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Aug 9 - 11, 2013 The Ballfields at Craig Ranch - McKinney, TX  

2015 Top Prospects

Cody Allen  - SS - 2015 - Bulverde, TX - USA
Quick twitched athlete, ran 6.78 and threw 86 across diamond. Has good actions on infield. Also topped at 87 on mound.

Nick Anderson  - OF - 2015 - Sugar Land, TX - USA
Line drive swing plane with solid contact to all fields. Has idea how to hit, ball jumps when centered

Bryan Arias  - SS - 2015 - San Antonio, TX - USA
Clean fielding actions coming through the ball, reads hopes well. Arm works well, has true SS actions. Also ran a 6.72 and showed a good contact approach at plate.

Tristan Babin  - LHP - 2015 - Gonzales, LA - USA
Good arm strength, threw 88 from the OF with athletic actions, topped at 84 from mound with tight spin on 1/7 curveball. Also showed a power approach at palte with good bat speed.

Jarod Bayless  - RHP - 2015 - Texarkana, TX - USA
Big body pitcher up to 87 this weekend, seen as high as 89 a few weeks earlier. Good movement on fastball and mixes in a 11/5 curveball and developing change up. Intriguing arm.

Connor Berry  - RHP - 2015 - Sugar Land, TX - USA
Up to 88 on mound with nice loose arm action with downhill plane. Arm side run improved with outing. Flashed plus curveball.

Preston Betz  - RHP - 2015 - Plano, TX - USA
Has really improved strength, solid actions on infield with soft hands, threw 87 across mound and topped out at 85 on mound with a clean online delivery. Fastball has arm side run.

Jordan Cannon  - C - 2015 - Centerville, TX - USA
Shows quick hands a line drive swing at the plate with good contact. Also popped a 1.97 from behind plate and topped at 81 off mound.

Eric Cole  - OF - 2015 - Southlake, TX - USA
Ran a 6.5 and threw 88 from OF with good actions, also topped out at 87 with his fastball and mixed n a 11/5 curveball with good breaking action.

Randy Crevier  - OF - 2015 - Weatherford, TX - USA
Threw 88 from the OF with fundamentally sound actions. Arm works well. Shows line drive swing with lift. Showed pull pop.

Will Dawson  - 1B - 2015 - Cypress, TX - USA
Good build with present strength, line drive swing plane, shows ability to drive ball with a short swing to ball with good extension.

Antoine Duplantis  - OF - 2015 - Lafayette, LA - USA
Line drive swing plane with quick hands to the ball. Gets extension through the ball. Threw 81 from the OF and ran a 6.76.

Connor Flanagan  - OF - 2015 - San Antonio, TX - USA
Has strong build, threw 87 from across the field and showed line drive swing. Ball jumped when centered.

Grant Gardner  - RHP - 2015 - Double Oak, TX - USA
Good mix of an 83 MPH fastball and a 71 MPH curveball. Fastball has good arm side run and throws curveball for strikes.

Ty Hoecker  - LHP - 2015 - Santa Fe, TX - USA
Good build, up to 86 on the mound with long quick arm action. Mixes in late breaking curveball. Also threw 84 from 1B.

Dylan Hutcheson  - OF - 2015 - Wichita Falls, TX - USA
Athletic OF running a 6.88 and throwing 83 from the OF. Good actions, feet and arm work well. Hit from both sides of plate, showed bat speed from both sides with good contact.

Anthony Jones  - OF - 2015 - Missouri City, TX - USA
Athletic OF with good arm strength and speed. Threw 85 from across diamond and ran a 6.72. Showed a quick bat at plate with mid to opposite field approach.

Daniel Jones  - OF - 2015 - Coppell, TX - USA
Athletic OF with good speed and arm strength. Ran a 6.70 sixty and 88 from the OF. Showed good defensive instincts. Showed bast speed and flashed power potential at the plate.

Davis Keene  - C - 2015 - Southlake, TX - USA
Good mechanics on the mound, topped at 83 with arm side run on fastball. Flashed change up potential with good sink and run. Ran a 6.85 sixty.

Eungjae Kim  - OF - 2015 - Plano, TX - USA
Aggressive line drive swing plane, shows bat speed. Threw 86 from OF with good actions, also topped at 82 on mound.

Grant Koch  - C - 2015 - Fayetteville, AR - USA
Good bat speed and good extension through ball. Good idea how to hit, popped a 1.93 with a clean transfer and release.

Erikson Lanning  - LHP - 2015 - Woodstock, GA - USA
Good pitching build with room to fill out. Up to 88 with a long loose arm action. Flashed tight curveball and a plus slider with late action.

Jonathon Law  - RHP - 2015 - El Paso, TX - USA
Good sinking fastball up to 86 and mixed in a late breaking 11/5 curveball. Has a deceptive velocity. Has aggressive approach at plate with good hard contact.

Jake Martin  - OF - 2015 - Edmond, OK - USA
Ran a 6.76 sixty and threw 85 from OF with online carry. Good defensive actions. Shows bat speed at plate.

Brock Nelson  - RHP - 2015 - McKinney, TX - USA
Topped at 86 on mound with a low 3/4 arm slot. Fastball has good arm side run and sink.

Noah Nicaud  - 2B - 2015 - Diamond Head, MS - USA
Has strong build and uses lower 1/2 well at plate. Line drive approach with good contact to all fields.

Obiefuna Obinwa  - OF - 2015 - Richardson, TX - USA
Aggressive line drive swing with good bat speed. Has quick hands to ball and hits to all fields. Good foot work in OF and threw 82 from OF.

Kevin Orr  - C - 2015 - Edmond, OK - USA
Good catch and throw skills with a 1.94 pop time behind plate. Also showed arm strength on mound topping at 86 with good life. Has good feel for change up with hard arm side run.

Christopher Paddack  - RHP - 2015 - Cedar Park, TX - USA
Long athletic build, topped at 84 on mound and mixes in a good straight change. Easy arm action, velocity projects.

Tyler Pinkston  - C - 2015 - Rockwall, TX - USA
Quick arm action behind plate with a 1.97 pop time and threw 79 from behind plate. Has good feet and hands. Has quiet load at plate, has strength in swing and good bat speed.

Austin Preiss  - LHP - 2015 - Adkins, TX - USA
Athletic build topping at 85 from the left side. Low 3/4 arm slot and has consistent arm side run.

Daniel Priwin  - OF - 2015 - Sugar Land, TX - USA
Good bat speed and with an aggressive approach. Has live bat. Threw 89 from the OF with athletic actions.

Brandon Provence  - RHP - 2015 - Fairview, TX - USA
3/4 arm slot with a short loose arm action. Heavy sink and run. Plus movement on fastball. Developing off speed with curveball and change.

Robert Salazar  - SS - 2015 - North Richland Hills, TX - USA
Line drive swing plane with good pull power, has athletic actions at SS with good hands and a smooth transfer and quick release.

Ryan Simon  - RHP - 2015 - Round Rock, TX - USA
Long lean build with room to fill out, up to 88 on mound with a high 3/4 arm slot. Has hard action on slider.

Nathan Taylor  - OF - 2015 - Humble, TX - USA
Ran a 6.72 and threw 82 from OF with good accuracy. Has simple approach with a high average/contact approach.

Drew Van Norman  - RHP - 2015 - Houston, TX - USA
Long lean build with room to fill out. Up to 86 on mound and mixes in a change up with arm side run. Velocity projects.

Garrett Wolforth  - C - 2015 - Spring, TX - USA
Developing switch hitter, advanced right handed approach. Has line drive swing plane with pull pop. Not as advanced from left side, but shows bat speed and developing tools. Behind plate has good arm strength and popped a 1.84 with good actions, feet and hands. Was 85 across diamond with good carry and range.

2016 Top Prospects

Christopher Adams  - C - 2016 - San Antonio, TX - USA
Strong catch and throw skills popping a 1.94. Shows quick hands at the plate with line drive plane.

Santana Barrera  - OF - 2016 - San Antonio, TX - USA
Good defensive actions and tracks balls well in OF, threw 82 from RF and ran a 6.89. Showed short swing and back spin line drives at plate.

Tyler Bowen  - SS - 2016 - Edmond, OK - USA
Strong arm from OF and INF. Threw 90 from right and 87 from SS. Shows athletic actions with good feet from the OF, also shows clean actions on the INF with good lateral movement. Topped out at 82 on mound.

Ryland Cox  - RHP - 2016 - Taylor, TX - USA
High 3/4 pitcher with good upside on mound. Topped at 83 on the mound. Has an aggressive swing at the plate with good extension through the ball.

Connor Heffron  - OF - 2016 - San Antonio, TX - USA
Line drive swing with an aggressive mid field approach, also ran a 6.91 sixty.

Shawn Kelley  - C - 2016 - Sweeny, TX - USA
Young catcher with good receiving skills. Has quick transfer and release. Has an aggressive approach at the plate, and also topped at 80 on mound with good depth on CB.

Ricky Martinez  - SS - 2016 - Pflugerville, TX - USA
Good approach with bat speed. Contact approach with good swing plane. Threw 85 across infield showing good range and quick feet.

Mason Matherne  - OF - 2016 - Des Allemands, LA - USA
High energy player, threw 88 from OF with good online throws. Showed bast speed at plate and made consistent contact.

Eric Monroe Moll  - 1B - 2016 - Kingwood, TX - USA
Aggressive line drive swing plane with plus bat speed. Showed power to all fields ball jumped off bat.

Kyle Muller  - LHP - 2016 - Dallas, TX - USA
Athletic build with room to fill out. Threw 83 from OF and 82 from INF, has long loose arm action. Topped at 81 on mound with deceptive velocity. Has simple approach at plate and should improve with more strength.

Michael Neustifter  - C - 2016 - Carrollton, TX - USA
Good catch and throw skills behind plate with a 1.95 pop time, has quick release, can shut down run game. Has line drive swing plane with projectable power.

Austin Sliva-Wynne  - RHP - 2016 - Richmond, TX - USA
Young build with room to fill out, up to 84 on mound with arm side run on fastball. Developing 12/6 curveball.

Andres P. Sosa  - SS - 2016 - San Antonio, TX - USA
Good arm strength from the OF throwing 87 from the OF and 83 across diamond. Up to 84 on the mound with a good 11/5 curveball. Showed an aggressive approach at plate with line drive swing.

2017 Top Prospects

Justin Cooke  - C - 2017 - Norman, OK - USA
Developing as switch hitter, but shows bat speed from both sides, good line drive swing plane from right with good contact, also popped a 1.93 with quick actions and good hands behind plate.

Devin Fontenot  - RHP - 2017 - The Woodlands, TX - USA
Good opposite field approach letting ball get deep in stance. Stays inside ball and shows bast speed. Topped at 82 on mound with a developing 11/5 curveball. Stuff on mound projects.

Kameron Levis  - RHP - 2017 - New Caney, TX - USA
High 3/4 arm slot. Smooth short arm action, curveball has depth. Fastball up to 81 with good arm side run.

Jake Taylor  - C - 2017 - Tecumseh, OK - USA
Solid swing at plate with good bat speed. Line drive swing plane and drives threw ball. One of better hitters there for any age group. Developing behind plate popping a 2.03.

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