2019 PG 11U (Minor) USA Playmaker Sunday Series
ALL games in 11U Minor will be played as scheduled.  

Tournament Director for Hoover Met Sports Complex: Sam Finnerty (205) 639-2060

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Perfect Game Youth Pitching Rules

Each player shall receive 6 innings through the first four games. Starting with a team's 5th game played, every player will gain an additional inning of eligibility PER GAME thereafter (EX. 12U Player A has 4 innings through 4 games. During the 5th game, Player A would then be eligible to pitch 3 innings). No limit on the number of appearances per tournament, but please be mindful of your young arms.

An inning is added to a pitcher's total as soon as he/she has toed the rubber and throws one pitch (warm up or game). Each pitcher will receive 8 pitches to warm up at the beginning of the game or as they enter into the game, and five thereafter.

TeamPlayerInnings PitchedGames PlayedInning LimitMin Streak DateMax Streak DateConsecutive Days PitchedTotal PitchCountGame CountDays of Event#InningsPitch Game DateDays OFFNext Pitch DateNot Eligible
Auburn Arrows Brady Dickinson 23610/27/201910/27/201913410210/27/2019010/28/2019
Auburn Arrows Lawson Hare 43610/27/201910/27/201916310410/27/2019210/30/2019
Auburn Arrows Hampton Jordan 23610/27/201910/27/201913810210/27/2019010/28/2019
Auburn Arrows Brayden Lloyd 33610/27/201910/27/201915910310/27/2019010/28/2019
Auburn Arrows Carter Lloyd 13610/27/201910/27/201911410110/27/2019010/28/2019
Auburn Arrows Jacob Mangum 336   6110310/27/2019010/28/2019
Auburn Arrows John Berry Upton 33610/27/201910/27/201912320210/27/2019010/28/2019
Buck Creek Renegades Jp Anderson 53610/27/201910/27/201917010510/27/2019210/30/2019
Buck Creek Renegades Carson Ashmead 13610/27/201910/27/201911910110/27/2019010/28/2019
Buck Creek Renegades Harper Boyd 13610/27/201910/27/20191810110/27/2019010/28/2019
Buck Creek Renegades Ian Fox 136   2210110/27/2019010/28/2019
Buck Creek Renegades Josh Vice 236   4910210/27/2019010/28/2019
CABA Jays 11U Blue Grayson Glover 33610/27/201910/27/201917910310/27/2019010/28/2019
CABA Jays 11U Blue Jack Jensen 43610/27/201910/27/201918410410/27/2019210/30/2019
CABA Jays 11U Blue Nathan McKnight 13610/27/201910/27/201911910110/27/2019010/28/2019
CABA Jays 11U Blue Paul Scheiring 13610/27/201910/27/201912810110/27/2019010/28/2019
Diamond Impact Baseball Hank Brantley 33610/27/201910/27/201915610310/27/2019010/28/2019
Diamond Impact Baseball Aiden Bridgman 13610/27/201910/27/20191110110/27/2019010/28/2019
Diamond Impact Baseball Carter Gardner 33610/27/201910/27/201916610310/27/2019010/28/2019
Diamond Impact Baseball James Tippins 13610/27/201910/27/201913610110/27/2019010/28/2019
Diamond Impact Baseball Ethan Wade 43610/27/201910/27/2019111720310/27/2019010/28/2019
Homewood Havoc Harris Buck 23610/27/201910/27/201912010210/27/2019010/28/2019
Homewood Havoc Preston Mizerany 23610/27/201910/27/201915110210/27/2019010/28/2019
Homewood Havoc Bennett Nix 43610/27/201910/27/201915110410/27/2019210/30/2019
Homewood Patriots George Brockwell 53610/27/201910/27/201919620410/27/2019210/30/2019
Homewood Patriots Jackson Chapleau 63610/27/201910/27/201919020510/27/2019210/30/2019 X
Homewood Patriots Ty Mayo 13610/27/201910/27/201911110110/27/2019010/28/2019
Homewood Patriots Rivers Perlis 43610/27/201910/27/201917010410/27/2019210/30/2019
Homewood Patriots Jacob Peters 13610/27/201910/27/201912110110/27/2019010/28/2019
Hoover Tribe Brandt Aho 45710/27/201910/27/201915010410/27/2019210/30/2019
Hoover Tribe Nathan Korovin 55710/27/201910/27/201914520310/27/2019010/28/2019
Hoover Tribe Drew Monte 35710/27/201910/27/201913010310/27/2019010/28/2019
Hoover Tribe Jackson Newton 55710/27/201910/27/201914810510/27/2019210/30/2019
Hoover Tribe Ethan O’Meara 55710/27/201910/27/201919720310/27/2019010/28/2019
Hoover Tribe Andrew Renfroe 25710/27/201910/27/201913210210/27/2019010/28/2019
Hoover Tribe Emerson Yates 55710/27/201910/27/201916920210/27/2019010/28/2019
Revolution Baseball Brian Cantrell 34610/27/201910/27/201915310310/27/2019010/28/2019
Revolution Baseball Judson Harris 446   7910410/27/2019210/30/2019
Revolution Baseball Colton Redmond 54610/27/201910/27/201919520110/27/2019010/28/2019
Revolution Baseball Caleb Simpson 64610/27/201910/27/2019110120510/27/2019210/30/2019 X
Revolution Baseball Jackson Snipes 24610/27/201910/27/201914110210/27/2019010/28/2019
Southeast Surge Baseball Harwood Beeker 44610/27/201910/27/201915720310/27/2019010/28/2019
Southeast Surge Baseball Dylan Carlisle 64610/27/201910/27/201917910610/27/2019210/30/2019 X
Southeast Surge Baseball Drew Jackson 14610/27/201910/27/201915110110/27/2019010/28/2019
Southeast Surge Baseball Mize Parker 44610/27/201910/27/201919610410/27/2019210/30/2019
Southeast Surge Baseball Kam Stines 14610/27/201910/27/201915010110/27/2019010/28/2019
Spain Park Jags Peyton Cerniglia 25710/27/201910/27/201913510210/27/2019010/28/2019
Spain Park Jags Grayson Coad 15710/27/201910/27/201913210110/27/2019010/28/2019
Spain Park Jags Michael Johnson 15710/27/201910/27/201913210110/27/2019010/28/2019
Spain Park Jags Camden Major 45710/27/201910/27/201914110410/27/2019210/30/2019
Spain Park Jags James Morrison 35710/27/201910/27/201916010310/27/2019010/28/2019
Spain Park Jags Jackson Schach 35710/27/201910/27/201914210310/27/2019010/28/2019
Spain Park Jags Brody Smith 45710/27/201910/27/201917820110/27/2019010/28/2019
Spain Park Jags Caden Smith 25710/27/201910/27/201912810210/27/2019010/28/2019
Spain Park Jags Evan Taylor 55710/27/201910/27/201919910510/27/2019210/30/2019
Team Easton 11U Jackson Campbell 14610/27/201910/27/20191610110/27/2019010/28/2019
Team Easton 11U Price Lamaster 44610/27/201910/27/201915410410/27/2019210/30/2019
Team Easton 11U Charlie Larocca 54610/27/201910/27/201916920410/27/2019210/30/2019
Team Easton 11U Camden Schroeter 44610/27/201910/27/201917510410/27/2019210/30/2019
Team Easton 11U John Robert Towry 64610/27/201910/27/201917720410/27/2019210/30/2019 X
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