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2020 Top Prospects

Aundruw Sweet  RHP - 2020 - Eastvale, CA

The 2020 grad showed present strength, but projects for additional strength as he continues to mature. Sweet utilized a heavy fastball on the mound that produced good run to arm side with occasional sink topping at 86 mph. The righter handed also flashed good feel for a changeup offering that produced fade to arm side. Sweet also shows good potential as a two-way prospect with present bat speed and strength at the plate. Homered to deep left field a half inning after starting on the mound.

Nicholas Day  RHP - 2020 - Arcadia, CA

Nicholas Day is a strong and projectable build on the mound from the right side. Worked in the mid 80's with the fastball and topping out at 86 MPH, tied for the lead on the event. Flashes good feel for the zone with a clean release from a three-quarter arm slot. Solid secondary options in the slider with sharpness to the lateral movement.

Magnus Dunn  OF - 2020 - Ellicott City, MD

A very strong all-around prospect on the mound. At the plate showed a strong swing creating big jump off the barrel, including a homerun during the game. Smooth actions in the outfield when working to and through the baseball with good arm strength at 87 MPH. Arm strength translated well on the mound working a heavy fastball through the zone at 84 MPH.

Erik Brown  OF - 2020 - Fresno, CA

Brown has a very projectable frame with plenty of room to continue to add strength. At the plate, the 2020 grad showed a smooth, repeatable barrel plane with naturally leverage through extension. Consistently put together tough at-bats throughout the weekend and produced sharp, hard contact to all fields.

Colby Canales  3B - 2020 - Orange, CA

The 6-foot-3 infielder displayed smooth, polished actions defensively with solid arm strength topping at 86 mph across the infield. At the plate, the Orange native generated good barrel whip through the zone with a naturally leveraged barrel plane the produced tight carry to both outfield gaps.

Nicholas Naccarato  OF - 2020 - Carlsbad, CA

The Carlsbad native posted an impressive 6.81 sixty-yard dash while topping at 86 mph from the outfield. At the plate, the 2020 grad displayed a balanced, mature approach with a fluid barrel plane. Consistently threw the barrel head to contact with intent and produced sharp line drive contact to all field.

Samuel Garcia  1B - 2020 - Wilmington, NC

A strong defender at first base, Garcia shows solid footwork working to the baseball as well as during turns and pivots around and off the bag. Creates carry across the diamond while staying accurate to the bag at 84 MPH. At the plate looks to generate lift off the barrel with jump to the pull side of the field.

Andrew Baughn  RHP - 2020 - Las Vegas, NV

The 6-foot-2 right handed displayed a naturally cutting fastball with good downhill tilt in the mid to low 80's, topped at 85 miles per hour. Baughn also showed good feel for two breaking pitches that varied in shape and depth. Showed the ability to consistently located to the bottom quadrants of the zone with all three offerings and effectively keep hitters off balance.

Ian Guthrie  C - 2020 - Austin, TX

At 190-pounds, Guthrie is a strong frame performing well at the plate during batting practice. Works contact to both gaps well with solid jump off the barrel when able to make squared contact. Creates some barrel speed through the zone and creating torque from the strong lower half. Was among the leaders with an 88 MPH exit velocity.

Amartya Eswaran-King  OF - 2020 - Washington, DC

The 2020 grad showed athletic actions all over the field defensively with the arm strength that plays both in the outfield and middle infield. Offensively, Eswaran-King utilized a compact, direct hand path to contact with a linear barrel plane. Showed the barrel control to create hard contact throughout the zone to all fields.

Kj Moo-Young  OF - 2020 - Las Vegas, NV

Moo-Young displayed athletic actions all over the field and posted a 6.84 sixty yard dash. KJ is listed as a primary outfielder, but flashed the athleticism and glove skills to play in the middle infield as well. Offensively, the 2020 grad displayed solid feel for the barrel from each side of the plate with a line drive approach.

Nathaniel Garcia  SS - 2020 - Claremont, CA

The 2020 righty isplayed good arm strength both in the field as well as on the mound. Smooth actions defensively up the middle with some twitchy movements and range in either direction. On the mound he creates sharp angle to the plate from a higher arm slot as well as occasional running life on the fastball at 84 MPH. In the box he works through rotational actions looking to create hard line drive contact to the pull side.

Alexander Marquez  OF - 2020 - West Covina, CA

Marquez is a really athletic outfielder getting through the ball well and working towards the target. At the plate showed a smooth, line drive bat path looking to get to the baseball out in front. Repeats actions well in the box. Also posted a strong 6.79 60-yard dash as well.

2021 Top Prospects

Reed Schaefer  LHP - 2021 - Las Vegas, NV

The Las Vegas native showed good feel for his fastball offering that created natural cut to glove side in the mid 80's, topped at 85 mph. Schaefer consistently repeated arm action and created good deception with a 2/7 breaking ball that flashed late depth. The 2021 grad consistently looked to attack hitters early in counts and forced weak contact.

Ethan Royal  OF - 2021 - Arroyo Grande, CA

Royal really impressed with his hitting ability against some tough pitching in games. Simple swing path on an elevated plane. Turns the barrel out in front well while producing some whip through the zone. Was featured during the game highlights with his big hits. Has a gap to gap approach looking to create elevation when squared.

2022 Top Prospects

Davis Hodges  LHP - 2022 - Kennesaw, GA

Hodges is a very athletic 6-foot-1 frame weighing in at 170-pounds. Primary lefthanded pitcher with a clean arm action in the back and running the fastball up to 78 MPH. Solid changeup with sinking life through the zone. Was also very good at the plate showing some barrel control in both batting practice as well as games.

Michael Ebner  RHP - 2022 - South Pasadena, CA

The projectable and young righthanded pitcher standing 6-foot-2, 190-pounds. Knows how to pitch and made quick work in his innings in game. Works quickly with an athletic delivery that he repeats well. Shows higher end arm speed into release able to run the fastball up to 83 MPH with more to come in the future.

Ben Lee  C - 2022 - Santa Monica, CA

The Santa Monica native displayed clean, athletic actions with good arm strength from behind the plate and in the outfield defensively. Offensively the 2022 grad shows very good bat speed throughout the zone while aggressively attacking the baseball. Repeatedly created loud, hard contact off the barrel with the ability to split each outfield gap when squared.

Travis Royal  2B - 2022 - Arroyo Grande, CA

The 2020 grad showed a balanced, fluid barrel plane through extension with natural lift. Royal stays behind the baseball well throughout his swing that allows for good strength at contact. When squared, Royal displayed the bat speed and strength to split the gaps with ease.

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