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Monday, September 17, 2012

Baseball Warm-up and Flexibility

Kevin Barr        
Photo: Perfect Game

Baseball Warm-Up:

 10-15 min. Warm-Up should precede all baseball activities.

  Cardiovascular system, muscles, & connective tissue must progressively transition from rest to work.

  Warm-Up comprised of movements, actively worked through full range-of-motion, should not be confused with flexibility training.

  Prepares body & nervous system for baseball movements.

  Improper Warm-Up results in muscle pulls, dizziness, cramping, & overheating.

Baseball Flexibility:

  Baseball Flexibility is the ability to move muscles through available range-of-motion around joint, must be greater than baseball movements require.

  Baseball skills are repetitive movements that restrict joints within restricted range-of-motion, which decreases flexibility.

  Stretching will not prevent muscle pulls, which occur when baseball players are fatigued, not warmed-up, or joint is forced through extreme range-of-motion.

  The amount of time spent on baseball flexibility should be individualized. Some baseball player’s possess high degree of flexibility & others don’t.

  The goal for baseball players of all ages is to develop & maintain a range of motion that allows for performance of baseball-specific skills.

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