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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Final 2011 Draft Order

Patrick Ebert        

The final draft order has been determined now that all of the free agents that could affect the 2011 draft order have signed.  The sandwich round will be 27 picks deep this coming June, the longest it has been since 2007 when the supplemental first round had 34 selections.

Here is the order for the first four rounds of the draft.  To determine the pick the slot of any given team after the fourth round, simply add 30 picks for each round.

First Round

1.  Pittsburgh Pirates

2.  Seattle Mariners

3.  Arizona Diamondbacks

4.  Baltimore Orioles

5.  Kansas City Royals

6.  Washington Nationals

7.  Arizona Diamondbacks (for unsigned 2010 first-round pick Barret Loux)

8.  Cleveland Indians

9.  Chicago Cubs

10.  San Diego Padres (for unsigned 2010 first-round pick Karsten Whitson)

11.  Houston Astros

12.  Milwaukee Brewers

13.  New York Mets

14.  Florida Marlins

15.  Milwaukee Brewers (for unsigned 2010 first-round pick Dylan Covey)

16.  Los Angeles Dodgers

17.  Los Angeles Angels

18.  Oakland Athletics

19.  Boston Red Sox (from the Tigers for type A free agent Victor Martinez)

20.  Colorado Rockies

21.  Toronto Blue Jays

22.  St. Louis Cardinals

23.  Washington Nationals (from the White Sox for type A free agent Adam Dunn)

24.  Tampa Bay Rays (from the Red Sox for type A free agent Carl Crawford)

25.  San Diego Padres

26.  Boston Red Sox (from the Rangers for type A free agent Adrian Beltre)

27.  Cincinnati Reds

28.  Atlanta Braves

29.  San Francisco Giants

30.  Minnesota Twins

31.  Tampa Bay Rays (from the Yankees for type A free agent Rafael Soriano)

32.  Tampa Bay Rays

33.  Texas Rangers (from the Phillies for type A free agent Cliff Lee)

Supplemental First Round

34.  Washington Nationals (Dunn)

35.  Toronto Blue Jays (for type A free agent Scott Downs)

36.  Boston Red Sox (Martinez)

37.  Texas Rangers (Lee)

38.  Tampa Bay Rays (Soriano)

39.  Philadelphia Phillies (for type A free agent Jayson Werth)

40.  Boston Red Sox (Beltre)

41.  Tampa Bay Rays (Crawford)

42.  Tampa Bay Rays (for type A free agent Grant Balfour)

43.  Arizona Diamondbacks (for type B free agent Adam LaRoche)

44.  New York Mets (for type B free agent Pedro Feliciano)

45.  Colorado Rockies (for type B free agent Octavio Dotel)

46.  Toronto Blue Jays (for type B free agent Kevin Gregg)

47.  Chicago White Sox (for type B free agent J.J. Putz)

48.  San Diego Padres (for type B free agent Jon Garland)

49.  San Francisco Giants (for type B free agent Juan Uribe)

50.  Minnesota Twins (for type B free agent Orlando Hudson)

51.  New York Yankees (for type B free agent Javier Vazquez)

52.  Tampa Bay Rays (for type B free agent Brad Hawpe)

53.  Toronto Blue Jays (for type B free agent John Buck)

54.  San Diego Padres (for type B free agent Yorvit Torrealba)

55.  Minnesota Twins (for type B free agent Jesse Crain)

56.  Tampa Bay Rays (for type B free agent Joaquin Benoit)

57.  Toronto Blue Jays (for type B free agent Miguel Olivo)

58.  San Diego Padres (for type B free agent Kevin Correia)

59.  Tampa Bay Rays (for type B free agent Randy Choate)

60.  Tampa Bay Rays (for type B free agent Chad Qualls)

Second Round

61. Pittsburgh Pirates

62. Seattle Mariners

63. Arizona Diamondbacks

64. Baltimore Orioles

65. Kansas City Royals

66. Philadelphia Phillies (from Nationals for Werth)

67. Cleveland Indians

68. Chicago Cubs

69.  Houston Astros

70.  Milwaukee Brewers

71.  New York Mets

72.  Florida Marlins

73.  Los Angeles Dodgers

74.  Toronto Blue Jays (from Angels for Downs)

75.  Tampa Bay Rays (from Athletics for Balfour)

76.  Detroit Tigers

77.  Colorado Rockies

78.  Toronto Blue Jays

79.  St. Louis Cardinals

80.  Chicago White Sox

81.  Boston Red Sox

82.  San Diego Padres

83.  Texas Rangers

84.  Cincinnati Reds

85.  Atlanta Braves

86.  San Francisco Giants

87.  Minnesota Twins

88.  New York Yankees

89.  Tampa Bay Rays

90.  Philadelphia Phillies

Third Round

91.  Pittsburgh Pirates

92.  Seattle Mariners

93.  Arizona Diamondbacks

94.  Baltimore Orioles

95.  Kansas City Royals

96.  Washington Nationals

97.  Cleveland Indians

98.  Chicago Cubs

99.  Houston Astros

100.  Milwaukee Brewers

101.  New York Mets

102.  Florida Marlins

103.  Los Angeles Dodgers

104.  Los Angeles Angels

105.  Oakland Athletics

106.  Detroit Tigers

107.  Colorado Rockies

108.  Toronto Blue Jays

109.  St. Louis Cardinals

110.  Chicago White Sox

111.  Boston Red Sox

112.  San Diego Padres

113.  Texas Rangers

114.  Cincinnati Reds

115.  Atlanta Braves

116.  San Francisco Giants

117.  Minnesota Twins

118.  New York Yankees

119.  Tampa Bay Rays

120.  Philadelphia Phillies

Supplemental Third Round

121.  Seattle Mariners (for unsigned 2010 third-round pick Ryne Stanek)

Fourth Round

122.  Pittsburgh Pirates

123.  Seattle Mariners

124.  Arizona Diamondbacks

125.  Baltimore Orioles

126.  Kansas City Royals

127.  Washington Nationals

128.  Cleveland Indians

129.  Chicago Cubs

130.  Houston Astros

131.  Milwaukee Brewers

132.  New York Mets

133.  Florida Marlins

134.  Los Angeles Dodgers

135.  Los Angeles Angels

136.  Oakland Athletics

137.  Detroit Tigers

138.  Colorado Rockies

139.  Toronto Blue Jays

140.  St. Louis Cardinals

141.  Chicago White Sox

142.  Boston Red Sox

143.  San Diego Padres

144.  Texas Rangers

145.  Cincinnati Reds

146.  Atlanta Braves

147.  San Francisco Giants

148.  Minnesota Twins

149.  New York Yankees

150.  Tampa Bay Rays

151.  Philadelphia Phillies

Rays load up, luck out

Going into the offseason, people recognized that the Tampa Bay Rays may be busy on draft day with the amount of free agents they had about to hit the open market.  There is always the arbitration gamble, knowing that a player could accept your offer, and you also have instances in which teams whose first-round pick is protected (or used on a higher-ranked free agent based on the Elias Bureau rankings) sign your premium free agents.

That didn’t occur with the Rays, who had three type A free agents, two of whom signed with their division rivals, and one of whom signed with the A’s to net a second-round pick.  That player, Grant Balfour, was considered to be a risky player to offer arbitration to.

And the Rays made sure to get in one last, small blow to the Red Sox by signing type B free agent Felipe Lopez to a minor league deal, meaning the Red Sox will not receive a compensatory pick for him.

All in all the Rays have three first-round picks, seven supplemental first rounders and two second round selections, giving them 10 of the top 60 overall selections.  Even if they reach for player considered to be more signable for a handful of those picks, their already loaded farm system stands to have a huge infusion of talent this summer.

And the 2011 draft is considered to be loaded with talent.

Even with the Rays block of the Red Sox getting an additional sandwich pick, Boston will also be busy on draft day with a pair of both first-round and sandwich picks.  Other teams that have loaded up on picks include the Padres (two first-round picks, three-sandwich rounders) and the Blue Jays (four sandwich picks along with an additional second-round selection).  The Brewers, Diamondbacks and Nationals also have a pair of first-rounders.

Keep in mind that the 2011 draft could be the last one before Major League Baseball institutes hard slotting as part of the next Collective Bargaining Agreement, so this may be the last time we see teams spending as much money as they have on picks.  It will be interesting to see how negotiations progress come mid-August, as a handful of players undoubtedly will be looking for as much money as they can, while teams may be able to point to this knowing draft picks may never have it as good.

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