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2019 Top Prospects

Gage Singer  3B - 2019 - Aurora, MO   Crowder College

Singer has a strong athletic build and a cannon of an arm. He registered 92 mph in drills and showed off his arm in games as well and it would be interesting to see him on the mound as those velocities aren't with much effort. He has plenty of right handed bat speed and power potential as well.

Benjamin Greer  OF - 2019 - Pearland, TX   Baylor

Greer had an outstanding showcase in all respects, showing lots of bat speed and the ability to drive the ball in both BP and in games, especially from the right side, along with the athleticism and defensive skills to stay in the middle of the field defensively.

Casey Ouellette  SS - 2019 - Pflugerville, TX   Louisiana Tech

Ouellette is a very projectable middle infielder with present tools and skills that are going to just keep improving as he fills out his 6-2/170 frame. He has very good carry on his throws, runs a 7.01 sixty and has a loose and easy right handed swing with bat speed.

Dylan Johnson  SS - 2019 - San Antonio, TX   Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

Johnson stood out for his defense in the middle infield, especially his polished skills. He has a calm and well balanced approach through the ball with good arm strength and makes accurate throws. He's a 7.15 runner.

Elias Koury  SS - 2019 - Katy, TX   Uncommitted

Koury had one of the most interesting athletic bodies at the showcase at a very projectable and loose 6-2/185 pounds, along with one of the most interesting power projections. He creates lots of bat speed from a coiled approach with extension and lift through contact.

Jayden Saylor  RHP - 2019 - Wylie, TX   Uncommitted

Saylor has a very projectable 6-2/170 build that should fill out well. He topped out at 85 mph on his fastball from a high 3/4's release point and did a very good job of throwing both his fastball and his short vertical slider for strikes.

Noah Kellum  OF - 2019 - Leander, TX   Texas Lutheran University

Kellum has a very nice left handed swing and can really barrel up the baseball, with lots of improvement possible in his ability to drive the ball if he gets stronger. He is also a 7.05 runner with strong outfield fundamentals.

David Pagan  C - 2019 - Richmond, TX   Wharton County Junior College

Pagan is a quick twitch and athletic catcher who gets rid of the ball very quickly with good arm strength. He had a simple and short high average approach from the right side at the plate.

Bryce Yosko  SS - 2019 - Spring, TX   Northeast Texas CC

Yosko is an aggressive player with good tools across the board. He showed lots of power in batting practice and in games, especially when he doubled off the RCF wall and has good arm strength on defense.

Kyle Bearden  OF - 2019 - Spring, TX   University of St. Thomas (Houston)

Bearden is small at 5-6/130 but he's a 6.89 runner with a very quick step and lots of quick twitch actions offensively and defensively. He pretty much dominated games when he got on base with his aggressiveness and instincts.

Mauro Bustamante  SS - 2019 - Helotes, TX   St. Mary’s University (Texas)

Baustamante is a strong junior whose bat is his carrying tool. He creates plenty of right handed bat speed, squares the ball up and the ball comes off his barrel hard. He also hit very well in games, including a 3-4 performance in one outing.

Fabian Bernal  OF - 2019 - San Antonio, TX   Incarnate Word

Bernal is a slender 5-9/134 athlete but he's able to generate real bat speed from the left side. He barreled up the ball hard in BP and hit a lead off home run in one game. He also ran a 6.78 in the sixty.

2020 Top Prospects

Ian Bahn  OF - 2020 - Shoreview, MN   Uncommitted

Bahn was maybe the strongest athlete at the event regardless of age and it really showed in the switch-hitter's bat speed, especially from the left side of the plate. He runs well for his size at 7.11 and showed a strong arm from the outfield and on the mound.

Beckett Vine  C - 2020 - Houston, TX   Uncommitted

Vine has very good strength in his right handed swing in addition to advanced hitting mechanics that should allow him to keep growing at the plate. Arm strength is his best present tool defensively and he also hit 84 mph off the mound.

Storm Hierholzer  RHP - 2020 - Austin, TX   TCU

Hierholzer is listed as a primary third baseman but his future is on the mound if this weekend is any indication. He topped out 87 mph working only from the stretch with good life and showed some feel for a 77 mph slider as well.

Garrett Anglim  3B - 2020 - Lavista, NE   Wichita State

Anglim really swings the bat with aggressiveness and has present bat speed and that produced lots of hard line drive pull contact. He also showed his athleticism with a great diving catch in left field.

Jackson Duke  C - 2020 - Grand Prairie, TX   Uncommitted

Duke stood out defensively for a sophomore, with quick actions behind the plate, foot footwork and a strong and accurate arm. He also showed his offensive potential with a loud double off the left field wall.

Rhett James  RHP - 2020 - Benton, AR   Uncommitted

James has a loose and whippy arm from a drop and drive delivery that produced a heavy fastball up to 86 mph plus a mid-70's slider. He did an outstanding job of pounding the zone with both pitches and attacking hitters with good stuff.

Jarrett Tadlock  SS - 2020 - Manvel, TX   Uncommitted

Tadlock has a very young 5-11/155 build that hasn't even started to get strong but he showed skills and athleticism in all areas of the game and is a very good bet to keep improving as he matures physically. He could end up either in the middle infield or on the mound, where he topped out at 83 mph with a fast arm.

Daniel Laughery  OF - 2020 - Round Lake, IL   Uncommitted

Laughery has outstanding speed that showed with his 6.56 sixty time, which is elite level for a slender sophomore. His athleticism on defense and at the plate is obvious and will continue to improve with skill repetitions and more strength.

Mason Schulz  SS - 2020 - League City, TX   Uncommitted

Schultz has a nice balance of tools and projection for a young sophomore middle infielder. He has some bat speed at the plate from the left side, ran a 7.05 and showed nice infield actions with some arm strength. He should continue to improve in all areas.

Adam Brauch  SS - 2020 - Waukee, IA   Uncommitted

Brauch has a young body and young face and lots of projection in his physical tools. He's a 7.05 runner who is going to get faster and he has some present bat speed with a loose and extended swing.

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