2013 Iowa Fall League

Aug 31, 2013 - Oct 06, 2013

Various Ballparks- Iowa - - -, IA 00000 Map

- Various Ballparks- Iowa
  - -, IA 00000 Map   

- North Cedar HS
  8th Street Lowden, IA 52255 Map   

- South Tama HS
  1715 Harding St. Tama, IA 52339 Map   

- Roland-Story HS
  Hillcrest Dr & Cedar St Story City, IA 50248 Map   

- Waterloo East HS
  214 High St. Waterloo, IA 50703 Map   

- Upper Iowa University
  west 7th street and mechanic st Fayette, IA 52142 Map   

- Brookside Park
  1325 6th St Ames, IA 50010 Map   

- Waterloo West HS
  425 East Ridgeway Avenue Waterloo, IA 50702 Map   

- Riverfront Stadium
  850 Park Road Waterloo, IA 50703 Map   

- Fairfax
  Church Street Fairfax, IA 52228 Map   

- Woodland Park
  N 19th Ave W & 1st St. N Newton, IA 50208 Map   

- Norway
  634 Evergreen St. Norway, IA 52318 Map   

- Washington HS
  2205 Forest Dr SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 Map   

- Xavier HS
  6300 42 St NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 Map   

Event Rosters

Scout - Black69Tyson Abbott
Instructs - Red50Jacob Adams
Iowa Select Red Tyus Adkins
Scout - Dark Green19Matt Albert
Scout - Navy19Foster Anshutz
Scout - Columbia Blue1Ty Appleget
Scout - Gold1Nolan Arp
Iowa Select Navy Alex Bagby
Instructs - Royal1Cooper Bagge
Iowa Select Navy Cole Baker
Scout - Black2Devon Ballard
Iowa Select Red Chris Balthazor
Instructs - Royal20Andrew Bandstra
Iowa Select Red Ryan Belk
Scout - Dark Green1Sam Bennett
Iowa Select Black Nick Biancalana
Instructs - Red51Zach Boelter
Scout - Cardinal19Michael Bogert
Scout - Orange19Andrew Bohn
Iowa Select Black Colan Borchers
Scout - Navy1Andrew Bower
Scout - Cardinal1Adam Bradley
Scout - Cardinal2Brandon Bradley
Scout - Orange1Brett Braida
Instructs - White1Jake Brandt
Iowa Select Red Walker Breard
Scout - Gold2Trey Bronner
Scout - Dark Green20Angus Buller
Scout - Columbia Blue2Jarod Cadena
Scout - Dark Green2James Campbell IV
Iowa Select Navy Joey Cardamon
Scout - Navy2Justin Carlyle
Instructs - Royal3Andrew Carney
Scout - Dark Green3Matt Cassady
Instructs - White2Logan Charipar
Scout - Steel1Cal Clark
Scout - Dark Green4Anthony Clifton
Scout - Steel26Marcus Colbert
Iowa Select Navy Christopher Comito Jr
Scout - Columbia Blue3Ethan Copeland
Scout - Gold3Brady Corson
Scout - Dark Green5Matthew Cox
Instructs - White3Sam Crawford
Iowa Select Navy Kyle Crowl
Scout - Orange2Brett Daley
Iowa Select Black Tanner Dallas
Scout - Orange3Troy Daly
Iowa Select Navy Zachary Daniels
Scout - Gold25Sam Danker
Scout - Navy23Nick Day
Scout - Black28Madison Dehart
Iowa Select Red Jared Deines
Scout - Black3Kevin DeLaney
Iowa Select Navy Drew Denkinger
Scout - Gold26Marquis Dew
Instructs - Red52Nate Disterhoft
Iowa Select Red Drew Doornenbal
Scout - Orange20Casey Dorhout
Scout - Navy4Drake Doud
Scout - Orange4Adam Douglas
Iowa Select Black Declan Doyle
Scout - Steel16Javin Drake
Scout - Black4Fischer Durbala
Scout - Orange5Chase Eddie
Scout - Cardinal3Clay Emhoff
Scout - Black5Emmitt Enyeart
Scout - Cardinal4Connor Essary
Iowa Select Navy Luke Farley
Scout - Steel2Jake Faur
Scout - Navy21T.J. Fetters
Iowa Select Black Jack Fitzgerald
Iowa Select Navy Matt Flummerfelt
Instructs - Red53Jarod Fogle
Instructs - Red61Connor Foley
Iowa Select Black Quinton Forrester
Scout - Navy5Colson Frakes
Instructs - White4CC Garman
Scout - Navy6Corey Gehling
Scout - Navy7Alex Good
Scout - Cardinal5Austin Goreham
Scout - Dark Green6Kelton Gourley
Scout - Cardinal6Justin Gray
Instructs - Red12Garrett Greenfield
Scout - Columbia Blue18Bo Greenlee
Iowa Select Red Garret Grove
Scout - Orange21Brody Gugat
Scout - Black8Nick Hagen
Scout - Steel3Tanner Hakert
Scout - Gold4Blake Hargens
Scout - Columbia Blue4Christopher Harrington
Iowa Select Black Luke Hassman
Scout - Navy8Daxton Hatfield
Scout - Columbia Blue19James Heine
Scout - Black10Grant Henning
Scout - Orange6Ethan Herron
Iowa Select Red Joseph Hietpas
Scout - Navy9Grant Hilbert
Scout - Cardinal20Ben Hilsenbeck
Scout - Columbia Blue5Josh Hlubek
Scout - Cardinal21Cameron Hoeg
Iowa Select Black Matt Hoffmann
Scout - Columbia Blue20Nick Hofsommer
Instructs - Royal6Jack Holtz
Instructs - White19Casey Hook
Scout - Navy10Cole Horton
Instructs - Red8Garret Hotop
Iowa Select Red Jay Hrdlicka
Scout - Gold5Spencer Hunt
Scout - Black19Logan Ikerd
Scout - Cardinal28Jackson Jacobs
Scout - Cardinal8Emmanuel Jeffery
Scout - Gold6David Jellings
Scout - Black20Ryan Jenn
Iowa Select Navy Cole Johnson
Scout - Steel11Drew Johnson
Scout - Navy11Evan Johnson
Scout - Dark Green7Alex Jones
Scout - Navy14Austin Jordison
Iowa Select Navy Grant Judkins
Scout - Orange7Kole Kampen
Iowa Select Black Mitch Keller
Instructs - Royal7Maxwell Kemp
Scout - Gold7Christian Kleve
Instructs - Red7Carter Kloubec
Instructs - White20Matthew Kopernik
Iowa Select Red Samuel Kornstad
Scout - Cardinal22Ben Larson
Scout - Steel4Lucas Larson
Scout - Columbia Blue6Trevor Larson
Scout - Black21Nathan Leisenring
Iowa Select Black Ryan Lillard
Scout - Steel28Connor Lindaman
Instructs - White7Kaleb Lochner
Scout - Columbia Blue7Eric Loeffelholz
Iowa Select Navy John Magnuson
Scout - Gold8Matthew Manning
Scout - Orange8Grant Mantell
Scout - Orange9Ben Mason
Iowa Select Navy Kace Massner
Scout - Steel5Patrick Maston
Scout - Columbia Blue8Lucas Matsuda
Scout - Cardinal23Brenden Matthias
Scout - Steel20Connor McCaffery
Iowa Select Red Mason McCarville
Instructs - Royal8Joshua McDowall
Iowa Select Black Keaton McKinney
Instructs - Royal9Nathan Meador
Scout - Dark Green8Bryce Melton
Instructs - Red19Austin Miller
Scout - Columbia Blue9Jentry Miller
Instructs - White17Maverick Miller
Instructs - Red5Ryan Miller
Instructs - White18Zach Miller
Iowa Select Black Zach Morrissey
Scout - Steel6Nicholas Mougin
Instructs - Royal10Ryan Mudge
Iowa Select Navy Alex Muhlenburg
Iowa Select Red Benjamin Nelson
Iowa Select Black Brock Neuhaus
Instructs - Royal11Alex Oleson
Scout - Steel7Brandt Ollinger
Scout - Steel23Ayodeji Olutunde
Scout - Steel18Izaya Ono-Fullard
Scout - Dark Green9Josh Osborne
Scout - Orange22Colton Patterson
Instructs - Royal12Tylor Phillips
Iowa Select Red Adam Pick
Iowa Select Navy Joey Polak
Scout - Dark Green21Tanner Poor
Scout - Columbia Blue10Kolby Reed
Instructs - Royal13Colin Reeg
Instructs - Royal32Tanner Reising
Scout - Gold9Maxwell Ridenour
Scout - Navy71Lucas Roberts
Scout - Gold10Jake Robinson
Scout - Orange10Benjamin Rodriguez
Instructs - Red6Tyler Roeder
Iowa Select Red Trent Roose
Scout - Black12Lyle Rosson
Scout - Navy72Rylan Rudd
Scout - Orange11Colby Ruiter
Scout - Cardinal9Kurtis Rupe
Iowa Select Black Cody Rutscher
Iowa Select Red Sam Schleisman
Instructs - Red4Ryan Schmalen
Instructs - Royal2Jacob Schmidt
Iowa Select Black Anthony Schneider
Instructs - White41Cameron Schroeder
Scout - Gold27Hayden Schultz
Iowa Select Black Nate Schweers
Scout - Black13Joe Scott
Scout - Orange12Jason Setterdahl
Scout - Navy73Tavan Shahidi
Iowa Select Black Toran Shahidi
Scout - Black60TJ Sikkema
Iowa Select Black Kolton Smith
Scout - Dark Green10Mitchell Smith
Scout - Cardinal10Peyton Smith
Scout - Columbia Blue21Duncan Snider
Scout - Navy22Kyle Snuttjer
Iowa Select Black J.T. Sole
Instructs - White43Drew Speth
Scout - Black61Nick Spiess
Scout - Black62Max Steffens
Scout - Gold11Caleb Stekl
Scout - Gold12Christian Stekl
Instructs - Red3Alex Stockmaster
Iowa Select Navy Austin Suhr
Scout - Dark Green11Sergei Swart
Iowa Select Navy Justin Tallman
Instructs - White44John Taylor
Scout - Dark Green12Ted Tecklenburg
Scout - Orange23Austin Titman
Scout - Columbia Blue11Matt Troendle
Scout - Dark Green13Tyler Ulfig
Scout - Steel8Spencer Van Scoyoc
Instructs - White45Bobby Vanderlind
Scout - Gold13Connor Vitzthum
Scout - Black64Tyson Williams
Scout - Columbia Blue12Eric Willis
Scout - Gold28Calvin Winker
Iowa Select Red Thomas Wisecup
Scout - Steel9Spencer Wiskus
Instructs - Red2Marcus Wittmer
Scout - Cardinal11Jarred Wood
Iowa Select Red Drew Woods
Scout - Dark Green22Derek Wrage
Scout - Steel10Ryan Wyant
Instructs - Red1Luke Zupancic

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