington, NC) showcased a quick bat for 3 hits on the day. Controlled the barrel showing the ability to stay through the baseball working through the middle of the field.

Michael Smith (2027, Glencoe, KY) with 3 hits on the day, showing strength in his hands and an ability to stay inside the baseball. Utilized all fields working line to line.

Alex Griffin (2027, Union, MO) the baseball jumped off his bat contributing 2 doubles on the day. Utilized a pull side approach with some quickness in his hands.

Mathew Sosa (2026, Cape Coral, FL)with loud contact on his 2 hits today. Stayed through the middle of the field well with a line drive approach.


Jack Johnson (2027, Powder Springs, GA) with present strength and loft to his swing, had a double to deep left center. Utilized all fields and the ability to control the barrel throughout the swing for 3 hits on the day.


Seamus Keller (2027, Westport, MA) showed opposite field power with a double over the right fielder’s head. Used his big frame to generate leverage and loft in his swing, with present juice to all fields.

62-Orange vs 55-Black >>

12/31/2021 2:24:04 PM

Maddux Lessard (2027 Muskego, WI) turned on a pitch and smoked a single into left field in his first at bat. The righty showed the ability to pull the hands in and adjust. During his last at bat he went the other way for a double to right centerfield.


Will Brick (2027 Memphis, TN) hit a sharp double to left for an rbi in his first at bat and then launched a double over the left fielders head during his second at bat. The body and bat speed really stand out. His last at bat he stayed on an outside pitch and smoked a liner single up the middle.


James “JD” Aufderheide (2027 Powder Springs, GA) annihilated two doubles in his first two at bats. Both to left field, the first burnt the leftfielder and the second was a back spun liner to the left centerfield gap. His third at bat he added on with a hard rbi single to left.


Luke Crawford (2027 Potomac, MD) showed a good hit tool on a single during his first at bat. He has a short stroke and solid timing. He also picked up another hit in his last at bat to produce a multi-hit day.


Jerrell Alston (2026 Hilo, HI) turned on a single to leftfield for an rbi. Nice job of pulling the hands in and creating space to find the barrel. He added to the day in his last at bat with another single to left.


Gregory Blayne Richardson (2027 Hendersonville, TN) snuck a single over the infield to collect a hit. He showed good ability to go with the pitch and use his hit tool.


Vince Moore (2027 La Jolla, CA)  drove a ball well to the pull side showcasing some natural loft to his right-handed swing that allows him to get the ball in the air with back spin create carry to the ball flight. Moore also singled up the middle for an rbi and then again in his third at bat showing a good offensive tool set.


Maksim Neshov (2027 Canton, MI) had a pair of singles that impressed during game play. The first was a liner single  and he followed by hitting one just inside the line to collect the hits.


Taylor Reidy (2027 Worcester, MA) banged three hits on the day with the last being an rbi double to leftfield. He has impressive bat to ball skills with sound swing and approach.


Kyler Worsham (2027 Sevierville, TN) turned around a pitch and smoked a line drive single to left to produce an rbi during his first at bat. The ball jumped off the bat.


Reed Franklin Riashi (2026 Naples, FL) attacks with the barrel and put a charge into a line drive single to left centerfield. It’s a loose swing that will continue to develop.


Manny Baez (2027 Tampa, FL) uses the middle of the field, staying through the ball with the barrel, to pick up a hard single up the middle. Good compact stroke. He also hit another single to left to round out a good day at the plate. Baez picked up his third hit driving in a run with a single to left.


Seth Carter (2027 Radford, VA) barreled one himself, collecting an rbi. He has an athletic and physical frame for the age with a strong stroke.


Roysell Rivera (2027 Clifton, NJ) picked up a hit in his last at bat to contribute. He got the barrel out front an hit it into left field.

58-Gray vs. 65-Royal Game Highlights >>

12/31/2021 2:18:00 PM

Campbell Carpenter (2027, College Grove, TN) drove a ball hard into the left-center field gap and ended up on second with a double.  He has a good hand path and stays through the ball well.


Conner Horner (2027, Burlington, NC) was able to get the bat head out in front of the plate and hit a ball hard down the left field line for a stand-up double.  He has quick hands, and the ball pops off his bat.


James Wyatt Arthur (2027, Florence, SC) has a flat path through the zone that he pairs with a line drive approach.  He works the middle of the field and is quick to, and through, contact with speed on the bases.


Tra’ Johnson (2027, Lexington, SC) has a good feel for the barrel, especially for his age, and shows quickness through the zone.  He has power to the pull side with a flatter path that lifts at contact.


Christopher Wall (2027, Gotha, FL) has a short swing and is direct with his hands to contact.  He shows quickness with his flatter swing and shows the ability to spray the ball into both gaps.


Isaiah Posey (2027, Lexington, SC) has a long and lean frame with plenty of athleticsm.  He stays flat through the zone and creates nice lift at contact.  He gets the barrel on plane early and stays through the zone, impacting the ball with force.


Jordan Robinson (2027, Conway, SC) is a strong athlete that has an emerging power swing.  He shows a good feel for the barrel with a sluggers lift at contact.


Adriel Huertas (2027, Paterson, NJ) showed nice pop off the bat, roping a double to left field in his last at bat.  He showed the ability to keep his hands tight and extend at contact.  He also made nice contact on a base hit in a previous at bat.


Caleb Carpenter (2027, College Grove, TN) put his quick hands on display today, turning on inside fastballs on multiple occasions and shooting them down the left field line.  He showed nice barrel control, launching a double in his last at bat.

59-Green vs. 66-White Game Highlights >>

12/31/2021 6:00:00 AM

Andrew Costanzo (2027 RHP, Carlsbad, CA) had a tremendous day at the dish going a perfect 5-5 and displaying plenty of strength in the box and an overall knack for putting the barrel on the baseball. Flashed considerable power potential throughout.

Cory Wuttke (2027 OF, Chandler, AZ) collected three hits this morning utilizing a line drive plane that allowed him to square the ball up to all parts of the field and do damage.

George Minjack (2027 SS, Alexandria, VA) showcased a swing tailored to power combined with plus strength and athleticism for the age, squaring the ball up several times including the loudest contact of the day that soared over the center fielders head.

Konnor Hooper (2026 OF, Canton, GA) picked up three hits this morning and showed the ability to spray the ball to all parts of the yard and find the barrel of the bat consistently.

Ryan Dobratz (2027 SS, Lake Saint Louis, MO) showed some strength present in his swing barreling up the ball in multiple ABs with a pull side approach to collect 2 hits in the game.

Jayden Ross (2027 RHP, Perris, CA) flashed on both sides of the ball consistently finding the barrel to record multiple hits in the game and made an outstanding diving play at 3B to show off his defensive ability.

Hayden Nahay (2027 3B, Idaho Falls, ID) showed good plate coverage with the ability to take the ball to all fields with hard contact.


Dylan Bennett (2026 LHP, Mechanicsville, VA) really impressed throughout the game on both sides of the ball with a stand out game at the plate showing athletic movements throughout his swing recording 3 hits and showed his defensive ability tracking down multiple balls in the OF

Batting Practice Highlights >>

12/31/2021 12:26:26 AM


Brendon Baiocco (2027 C, Cochranville, PA) took a very consistent round showing good balance to his process and the ability to produce line drive impact to both gaps.


Henry Abt (2026 1B, Brandon, MS) sprayed both gaps with hard contact throughout his round showing good length and strength to the swing while the components as a whole project really well.


Maddux Lessard (2027 C, Muskego, WI) showed a handful of things to like, specifically from an explosiveness standpoint as he torques his body into impact well and has shown a solid handle for the barrel already.


Will Brick (2027 C, Memphis, TN) took one of the stronger rounds of the day as he has a well-connected swing with a ton of strength in the hands and barrel control while being able to backspin the baseball with authority.


Gabriel Coca (2027 SS, Walnut Creek, CA) is a physical righthanded hitter with good balance to his approach and the bat speed, strength and ability to repeat all stood out in a quality round.


Broder Katke (2027 C, Bloomfield Hills, MI) showed some bat speed and consistency with the barrel with controlled explosiveness that pairs well with his natural ability to lift the baseball already.


Cooper Partin (2027 1B, Burlington, NC) is a physical bat who incorporates it well using that strength and quickness through the zone to create both jump and carry on a line to the middle of the field.


Noah Price (2027 C, Smithfield, NC) has some quickness to the swing as well and looks really comfortable in the box using his ease of adjusting his hands to find a large number of barrels.


Oliver Van Tiem (2027 SS, Hillsborough, NC) has a very under control approach in the box and he showed that he can create good separation already, something that projects well as he adds strength through maturity.


Caleb Carpenter (2027 OF, College Grove, TN) has overall athletic process to his swing with the looseness to make adjustments as well as the bat speed and barrel control to produce well now.


Dylan Bennett (2026 LHP, Mechanicsville, VA) is an athletic swinger with good bat speed and comfort with the barrel and he found the barrel a number of times during his round of batting practice. 


Kaden Wasniewski (2027 SS, McHenry, IL) has some solid projection pieces to build on moving forward as he works uphill through the zone and has good quickness in his hands that generates jump when squared.


Tai Jones (2026 OF, Brandon, MS) took a very good round showing ease elevating the baseball to the middle of the field with good hand speed and plenty of strength behind the barrel.


Tanner Uderitz (2027 SS, Delray Beach, FL) took potentially the best round of the day for this age group as he used his physicality, quick hands and overall advanced bat speed to impact the ball in a big way to the middle and pull side while showing ultra-consistency with the barrel.


Rylan Jessee (2027 1B, Pennington Gap, VA) showed a pair of things to like during his round as he combines excellent bat speed with good strength through impact to produce good results to the middle of the field.


Max Boyer (2027 C, Pinecrest, FL) is a strong righthanded hitting catcher who has a clean swing and great direction to impact as he showed he could produce a ton of carry on contact to the middle of the field.


Vince Moore (2027 3B, La Jolla, CA) did a good job clearing his front side throughout his round which gives him the space to let the barrel work out front and create strong contact from his good present bat speed.


Rylan Sutton (2027 OF, Ozark, MO) was on the less physical end but was extremely consistent with his round showing an excellent handle of the barrel that projects easily with added strength.


Matthew Villena (2027 C, Pembroke Pines, FL) is a strong righthanded hitter and you can see it in how he generates bat speed and in how he is able to backspin the baseball with some real jump to pull.


Mathew Sosa (2026 C, Cape Coral, FL) swings the bat hard and was consistent as the round went on using strong hands to generate enough carry to stand out among a large group of young talents.


Jack Johnson (2027 OF, Powder Springs, GA) looks the part in the box and he’s got a good foundation of strength and bat speed to build on showing ease in how he lifts the ball to the middle of the field.


Jackson Meyers (2027 C, Conway, SC) was very balanced in his process in the box showing a good bit of jump off the barrel when he was able to impact the baseball out front.


George Minjack (2027 SS, Alexandria, VA) has a handful of pieces to like when it comes to long-term potential as he works the ball in the air with good bat speed and strength to impact it.


Konnor Hooper (2026 OF, Canton, GA) creates a good amount of bat speed with his swing already and his ability to stay compact allows him to be out front with the barrel more often than not.


Ethan Savinon (2027 C, Tampa, FL) took one of the more consistent rounds of the day finding the barrel a ton and showing he can hit from all parts of the zone, not to mention that the ball came off extremely well for a player his age.


Jayden Pearl (2027 SS, Mt Juliet, TN) is a physical kid who swings with real intent and the bat speed and strength both stood out in a big way while he worked the ball in the air consistently.


Landon Green (2027 RHP, Clearwater, FL) stepped in the box and made an impact right away as he used a longer but very strong swing to impact the ball on a line deep to the pull side part of the field with regularity.

Top Exit Velos >>

12/30/2021 9:23:24 PM

NameExit VeloGradSchoolHometown
Will Brick842027 Memphis, TN
Landon Green842027UndecidedClearwater, FL
Jayden Pearl822027Ezell Harding ChristianMt Juliet, TN
Tanner Uderitz822027American HeritageDelray Beach, FL
Broder Katke812027Detroit Country Day UpperBloomfield Hills, MI
Maddux Lessard812027MuskegoMuskego, WI
Max Boyer802027Westminster ChristianPinecrest, FL
Jack Johnson792027Fort Walton BeachPowder Springs, GA
Jackson Meyers782027Carolina ForestConway, SC
Nasir Stevenson782026UndecidedPerth Amboy, NJ
Henry Abt772026BrandonBrandon, MS
Larson Chafin772027Gulf ShoresGulf Shores, AL
Gabriel Coca762027 Walnut Creek, CA
Andrew Costanzo762027IMG AcademyCarlsbad, CA
Matthew Villena762027Somerset AcademyPembroke Pines, FL
James "JD" Aufderheide752027HarrisonPowder Springs, GA
Rylan Jessee752027 Pennington Gap, VA
Pablo Jose Martinez752027UndecidedSanto Domingo (DOM)
Tyler Ryan752027West Chester EastMalvern, PA
Hayden Waller752027Southern WayneMount Olive, NC


60-Maroon vs. 67-Navy Game Highlights  >>

12/30/2021 4:08:28 PM

Tanner Uderitz (2027 SS, Delray Beach, FL) proved to have big upside on the bump as the right-hander flashed a quick arm while filling up the one. Topped out at 76 mph and proved he could land a breaking ball for strikes. Also ripped one to the pull-side for an RBI single. 

Tyler Ryan (2027 OF, Malvern, PA) started the game off in loud fashion as he ripped one down the third base line. Fluid, easy stroke as he delivers it on time consistently. Also jumped on the mound and filled up the zone. Fastball up to 72 mph and an advanced breaking ball he landed for strikes. 

Tai Jones (2026 OF, Brandon, MS) with a nice piece of hitting as he stayed inside a fastball and drove it back up the middle for an RBI single. Doesn't try to do too much as he lets the hands do the work. Later went on to single to the pull-side. 

Samuel Miller (2027 3B, Brandon, MS) got behind in the count and showed off his two-strike approach. Smoked a single to the pull-side as he created some of the loudest contact of the day. 

Cooper Nash (2027 OF, Youngsville, NC) with a strong showing in the box as the left-handed hitter found the barrel often. Proved he could get the bat head out and turn on velocity. Singled to the pull-side and then went on to steal second. 

Levi Guttman (2027 RHP, Cincinnati, OH) made some nice plays at shortstop while also getting it done at the dish. Linear cut as he gets extended through the baseball. Drove an outer half pitch over the second baseman's head for a base knock. Also stole a couple bags before going on to score. 

64- Red vs. 66- White Highlights >>

12/30/2021 4:01:48 PM

Bryan Garcia (2026 C, El Paso, TX )made a tremendous sliding catch on foul pop up up first base line. Had good reaction and athleticism getting out of croutch. Added a single to right field. Nice job pitching a pair of scoreless innings with a lively fastball in upper 60’s and a sharp curveball. 


Mathew Sosa (2026 C, Cape Coral, FL) had a nice hard line drive single to left center field. Showed a nice compact swing and delivered barrel to ball. 


Michael Smith (2027 OF, Glencoe, KY) legged out a pair of infield singles. Showed good hustle down the line. Added a stolen base. Added a scoreless inning on the mound. 


Alex Griffin (2027 C, Union, MO) showed some good pitchability with mixing fastballs and a nice curveball to strike out the side in first inning of work. Curveball has a nice 11-5 type shape and has a lot of bottom to it. Fastball was consistent at 61mph. Had a deep drive down left field line for stand up double and came around to score. Quiet approach and strong stance delivered barrel to ball in upper half of zone. 


Ethan Savinon (2027 C, Tampa, FL) had an RBI line drive single to right. Mixed in a steal of 3rd and scored on errant throw. 


Ethan Mattingly (2027 SS, Ashburn, VA) recorded 2 singles using the whole field. Nice job getting on top of high fastballs. Showed some good speed down the line with aggressive turns. 


Larson Chafin (2027 RHP, Gulf Shores, AL) recorded 3 hits all singles with last one being a fly ball over the leftfielders head. Showed good ability to put bat on the ball with level swing. Good solid athletic stance at plate allowed for quick path with bat through zone. 


Noah Gray (2027 C, Mt. Crawford, VA) showed great athleticism by making a diving catch in foul territory straight back of home. Nice job recording a scoreless inning as well. 


Seamus Keller (2027 RHP, Westport, MA) had a hard line drive single to right field on elevated fastball. Tall, strong build has potential for good power gains as he matures. 


Ashby Rayburn (2027 C, Canton, MS) pitched a nice three up three down inning. Showed athletic ability with 2 plays off the mound. 


Kaden Pickersgill (2027 3B, Royersford, PA) had nice hard single to drive in a run. 

Game Highlights 56-Columbia Blue vs 58-Gray >>

12/30/2021 3:47:48 PM

Javeth Carrion (2026 3B, San Juan, PR) has a long and lean frame with room to fill. Pull side approach at the plate with a degree of strength in his swing. Doubled to left field in his first at-bat of the day. From the mound he stayed around the zone with a loose arm action and clean driveline to the plate. Fastball topped at 72-mph with arm-side run.

Seth Hittleman (2027 C, Birmingham, MI) had a well hit hard ground ball down the left field line that he turned into a hustle double in his first at-bat and produced a RBI-single to the opposite field in his second at-bat. Short and compact swing, with slight lift, that produces consistent barrel contact. Has the ability to use the entire field at the plate.

August Backman (2027 RHP, Waterbury, VT) struck out seven hitters over three innings of work on the mound with a fastball that reached 71-mph and showed sinking arm-side life. Aggressive approach on the mound and attacked hitters early in the count. Also added an opposite field single in his final at-bat of the day. Loose swing with slight lift in the path but in the zone and on-plane with pitches consistently.

Pablo Jose Martinez (2027 SS, Santo Domingo, SD) has wiry strength in a slender frame with twitchy actions. Collected three singles on the day, the first a liner to centerfield and the second he used his above average speed to beat out a hard ground ball in the hole at shortstop for a RBI and in his final at-bat he collected another RBI with a ground ball base hit up the middle. Handles the bat well and has a feel for finding the barrel.

James Gil (2027 SS, Miami, FL) is as polished as a pitcher can be for his age with an easy and on-time delivery and a loose, clean working arm action. Although undersized, the fastball still reached 70-mph with quick hand speed and no trouble reaching both sides of the plate. Struck out two batters over two innings of work without allowing a run.

Campbell Carpenter (2027 C, College Grove, TN) has a large frame and stocky build. Collected a pair of hits on the day the first a hard liner to centerfield and followed that with a deep opposite field double in his final at-bat. There is present strength in the swing and it plays to all fields. Also threw out a baserunner from behind the plate with a solid on-line throw with carry.

65-Royal vs. 68-Orange Game Highlights >>

12/30/2021 3:35:40 PM

Cale Rucker (2027, Blue Springs, MO) showed good control over his fastball today, throwing it for strikes throughout his three innings on the mound.  He sat 63-65 mph with the pitch and was able to generate swings and misses, striking out the side in the first inning.  He would end the day with six strikeouts, allowing no runs and only surrendering one hit.  He would also add a base hit at the plate, ending the day 1-for-2.


Chaz Templeton (2027, Roseville, CA) showed nice potential on the mound today, working two strong innings. He has a high waist and uses simple mechanics that work in line with the plate.  His low ¾ arm slot causes his fastball to have sinking action while sitting 69-72 mph.  He also flashed promising off-speed offerings and racked up three strikeouts in two scoreless innings on the mound.


Jackson Meyers (2027, Conway, SC) has a strong swing for his age and showed the ability to drive the low pitch.  In his first at bat, he went down and crushed a low offering over the left fielder’s head for an easy double.  He does a nice job of using his legs and working through the swing.


Jamuel Villalongo (2027, New Haven, CT) is a long athlete that was able to use his levers and get extended on an inside fastball and pull it down the line for a loud single.  He has a projectable frame that will continue to add strength and power as he matures physically.


Christopher Wall (2027, Gotha, FL) does a nice job of letting the ball get deep into the hitting zone before starting his swing.  He was able to use this to his advantage as he shot a ball the other way in the left-center field gap for a nice single.  He also showed good footwork behind the plate in game and threw out a potential base stealer at second.


Landon Green (2027, Clearwater, FL) showed good barrel control at the plate today, jumping all over a mistake by the pitcher and sending it over the left fielder’s head for a double.  He is a strong athlete that has a good frame for his age and is consistently on time at the plate.  He would end the day 2-for-3 with an RBI.

55- Black vs 57- Gold Game Highlights >>

12/30/2021 3:23:54 PM

Chappy Smith (2027 SS, Asheville, NC) had himself at bat, seeing extra pitches and working a deep count. Smith was able to make an adjustment and stay on top and drive a ball right up the middle for a hit, he later came around and scored.

Carson Hewlett (2027 C, Pfafftown, NC) had a productive at bat by taking an outside pitch the other way down the right field line for an RBI single, he displayed a good sense of baseball IQ on the basepaths.

Noah Price (2027 C, Smithfield, NC) stepped in the box ready to swing, taking the second pitch of his at bat right up the middle for solid RBI base it.

Maddux Lessard (2027 C, Muskego, WI) squared a ball up nicely in his second trip to the plate. Lessard drove a ball to the RCF gap for a single, he later stole a base, advanced on a pass ball, and scored on a sac fly.


Luke Crawford (2027 C, Potomac, MD) had a tremendous at bat, with a runner on third Crawford took a pitch middle-out and got his hands through the zone for a RBI base hit.


Hayden Waller (2027 OF, Mount Olive, NC) is an athletic outfielder that covers a lot of ground tracking balls in the gap, at the plate Waller took a middle-high fastball and lined it into left field for an RBI single. He used his athleticism and speed to get around the bases quickly and score.

59-Green vs 61-Navy Game Highlights >>

12/30/2021 3:20:23 PM

Rylan Jessee (2027 1B, Pennington Gap, VA) used a nice middle to backside approach shooting an RBI triple down the RF line in his first at-bat. Jessee hits from an upright stance with a strong base.

Connor Judkins (2027 1B, Elkhorn, NE) showed some physicality at the dish getting his barrel through the zone ripping a 2RBI single to the pullside. Judkins did a nice job hunting a FB with a quick bat straight to the baseball. He finished the day with 2 hits.

Dylan Bennett (2026 LHP, Mechanicsville, VA) showed nice actions at the plate hitting a double to RCF. Bennett has good feel in the box and handles the bat well. He showcased some athleticism in the field and on the base paths.

Kaden Wasniewski (2027 SS, McHenry, IL) has a live arm for a young prospect with quality arm speed already. He worked up to 76 mph with the makings of good life and showed really nice feel for a fading changeup. 


62- Orange vs 63- Purple Game Highlights  >>

12/30/2021 6:00:00 AM

Max Boyer (2027 C, Pinecrest, FL) Strong showing from the primary catcher. Firm Fastball at 76, Curve 59 bottom drops out of good 12/6, 1 inning 3 strikeouts.

Vince Moore (2027 3B, La Jolla, CA)  Fastball at 69-mph and a 58-mph curve, 11/5 big break.  From the stretch always, body is slow and deliberate; head is still and on target for a repeatable move, that produces strikes. Had four strikeouts.


Leland McCook (2027 C, Evans, GA) Showed a quick bat and had three hard singles . Used entire field one to second, one to short, and one to center.  


Cayman Renk (2027 RHP, Pleasanton, CA) a hard double to left over the left fielder. Another liner  double to left. Cayman was ready to hit the fastball. Also, impressive Right-Handed pitching with some nice back door curves at 58 and a sneaky 67 mph fastball from a very athletic move to the plate. 2 innings 3 strikeouts. Great day. 


Logan Harrimon (2026 1B, Weston, FL) line drive to right center, showed good direction with swing mechanics for an RBI hustle double. A softer base hit to center in the 8th. 


Nasir Stevenson (2026 OF, Perth Amboy, NJ)  up to 69 has slight cut spin that causes some slight movement. Head is under control and continues in a well-balanced move that produces strike after strike. Diving play in center had to go a long way, then perfectly timed dive, wow. Then a crushed double to center over his head. Also, a beautiful hook slide with the late grab for the plate. Fun to watch this athlete.


Carlo Vazquez (2027 1B, Royal Palm Beach, FL) back hand play from the mound, moving two quick steps to his armside, on in between hop, then strong throw to first. 

Gregory Blayne Richardson (2027 SS, Hendersonville, TN)  Showed good balance in setup and swing with two base hits,  one to second and another very hard hit to left. 


Colin Raymond (2028 C, Syosset, NY) ranges well to backhand at third, on a hard hit two hopper that looked like a sure double. Picked the last hop and fired across the diamond to finish the play of the week.


Taylor Reidy (2027 C, Worcester, MA) had three hits one to left, one to the pitcher and one to center. Used the whole field well. 


Brayden Rishell (2027 SS, Lancaster, PA) Two base hits, the last one was blasted up the middle, was ready to hit the fastball. 

61-Navy vs 62-Orange Game Highlights >>

12/29/2021 10:12:10 PM

Yeshua Montanez (2027 C, Orlando, FL) - Reached base safely in 2 of his 3 AB’s. Showed discipline and confidence at the plate as he constantly got into deep counts. Displayed advanced knowledge and athleticism on the base paths, as he swiped 3 total bases.


Rylan Jessee (2027 1B, Pennington Gap, VA) - Went 2/2 at the dish with his simple up the middle approach. In his 2nd AB, Ryland put Navy on the board with a screaming line drive that carried over the centerfielders head. He later came in to pitch 2 scoreless innings, recording 5 K's.


Brian Morales (2026 RHP, Bethany, OK) - Lined a 2-strike base hit to the opposite field to add to their lead in the 5th. Brian threw 3 innings on the bump without allowing a run and struck out 4.

Rene Ruiz (2027 SS, Miami, FL) - Went a perfect 2/2 at the plate, with an RBI. Rene used the whole field with hits going to both left and right field.


Max Boyer (2027 C, Pinecrest, FL) - Roped a double over the centerfielders head in his first AB. Big frame, hard contact.


Maksim Neshov (2027 OF, Canton, MI) - Ripped a liner to RF for a single. He then swiped second base to solidify his speed tool, that was seen in his first AB as he made a routine 6-3 ground ball a bang-bang play.

59-Green vs 60-Maroon Game Highlights >>

12/29/2021 10:09:25 PM

Jayden Ross (2027 RHP, Perris, CA) – impressed from the very first inning showing of his cutting action on his fastball that filled up the strike zone early and often. Ross continuously attacked hitters and, once he is stronger will be able to blow them away. Ross mixed his pitches well in all counts and competed against everyone that stepped into the box. He finished with 3 innings of hitless ball, and 6 strikeouts.


Javier Molina (2026 C, Weston, FL) – smoked an RBI single up the middle by taking a fastball right where it was pitched, giving the defenders had no chance to get to it. Molina showed a smooth swing and good feel for the barrel with a great approach.


Aidan Flanigan (2026 C, Cape May, NJ) – showed off his ability to go the other way by flipping a single the other way over the third basemans head. Flanigan impressed by showing he could go to take go opposite field, something many at a young age cannot do.


Tai Jones (2026 OF, Brandon, MS)– unleashed on a ball pullside through the third baseman and short stop for a single. Jones jumped on a fastball and did not miss his opportunity. On the mound, Jones had a compact delivery with some whip from a 3/4 arm slot. He filled up the strike zone early, showing things that will translate as he develops physically and figures out his body. He finished with 2 hitless innings.


Landon Jones (2027 C, Wayne, PA) – showed his ability to hit with a line drive right into left center that, when he grows will be a to the wall. He has a smooth swing with a good approach and ability to fight pitches off to find the mistake. He also showed his wheels on the base paths with a stolen base.


Ayvin Juarez (2027 OF, San Antonio, TX) and Rowan Johnson (2027 C, Nixa, MO) both finished the day with singles in their last at bat.

67-Navy vs 68-Orange Game Highlights >>

12/29/2021 10:08:23 PM

Landon Green (2027, RHP, Clearwater, FL) dominated on the mound today, struck out 8 batters n 2.2 innings. The fastball sat 78-82 mph with good arm side run, creating a lot of swing and misses. The command wasn’t all there, but he showed the ability to work through it and still get swings and misses.


Santiago Espitia (2027, 3B, Orlando, FL) showed of his athleticism in the infield today and made a nice diving stop and a few plays up the middle. Moves well laterally to both sides of the ball, has smooth hands with good feet and a quick transition. Consistently made firm accurate throws.  


Tias Koch (2027, OF Noblesville, TN) made some great plays on defense, played both outfield and infield showing the ability to make the routine plays in both. Swung that bat well, got the first hit for his team and the first hit of the game in a pitchers’ duel. Has a short compact swing with quick hands.


Ryan Heerman (2027, C, Bridgewater, MA) was solid behind the dish, was a wall back there, didn’t let anything get past him. Showed soft hands while receiving with good footwork and a quick transfer. Features a projectable body with plenty of room to add more as he continues to mature. Heerman is very agile and pops out from behind the dish.


Matthew Rosner (2027, 3B, Bethesda, MD) features a lean athletic build with plenty of room to add more as he gets older. Rosner crushed the ball to right field, has a quick level swing that stays long through the zone. Also made some nice plays at third base.

57-Gold vs 58-Gray Game Highlights >>

12/29/2021 10:01:33 PM

Shane Rogers (2026 LHP, Graham, NC)- Tall projectable body working with an abbreviated wind up and good clean arm action. Pitched down in the zone for 2 innings with his FB (68-71). Struck out 2 and had good leverage to  his pitches. Singled in the 3rd inning  with a line drive to CF showing good balance and swing path to the ball.


James Gil (2027 SS, Miami, FL)- Lined a double down the LF line staying in the zone a long time. Very athletic body and good approach. Quick feet in the field making an outstanding play up the middle to take a hit away. Smooth fielder with a quick release. Soft hands and a good arm able to throw from multiple angles. 


Caleb Carpenter (2027 OF, College Grove, TN)- Smoked a line drive RBI  double in the LCF gap. Athletic projectable body. Attacks the baseball with an aggressive short swing. Abbreviated wind up with a clean arm action. Attacks hitters with a lively FB (74-78). Throws CB with 12-6 rotation (55-57) and a good change up (60-62). Athletic two way player. Pitched two scoreless and hitless  innings while striking out 6


Cooper Partin (2027 1B, Burlington, NC)- Works with an abbreviated wind up and a quick hand. Strike thrower with a 65-69 FB. Pitched a clean inning with a strikeout.


Hayden Waller (2027 OF, Mount Olive, NC)- Pitched a clean 2 innings with a good running FB (70-71) striking out 2. Abbreviated wind up with good arm action and a quick hand.  Good breaking ball with some depth (60-62).

Top 10 Yard Split >>

12/29/2021 5:40:41 PM

Cord Brown1.662027ComancheHastings, OK
Pablo Jose Martinez1.662027 Santo Domingo (DOM)
Chaz Templeton1.672027WestparkRoseville, CA
Hayden Waller1.692027Southern WayneMount Olive, NC
Seth Hittleman1.712027Cranbrook SchoolsBirmingham, MI
Tyler Ryan1.712027West Chester EastMalvern, PA
Logan Hawkins1.722026MarinerCape Coral, FL
Kaden Wasniewski1.722027Mchenry EastMcHenry, IL
August Backman1.732027Harwood Uhsd #19Waterbury, VT
Jayden Pearl1.732027Ezell Harding ChristianMt Juliet, TN
Cayman Renk1.732027Amador ValleyPleasanton, CA
James "JD" Aufderheide1.742027HarrisonPowder Springs, GA
James Gil1.742027Doral Academy CharterMiami, FL


Top 60 Times >>

12/29/2021 5:39:30 PM

Hayden Waller7.212027Southern WayneMount Olive, NC
Tyler Ryan7.382027West Chester EastMalvern, PA
James "JD" Aufderheide7.412027HarrisonPowder Springs, GA
Landon Green7.462027UndecidedClearwater, FL
Henry Abt7.502026BrandonBrandon, MS
Pablo Jose Martinez7.512027 Santo Domingo (DOM)
James Gil7.522027Doral Academy CharterMiami, FL
Caleb Carpenter7.552027SummitCollege Grove, TN
Nasir Stevenson7.572026UndecidedPerth Amboy, NJ
Tanner Uderitz7.592027American HeritageDelray Beach, FL
Cord Brown7.602027ComancheHastings, OK
Jayden Pearl7.632027Ezell Harding ChristianMt Juliet, TN


Top C Pop Times >>

12/29/2021 5:38:09 PM

Pablo Jose Martinez2.002027 Santo Domingo (DOM)
Mathew Sosa2.042026Oasis CharterCape Coral, FL
Will Brick2.152027 Memphis, TN
Broder Katke2.182027Detroit Country Day UpperBloomfield Hills, MI
Max Boyer2.202027Westminster ChristianPinecrest, FL
Jackson Meyers2.202027Carolina ForestConway, SC
James Gil2.222027Doral Academy CharterMiami, FL
Tyler Kiely2.222027Grace Christian AcademyKnoxville, TN
Campbell Carpenter2.252027SummitCollege Grove, TN
Seth Hittleman2.252027Cranbrook SchoolsBirmingham, MI
Rowan Johnson2.252027NixaNixa, MO
Yeshua Montanez2.252027 Orlando, FL


Top 1B Velos >>

12/29/2021 5:36:34 PM

Henry Abt792026BrandonBrandon, MS
Will Brick762027 Memphis, TN
Caden Jobe712027Trinity Christian AcademyProsper, TX
George Minjack712027 Alexandria, VA
Andrew Caracio702027North Raleigh Christian AcademRaleigh, NC
Seth Carter702027Pulaski County Sr.Radford, VA
John "JT" Costello702026Bishop MooreLongwood, FL
Ryan Dobratz702027Liberty Sr.Lake Saint Louis, MO
Cooper Partin702027Southern AlamanceBurlington, NC
Carlo Vazquez702027WellingtonRoyal Palm Beach, FL


Top IF Velos >>

12/29/2021 5:30:52 PM

Landon Green832027UndecidedClearwater, FL
Tanner Uderitz772027American HeritageDelray Beach, FL
Jamuel Villalongo772027 New Haven, CT
Gabriel Coca762027 Walnut Creek, CA
Andrew Costanzo762027IMG AcademyCarlsbad, CA
Maddux Lessard752027MuskegoMuskego, WI
Pablo Jose Martinez752027 Santo Domingo (DOM)
Larson Chafin732027Gulf ShoresGulf Shores, AL
Konnor Hooper732026River RidgeCanton, GA
Caleb Carpenter722027SummitCollege Grove, TN
Santiago Espitia722027WindermereOrlando, FL
Vince Moore722027La Jolla Country DayLa Jolla, CA
Chaz Templeton722027WestparkRoseville, CA
Christopher Wall722027TNXL AcademyGotha, FL


Top C Velos >>

12/29/2021 6:00:00 AM

Will Brick712027 Memphis, TN
Pablo Jose Martinez712027 Santo Domingo (DOM)
Mathew Sosa692026Oasis CharterCape Coral, FL
Max Boyer682027Westminster ChristianPinecrest, FL
Campbell Carpenter682027SummitCollege Grove, TN
Broder Katke682027Detroit Country Day UpperBloomfield Hills, MI
Jackson Meyers682027Carolina ForestConway, SC
Yeshua Montanez682027 Orlando, FL
Chaz Templeton682027WestparkRoseville, CA
Maddux Lessard672027MuskegoMuskego, WI
Andres Quintana Alvarado672026Colegio San Ignacio De LoyolaSan Juan, PR
Ethan Savinon672027JeffersonTampa, FL


Top OF Velos >>

12/29/2021 6:00:00 AM

Landon Green852027UndecidedClearwater, FL
Henry Abt812026BrandonBrandon, MS
Tanner Uderitz812027American HeritageDelray Beach, FL
Pablo Jose Martinez802027 Santo Domingo (DOM)
Jack Johnson792027Fort Walton BeachPowder Springs, GA
Maddux Lessard792027MuskegoMuskego, WI
Andrew Costanzo782027IMG AcademyCarlsbad, CA
Caleb Carpenter772027SummitCollege Grove, TN
Konnor Hooper772026River RidgeCanton, GA
Seamus Keller772027 Westport, MA
Boston Selig752027Bonita SpringsBonita Springs, FL
Nasir Stevenson752026UndecidedPerth Amboy, NJ
James "JD" Aufderheide742027HarrisonPowder Springs, GA
Gabriel Coca742027 Walnut Creek, CA
Isaiah Posey742027White KnollLexington, SC


63- Purple Vs 64 Red Game Highlights  >>

12/29/2021 6:00:00 AM

Boston Selig (2027 RHP, Bonita Springs, FL) Had a base hit to right to go along with his masterful pitching, 68 mph fastball, 61 curve. Just a strike thrower, pounds the strike zone with courage. 32 pitches in 3 innings.

Seamus Keller (2027 RHP, Westport, MA)Great pitchers frame, fastball is down angled up to 75, worked well up in the zone for swing and misses, A 62 MPH curve. Struck out 9 in 2 2/3 innings.  

Kayne Tagliavia (2027 C, Elk Grove Village, IL) After multiple hit by pitches to the left elbow, came back to drive a hard base hit to right center. What a gamer. 

Larson Chafin (2027 RHP, Gulf Shores, AL) Heavy ball sinker in the making. Fastball up to 75, Curve had good depth at times, up to 64. 8 Strikeouts in 3 innings of work.

65-Royal vs. 66-White Game Highlights  >>

12/29/2021 6:00:00 AM

Andrew Costanzo (2027 RHP, Carlsbad, CA) is a projectable right-hander who proved to have some feel on the bump. Fastball up to 76 mph as he went right after hitters. 

George Minjack (2027 SS, Alexandria, VA) singled to the opposite field as he knocked in a run. Showed off the base running skills as he took an second on a long throw to home. Later stole a bag too. 

Ethan Savinon (2027 C, Tampa, FL) was solid both behind the dish and in the box. Threw out a runner at second with a throw on the money. Also doubled up the middle of the field and went on to score just a couple pitches later. 

James Wyatt Arthur (2027 SS, Florence, SC) tallied a pair of hits while knocking in a run. Short, simple cut as he delivered the bat head on time consistently. 

John "JT" Costello (2026 OF, Longwood, FL) doubled late in the action down the rightfield line. Drove in a pair of runs while doing so. 

55-Black vs 56-Columbia Blue Highlights >>

12/29/2021 6:00:00 AM


Seth Carter (2027 RHP, Radford, VA) was dominant in his start for Team Black. Seth went three innings and struck out four batters. He relied primarily on his FB, while utilizing his breaking ball in two strike situations. His FB was up to 74 and also added two hits on the day.

Jerrell Alston (2026 OF, Hilo, HI) barreled up a ball over the shortstop for a single in his first at-bat of the day. And then later on kept his hands back and drove the ball for a single to right field to pick up his second hit on the day. 

Manny Baez (2027 2B, Tampa, FL) collected two hits in the game. The young prospect showed flashes of upside and potential going forward. Baez possesses a very patient approach at the plate. 

August Backman (2027 RHP, Waterbury, VT) recorded the first hit of the day for Columbia Blue. The left handed hitting outfielder scorched a double into centerfield and picked up two RBIs on the extra base hit. 

James "JD" Aufderheide (2027 OF, Powder Springs, GA) absolutely crushed a ball that one-hopped the left field wall for an inside the park home-run.

Maddux Lessard (2027 C, Muskego, WI) added two hits on the day and an RBI, as well as a couple stolen bases. 

Henry Abt (2026 1B, Brandon, MS) showed some great pitchability in his short outing. The right handed pitcher's FB was up 76.

Broder Katke (2027 C, Bloomfield Hills, MI) ended up with two hits on the day, with one that was a pull side missle off the bat to left field.

Gabriel Coca (2027 SS, Walnut Creek, CA) in his last at bat was able to find a barrel for a double to centerfield. 

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