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Tournaments | Story | 1/16/2022

East MLK Scout Notes: Days 1-2

Tyler Russo      Vincent Cervino      Kyler Peterson     
Photo: Brayden Harris (Perfect Game)

Osmin Melendez (2022, Orlando, Fla.) put together a solid start to the tournament on opening night as he picked up a pair of hits including a single and a double. It’s an uber-athletic profile, evidenced by his 6.78 run time at the World Showcase on Saturday morning and it translates easily into game action as he impacts on the bases and up the middle. He’s got soft hands and tons of range while it’s easy arm strength across. He’s got a quality approach in the box and his wrists are equally as quick as they are loose which gives him the ability to hit against a variety of arms and from any part of the zone. He’s started to come along physically which has helped in the overall impact strength but there’s significant room remaining in the 6-foot-2, 171-pound frame which will only continue to raise the ceiling.

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