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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

National Underclass Top Pitchers

Ben Collman        
Photo: Perfect Game

Class of 2013

RHP Andrew Lantrip (Livingston HS, Goodrich, TX): The long, projectable Texan has a combination that every scout looks for, present velocity as well as projection. He has long, smooth arm action and sat 84-88 with a sweeping slider at 73-75.

LHP Nick Longhi (Venice, FL HS): Longhi is a top level position player, but showed he is an interesting two-way player, touching a showcase best 90 mph from the left side. He is a good athlete whose arm works well, also throwing a sharp curveball at 70-71.

RHP Alex Perez (Monsignor Pace HS, Miami, FL): Though he stands only 5’9 Perez had the second best velocity of the showcase after Longhi, topping at 89. He has a very quick arm and attacks hitters with his fastball, 67-69 mph curveball and 74-75 mph changeup.

RHP Pedro Perez (Burlington City, NJ HS): Perez is listed as a primary SS but showed very well on the mound. He is similar to the aforementioned Alex, as both are sub 6’0 right-handers with quick arm and very aggressive mound presence. Pedro worked 85-88 with good deception on a 74-76 mph curveball, and threw a 80-81 mph changeup for strikes.

RHP Wesley Jones (Redan HS, Lithonia, GA): One of the top position players of the event, the supremely athletic Jones sat 86-88 on the mound with loose, quick arm action and good command. His 73-75 mph curveball was one of the best breaking balls of the showcase with tight spin and late bite.

RHP Corey Merrill (Lutcher, LA HS): Merrill is a well-proportioned, 6’3 200 lb righty with room to fill out and add strength. He topped at 87 at the WWBA World Championship in October and was back up to 86, sitting 84-85 with sharp break on a 73-75 mph curveball and good arm speed on a 77-79 mph changeup.

RHP Michael White (University School of NSU, Pembroke Pines, FL): White may be the arm that projects the best out of any we saw over the three days. He has long limbs and will be able to add a lot of strength to his 6’5, 185 lb frame. He sat 82-84, topping at 85 and he flashed a 69 mph changeup that has a chance to be a plus pitch.

LHP Scott Tully (Reading Memorial HS, Reading, MA): Tully’s present pitchability is some of the best of the showcase as he rolled thru the lineup, mixing an 83-85 mph fastball that was up to 86, a 69 mph curveball, and 73 mph changeup.

RHP Justin Williams (Terrebonne HS, Houma, LA): A top-level OF/3B prospect Williams has an extremely loose arm and lots of athleticism. His mechanics and curveball are extremely raw but it is easy to envision his current velo of 84-85 making a jump to 89-90.

RHP Chad Ramsey (Needville HS, Damon, TX): A projectable Texan who is also a very good left-handed hitting 3B/SS prospect, Ramsey was up to 87 with more velocity to come as his body fills out.

RHP Yianni Pavlopoulos (Providence Catholic HS, Homer Glen, IL): The Chicagoland native has easy, repeatable mechanics and a quick arm, working 84-87, topping at 87. His breaking ball and changeup have a chance to be good secondary pitches as his arm action works well on both of them.

RHP Avery Geyer (Pensacola Catholic HS, Navarre, FL): Guyer is a strong built player who is also a very solid OF prospect. He showed arm strength, running his FB up to 87 and had a feel for a curve, slider, and changeup.

RHP Lawson Factor (Montgomery Bell Academy, Nashville, TN): Factor topped at 87, has a lot of room to fill out and figures to add more velocity over the next year. His late breaking 71-73 mph curveball is a very good #2 pitch and the additional of a changeup will make his other two pitches even better.

RHP Zach Gallen (Bishop Eustace Prep, Gibbsboro, NJ): Gallen is a lean loose athlete who ran a sub 7.00 sixty yard dash and figures to add more velo to a fastball already at 85. He complimented is with a 70-71 mph curveball and 74-77 mph changeup.

RHP Kyle Pluta (St. Ignatius HS, North Ridgeville, OH): The lean, projectable righty has simple mechanics and a fastball that sat at 85. He had better feel for a 69-71 mph curveball as his four inning stint went along and his 73-75 mph changeup also is a developing off-speed offering.

RHP Ray Brewer (Sayre HS, Lexington, KY): Brewer put on a show during BP of August’s Ohio Valley Shwocase in this hometown and was 87 mph off the mound. He was up to 88 at the WWBA World Championships and was 86 in Fort Myers. He has a workhorse build and his arm works very well with great extension on a downhill plane.

RHP Robbie Baker (Lovett School, Atlanta, GA): Baker is a very good athlete who repeats his delivery and it is easy to dream on his 84 mph fastball working its way into the upper 80s by this summer. His command of three pitches was good as he pounded the lower half of the strike zone.

LHP Dalton Moats (Park Hill HS, Kansas City, MO): Left-handers with present pitchability and 85 mph velocity are always sought after commodities and Moats fits the bill to a T. He has feel for three pitches, works to both sides of the plate and has very good mound presence.

RHP Luis Roman (Klein Oak HS, Tomball, TX), RHP Juan Escarra (Mater Academy, Hialeah, FL), RHP Cornell Nixon (Lassiter HS, Marietta, GA): I have grouped these three players together as undersized players with lots of athleticism and bright futures as middle infielders. All three showed raw arm strength and short arm action on the mound with Roman topping at 85 and Escarra and Nixon at 87.

RHP Leon Biegalski (Chiles HS, Tallahassee, FL): Biegalski is a 6’2, 145 lb pitcher with lots of projection and current velo up to 85. His 72-74 mph curveball has tight spin and good depth, he also flashed a 74 mph change.

RHP Tyler Feyereisen (Tartan HS. Woodbury, MN): Feyereisen has a strong pitcher’s build with strong legs to go along with loose arm action. He was up to 86 showing a smooth delivery and a 72-73 mph slider and 74-75 mph changeup.

LHP Carson Meadows (Auburn, AL HS): An 86 mph velocity lefty with short arm action and good arm speed, Meadows attacked hitters, working quickly and showing a feel for a 74-76 mph curveball and 72-73 mph changeup.

RHP Jamie Smith (Newman HS, New Orleans, LA): Smith is a bit unorthodox, working entirely from the stretch with very short arm action. He has very good deception and hides the ball, making his 86 mph fastball look even quicker.

Class of 2014/2015

RHP Lincoln Henzman (2014, Lexington Christian Academy, Lexington, KY): Henzman has added a couple ticks to his velo and was up to 88 after topping at 86 at the WWBA World Championships in October. He is a very good athlete who is also an OF prospect and has simple mechanics and good break on an 11/5 curveball at 70-72.

RHP Cre Finfrock (2014, Jensen Beach, FL HS): Finfrock keeps adding velocity every time we see him. He was up to 88 in Fort Myers and is still as loose and projectable as ever. His 75-77 mph slider showed tight late break.

RHP Ethan Walker (2014, Arlington Country Day School, Jacksonville, FL): A big, strong pitcher who has shown upper 80s velocity at every PG event, Walker will be a sought after recruit over the next year or so. He topped at 87 with quick arm action, also throwing a slurvy slider at 72-73.

RHP Logan Ashworth (2014, Port Neches, TX HS): Ashworth projects very well and has lots of room to mature physically. He topped at 87 and threw two hard off-speed pitches, a 76-77 mph curveball and 75-76 mph changeup.

RHP Chris Koppenhaver (2014, Pine Crest School, Davie, FL): Koppenhaver is a very good OF prospect as well but his smooth, online delivery and 87 mph velo suggests his future will be on the mound. His 72-74 mph 11/5 curveball has tight spin and he mixes his pitches very well.

RHP Blake Hamilton (2014, Heritage HS, Ringgold, GA): Hamilton pounded the strike zone with an 84-86 mph fastball, 73-75 mph curveball, and 77-79 mph changeup. A good athlete with repeatable mechanics, figure on hearing his name a lot over the next three years.

RHP Addison Reed (2014, Kennesaw Mountain HS, Kennesaw, GA): A PG scout compared Reed’s build and delivery to Jered Weaver, but it may be older brother Jeff he is more similar to. He has the same loose arm action and cross fire delivery and ran his fastball to 85, his curveball sat 68-70 with very good shape.

RHP Hunter Tackett (2014, Anderson County HS, Heiskell, TX): Listed as a primary position player, Tackett topped at 86 on the mound and is a projectable arm with clean arm action. He throws a bit across his body which adds deception and his 10/4 curveball at 66-68 had sharp break.

RHP Tim Salvadore (2015, Phillips Academy, Hopkinton, MA): The only 2015 on the list, Salvadore has a very bright future. He was up to 84, also throwing a 73-74 mph curveball that he commands very well. His body projects well and his feel for pitching was very advanced.

LHP Aaron Soto (2014, Monsignor Pace HS, Miami Lakes, FL): Soto was 80-81 in his Thursday stint, then came back Friday in the Top Prospect Game and was up to 84. His arm works well and both his 62-65 mph curveball and 72-74 mph changeup are quality off-speed pitches.

RHP Bo Tucker (2014, Rome, GA HS): Tucker has a tall, long build that projects to fill out and add strength. His fastball sat 81-84 and he changed speeds well with his 68-70 mph curveball as his current out pitch.

RHP Michael Gianci (2014, Winchester, MA HS): Gianci is a young pitcher with a very good arm who knows how to pitch. His fastball was 82-84 with some deception in his delivery, also throwing a 68-70 mph curveball with 12/6 break.

RHP Liam Sabino (2014, Blair Academy, East Stroudsburg, PA): Sabino is a very good MIF prospect with athleticism and a quick bat. His body projects well and will add strength and his very smooth arm action and easy mechanics suggest he will quickly add more to his current 81-82 mph velo.

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