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Tournaments  | Story  | 9/23/2023

Sophomore WWBA Scout Notes: Days 1-2

Vincent Cervino      Troy Sutherland      Jake Cosart      Kyler Peterson      Jered Goodwin     
Photo: Deion Cole (Perfect Game)
Nathan Caldwell (2026, Columbia, S.C.) looked the part in the batter’s box as the Team Elite three-hole hitter had one of the hardest hit balls of the day. There’s really impressive bat speed and the ability to create violence and rotational acceleration through contact. He missiled a single during the game and there looks like there’s going to be pretty significant impact potential long term. He’s a strong kid with good indicators and offensive tools to like.

Drew Borkowski (2026, Huntley, Ill.) showed plenty to like in the arm as he got the start in game one on the day for GRB. At 6-foot-1, 170-pounds he’s got a lanky frame with long limbs and plenty of room for physical projection. It’s a quick arm with solid arm speed througho

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