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Tournaments  | Story  | 11/2/2015

Jupiter TrackMan Leaderboard

Patrick Ebert     
Photo: Perfect Game

A special thanks to our partners at TrackMan Baseball for providing the information listed below. TrackMan uses a series of revolutionary technologies to accurately track and record a variety of measurables in an effort to determine if those measurables, or a collection of them, can help discern a higher probability for future success.

The categories as listed below list the top performers from the 2015 WWBA World Championship in five separate categories: Max fastball velocity, max fastball spin rate, max breaking ball spin rate, max exit speed (velocity of the ball off of the bat) and max distance hit.

To view Real-Time data courtesy of TrackMan from select Perfect Game events please visit this link: www.trackmanbaseball.com.

Alek Manoah, Atlanta Blue Jays

Max Fastball Velocity

RK Player Team MPH
1 Yaisel Sierra Astros Scout Team/FTB Tucci 95.9
2 Andrew Schultz Team Elite Prime 95.2
3 Charles King Dallas Tigers 94.7
4 Todd Peterson Mets Scout Team/Scorpions 94.5
5 Anthony Locey Tri-State Arsenal 94.3
6 Davis Daniel Braves Scout Team/Ohio Warhawks 94.2
7 Alek Manoah Atlanta Blue Jays 94.2
8 Matt Manning EvoShield Canes 94.1
9 James (Alex) Haynes Baseball Northeast 93.7
10 Tyler Baum Mets Scout Team/Scorpions 93.6

Easton McGee, Marucci Elite

Max Fastball Spin Rate

RK Player Team RPM
1 Nolan Martinez GBG Marucci 2685
2 Gavin Hollowell PG Team Northeast 2659
3 Dustin May Texas Scout Team Yankees 2649
4 Garrett Hunter Ruth FTB Mizuno 2637
5 Alek Manoah Atlanta Blue Jays 2633
6 Easton McGee Marucci Elite 2632
7 Brock Figueroa DBAT 2614
8 Bailey Sutton Kentucky Baseball Club 2611
9 Todd Peterson Mets Scout Team/Scorpions 2609
10 Cole Duensing Royals Scout Team 2603

Kenyon Yovan, Marlins Scout Team

Max Breaking Ball Spin Rate

RK Player Team RPM
1 Dustin May Texas Scout Team Yankees 3105
2 Mitch Neuborn DBacks Langley Blaze 3058
3 Nick Silber Team Citius 2977
4 Noah Murdock Virginia Cardinals 2953
5 Justin Carrillo Elite Squad Louisville Slugger 2943
6 Kaleb Huxford Lids Team Indiana 2906
7 William Adair Dallas Tigers 2904
8 Kenyon Yovan Marlins Scout Team 2902
9 Wade Strain Stars Baseball Marucci Prime 2883
10 Devin Green Ontario Blue Jays 2881

Joshua Lowe, Braves Scout Team/Ohio Warhawks

Max Exit Velocity

RK Player Team MPH
1 Matt Mervis Tri-State Arsenal 108.2
2 Clayton Keyes DBacks Langley Blaze 105.6
3 Christian Jones GBG Marucci 104.7
4 Hudson Sanchez Texas Scout Team Yankees 103.6
5 Joshua Lowe Braves Scout Team/Ohio Warhawks 103.6
6 Bryant Packard EvoShield Canes 102.9
7 Khalil Lee EvoShield Canes 102.7
8 Mario Feliciano Toronto Blue Jays Scout Team 102.2
9 Christian Jones GBG Marucci 102.2
10 Delvin Perez Astros Scout Team/FTB Tucci 102.1

Nicholas Quintana, EvoShield Canes

Max Distance Hit

RK Player Team Feet
1 Alejandro Toral Elite Squad Prime 411.7
2 Mason McWhorter Team Elite Prime 410.9
3 Brock Anderson Marucci Elite 406.5
4 Delvin Perez Astros Scout Team/FTB Tucci 403.4
5 Sam Praytor East Cobb Astros 403.0
6 Conner Uselton Sandlot Scout Team 401.3
7 Raymond Gil Miami PG Columbia Blue 400.1
8 Nolan Jones Team Elite Prime 399.2
9 Nicholas Quintana EvoShield Canes 398.6
10 Elijah Eusebio Elite Squad Louisville Slugger 398.3