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2021 National Underclass Showcase-Main Event (12/28/2021 - 12/30/2021)


39-Gold vs 42- Maroon Game Highlights (Coaches BP) >>

1/1/2022 6:50:20 PM

Juan Perez (2024 SS, Sarasota, FL)- 2 Doubles in the game on to each side of the field, Spraying the ball around with some power.


Aiden Pollock (2023 OF, Las Vegas, NV)- Made the catch of the day with a web gem to rob extra bases and some runs with a diving effort in RCF.


Cayden Gibson (2024 SS, O’Fallon, MO)- Doubled to very deep to RF.


Jian Jung (2024 RHP, Graham, WA)- Showcased a good swing path and bat speed, very good quality at bats throughout the game.


Alex Rosario (2023 C, Riviera Beach, FL)-Nice play at SS good hand and actions on Defense, also doubled to deep LCF in his first at bat. 



26- Columbia Blue vs 29-Green Game Highlights (Coaches BP) >>

1/1/2022 6:45:53 PM


Evan Damario (2025 C, Lees Summit, MO)- Great play at 2B backhand to glove side, great feed to SS for the double play.


Drew Kennedy (2023 1B, Malvern, PA)- Line drive single to LF, BIG power, had a couple of hard hits throughout the day big pullside pop.


Dimaggio Lonero (2024 SS, Canonsburg, PA)- Hit an violent bomb to LF for a 2-run homer. Also had a very nice defensive play in the OF with a jumping catch on a line drive.


Anthony Xydakis (2024 OF, Morris, IL)- Nice diving catch in CF for an out. Showed solid leverage in the swing, had a couple hit in the game and showed quickness and instincts on the bases.


Justin Lebron (2023 2B, Miramar, FL)- Very smooth actions on defense, created good leverage in the box with good bat path through the zone. Good runner  who really gets out of the box and down the line well.

3-Gold vs 6-Maroon Game Highlights (Coaches BP) >>

1/1/2022 6:41:02 PM

Liam Clay (2025 SS, Raleigh, NC) – Single into Left center field to drive in a run, another single to right to drive in another later in the game


Chase Jackson (2023 SS, McDonough, GA) – Nice play made going to his left while playing 3B very strong arm across the diamond and good Hands.


Cole Lowe (2023 LHP, Kimberly, AL)- Triple one hopping the right field fence, Showed athleticism in playing a very good CF throughout the event.


Connor Wright (2025 1B, Raleigh, NC)- Big Pop showed power and strength with the frame to go with it, Worked the Middle of the field with his approach all weekend.


Dylan Andino (2023 3B, Saint Cloud, FL)- Good swing very very solid all around playing throws seeds across the diamond, had a triple into RCF, great running catch into foul territory playing SS, Short compact stroke found barrels consistently throughout .


Jacob Zitella (2023 3B, West Chicago, IL)- Very Strong player, double to deep CF, Very high energy on the diamond at all times plays very hard and finished up with a triple in his last at bat.

38 - Columbia Blue vs 41 - Green Game Highlights (Coaches BP) >>

12/30/2021 10:06:51 PM

Charlie Graves (2025, Fayetteville, AR) is a young prospect that stands at 6-foot, 170-pounds. The right-handed hitter has a solid swing that has some slight lift upon contact. Graves was able to drive the ball deep into the left center-field gap for an easy extra base hit.


Garrett Hayes (2024, Youngsville, NC) showed some pop from the left-side. He possesses a quite approach at the plate and has the ability to drive the ball deep the other way. Hayes showed this off by smashing a triple to the left center-field gap.


Amaury De Jesus (2024, Miami, FL) is a slack fielding shortstop and displayed that by showing off the glove and arm strength during this viewing. Also hitting from the left-side, De Jesus has a smooth and easy swing with the ability to hit to all fields. De Jesus is also a good runner on the bases.


Joey Marker (2023, Indianola, IN) showed to have some quickness to his bat during this viewing. He was able to drive a ball up the middle with some authority.


Trent Tankersley (2024, Waverly, GA) was also impressive during this viewing. The right-handed hitter has a smooth and easy swing. He gains some ground with the front side and makes solid, contact out front.

Black-37 vs Gray-40 Game Highlights >>

12/30/2021 7:05:42 PM

Jeffery Copeland (2023 3B, Marietta, GA) Quick to and through forceful contact. Strength in hands. Flatter path with lift at contact. Advanced runner. Twitchy.


Luke McRae (2024 2B, Canton, GA) Line driver with a smooth operation. Quiet and quick. Flatter path. Middle of the field oriented. Quick to contact. Plus runner.


Miles Owen (2023 3B, Cartersville, GA) Big leverage swinger who can drive the baseball with authority. Always on time. Whippy barrel with sluggers lift at contact. Ball jumps off barrel. Upside as middle of the order run producer.


Camden Page (2024 C, Flowery Branch, GA) Solidly built, noticeably strong and twitchy athlete who can swing the bat. Shows plus pull side raw power. Strong through his core and lower half. Athletic runnerwho can force the action. 


Tyler Payne (2024 1B, Jasper, GA) Broad shouldered, obviously strong right-handed slugger who can drive the ball to all parts of the field. Doesn’t miss his barrel. Gap to gap raw is evident. Plus feel for barrel.


Harlan Will (2023 C, Jasper, GA) Big and strong. Broad shouldered. Barrel chested. Can swing the bat with authority. Natural raw power that isn’t forced. He can reach the fence to all parts of the field. Quick feet and smooth glove at 1B, also.



Isaiah Pinero (2025 3B, Fayetteville, NC) has a smooth right-handed stroke with some quickness in his hands providing some jump off the barrel of the bat. He roped a single into left field in his first at bat.


Chone James (2024 C, Myrtle Beach, SC) got into a ball in his first at bat driving a double deep in the left-center field gap. He does a nice job of using his lower half to create power from the ground up transferring it to his swing. 


Luis Santiago (2023 RHP, Roanoke, TX) tucked a double down the left field line with a well struck line drive that made its way all the way to the corner. He showed quick hands with some feel for the barrel adjusting the bat path to get the barrel out front. He added another double in a later at bat using the lower half to create power from the ground up. 


Henry Knighton (2025 SS, Richmond, VA) did a nice job handling a pitch up in the zone getting the barrel on top of the ball to drive it on a line back up the middle. His young athletic build projects for even more bat speed to come with maturity which will translate to more power in the right-handed swing. 


Julian Minor (2023 SS, Fort Worth, TX) has some quick twitch in his right-handed swing providing some whip to the barrel. He drove a double to the pull side in his second at bat creating good extension through the ball at contact. 


Nathan Tardo (2025 SS, Mandeville, LA) pulled his hands on to drive a ball int eh left-center field gap showing some speed in the hands to drive the ball over the short stops head. On the bases his speed plays allowing him to put pressure on the defense and take extra bases. He capped off his event with another double this time shooting a ball through the right side taking it where he was pitched. 


CJ Filipek (2023 1B, Huntley, IL) smoked a triple off the right-center field fence just missing a home run. His left-handed swing shows natural loft to the bat path allowing him to create leverage at the point of contact and back spin on the ball flight. 


Mason Green (2024 OF, Falls Church, VA) does a nice job of matching plane through the hitting zone with the barrel allowing him to create extension through contact and drive baseballs hard on a line with back spin. 


Pernell Whitsett (2024 RHP, Fort Wayne, IN) has a strong physical frame with present strength throughout the build. The strength shows up in the left-handed swing projectable bat speed and flashes of some big upside raw power to the pull side of the field.

Navy-19 vs Red-22 Game Highlights >>

12/30/2021 6:54:30 PM

Nick Pratt (2023 C, Severna Park, MD) has a large physical frame with present strength throughout his build. In his first at bat he laced a double deep in the left center field gap showcasing his ability to create leverage at the point of contact. He followed that up with a triple in his third at bat to left center field to continue a strong day at the plate. 


Gavin Strump (2024 C, Saint Johns, FL) starts with an even base, using a small stride to create separation. He showed a quick compact bat path with the ability to drove the ball to the pull side. His frame projects well moving forward with more power to come. 


Edward McLeod (2025 3B, Mobile, AL) has a large physical frame, in the box he starts with an upright stance allowing him hands to work freely to the baseball. He found the barrel in his second and third at bats with back-to-back base hits to the pull side. 


Justin Polanco (2023 SS, Bronx, NY) showed a smooth natural left-handed stroke. He does a nice job of staying time with his load allowing the barrel to play out front with some whip in in the hands at the point of contact. 


Cahijah Pressley (2023 1B, Laurens, SC) is able to keep the hands to the inside part of the ball with strength at the point of contact. His approach allows him to use the big part of the field with good plate coverage. 


Christopher Sosa (2025 RHP, Hialeah, FL) has a long athletic frame with plenty of room to project on moving forward. At the plate his right-handed swing as a smooth swing plane with the ability to attack the inside part of the ball allowing him to use all fields. He followed that up with a triple to straight away center field in his last at bat. 


Ethan Andujar (2025 C, Matthews, NC) found the barrel multiple times in game action on day three. He controls the barrel well through the zone staying short with his swing path and using the opposite field well with developing power. 


Noah Jordi (2024 LHP, Mendon, MA) smoked a ball down the right field line in his final at bat. His left-handed swing stays level through the hitting zone keeping the ball on a line with some whip in the hand at contact. 


Ryne Salas (2023 RHP, Crystal Lake, IL) Large framed slugger with noticeable raw power, especially to the pull side. Hit no doubt dinger into the street well beyond the LF fence. Quick twitch. Unquestioned raw power. Upside potential as middle-of-the order run producer.


Clayton Anderson (2024 OF, Statesboro, GA) Athletic and very twitchy. Advanced speed. Short and direct to contact. Flatter path and impact the ball with force. Always looking to take extra base. 


Ulises Castelo Jr (2024 C, Dalton, GA) Hit machine. Uses the whole field. Stays inside the ball well. Flatter path. Line driver with a consistent operation. Big hustle guy on the bases.


Cayden Hessemyer (2024 SS, Odessa, FL) Athlete with great approach at the plate. Quick actions. Short, quick, and direct to contact. Flatter path with line drive mentality. Obvious strength in hands. Impacts ball with force.


Mike Martinez (2024 3B, Cutler Bay, FL) Easy plus raw power. Strength in core. Feel for barrel. Slugger’s lift at contact. Can power the ball to all parts of the field. Especially strong to pull side.


Logan Mortimer (2025 OF, McDonough, GA) Advanced, noticeable raw power. Ball jumps from barrel. Ball jumps from barrel. Advanced runner with easy stride. Chews up ground.


Jason Neal (2024 SS, Chelsea, AL) Athletic middle infielder with plus approach at the plate. Line driver who can move the ball. Short and direct to contact. Advanced runner.


Joshua Wicker (2024 SS, Chicago, IL) Plays with controlled aggressiveness. Hustler. Inside-out bat path. Barrel stays on plane a long time. Strength in hands and shoulders. Plus feel for barrel. 

1-Black vs 4-Gray Game Highlights >>

12/30/2021 6:47:25 PM

Nathanael Coupet (2023 OF, Boynton Beach, FL)solid build – strength through core. Short and direct to contact. Impacts ball with authority. Plus feel for barrel. Big raw power that appears easy. Plus runner.


Charlie Imhof (2023 3B, Merrick, NY) Athletic build. Quick trigger with flat path. Gets barrel to and through contact with authority. Gap to gap swing path. Ball jumps. Easy plus runner.


Kirk Kolano (2023 1B, San Antonio, FL) Large frame with noticeable strength. Power guy all the way. Slugger’s approach. Big pull side power potential. Plus feel for barrel.


Ashton Odak (2023 SS, Emerson, GA) Accomplished, mature hitter with a plan. Middle of the field path. Consistent barrel. Impacts ball well. Can swing it. Also plus defender with quick feet and easy range. Plus arm. Can throw well from any platform. Big upside.


Fernando Palomares (2025 3B, Spring, TX) Long and lean, athletic build. Big leverage in his swing. More middle of the field oriented. Flatter path. Line drive machine. Easy advanced runner.


Sam Tomczak (2025 C, Kennesaw, GA) Sound, mature approach. Balanced at the ready. More inside-out with his path. Gets barrel on plane and through contact routinely. Strength in hands. Ball jumps.


Jackson Uggla (2024 3B, Powder Springs, GA) Emerging power. Slugger’s approach. Flat through zone with pronounced lift at contact. Strength is obvious. Projectable power.



Tyler Bradford (2024 3B, Marietta, GA) showed a short compact swing in his first at bat with a single back up the middle. He continued to drive the ball back up the middle in his second at bat with a line drive off the net on its way into center field. His third hit of the day came on a double the other way staying inside the ball and riving it to right center field. 


Cole Dingler (2024 1B, Cedartown, GA) drove in two runs with an double to the pull side gap in his second at bat showcasing his bat speed. In his next at bat he kept a line drive fair down the line in left for a triple plating two more runs.  


Luke Orfi (2023 SS, Cumming, GA) does a nice job of keeping the barrel level through the zone. In his first two at bats he drove two ball hard into left center field displaying good barrel control. 


Jake Bailey (2024 SS, Aragon, GA) laced a ball into center field for an inside the park home run. He does a nice job matching plane through the hitting zone allowing him to find the barrel at a high rate. He followed that up with a line drive single into center filed in his next at bat creating good extension through the ball. 


CJ Buchan (2024 C, Toano, VA) had two extra base hits through his first four at bats. The more impressive of which went off the top of the fence in left field for a stand up double. He does a nice job of being on time with barrel out front


Andy Watters (2024 LHP, Marietta, GA)has a balanced stance with a compact swing. His swing path allows him to work the ball to all fields as he recorded multiple hits using the whole field with a level bat path. On the bases his speed plays allowing him to take extra bases and put pressure on defenses. 

33- Purple vs. 36- White Highlights >>

12/30/2021 5:28:44 PM

Jhamil R Rivera (2023 OF, Canovanas, PR) showed a cannon from left field to throw out multiple runners trying to take extra bases. Both throws were all the way on the money throws. Showed some range tracking fly balls. Tall athletic frame has good potential for strength gains. 


Reggie Sharpe (2024 SS, Grosse Pointe Park, MI) nice hard line drive hit to opposite field. Athleticism and fast twitch play on both sides. Smooth glove, soft hands and an above arm. Plenty of projection left. 


Reggie Sharpe (2024 SS, Grosse Pointe Park, MI) great reaction time to make leaping catch on hot shot liner to third. Showed some pull side pop on deep flyable to left. Showed athleticism by playing multiple positions on the infield with good baseball iQ. 



Corbin Klein (2023 OF, Chicago, IL) ) showed big pull power with 2 run HR to left field. Tall physical frame allows him to leverage the baseball. Also showed ability to cover some ground in the outfield. 


Leonardo Moncada (2024 C, Pompano Beach, FL) displayed a strong arm from third base with more then a handful of quality throws across the diamond to get runners. 

15-Gold vs. 18-Maroon Game Highlights (Coaches BP) >>

12/30/2021 5:21:54 PM

William Alvarez (2024 SS, Miami, FL)  had an absolutely monster day at the dish going a 3-3 with three balls off the top of the wall in left, displaying significant strength and power potential to the pull-side

Luis Gomez (2023 1B, Royal Palm Beach, FL) showcased a swing tailored to power unloading on one his first AB for a no-doubt home run and then followed it up with ringing 2B that one hopped the 400 ft sign in dead center.

Victor Delgado (2023 OF, Pembroke Pines, FL)  hit the ball with authority throughout with a perfect day in the box, displaying an overall advanced feel for finding the barrel of the bat consistently.

Jonathan Matos (2025 C, Cocoa, FL) displayed easy bat speed and plus strength for the age lacing several balls to all parts of the field throughout.

Jordan Fernandez (2024 OF, Orlando, FL)  tall athletic frame was all over the park today. Jordan laid out, full extension to make a diving grab in the RCF gap. He also smoked a line drive down the LF line and added a double to CF.

Nathan Toolan (2024 OF, Venice, FL) delivered a loud double to the gap in RCF in his first AB and then added 2 more hits on the afternoon.

Brady Holbrook (2025 LHP, Cumming, GA) drilled a deep double to the RCF gap. He also had a single through the 4-3 hole. 

Aaron Elissalt (2025 SS, Miami, FL) tallied 3 hits on the day with constant line drive action to LF. Well struck balls throughout his 4 plate appearances.

Diesel Purnell (2025 SS, Peculiar, MO) peppered the left fielder today with 2 line drive base hits. The middle infielder also flashed the leather with a glove flip to second base.

Steve Svenson (2024 RHP, Matawan, NJ) simple line drive approach resulted in consistent loud contact. He had himself a frozen rope single up the middle.

45-Purple vs. 44-Orange Game Highlights (Coaches BP) >>

12/30/2021 5:20:53 PM

Angel Marine (2023 OF, Methuen, MA) showed the barrel control on multiple occasions over the course of the day, using a middle opposite field approach. Marine has clear athleticism in the build and still has room to project from a 5’9” 180 lb frame. 


Dakota Hanna (2023 SS, Liberty, MO) flashed the quick hands and bat speed by drilling line drive to 3rd then following it up with an opposite field double in the RCF gap. Hanna has pop in the barrel and sees the ball deep, using the whole field to his advantage. 


Tyler Kisling (2024 OF, New Milford, CT) had the pull side approach locked in on the day, roping line drives into the LCF gap on more than one occasion. Kisling has multiple dimensions in his stroke, showing the ability to hit for both contact and power with solid lower half rotation. 


Connor Shouse (2024 SS, Ball Ground, GA) is a tall switch hitter that can display power on both sides of the plate including two home runs to left on the right side of the plate.  Shouse has a level swing and gets the bat through the zone with speed creating towering power.


Davis Wright (2024 C, Marietta, GA) is an athletic lefty that stays behind the ball and drives the ball with ease.  Wright has fast hands and gets the barrel to the ball effortlessly.


Jackson Bradfield (2024 OF, Canton, GA) displayed lots of power with a deep double to left field.  Bradfield has an open stance with a smooth load to swing transition.


Isaiah Drake (2023 OF, Atlanta, GA) showed off his power at the plate with a triple to deep left.  Drake utilizes his athleticism to generate power with ease. 


Ira Jefferies Harris (2024 SS, Marietta, GA) had an impressive day at the plate with two doubles to deep center with a swing tailored for power.  Jefferies Harris has smooth rhythm at the plate which translates to his ability to hit for power.


Mitch Wilson (2024 C, Pauline, SC) had multiple doubles showing off his power all day.  Wilson continuously displayed his strength for pull power with multiple extra base hits.

43-Navy vs. 46-Red Game Highlights >>

12/30/2021 5:18:26 PM

Colton Roquemore (2024 SS, Northlake, TX) had a pullside triple in first at bat. Was the most impressive with his defensive actions while playing the MIF. 

Austin Alcumbrack (2025 OF, Cedar Springs, MI) collected three hits in the game including a roped double to the left center field gap. 

Devin Fitz-Gerald (2024 SS, Margate, FL) added two barreled up doubles to end his day at Main Event. Payton Skarda (2024 OF, Rockford, MI) had an impressive day with a total of 5 bases. 

Graham Busbea (2023 RHP, Jackson, MS) had a stellar day with 5 hits, including two triples. He possesses quick hands and a feel for the barrel through the zone. 

Nathaniel Crossman (2023 SS, Canton, MI) in his first at bat crushed a triple to the left center gap. Reached base three times and is a very good runner and heady baseball player. 

Kendi Demps (2024 SS, Jacksonville, FL) finished with three hits on the day, with all being singles. 

Keegan McIntyre (2024 3B, Portage, MI) had a few hits including a triple and a single collecting 2 RBIs. 

Carter Wojcik (2025 1B, Coral Springs, FL) put on display his strength with a power surge of extra base hits. He totaled 7 bases (3 loud doubles and a single). 

Alex Rodriguez (2024 OF, Coral Springs, FL) showed some quick twitch athleticism. Solid runner utilizing all fields with a couple hits on the day. 

14- Columbia Blue vs 17- Green Coach Pitch Highlights >>

12/30/2021 5:18:10 PM

Landon Allen (2024 C, Tallahassee, FL) - showed off his excellent bat to ball skills and barrel control by consistently flipping balls the other way for singles.

Dario Sosa (2023 OF, Waterbury, CT) - displayed his big frame and power by mashing a couple balls to the outfield wall 

Myles Odom (2023 SS, Pleasant Garden, NC) - impressed with his bat all day, consistently making solid contact and driving the ball to the outfield

Anthony Koval (2024 3B, Colorado Springs, CO) - was seemingly on base every time you looked up, making good contact and finding holes in the defense. 

Mario Magana (2025 SS, Miami, FL) - really stood out at the plate as a switch hitter with some pop from both sides of the plate. Magana collected 3 hits including a HR deep to RF from the left side then followed up with a 2B to LF from the right side.

Will Sanford (2024 3B, San Diego, CA) - has athletic movements throughout his swing and is able to get down the line well showing good speed while collecting multiple hits in the game.

AJ Shelton (2023 OF, Dunedin, FL) - was very impressive at the plate finding his barrel in all 4 at bats making a lot of loud contact mostly to the pull side with two extra base hits deep to LF and the LCF gap.

Jared Jenkins (2024 SS, Boca Raton, FL) - had a strong showing on both sides of the ball collecting 3 hits in the game and flashed well defensively tracking the ball well in the OF

27-Gold vs. 30-Maroon Coach Pitch Highlights >>

12/30/2021 4:17:19 PM

Joey Chitla (2024 SS, Raleigh, NC) has a short compact swing with a line drive approach and made hard contact in all of his ABs while collecting 4 hits.

Edward Paneque (2023 SS, Miami, FL) showed a quick barrel and and some pop in his swing recording 3 hits in the game including a deep drive to LF for a double.

Nicholas Paszt (2023 C, Sanborn, NY) exhibited an up the middle to pull side approach and had a strong showing at the plate barreling up the ball in all of his ABs for 4 hits.

Jarren Purify (2023 SS, Detroit, MI) has a smooth stroke with power present to all fields collecting multiple extra base hits with a triple to the LCF gap along with a double to the opposite field gap.

Drew Reaves (2023 SS, Pensacola, FL) had a strong showing at the plate with the ability to make hard contact to all fields based on location and recorded a hit in all 4 of his at bats.

Will Briggs (2023 C, Shakopee, MN) hit the ball hard to all fields and showed a nice line drive swing plane to collect 4 hits in the game.

Harrison Collins (2024 1B, Columbia, SC) has a physical presence at the plate and strength showed making loud contact multiple times through out the game for 3 hits including a double to deep over the CF head.

Jet Jones (2025 C, Londonderry, NH) has long levers and was able to make hard contact in multiple ABs to collect 3 hits.

Khamaree Thomas (2024 OF, Chicago, IL) was able to make hard contact throughout the game and showed his speed around the bases on a triple to deep RCF gap.


21-Purple vs 24-White Coach Pitch Highlights >>

12/30/2021 3:54:58 PM

Lucas McNellis (2024 C, Woodbury, MN) was a force at the dish, consistently going back up the middle with a clean simple stroke and solid bat speed. He works from a bulky athletic 6’2” 215 lb build and flashed backspin and carry with good lower half rotation.

DJ Clifford (2025 RHP, Newburgh, NY) showed off the launch angle at the plate, driving balls to the pull side with good barrel control and strong hands. Clifford has projectable strength and will continue to see the power increase to match the hit tool.

Trey Freeman (2023 SS, Tampa, FL) was a defensive staple on the day, making tough plays from both the infield and the outfield look routine. Freeman displays a soft glove with smooth transitions and tons of range regardless of the position played.

AJ Barahona (2024 C, Tyrone, GA) displays quick hands through the strike zone with a fast bat.  Barahona has a knack for  getting the barrel squared up and hits for contact and power.

Miles Godwin (2025 OF, Rehoboth, DE) had a double to the left/center field gap.  Godwin turns loose with each swing and shows the ability to drive the ball to any part of the field.

Andrew Roberts (2025 1B, Downingtown, PA) shows an easy, efficient, level swing at the plate with a solid line drive LCF gap. Robert’s timing at the plate comes naturally and his swing comes with ease.

Ethan Navarez (2024 OF, Ruskin, FL) had a strong outing at the plate displaying strength hitting for power showing pop off the bat.  Navarez gets the barrel through the zone and drives the ball hard with solid contact.

25- Black vs. 28- Gray Game Highlights >>

12/30/2021 3:52:40 PM

Cesar Valera (2023 SS, Bradenton, FL) in his first at bat had a double splitting the outfielders in the left field gap. 

Anthony Cuarenta (2025 1B, Spring, TX) barreled up baseballs in each of his plate appearances today. Swings with intent and purpose. 

Alejandro Puig (2024 SS, Pembroke Pines, FL) had himself a day on offense and defense. Offensively, led the way with three hits. And defensively: had a diving play in left field and picked everything at shortstop. 

Jacob Fields (2023 OF, Acworth, GA) displayed some pull-side power on many of his hits, including an inside the park homerun to left center in the deepest part of the alley. 

Charlie Bozeman (2024 1B, Knoxville, TN) had himself a day with a few smoked baseballs. Collected 8 total bases (2 triples and a double) along with 2 RBIs.

Brandon Bostic (2024 OF, Sandy Springs, GA) tallied three hits including a double in the left center gap, single up the middle and carried one to right field. 

Landon Houston (2024 OF, Powder Springs, GA) was impressive all day from the left side of the plate. Displayed awareness and discipline and was never too eager. The smooth left handed swing accumulated  back side double, and a double to right center. He barreled up everything that he saw. 

Braden Gabel (2024 SS, Kennesaw, GA) showed some plus running ability. Tallied three hits, including a triple to dead center. 

Charlie Wortham (2025 C, St. Peters, MO) has a projectable frame at 5-10, 150 with more room to grow. Kept weight back and had a solid approach while collecting three hits. 

Jack Wade (2023 3B, Palos Park, IL) scorched a ball on the backside for a triple to right field. 

9-Purple vs 12-White Coach Pitch Highlights >>

12/30/2021 3:06:26 PM

Jonathan Alomar (2025 2B, Cleveland, TN) - had his young hitting tools on display with a couple of hits including a ball up the middle and a line drive to left field

Yoon Chae (2023 MIF, Virginia Beach, VA) - smoked a couple balls to the outfield over the heads of the defenders for doubles.

Anthony Giglio (2023 1B, Coconut Creek, FL) - made loud contact all morning and had his smooth swing showing. He hit a double to the wall and included a line drive to center field as well.

Alvin Gomez (2024 SS, New York, NY) - smashed a towering home run to right field over the elevated wall. Gomez showed off his strength and advanced feel for the barrel 

Jack Quick (2023 OF, Miami, FL) - hit a double to the outfield in left center field and displayed his athleticism all day

Jason Kwon (2023 OF, Louisville, KY) - showed off his quick hands, getting a ball down the left field line for a double 

Christopher Keltz (2023 OF, Miami, FL) - impressed in the field and at the plate, showing off his athleticism by making highlight plays in center and driving a double to LF.

Derek Martinez (2024 C, Groveland, FL) - showcased his strength and good swing plane with a double to left center field.

Jeffrey Peters III (2025 C, Gardnerville, NV) - had his hitability on display by notching two hits, with the last being a double to right center field 

Braiden Reynolds (2025 SS, Albuquerque, NM) - torched the ball all morning with a double to the wall and a screaming line drive right up the middle. 

8- Orange vs 11- Royal Game Highlights (Coaches BP) >>

12/30/2021 2:57:58 PM

Ryan Lewis (2023 LHP, Rockledge, FL) shows pop off the bat with a level swing. Lewis had a hard line drive to the left center and another at bat that one hopped the left field fence showing off his strength for pull power.


James Hayek (2023 2B, Columbus, OH)