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Monday, June 08, 2009

High School Mock Draft

Perfect Game Staff        
We have about 25 people who work in our main office in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. As a group we have never done a mock draft, but seeing that everyone and their brother is doing one and this could be a big surprise year, thought we would join in.

PG’s David Rawnsley recently did a mock draft based in having the 15th pick. Our office staff has voted and will list players as though we had every pick and were actually in charge of drafting each player. The only thing we did different is instead of picking the top 32, we picked an all high school draft. So this will be the only mock draft that doesn’t have sure fire first pick Steven Strasberg listed at the top. No Dustin Ackley at the number two pick, no Aaron Crow, Tanner Scheppers, Grant Green, Alex White, Kyle Gibson, Mike Minor, Rex Brothers, Jared Mitchell, Brett Jackson, Andy Oliver, Mike Leake, Eric Arnett, Tim Wheeler, Chad Jenkins, or several other college players that are likely first round picks.

Also, we did not pick our HS mock draft based on things like signability. Our high school only list is based on the top prospects as voted by our office staff and taking it for granted that all the players would sign… Especially for the “imaginary” amount of money that we plan to spend signing them! This mock draft is not based on how we think the draft will actually play out. Too many factors involved to do it that way.

Here it is the first annual PG Office High School Mock Draft.
Note: Don’t pay real close attention to the order! We will come back later and explain what actually happened and why. I’m sure we missed a few on the list below. There’s always a surprise or two.

1 – Matt Purke LHP TX
2 – Donavan Tate OF GA
3 – Tyler Matzek LHP CA
4 – Zach Wheeler RHP GA
5 – Shelby Miller RHP TX
6 – Jacob Turner RHP MO
7 - Bobby Borchering 3B FL
8 – Mike Trout OF NJ
9 – Keyvius Sampson RHP FL
10 – Slade Heathcott OF TX
11 – Matt Hobgood RHP CA
12 - Will Myers C/3B NC
13 - Everett Williams OF TX
14 – Nick Franklin SS FL
15 – Max Stassi C CA
16 – Chad James LHP OK
17 – Billy Hamilton SS MS
18 – Jiovani Mier SS CA
19 – Brody Colvin RHP LA
20 – Matt Davidson 3B CA
21 - David Renfroe 3B/RHP MS
22 – Luke Bailey C GA
23 - Brooks Pounders RHP CA
24 – Garrett Gould RHP KS
25 - Tommy Joseph C AZ
26 - Mychal Givens SS/RHP FL
27 - Tyler Skaggs LHP CA
28 - Levon Washington OF FL
29 - Colton Cain LHP TX
30 - Andrew Susac C CA
31 - Jeff Malm 1B NV
32 - Randall Grichuk OF TX - Raymond Fuentes OF PR

Next group, many who could climb into the first couple rounds.
Not in any particular order

Jake Barrett RHP AZ, Michael Heller RHP/SS FL, Austin Maddox C/RHP FL, Brian Goodwin OF NC, Jake Marisnick OF CA, Madison Younginer RHP SC, Chris Owings SS SC, Daniel Fields SS MI, Dane Williams RHP FL, Steven Matz LHP NY, Daniel Tuttle RHP NC, Scooter Gennett MIF FL, Sam Selman LHP TX, David Nick MIF CA, Deven Marerro SS FL, Jonathan Walsh C TX, JR Murphy C/OF FL, Richie Shaffer SS NC, Kevin James LHP WI, David Holmberg LHP FL, Nolen Arenado 3B CA, Ruben Sierra OF PR, Scott Griggs RHP CA, Patrick Schuster LHP FL, Buck Farmer RHP GA, Dylan Floro RHP CA, Miles Head 3B GA, Andrew Del Colle RHP NJ, Beau Wright LHP CA, Ian Krol LHP IL, Alex Glenn OF GA, Trayce Thompson OF CA, Blake Hauser RHP VA, Chad Thompson RHP CA, Drew Steckenrider OF GA, Felix Roque RHP FL, Zach Von Rosenberg RHP LA, Cody Stiles RHP FL, Matt Helm 3B AZ, Chad Kettler MIF TX, Rudy Flores 1B TX, Stephen Perez MIF FL, Keifer Nuncio RHP TX, Jason Thompson SS TN, Michael Zunino C FL, Ronnie Richardson OF FL, Jonathan Meyer RHP/ INF CA, Andrew Aplin OF CA, Brooks Hall RHP GA, Tyler Herr RHP TX, Kyle Hansen RHP NY, Matt Graham RHP TX, Tanner Poppe RHP KS, Christian Walker 3B/C PA, Kris Hobson 1B/LHP CA, Shawn Blackwell RHP TX, Tanner Bushue RHP IL, Brian Berglund RHP CA, Kyrell Hudson OF WA, James Needy RHP CA, Trent Stevenson RHP AZ, Michael Ohlman C FL, Cameron Garfield C CA, Jake Eliopolos LHP CAN, Raul Rivera RHP PR, Michael Broad MIF FL, Reed Gragnani SS VA, Geoff Baldwin 1B CO, Brian Mitchell RHP NC, Jonathan Singleton 1B CA, Cohl Walla OF TX, Max Walla OF NM, Austin Kirk LHP OK, Jordan Cooper RHP TN, Steven Baron C FL, Dane Phillips C TX, Reggie Williams OF FL, Eugene Escalante C CA, Chris Jenkins RHP NJ, Mark Appel RHP CA, Renny Parthemore RHP PA. Guess we will stop there, but there obviously are many others who could easily be on this list.

A few interesting observations…

Number one on our list (Matt Purke) will not be the first high school player picked; in fact, he might not even be the first LHP. We just think he is the best pitching prospect in this draft, outside of Steven Strasburg.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is we have Nick Franklin SS from Florida going early. Not sure why that should be considered a big surprise, though. He just doesn’t seem to appear on any mock draft lists.

The top five pitchers as a group might be one of the best in many drafts. In fact, this class of high school pitchers is pretty deep with talent.

Another guy who consistently seems to get overlooked on most mock drafts is Brooks Pounders. This is a guy that we believe will be an outstanding MLB pitcher.

Newcomer to most any list would be lefty Kevin James from Wisconsin. Had he been recognized a bit earlier he would probably be getting a lot more attention.
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