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Softball  | Softball Tournament  | 9/18/2023

PG Illinois Scouting Showcase Elite 16

Ashley Mears      Molly Reyes     

14U Division

Sophia Schlader (2028 Urbandale, IA) of the Iowa Aries Ce was the weekends MV-Pitcher. Schlader, who is not new to being in the scout notes, had a phenomenal weekend and helped pitch her team into a 1st place finish. Schlader has a rise ball that is out of this world for her age and a fast ball that hit 65mph. Pitching 27 total innings on the weekend and struck out 58 batters, Schlader only allowed four earned runs. As one of the youngest pitchers in the tournament, look for this athlete to continue to be one of the top 2028s as she gains speed and masters more movement pitches.

Addison Sponaugle (2027 Knox, IN) of the Indiana Gators Premier, was the weekends MV-Player. Sponaugle had herself a weekend at the plate totaling 12 hits which included three doubles, three triples and eight RBIs. Sponaugle showcases a very simple motion at the plate and has a smooth swing and is able to generate a ton of power. She has the ability to hit the gap and speed to turn doubles into triples. This athlete has an extreme upside that will only continue to improve as she gets older.

The Iowa Aries Ce showcased several hitters in the Top Performers list. One of those was Grace Bordenaro (2028 Norwalk, IA), a left-handed hitter who is the whole offensive package. Bordenaro’s speed paired with her ability to hit for power from the left-hand side is a coach’s dream. Bordenaro finished at the top of the Batting Performers list with 11 hits, which included two doubles three triples and tied for the top of leader board in RBIs with 11. Bordenaro is a tough out as she did not strike out a single time.

Leela Appledorn (2028 Waukee, IA) also performed well at the plate for the Iowa Aries Ce. Another left-handed hitter has a simple approach in the box and shows a lot of discipline picking out her pitch. Appledorn is quick on the bases and has a ton of power. She finished the weekend with 10 hits, which included a double, a triple and a homerun and leader board tie at first with 11 RBIs. This athlete will be an exciting one to watch as she continues to grow and mature in the game.

Alivia Holmes (2027 Fort Madison, IA) of SE Iowa Allstars 14U, batting .692 on the weekend, had nine hits which included three doubles. Holmes has a simple plate approach and starts with a solid base and quick load, comes through quick and is not afraid to sit on an outside pitch and drive it to the opposite field. I look forward to watching this athlete continue to grow in the game.

Paetyn Peterson (2029 LeClaire, IA) of the X-Plosion Grey, is a left-handed hitter that possesses a smooth and powerful swing. She is a very tough out, displaying a confident plate approach which resulted in nine hits, including two doubles and a triple. Peterson is one of the younger players in the tournament and looks to only continue to improve her craft as she gains experience and matures.

Kenzie Wieland (2027 Springfield, IL) of the TBSA Wahoos ’09 threw a shutout in her first game of the tournament. Wieland struck out nine through seven innings pitched. With a fastball that consistently sits in the 57-60mph range, Wieland also utilizes a curve and a rise, both being effective pitches. Wieland finished the tournament with 10 innings pitched and struck out 11 total. As she gains strength and continues to master these two pitches, she will be a pitcher to keep your eye on.

Cadence Piunti (2028 Hobart, IN) of the Indiana Gators Premier is another stand out 2028 to keep your eye on in years to come. The right-handed power hitter has an extremely calm and confident plate approach that helps her be productive in the box. Drawing three walks,  Piunti also had seven hits on the weekend which included two doubles, two triples and four RBIs batting .583 on the weekend.

16u Division

Jordyn Kennedy (2026 Ankeny, IA) of the Iowa Nationals is one of the top 2026 hitters in the Midwest. The tournaments MV-Player possesses a powerful, strong athletic build and makes sure to take advantage of every at bat. Utilizing her lower half well, the right-handed power hitter hit .667 on the weekend totaling 14 hits, including a double, three triples, three homeruns and a tournament high 13 RBIs. Kennedy is a tough out and did not strike out a single time in 21 at bats.

Lauren Sandholm (2027 Ankeny, IA) was the tournaments MV-Pitcher, pitching 18 innings and striking out 23 batters. Keeping batters off balance with a fastball, change-up, rise and drop, Sandholm works all corners of the plate with her fast ball and topped out this weekend at 61mph. What is most exciting about Sandhom is she is not afraid to throw her change up early in the count and constantly keeps batters guessing. Sandholm, a 2027 has an extreme upside and will be one to watch in the coming years.

Colleen Fitzpatrick (2026 Oshkosh, WI) of the Wisconsin Bandits, is a left-handed power hitter that is sure to not be cheated at any of her at bats. The mechanically sound leadoff batter showcases her ability to simply get on as well as hit the gap for power. Fitzpatrick finished the weekend scoring 14 runs, had 14 hits which included seven doubles and two triples. Fitzpatrick’s speed paired with her strong bat is a great mixture to possess be successful at the next level.

Enya Heller (2026 Randolph, WI) of the Wisconsin Bandits is an RBI machine. Totaling nine hits on the weekend, she also was able to push nine RBIs across the plate. Heller has a very simple plate approach and is an extremely tough out. In the circle, Heller pitched 22 innings and had 22 strikeouts and possesses a fast ball that is consistently in the 58-60mph zone. Her rise is certainly her best pitch as it is very late jumping out of the zone and resulted in several swings and misses.

Jolee Strohmeyer (2026 Dubuque, IA) of the Lady Expos 16u is a threat both in the box and on the mound. Strohmeyer uses a simple delivery, snaps hard and showcases incredible spin/movement in her pitches and a fast ball that topped out at 64mph. Her best pitch is her deceiving rise ball that comes in right at the hands, in the top of the zone and can be called for a strike. In the box, Strohmeyer possesses a confident stance, utilizing quick hands and a powerful swing which resulted in 10 hits which included six doubles. Strohmeyer will continue to get better as she matures and gains experience in the game, definitely one to keep your eye on.

Jersey Metz (2026 Williamsburg, IA) threw a perfect game in her first start of the tournament. Metz working with a 5-pitch arsenal can confidently throw each one of them. The most impressive pitches are her change up and her curveball which lands right in the river leaving several batters in a trance on a called strike three. Metz did not allow a single walk in 12 innings of pitching while striking out 12.

Abby Mecklenburg (2026 Marion, IA) was the offensive leader for her Southeast Iowa All Stars Red team. Mecklenburg displayed her power with 6 extra base hits which included four doubles and two triples on 10 total hits. Mecklenburg is a tough out and has speed to go along with her power. Keep your eye on this 2026!

Jenna Flessner (2025 Washington, IL) offensively led her team 07 Texas Glory team this weekend. The clean up hitter had fantastic weekend at the plate showcasing her power and confidence at the plate. With 8 hits, Flessner had two doubles, two triples and a homerun. She also scored eight times and totaled six RBIs, which included four RBI game on Saturday.



Havoc ’06 took the cake in the 18u division of this past weekend tournament. This team showed true grit and teamwork to make their way to the top. RHP, Mya Brown (’24 Woodhull, IL), caught the eye of many with the way she worked her off speed pitch and had a sweet drop curve that left batters watching. Brown worked every inch of the zone with her mix of pitches at 56-60 mph. Along with her pitching she does just as well in the batters box, she uses the length of her legs to get power through the ball to drive it through the defense. Onto of all of that when she isn’t pitching Brown can be found out in the green using her stride to cover ground. In conclusion, multi purpose athlete.


Teammate, Kyndal Shively (’24 Bloomington, IL)  was seen as the lead off for Havoc ’06. She shows plus speed and versatile skill in the left handed batters box. She knows where and when to put the pressure on the defense to find her way on or sacrifice herself to move a runner into scoring position. It was the placement of the ball and her speed that helped her find her way on, whether it be a chop slap or a push bunt past the first line of defense Shively was the batter to do it. Shively was also seen using her speed to her advantage in the outfield as well.


Taking the Runner- up position was Iowa Gold Prospects 18U- Baker this weekend, leading the team in the batters box was Isabella Oberbroeckling (’24 Urbandale, IA). Ending the weekend with .478 batting average tallying up 8 singles, 2 doubles, a triple and 5 stolen bases, Oberbroeckling was a force to be reckoned with. She carries a strong and consistent barrel through the zone that makes it tough for the defense to stop any ball put into play. When she finds her way on as you can see with her stolen bases she will take the extra bag when given the opportunity, she is a heads up and disciplined player.


Ella Brown (’25 Cedar Rapids, IA) with Iowa Elite Blue was the glove you want at the first baseman position. She has a big glove with a smooth scoop and stretch. Her height adds that much more to the stretch to guarantee more outs on the close plays. In the batter’s box she was just as dominant with a .636 average, having 6 singles and a double on the stats.


Hannah Rudd (’25 Ely, IA) with Iowa Elite Red is a center fielder that has range! She shows a quick first step and with her speed makes it difficult to get anything to drop around her. She shows great leadership with her voice in the outfield calling plays and making sure the other outfielders know when the ball is hers. She has smooth transition of direction on her drop step that allows her to not take her eye off the ball and complete the play with a strong arm follow through on her throws.


RHP, Lilly McDaniel (’25 Rock Island, IL) is one tough pitcher for Midwest Sluggers ‘06, she keeps great composure in the circle no matter the status of the score during the game. She has a natural rise to her pitch that keeps batters swinging. She keeps her mix in the mid 50s range along with consistent movement. McDaniel also does well with quick reaction in the circle to play her position.


Alliance Select 18u- Benge’s lead off, Brynnly German (’24 Cumming, IL), is the all around team player. She shows great discipline in the batter’s box, carries a powerful barrel and builds up plus speed on the base path. Saturday evening German was seen hitting a line drive to right center and making the stand up triple look easy on her way around. Following up, she blasted a solo shot to left center her next at bat. On defense she covers the green in center field and shows that she is a natural leader on the field.


LHP, Ally Beck (’24 Altoona, IA), had an off speed that you had to witness, but didn’t want to face in the batters box. She consistently threw it for a strike, with a speed 20 mph slower than her regular variety of pitches. She keeps a solid poker face in the circle and keep batters guessing with where she’s going to cross the zone. In the batters box Beck does well with her quick slapping motion and power to drive the ball down in the dirt for a strong chop on the ball in play. Great dual player to have in the starting line up.


Addison Ohda (’25 Le Claire, IA) with Southeast IA Allstars 18U Blue had a loaded stance in the batters box and drove the ball with great force behind it. The transfer from her lower half tied with quick hands through the zone makes it had to get anything in the zone past her. Teammate, Sydney Skarich (’24 Davenport, IA), was another strong bat in the lineup. With her plus speed on the base path and her ability to slap and put the ball in play really out the pressure on the defense. Skarich ended the weekend batting .500 with 4 singles, a double, 2 triples and 3 stolen bases. On defense she was a stud of a shortstop, with wide range she was seen Saturday evening making an amazing diving catch on a ball everyone though would drop behind second base.


Southeast IA Allstars 18U White had a couple of athletes that brought it to the batters box. They may be the youngest on the team but that didn’t stop them from performing. Kelsey Kaut (’26 North Liberty, IA) shows strong level power in her ability to slap the bale with enough lift the she can drop the ball between the infield and outfield. She also has the ability to slap the ball hard past the infield to find her way on. With her speed she was able to have 4 stolen bases over the weekend. Teammate, Kyla Schulte (’26 Amana, IA), carries a capable and disciplined stature to the batters box. She has quick adjustments of her hands to cover the zone with her barrel. She was seen Saturday morning coming to the plate with bases loaded, 2 outs and takes the inside itch fir a ride to right center to tack on 2 RBIs and get herself a double. Schulte ended the weekend with 7 RBIs under her belt.