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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Ohio Valley Region Preview

Sean Cunningham        

The Ohio Valley Region of the Perfect Game Super25 Tournament series is getting underway this weekend for the 14u, 15u, 16u and 17u age groups. 

This weekend, qualifying tournaments will be taking place across the region, with the talented, older players getting ready to compete in the Super25 Regionals in the coming weeks.

The 14u events include teams from five states.  The Kentucky Baseball Club is the class of the age group, as they are an elite program and expect to win the Regional.  However, there are a number of other teams in the region that should give them a run for their money.  The Huntington Hounds, the Cincinnati Baseball Club and the St. Louis Pirates should also all be in the running for the Regional Championship, as they are talented programs that could take the title if they come together as a team while their key players shine.  The Indiana Travelers are the wild card of the age group, as they also have a strong track record and could come in and surprise the rest of the region by winning the championship.

The most powerful teams in the 15u level are the Ohio Elite and the Kentucky Baseball Club, but pretty much every team at this age level has a chance of winning.  The Vipers, the Surge, the Sharks, the Huntington Hounds, the Easton Prospects, the Columbus Cobras, and the Butler County Bombers are all high-quality teams.  The 15u level as a whole should be one of the most competitive Super25 Regionals in the country.

At the 16u level, the Kentucky Baseball Club is the top team that has its eyes on the Regional Championship.  Perfect Game’s top ranked player out of Kentucky in the class of 2016, infielder and right-handed pitcher Jacob Abbott, will lead the Kentucky Baseball Club.  Abbott and the Kentucky Baseball Club will have to battle against the Vipers out of Louisville and the Cincinnati Baseball Club, who are also two of the best teams in the region.

The Ohio Elite is the top team at the 17u level in the region, led by the 2015 No. 1, No. 3 and No. 5 ranked players in Ohio, Chandler Day, Sam Bordner and Cameron Comer.  The Cincinnati Baseball Club and Louisville Baseball Club are also very good, while the Kentucky Baseball Club could surprise some people.  As the oldest group competing in the region, the tournament will have the most advanced and polished players in the Ohio Valley. 

The winners from every Ohio Valley Regional will have the opportunity to do the Midwest proud in the Super25 National Championship for their respective age groups.  All the teams will have the opportunity to get better by playing against each other on their way to the National Championship, as the high-level competition should bring the best out of every young player.

The Ohio Valley Qualifiers for the 14u, 15u, 16u and 17u will take place this weekend, while the Super25 Regionals will take place later this month. 

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