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FB Velocities
Orlando Scorpions 17U Black Andrew Cole R95
Southwest Florida Baseball 18U Hudson Boyd R93
Florida Pokers 18u Stephen Colangelo R91
Orlando Scorpions 17U Black Casey Mulholland R91
Florida Pokers 18u Matthew Clement R90
Tampa Elite Spartans Baseball Club zachary nardello R90
Chet Lemon's Juice Ben Nelson R89
Orlando Scorpions 17U Purple Anthony Dovale R88
Diamond Vision Elite Alex Gonzalez R88
Orlando Scorpions 17U Purple Brandon Keen R88
Orlando Baseball Academy 2010 Donny Norris R88
Orlando Scorpions 17U Black Brett Winger R88
Tallahassee Mustangs Chad Buckley R87
Central Florida Green Jackets Montana Durapau R87
Pembroke Lakes Angels 18U Edwin Marquez R87
Chet Lemon's Juice Colin Richardson R87
Orlando Scorpions 17U Black Alec Asher R86
Orlando Scorpions 17U Purple Clay Chapman R86
South Florida Rays Juan Dominguez R86
Diamond Vision Elite Orlando Hernandez L86
Orlando Scorpions 17U Gray Anthony Lamson R86
Team Tampa David Langhan R86
Florida Surge Seth Natal R86
Tampa Elite Spartans Baseball Club Jacob Petitt R86
Orlando Reds 18u Mason Williams R86
Team Heap Mike Johnson L85
Florida Pokers 18u Casey Johnston R85
Orlando Scorpions 17U Black Ricky Knapp R85
Orlando Scorpions 17U Purple Kutler Lane R85
South Florida Rays Alex Miranda R85
Orlando Scorpions 17U Black Tyler Moore R85
South Florida Snappers 18U Green Zach Westcott R85
Florida Pokers 18u Dylan Wolchik R85
Chet Lemon's Juice Austin Browder L84
Orlando Scorpions 17U Black Jeff Dally L84
Team Tampa Cas Dean R84
Orlando Scorpions 17U Purple Jonathan Dydo R84
Florida Surge Josh Ganus R84
Cape Coast Canes Scott Garner R84
Team Tampa Dylan Hathcock L84
Chet Lemon's Juice Spencer Heirman R84
Team Tampa Ryan Henry R84
Orlando Baseball Academy 2010 Brian Johnson R84
Chet Lemon's Juice Tim Lamoureux R84
South Florida Snappers 18U Green Adam Quiles R84
Orlando Scorpions 17U Gray Paul Stelling R84
Chet Lemon's Juice Dillon Vitale R84
Chet Lemon's Juice Craig Warner R84
Florida Mustangs Cody Alling L83
Homestead Storm Lance Elder R83
Tampa Elite Spartans Baseball Club Kenny Frey R83
Orlando Scorpions 17U Gray Danny Kaplan R83
Florida Mustangs Zachary Potter R83
Pembroke Lakes Angels 18U Jonathan Drosi R82
South Florida Rays Albert Garcia R82
Cape Coast Canes Patrick Goelz R82
Orlando Baseball Academy 2010 Zach Gordon R82
Team Heap Matt Miller L82
Flagler Fightin Bulldogs Joseph O'Brien R82
Orlando Reds 18u Nicholas Riley R82
Tallahassee Mustangs Jared Romero R82
Tampa Elite Spartans Baseball Club George Schmitt III R82
Team Tampa Austin Thrailkill L82
South Florida Snappers 18U Green Pichi Torres R82
Chet Lemon's Juice Adam Albers R81
Swamp Baseball Jordan Alviar R81
Florida Diamond Pros Black Ricky Angulo R81
Tampa Elite Spartans Baseball Club Michael Cawthon R81
Diamond Vision Elite Curt Copeland R81
South Florida Rays Carlos Forte Jr. R81
Swamp Baseball Brad Harrison L81
Florida Mustangs Kyle McDorman R81
Pembroke Lakes Angels 18U William Perez R81
Southwest Florida Baseball 17U Nicholas Rivenburg R81
South Florida Snappers 18U Blue Nick Sinatra R81
Tallahassee Mustangs Aaron Smith R81
Homestead Storm Dane Stone R81
Team Tampa Tyler Willis R81
South Florida Snappers 18U Blue Juan (Cito) Aguilar R80
Orlando Baseball Academy 2010 Chad Lovejoy R80
South Florida Snappers 18U Green Mikey Melendez L80
Pembroke Lakes Angels 18U Eric Morales R80
Team Tampa Spencer Nunez L80
Orlando Reds 18u Nick Palmer R80
Florida Diablos Joey Razer R80
Florida Diamond Pros Black Reed Salzman L80
Diamond Vision Elite Adrian Talton L80
Orlando Reds 18u CJ Kelly R79
Florida Diablos Eric Libby R79
South Florida Snappers 18U Green Ryan Plasencia R79
Florida Diablos Anthony Santos L79
High Performance Josh Smith R79
South Florida Rays John Estenoz R78
Florida Pokers 18u Riley McDermott R78
Florida Pokers 18u Austin Powell L78
Tallahassee Mustangs Cameron Richards L78
Team Heap Beau Beaudreau L77
Florida Diamond Pros Black Jared Noretsky L77
Florida Pokers 18u Eric Pfefer R77
First Coast Pirates Tyler Rosenberger R77
Florida Diablos Tyler Stanley R77
High Performance Justin Burke R76
South Florida Snappers 18U Green Robert DePaula L76
South Florida Snappers 18U Blue James Penedo R76
Florida Diamond Pros Black Jeffrey Rehonic L76
Cape Coast Canes Joey Stanga L76
Florida Diamond Pros Black Kody Swackhammer L76
High Performance Alexander Duke L75
Florida Diamond Pros 17U Manny Gonzalez R75
Swamp Baseball Richard Whiteleather L75
Florida Diamond Pros Black Christian Carcache L74
Florida Diamond Pros Black Dillon Murrell R74
Orlando Baseball Academy 2010 Brian Sheffler R74
High Performance Zack Sutton R74
Flagler Fightin Bulldogs James Myrick R73
Florida Diablos Tyler Ream L73
Florida Diablos Tyler Thill R73
Southwest Florida Baseball 17U Justin Sagalow L72
First Coast Pirates Chase Inger R71
Homestead Storm Justin Robb R71
First Coast Pirates Zachary Taylor R71
Florida Diablos Willy Rice L70
Florida Diamond Pros Black Raymond Diaz L67
Florida Diamond Pros Black Nick Bradham L65
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