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Draft | Mock Draft | 7/11/2021

2021 Mock Draft: The Night Of

Brian Sakowski      Vincent Cervino     
Photo: Marcelo Mayer (Perfect Game)
Pick Team Name Pos. School
1 Pirates  Marcelo Mayer SS Eastlake HS (Calif.)
2 Rangers Jack Leiter RHP Vanderbilt
3 Tigers Jackson Jobe RHP Heritage Hall HS (Okla.)
4 Red Sox Kumar Rocker RHP Vanderbilt
5 Orioles Kahlil Watson SS Wake Forest HS (N.C.)
6 Diamondbacks Jordan Lawlar SS Dallas Jesuit HS (Texas)
7 Royals Henry Davis Louisville
8 Rockies Brady House SS Winder Barrow HS (Ga.)
9 Angels Will Taylor OF Dutch Fork HS (S.C.)
10 Mets Sal Frelick OF Boston College
11 Nationals Ty Madden RHP  Texas
12 Mariners Colton Cowser OF Sam Houston State
13 Phillies Andrew Painter RHP Calvary Christian Academy (Fla.)
14 Giants Benny Montgomery OF Red Land HS (Penn.)
15 Brewers Will Bednar RHP Mississippi State
16 Marlins Harry Ford C North Cobb HS (Ga.)
17 Reds Bubba Chandler RHP North Oconee (Ga.)
18 Cardinals Jordan Wicks LHP Kansas State
19 Blue Jays Matt McLain SS UCLA
20 Yankees Trey Sweeney SS Eastern Illinois
21 Cubs Gunnar Hoglund RHP Ole Miss
22 White Sox Colson Montgomery SS Southridge HS (Ind.)
23 Indians Gavin Williams  RHP East Carolina
24 Braves Michael McGreevy RHP UC Santa Barbara
25 Athletics Tyler Whitaker OF Bishop Gorman HS (Nev.)
26 Twins Ethan Wilson OF South Alabama
27 Padres Frank Mozzicato LHP East Catholic HS (Conn.)
28 Rays Jay Allen OF John Carroll Catholic HS (Fla.)
29 Dodgers Sam Bachman RHP Miami (OH)

1. Pittsburgh Pirates | Marcelo Mayer, ss, Eastlake HS (Calif.)

Conventional wisdom here has the Pirates taking the top talent on the board but they’re still talking to a number of suitors. An underslot deal for Henry Davis has been heavily rumored as we approach 7pm EST and we also don’t think that the Vanderbilt arms are in play.

2. Texas Rangers | Jack Leiter, rhp, Vanderbilt

Probably no reason to overthink this as a number of teams have Jack Leiter as their top prospect in the draft. Some of the typical guys, namely position prospects, near the top are in play too like Kahlil Watson and Henry Davis.

3. Detroit Tigers | Jackson Jobe, rhp, Heritage Hall HS (Okla.)

With the draft playing out in this order, we believe that the decision will likely be down to Jackson Jobe or Brady House. Mayer would be the absolute first choice were he to fall and it’s probably around 50/50 right now for Jobe or House while the latest intel suggests Jobe; this could also be a sneaky spot for Henry Davis.

4. Boston Red Sox | Kumar Rocker, rhp, Vanderbilt

Boston’s preferred choice here would be Leiter but with him off the board the Red Sox will grab his teammate Kumar Rocker. Henry Davis’ name keeps popping up here and there are heavy rumors of a Matt McLain deal here with a massive prep overpay for a prospect like Davis Diaz, who they like, later on.

5. Baltimore Orioles | Kahlil Watson, ss, Wake Forest HS (N.C.)

We’ve heard consistently that Baltimore wants to cut a deal at 5 which makes the Vanderbilt arms and Jordan Lawlar untenable. Henry Davis would have to be in play should he slip this far but the Orioles brass has been enamored with Watson all spring; Colton Cowser underslot has been the other loud rumor here for the last couple of weeks.

6. Arizona Diamondbacks | Jordan Lawlar, ss, Dallas Jesuit HS (Tex.)

Long believed to be the top prep in the class, Lawlar also comes with reportedly the biggest price tag out of the prep group at the top. He’ll be in play along with Henry Davis but the Diamondbacks likely wouldn’t pass on the talent of Lawlar.

7. Kansas City Royals | Henry Davis, c, Louisville

As we mentioned earlier, Davis is in serious consideration for the first overall pick, but in this scenario he falls to Kansas City. We’ve heard that they love Kumar Rocker and Jordan Lawlar while this is the floor for Kahlil Watson.

8. Colorado Rockies | Brady House, ss, Winder-Barrow HS (Ga.)

House is in play as high as three and is considered the prep bat with the most power upside, drawing comparisons to former Rockie Nolan Arenado. We’ve heard them mentioned with Benny Montgomery, Ty Madden, and Colton Cowser with this likely being the ceiling for Montgomery and Madden.

9. Los Angeles Angels | Will Taylor, of, Dutch Fork HS (S.C.)

We’ve been told the Angels would love for Jobe or Watson to fall to them while they’ve been rumored to have been discussing a deal with other preps for a few weeks. Taylor is one of such preps, as is Georgia prep Bubba Chandler whose ceiling is probably here at 9.

10. New York Mets | Sal Frelick, of, Boston College

Ty Madden’s name has been heavily rumored here as have other college performers like Will Bednar, Colton Cowser, and others. This is also a possible landing spot for Jackson Jobe should he drop this far.

11. Washington Nationals | Ty Madden, rhp, Texas

The Nats typically try to pounce on arms that have a perceived defect and Madden fits that bill due to his fastball quality and shape. Will Bednar and Sam Bachman are also in play here and history would suggest that Gunnar Hoglund would fit that mold too.

12. Seattle Mariners | Colton Cowser, of, Sam Houston State

The Mariners are focusing heavily on college with Cowser being near the top of their list. Sal Frelick and Ty Madden would be in play here too while the Mariners are also be looking at UCLA shortstop Matt McLain.

13. Philadelphia Phillies | Andrew Painter, rhp, Calvary Christian Academy (Fla.)

This has been rumored heavily for the past couple of days leading up to the draft as the Phillies seem to be looking upside with this pick. Cowser is in play while Benny Montgomery has also been heavily rumored; there’s a connection here between Painter and Phillies manager Joe Girardi whose son Dante played at the same high school as Painter.

14. San Francisco Giants | Benny Montgomery, of, Red Land HS (Penn.)

Montgomery has been rumored as high as 8 and we’re told in this scenario the choice would be between Montgomery and Mississippi State right-hander Will Bednar. Some other college names are rumored here like McLain, Cowser, and others.

15. Milwaukee Brewers | Will Bednar, rhp, Mississippi State

Bednar was seen as a back end first rounder and then dominated in the College World Series, vaulting his stock. Jordan Wicks is also in play here and we’ve also heard the Brewers linked to preps Bubba Chandler and Harry Ford.

16. Miami Marlins | Harry Ford, c, North Cobb HS (Ga.)

Ford makes a lot of sense for the Marlins here but we don’t have a great read on the Marlins plans outside of zoning in on an upside prep. This will be Kim Ng’s first draft running the show in Miami so there are a number of possibilities in place.

17. Cincinnati Reds | Bubba Chandler, rhp/ss, North Oconee (Ga.)

To pass up playing quarterback at Clemson it’ll likely take a lofty bonus to do it and the Reds can meet those demands. There have been a number of names tied to the Reds as overpays including prep outfielder James Wood and Florida outfielder Jud Fabian but we think they take their swing with Chandler.

18. St. Louis Cardinals | Jordan Wicks, lhp, Kansas State

The Cardinals have a lot of options here and they historically take the guys that start to fall so Gunnar Hoglund will be in play. James Wood’s name has been mentioned here too though Wicks is the best left-hander in the draft and St. Louis likely would be very pleased if he were to fall here.

19. Toronto Blue Jays | Matt McLain, ss, UCLA

The Jays have been looking to cut a deal here for a possible overpay later in the draft and they’ll take the falling commodity in this scenario. We’ve heard them linked with Jay Allen and Trey Sweeney among others along with a spot for a college arm if they fall.

20. New York Yankees | Trey Sweeney, ss, Eastern Illinois

The Yankees have been locked in on Sweeney though there are others high on their board including prep Will Taylor and Boston College's Cody Morrisette who has gained a lot of late traction up boards. Their next pick won’t be until late in the second round so they could potentially overpay a prep depending on what the board looks like.

21. Chicago Cubs | Gunnar Hoglund, rhp, Ole Miss

There have been a number of different avenues explored by the brass here with noise that it’s down to prep hitters, including Colson Montgomery and Jay Allen. Hoglund would be grabbing the value left on the board while another college arm like Michael McGreevy would be in play.

22. Chicago White Sox | Colson Montgomery, ss, Southridge HS (Ind.)

The White Sox have been heavily rumored to be on Colson Montgomery and we believe there’s fire behind the smoke. They’ve been linked to other numerous prep upside types that this is probably the ceiling for including Chase Petty and Max Muncy.

23. Cleveland Indians | Gavin Williams, rhp, East Carolina

The Indians are down to a number of college performer types and none will be as cheap as Williams who comes in as a fourth year arm with an injury history. Michael McGreevy has been mentioned here and Cleveland has also been heard with preps Edwin Arroyo, Will Taylor, and Lonnie White.

24. Atlanta Braves | Michael McGreevy, rhp, UC Santa Barbara

The Braves have been long tied to college pitching and McGreevy has been near the top of that wish list. This is where we start to hear Ryan Cusick’s name as well as a potential landing spot for Sam Bachman; if they were to go prep we’ve heard they like Will Taylor and Lonnie White.

25. Oakland Athletics | Tyler Whitaker, of, Bishop Gorman HS (Nev.)

Most of the names tied to Oakland at this point are upside prep bats with Whitaker being the loudest of the rumors. Other names in play here include Max Muncy and Joe Mack while they also like Michigan prep Alex Mooney though that may be an overpay later.

26. Minnesota Twins | Ethan Wilson, of, South Alabama

We’re not extremely privy to the Twins plans but they’re known to covet exit velocity and they’re not going to find many better than Wilson. This is also a natural landing spot for Joe Mack who possesses those traits and whose brother is in the system.

27. San Diego Padres | Frank Mozzicato, lhp, East Catholic Hs (Conn.)

It’s no secret that AJ Preller likes upside or that the Padres have been all over the late rising Mozzicato this spring. We’re told he fits here as do a number of other upside preps including Jay Allen and hometown kid Carson Williams.

28. Tampa Bay Rays | Jay Allen, of, John Carroll Catholic HS (Fla.)

Allen has landing spots all over the first round with the likelihood he slips past the comp very low. Tampa also likes prep Alex Mooney along with bats like Peyton Stovall, Tyler Black, Connor Norby, and Jud Fabian.

29. Los Angeles Dodgers | Sam Bachman, rhp, Miami (OH)

Bachman has a chance to go as high as 20 spots before this but we’ve heard the combination of the medical and reliever risk concerns some teams. The Dodgers typically pounce on premium pitching clay like Bachman while we’ve also heard Ryan Cusick and Frank Mozzicato’s names here.
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