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Tournaments  | Story  | 9/4/2023

Midwest Labor Day Scout Notes: Days 1-2

Tyler Kotila     
Cooper Eggert (2025, Lockport, Ill.) took to the mound on Friday and worked the mid-80s from the get-go. He held there, and in the first inning, he ramped up, grabbing 88 mph on the fastball in the first inning as well. The pitch had good life, and he spotted it well on the inner third against right-handed hitters. He showed an 11/5 curveball in the mix as well, working the low-70s. He trusted the pitch often and could land it for strikes. He changed eye level, working north/south with the fastball/curveball tandem for success. He showed an athletic delivery working down the slope, creating some whip to the arm as he worked downhill. The uncommitted prospect shined at the dish as a left-handed bat as well. He was able to piece together some good swings to pick up a couple of hits, adding 3 to his credit. Eggert showed a quick path to the ball with good turns through contact.  

Casey Wambach (2025, Sun Prairie, Wisc.) has a taller frame with some strength throughout. He was able to show off some good swings early in the tournament with feel to get on plane working uphill and lift pitches. The uncommitted left-handed hitter stays short and compact to the ball with good bat speed through the zone. He picked up 2 hits on Friday, both of them being extra-base hits. He picked up a double and a triple. He displayed a feel for the barrel to be accurate and get on plane with pitches. Wambach has shown a couple of nice swings this weekend. 

Kyle Alivo (2024, Franklin, Wisc.) is another bat who got the job done at the dish early on in the tournament. The Iowa Hawkeyes commit handled shortstop well with athletic actions. The athleticism carried over into the batter’s box, swinging it from the right side of the plate. He has a spread and even base with the hands deeper. He strides forward and has a clean path through contact, with good barrel accuracy. He works gap-to-gap well as part of his approach. Alivo has 3 hits, including a triple, with 2 RBI early on in the event.  

Austin Olla (2024, Oak Creek, Wisc.) is a right-handed pitcher who shined in his outing on Saturday, dominating the opposition. The bigger and physical frame throws from a higher slot with an on-line move working down the slope. The fastball worked into the low-80s with arm-side run to it. He paired that with a 12-6 shaped breaking ball and showed more of a downer break to it with a 12-6 shape. He sequenced well and was able to keep the opposition guessing. The uncommitted righty was able to cap off a 5.0-inning no-hitter on Friday. He walked 3 opposing hitters and punched out 8 opposing hitters en route to the no-hitter. 

Bode Nagelmaker (2025, Dubuque, Iowa) is an uncommitted backstop who has gotten off to a good start in the Midwest Labor Day tournament. Nagelmaker is a left-handed hitter who works from an open and upright stance. He lifts the leg and works inward, getting the hands deeper before striding hard through contact. He gathers over the back foot as he begins his inward move, creating some whip to the hands as part of the swing. Nagelmaker is pretty direct overall with his swing, being able to drive the ball well. He has managed 3 hits with 2 doubles and a triple while driving in 8 runs, helping his team manufacture offense. 

Reed Strohmeyer (2025, Dubuque, Iowa) is a left-handed hitter who has been red-hot to start things off. He has 2 hits over 2 at-bats. In his other trip to the plate, he’s drawn a walk, ending up on base in all three of his plate appearances early on. The uncommitted middle infielder has long limbs in a lean frame with athleticism. In the batters’ box, he sets up with an even base and slightly open feet and the back elbow lower in his stance. He lifts the front foot and strides into contact with the ability to separate well. Strohmeyer has strength at impact and can rotate the pelvis through contact and show off good turns through contact—plenty to like from Strohmeyer’s actions in the batters’ box early in the tournament. 

Nathan O'Donnell (2025, New Lenox, Ill.) is a right-handed hitter and corner infielder who has done well in the early parts of the tournament. He sets up in the batters’ box with an even base, slightly spread with the feet underneath the shoulder. He starts with the hands higher and the back elbow up. O’Donnell lifts the leg, loads with the hands, and then strides hard through contact with quick hands and present bat speed that allows him to get some jump off the barrel. He’s compact, getting the barrel to the ball quickly. The uncommitted right-hander has a smooth operation that has produced 3 hits so far. He has a double and 2 triples, with 5 RBI to his credit as well. 

Jack Clevidence (2024, Ankeny, Iowa) is a right-handed bat who operates from a taller frame with a spread base, the hands set high, and the back elbow up. He loads up with some coil and can get the barrel on the ball well with some looseness to the stroke. The Evansville Aces commit has some hand speed that shows as he gets through the zone with some quickness. He stays pretty balanced with his operation in the batters’ box and has gotten off to a good start in the tournament this weekend. Clevidence has 5 hits through the early parts of the tournament, with 3 doubles to his credit thus far. 

Tate Moulton (2026, Ankeny, Iowa) was dominant on the mound on Friday, piecing together a great outing. He used a slower and controlled delivery, with a leg lift up above the belt before striding down the mound with some whip to the arm. Moulton hides it well through the back.  He worked into the low-80s on his fastball with a great feel to work north/south with the pitch. He showed a mid-60s curveball in the mix with a bigger break to it, utilizing the pitch to keep opposing hitters guessing. Moulton had a great outing on the mound and got things going in the batters’ box as well. He worked from a wider base and picked up a base knock with a direct path, working uphill to drive it. Moulton threw 5.0 innings with 3 hits, 3 walks, and 10 punchouts. He gave way to Ellis Colon (2025, West Des Moines, Iowa), who worked up to 82 mph on the fastball and showed an upper-60s curveball as well. He threw an inning, allowing 1 hit, punching out 2 opposing hitters. Adam Mein (2025, Ankeny, Iowa) came on to close things out. The right-handed pitcher struck out the side in a clean inning to help close out the win. 

Jacob Foudree (2025, West Des Moines, Iowa) got off to a hot start on Friday, making the most of his first game played. Foudree is a left-handed bat who was able to show off a really smooth and simple operation in the batter’s box. He starts with an open stance and works inward to whip the hands through the zone and connect to do damage out front. He uses the whole body with good turns through contact. He’s 2-for-2 with 4 RBI to his credit early on in the event. 

Bo Collingwood (2025, Leclaire, Iowa) has a long and lean frame with length throughout. He worked up to 86 mph and held the 83-85 mph range for the most part. The heater had arm-side life to it from his whippy release. He showed a mid-70s breaking ball with tight spin and good bite to the pitch. Collingwood battled through some command issues early on and finished the day recording 6 outs; all 6 of those outs came as strikeouts. He finished the outing without allowing an earned run. Collingwood was also able to pick up base hit, driving in a run as well through the early parts of the tournament. 

Trevor Brouette (2025, Pardeeville, Wisc.) had a masterful outing on the mound on Friday as he kicked things off. The left-handed pitcher had a bigger, more physical frame, pitching from a higher three-quarters arm slot. He had a longer arm stroke and a clean release. The fastball had arm-side run to it and worked up to 82 mph as he commanded it well in the arm-side third of the zone. He showed a 12-6 breaking ball that could be a little 11/5 shaped at times, getting some slight tilt. He found a better feel for it throughout the outing. Brouette went the distance in his team’s win, where he threw all 6.0 innings. He allowed 6 hits, walked 2, and struck out 12 opposing hitters while allowing just 1 earned run.  

Jaxton Schroeder (2025, Iowa City, Iowa) shined on both sides of the ball to begin the tournament. This started with great outing on the mound from the left-handed pitcher. He used a longer arm stroke through the back, releasing from a three-quarters arm slot after a leg lift just above the belt—quicker arm stroke. The fastball had arm-side run to it and worked up to 82 mph during the outing. He also showed lateral slider in the mix in the low- to mid-70s. It was a harder slider with a tighter and lateral break to it. He went the distance for his team with a 4.0-inning shutout in a run-rule victory. The uncommitted southpaw no-hit the opposition with 2 walks and 8 strikeouts to his credit. 

Nolan Grawe (2024, Cedar Rapids, Iowa) has gotten off to a phenomenal start in the Midwest Labor Day tournament. The left-handed hitting infielder is 5-for-6 with a double, a home run, and 6 RBI to his credit. He’s put some really good swings on the ball, working from an upright stance with slightly open feet. The hands are higher in the stance with the back elbow up. He lifts the leg and moves inward as he swings. Grawe has explosive turns with plenty of quickness. There’s plenty of bat speed present with athleticism in the frame. He’s able to work uphill through contact to impact the ball well, especially to the pull-side part of the field. The South Dakota State Jackrabbits commit is off to a really hot start as the tournament has gotten underway. 

Andrew Hamlett (2024, Cedar Rapids, Iowa) is off to a good start for Iowa Select Scout 2024. He took to the mound in relief and worked up to 83 mph, holding the low-80s on the pitch. He showed a 1-7 shaped curveball with big depth to it, using it as a pitch he could utilize to miss bats. He also has a changeup in the arsenal to round out his three-pitch mix. Hamlett’s got plenty of pitchability, and he used it to his advantage on Saturday, punching out 4 opposing hitters while issuing just 1 walk. He allowed four hits but competed in the zone throughout his outing. Hamlett also has managed to get things going at the plate as well. The left-handed bat has managed to reach base in 2 of 3 trips to the plate, including a triple. The Southeastern CC commit showed off a left-handed stroke with some whip to it and a clean path through the zone, being able to drive it in the air. 

Will Specht (2025, Dubuque, Iowa) is off to a good start in the batters’ box this weekend. He’s handled the bat well and been able to do some damage. He’s a left-handed hitter with higher set hands, the back elbow up, and a spread base as he sets up in the box. He loads with the hands, lifting the front foot and then working hard through the swing with good turns and some bat speed to drive the ball well. He opens up the hips and utilizes the lower half to leverage. The uncommitted left-handed bat can do damage, and he’s got a couple of hits to his credit through his first few games, including a double. 

Nolan Cremer (2024, Bloomfield, Iowa) has found some barrels through the beginning of the tournament. He’s kicked off the weekend with three hits, including a solo home run. Cremer is a left-handed hitter who starts with open feet, the weight favoring the back foot and lower set hands. He lifts the front foot, drifts the hands deeper in the stance, and makes an inward move. The uncommitted left-handed bat has a bigger load before swinging hard with good turns through contact. He gets the barrel on the ball and can lift it, as evidenced by the home run. Cremer stays short to the ball and is able to impact it well.  

Chase Maika (2025, Kenosha, Wisc.) has been off to a roaring start this weekend. The left-handed bat has done an exceptional job handling the stick. He has a taller and lean frame with athleticism showing. He swings it from the left side with an even base and upright stance. He lifts the leg and can stride into the swing with good control of his body, being able to stay on time and on plane with the barrel. Maika has a shorter path to it, and he showed the ability to stay uber compact to the ball late in counts, adjusting well with two strikes. Maika has started the weekend with a 4-for-5 line for PTA Fall.  

JD Dix (2024, Whitefish Bay, Wisc.) pieced together a solid performance in his team’s game on Sunday. Dix is a switch-hitting middle shortstop with an athletic and projectable frame. He hit well as a left-hander on Saturday, setting up in the left-hander box with a wider base, hands set high, and back elbow up. He can stay on time for pitches and make adjustments well, showing an advanced feel for the barrel. Dix can also speed it up, showing tons of bat speed, working on plane out front with a direct path and a quick barrel to impact it well. The uncommitted middle infielder has a 2-for-3 line to his credit to begin the tournament. 

Luca Royer (2024, Lake Bluff, Ill.) is another bat from the Hitters 2024 Grads squad who has gotten off to a great start. Royer is a right-handed hitting outfielder who has reached base safely in all 3 trips to the plate early on. Royer has 3 hits, including a double, managing 3 RBI to his credit as well. The Northern Illinois Huskies commit works from an even base with higher set hands and the back elbow up. Athletic operation with a leg lift and stride into contact to do damage. He has present bat speed and can get the barrel extended through contact—plenty to like about the right-handed bat early on in this event.  

Jack Roventini (2025, Oconomowoc, Wisc.) has a taller and leaner frame, working with uptempo actions and good pace on the mound. He’s a right-handed pitcher who has a leg lift up above the belt, hiding the arm well through the back before releasing from a three-quarters arm slot. He creates some good extension working down the mound. The fastball worked up to 86 mph, and he held the low- to mid-80s on that pitch. The pitch had arm-side life when he located it on the inner third to right-handers. Showed a slurvy mid-70s slider in the mix as well. Threw 5.0 innings, walked 3 opposing hitters, and tallied 4 punchouts. He gave way to Sam Moses (2024, Cedarburg, Wisc.), who came on in relief, helping close things out in the win. Moses worked up to 85 mph on the fastball with carry to it. He was able to miss some bats up in the zone with the pitch and had a whippy release. Moses mixed in a mid-70s breaking ball as well. He threw 2.0 innings, allowing 1 hit, walking 1, and striking out 2 opposing hitters. 

Colton Arndt (2026, Ankeny, Iowa) works from a medium frame and build with some strength in the lower half to help him drive down the mound. The right-handed pitcher worked from the wind-up with a leg lift up above the belt with some coil to the delivery. He threw from a higher slot and filled up the zone. He worked with a heavy dose of fastballs to start things off. The pitch was up to 85 mph and held the low-80s for the most part. He showed a mid-60s curveball with an 11/5-shaped breaking ball in the arsenal as well. The uncommitted righty went the distance for his team in the win. He threw 5.0 innings, allowed 1 hit, walked 3 opposing hitters, and struck out 8 while allowing just 1 earned run. 

Ben Borchardt (2026, McFarland, Wisc.) is off to a roaring start on both sides of the ball for his team to start the weekend. Borchardt is a bigger and stronger frame. He’s an even base with the hands around the letters as he gets set. He lifts the leg, starting the weight shift, getting the hands deep. He gets his foot down and can work directly and compact as he swings. The uncommitted bat showed a quick stroke through the zone with the ability to do damage out front. Borchardt picked up 2 hits, including a triple and a home run (which was a grand slam), driving in 5 runs for a hot start early on. He also pieced together an exceptional outing on the mound. Borchardt went the distance in a run-rule victory for a 4.0-inning shutout. He walked 1, allowed 2 hits, and punched out 8 opposing hitters. He worked the low-70s on the fastball with a curveball in the low- to mid-60s. He filled up the strike zone and was able to be uber-efficient overall.  

Tannis Lange (2024, Waukesha, Wisc.) was dominant on the mound on Saturday, piecing together a truly impressive outing. The left-handed pitcher offered plenty to like and was able to shine on the bump. He works with a slower sidestep into a deliberate delivery. He has a leg lift above the belt where he ramps up a bit and strides down the mound with good drive. The Ohio State Buckeyes commit has a shorter arm action, and whippy three-quarters release. Lange worked up to 85 mph and held the 82-84 mph range. He had a ton of feel to land a bigger 1-7 shaped curveball. He had a ton of confidence in the pitch. He also showed a changeup in the repertoire. Lange has some deceptiveness to his delivery and is able to get hitters off-balance often. He threw a 4.0-inning no-hitter with 3 walks and 10 strikeouts in the run-rule-shortened game. 

Alexander Seaver (2026, Grand Forks, N.D.) was impressive on both sides of the ball to open up the tournament. Seaver started things with a great outing on the mound. The right-handed pitcher worked from a hybrid start in the wind-up before lifting the leg above the belt with a longer arm stroke from a higher three-quarters/over-the-top release. Seaver worked the low-80s in the outing with some arm-side life and sink when thrown on the inner third to righties. He showed an 11/5 shaped curveball with great bite to the pitch. He could land it for strikes and competed on the mound by keeping hitters off-balance by mixing locations. Seaver threw 3.1 innings, allowing 1 hit and punching out 6 opposing hitters while not surrendering a walk in the shut-out performance. He threw a ton of strikes and had success. He also was able to get it done at the dish. Seaver is a right-handed hitter with a wider base and quick hands to get the barrel on the ball. He showed off good hand speed through the swing. He is 2-for-3 with 2 doubles and 4 RBI to his credit as he’s gotten off to a great start. 

Sammy Atkinson (2026, Darien, Ill.) is an uncommitted bat who shined at the top of the order in the leadoff spot for Cangelosi Sparks 2026 Black. Atkinson operates from an even base with the hands set higher in his stance and the back elbow up. He lifts the leg and separates well with quick hands through the zone to do damage. He can impact it with strength, showing off an athletic operation in the batter’s box. The athleticism carries over onto the dirt as well, and Atkinson patrols the middle infield positions. Atkinson has a couple of hits, including a triple. He’s started off well, showing some good swings. 

- Tyler R. Kotila