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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baseball Strength-Guidelines

Kevin Barr        
Photo: Perfect Game

Baseball Strength-Guidelines

•  Complete baseball skill-work (hitting, fielding, & throwing) before lifting.

•  Practice good mechanics & don’t sacrifice technique for more weight.

•  No forced repetitions.

•  Incorporate proportionate number of “push” & “pull” movements to create balance between muscle-groups & prevent shoulder injuries.

•  Avoid machine-training, which restricts rotation, interferes with coordination, & creates muscle-imbalances that predispose baseball players to injury.

•  Emphasize ground-based movements that allow feet to apply force against ground.

•  Emphasize movements (push, pull, squat, lunge, & step-up) that involve multiple- joints.

•  Emphasize movements that require motion in 3-planes (forward & backward / up & down / side to side).

•  Strengthen glute & hamstring-complex to improve balance & prevent hamstring injuries.

•  Eliminate Olympic-lifts, which emphasize motion in 1 movement-plane with no benefits for rotational-demands of baseball.

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