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FB Velocities
Nicholas Day R86
Aundruw Sweet R86
Andrew Baughn R85
Reed Schaefer L85
Magnus Dunn L84
Amartya Eswaran-King R84
Nathaniel Garcia R84
Samuel Garcia L84
Michael Ebner R83
Ryan Rhoades R83
Ryan Fernandez L82
Guillermo Pacheco R82
Erik Brown R81
Cooper Jacobs R81
Kyle Miller R81
Cameron Cooke R80
Carson Arons R79
Ethan Bautista L79
Sean Decker-Jacoby R79
Xavier Delgado R79
Cooper Hay L79
Brian Nunez R79
Davis Hodges L78
Andrew Thomas R78
Pablo Hernandez R77
Kj Moo-Young R77
Donovan Worrall R77
Darian Choi R76
Aidan Donovan R76
Garrett Glassell L76
Hopper Rowe R76
Patrick Morris L75
Matthew Harris R74
Ethan Royal R74
Matt Borges R73
Tyler Palmer R73
Samin Bhalla R72
Drake Dalmolin R71
Kenneth Pan R71
Taylor Badger R64
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