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2012 MLB Draft Preview

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Patrick Ebert        
Published: Thursday, April 12, 2012

Perfect Game plans extensive coverage of Major League Baseball’s 2012 first-year player draft, complete with extensive and exclusive player rankings, comprehensive scouting reports and profiles, and regular updates and features on the elite prospects.

We’ll also provide daily blogs of draft comings and goings, and enhance our coverage with mock drafts, draft chats and videos of top prospects.

Our daily coverage will begin tomorrow, on Friday, April 13, and continue through the draft itself, which is scheduled from June 4-6. You can get a thorough rundown of our planned coverage by viewing the draft schedule below.

There already is a considerable amount of draft content available, including a list of the top 2012 draft-eligible prospects that goes 500 deep. Preliminary top prospect lists are also available for the 2013 and 2014 draft classes as well as breaking down the top 100 prospects from the college senior, junior, sophomore and freshmen classes, as well as the top 200 prospects from the junior college ranks.

In January we started to provide detailed scouting reports on some of the top prospects, showcasing one player per day, Monday through Friday as part of our Draft Focus series. When draft day arrives, 100 prospects will be broken down extensively as part of this series, and a full list of these players can be seen in the box found to the right.

In addition, Allan Simpson's unrivaled state-by-state lists for the 2012 draft class will be updated in the next two weeks, and you can find signing bonus information on hundreds of the top picks in the last several drafts off of Perfect Game's main Draft page.

PG draft experts David Rawnsley and Allan Simpson will be at the forefront of all our coverage, and we’ll also get considerable input from Ben Collman, Patrick Ebert, Todd Gold and Kendall Rogers.

To get an idea of Perfect Game's draft content, be sure to visit the 2011 draft page.

All of these features will be available at varying levels of our subscription service, PG Crosschecker. To subscribe to PG Crosschecker’s more exclusive draft content, please click here.

On draft day itself Perfect Game will be providing it's PG Draft LIVE! draft pick feature in which users can view picks by round and by team while also giving users the opportunity to search by a player's name.  Perfect Game will continue its coverage through the draft itself while profiling the players as they sign leading up to the July 13 signing deadline.

Be sure to check back frequently to the 2012 Draft Blog for the latest updates and follow Perfect Game, David Rawnsley, Ben Collman, Patrick Ebert, Todd Gold and Kendall Rogers on Twitter.

Upcoming preview content (FREE):

2012 Draft Overview
Updated Draft Order
Draft Mechanics/Implications of the new CBA

Draft Chats (FREE):

September 21, 2011
October 19, 2011
March 7
April 25
May 3
May 10
May 17
May 24
May 31

Mock Drafts (INSIDER):

Tuesday, April 17

Friday, May 18
Monday, May 21 (PG Staff 10-round projection)
Saturday, June 2

Top Prospect list updates:

2012 State-by-State lists - PREMIUM (Alabama for free)

Top 500 overall:  1-100 | 101-200 | 201-300 | 301-400 | 401-500
• Top 100 College Prospects
Top 100 Junior College Prospects
Top 500 overall – FREE: 1-250 | 251-500
Top 250 overall with full report – INSIDER:  1-50 | 51-100 | 101-150 | 151-200 | 201-250

State-by-State Overviews | State-by-State Lists:

Lead-ins to State Overviews FREE, Reports INSIDER | State-by-State Lists PREMIUM (Alabama FREE)

Alabama  |  List
Arizona  |  List
Arkansas  |  List
California  |  List
Canada  |  List
Colorado  |  List
Connecticut  |  List
Delaware  |  List
District of Columbia  |  List
Florida  |  List
Georgia  |  List
Hawaii  |  List
Idaho  |  List
Illinois  |  List
Indiana  |  List
Iowa  |  List
Kansas  |  List
Kentucky  |  List
Louisiana  |  List
Maine  |  List
Maryland  |  List
Massachusetts  |  List
Michigan  |  List
Minnesota  |  List
Mississippi  |  List
Missouri  |  List
Montana  |  List
Nebraska  |  List
Nevada  |  List
New Hampshire  |  List
New Jersey  |  List
New Mexico  |  List
New York  |  List
North Carolina  |  List
North Dakota  |  List
Ohio  |  List
Oklahoma  |  List
Oregon  |  List
Pennsylvania  |  List
Puerto Rico  |  List
Rhode Island  |  List
South Carolina  |  List
South Dakota  |  List
Tennessee  |  List
Texas  |  List
Utah  |  List
Vermont  |  List
Virginia  |  List
Washington  |  List
West Virginia  |  List
Wisconsin  |  List
Wyoming  |  List

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