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2014 MLB Draft Order

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Patrick Ebert        
Published: Friday, May 02, 2014

To view the 2014 raw draft order and how picks were lost/gained through the compensatory process, please visit this story.

• If Stephen Drew signs prior the draft, the Boston Red Sox would acquire the 34th overall selection
• If Kendry Morales signs prior to the draft, the Seattle Mariners would re-gain their second round pick, the 47th overall selection

First Round

Pick Team
1 Houston Astros
2 Miami Marlins
3 Chicago White Sox
4 Chicago Cubs
5 Minnesota Twins
6 Seattle Mariners
7 Philadelphia Phillies
8 Colorado Rockies
9 Toronto Blue Jays
10 New York Mets
11 Toronto Blue Jays (for unsigned 2013 pick Phil Bickford)
12 Milwaukee Brewers
13 San Diego Padres
14 San Francisco Giants
15 Los Angeles Angels
16 Arizona Diamondbacks
17 Kansas City Royals
18 Washington Nationals
19 Cincinnati Reds
20 Tampa Bay Rays
21 Cleveland Indians
22 Los Angeles Dodgers
23 Detroit Tigers
24 Pittsburgh Pirates
25 Oakland Athletics
26 Boston Red Sox
27 St. Louis Cardinals

Compensation Round A

Pick Team
28 Kansas City Royals (for Ervin Santana
29 Cincinnati Reds (for Shin-Soo Choo)
30 Texas Rangers (for Nelson Cruz)
31 Cleveland Indians (for Ubaldo Jimenez)
32 Atlanta Braves (for Brian McCann)
33 Boston Red Sox (for Jacoby Ellsbury)
34 St. Louis Cardinals (for Carlos Beltran)

Competitive Balance Lottery Round A

Pick Team
35 Colorado Rockies
36 Miami Marlins (for unsigned 2013 pick Matt Krook)
37 Houston Astros (from 2013 trade with Orioles)
38 Cleveland Indians
39 Pittsburgh Pirates (from 2014 trade with Marlins)
40 Kansas City Royals
41 Milwaukee Brewers

Second Round

Pick Team
42 Houston Astros
43 Miami Marlins
44 Chicago White Sox
45 Chicago Cubs
46 Minnesota Twins
47 Philadelphia Phillies
48 Colorado Rockies
49 Toronto Blue Jays
50 Milwaukee Brewers
51 San Diego Padres
52 San Francisco Giants
53 Los Angeles Angels
54 Arizona Diamondbacks
55 New York Yankees
56 Kansas City Royals
57 Washington Nationals
58 Cincinnati Reds
59 Texas Rangers
60 Tampa Bay Rays
61 Cleveland Indians
62 Los Angeles Dodgers
63 Detroit Tigers
64 Pittsburgh Pirates
65 Oakland Athletics
66 Atlanta Braves
67 Boston Red Sox
68 St. Louis Cardinals

Competitive Balance Lottery Round B

Pick Team
69 Arizona Diamondbacks (from 2013 trade with Padres)
70 Arizona Diamondbacks
71 St. Louis Cardinals
72 Tampa Bay Rays
73 Pittsburgh Pirates
74 Seattle Mariners

Third Round

Pick Team
75 Houston Astros
76 Miami Marlins
77 Chicago White Sox
78 Chicago Cubs
79 Minnesota Twins
80 Seattle Mariners
81 Philadelphia Phillies
82 Colorado Rockies
83 Toronto Blue Jays
84 New York Mets
85 Milwaukee Brewers
86 San Diego Padres
87 San Francisco Giants
88 Los Angeles Angels
89 Arizona Diamondbacks
90 Baltimore Orioles
91 New York Yankees
92 Kansas City Royals
93 Washington Nationals
94 Cincinnati Reds
95 Texas Rangers
96 Tampa Bay Rays
97 Cleveland Indians
98 Los Angeles Dodgers
99 Detroit Tigers
100 Pittsburgh Pirates
101 Oakland Athletics
102 Atlanta Braves
103 Boston Red Sox
104 St. Louis Cardinals

Supplemental Third Round

Pick Team
105 Miami Marlins (for unsigned 2013 pick Ben DeLuzio)

Fourth Round

Pick Team
106 Houston Astros
107 Miami Marlins
108 Chicago White Sox
109 Chicago Cubs
110 Minnesota Twins
111 Seattle Mariners
112 Philadelphia Phillies
113 Colorado Rockies
114 Toronto Blue Jays
115 New York Mets
116 Milwaukee Brewers
117 San Diego Padres
118 San Francisco Giants
119 Los Angeles Angels
120 Arizona Diamondbacks
121 Baltimore Orioles
122 New York Yankees
123 Kansas City Royals
124 Washington Nationals
125 Cincinnati Reds
126 Texas Rangers
127 Tampa Bay Rays
128 Cleveland Indians
129 Los Angeles Dodgers
130 Detroit Tigers
131 Pittsburgh Pirates
132 Oakland Athletics
133 Atlanta Braves
134 Boston Red Sox
135 St. Louis Cardinals

To determine round-by-round picks for each team past the fourth round, add 30 for each round to the slot number of each team’s fourth round pick.
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