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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baseball Performance-Nutrition

Kevin Barr        
Photo: Perfect Game

Baseball Performance-Nutrition

•  Baseball performance is affected by what & when baseball players eat.
•  Performance-Nutrition is as important as lifting & running.
•  Without properly timed meals, baseball performance & recovery will suffer.
•  Each nutrition-component has specific bodily-function which is required for baseball performance.
•  Specific-requirements are based on athlete, but all baseball players will benefit from the following guidelines:

Baseball Performance-Nutrition Guidelines

 Eat 4-5 small meals every day.
•  Emphasize fresh fruits & vegetables w/ each meal.
•  Emphasize lean protein-source w/ each meal.
•  Emphasize low-fat foods.
•  Emphasize complex-carbohydrates.
•  Combine carbohydrates & protein before & after training.

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