Showcase World Showcase
Jan 4 - 5, 2014 Terry Park - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
3-Maroon47Amiel Abreu Premium Content
9-Texas Orange18Kwanstan Adkins Premium Content
4-Orange27Blake Allen Premium Content
2-Gold18Luis Alvarado Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold18Britton Araujo Premium Content
9-Texas Orange17Alex Aristy Premium Content
5-Purple4Kyle Arjona Premium Content
4-Orange18Bryan (BJ) Armstead Premium Content
7-Steel18Michael Arroyo Premium Content
3-Maroon18Juan Avila Premium Content
8-Teal18Jaime Ayende Premium Content
2-Gold17Brandon Barnes Premium Content
4-Orange17Joe Becht Premium Content
4-Orange16Luke Belt Premium Content
3-Maroon17Arnaldo Berrios Premium Content
7-Steel1Alejandro Blanco Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold27Dominic Blanco Premium Content
5-Purple18Jesse Bogacz Premium Content
1-Black17Bobby Brennan Premium Content
7-Steel27Khevin Brewer Premium Content
2-Gold16Wesley Burge Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold17Christopher Campbell Premium Content
9-Texas Orange16Brandon Campos Premium Content
9-Texas Orange27Elijah Christenson Premium Content
8-Teal1Gerald Collazo Premium Content
3-Maroon16Felix Correa Reyes Premium Content
9-Texas Orange38Andrew De Fanti Premium Content
4-Orange15Juan De La Cruz Premium Content
4-Orange14Jacob Delk Premium Content
8-Teal17Alexis Omar Diaz Premium Content
6-Red17Isan Diaz Premium Content
5-Purple16Dominick DiBella Premium Content
4-Orange20Nkosi Djehuti-Mes Premium Content
8-Teal27Sidney Duprey Premium Content
8-Teal26Juan Javier Echevarria Premium Content
9-Texas Orange15Kristopher Elers Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold26Raylen Elzy Premium Content
1-Black79Michael Emodi Premium Content
8-Teal16Joseph Estrada Premium Content
4-Orange13Stuart Fairchild Premium Content
9-Texas Orange39John Fallon Premium Content
3-Maroon15Tyler Fiscella Premium Content
6-Red16Devon Fisher Premium Content
7-Steel17Mason Fryman Premium Content
6-Red27Austin Garcia Premium Content
2-Gold1Fernando Garcia Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold16Ivan Garcia Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold15Ruben Garcia Premium Content
5-Purple15Jonah Girand Premium Content
9-Texas Orange14Adrian Gonzalez Premium Content
7-Steel22Roberto Gonzalez Premium Content
7-Steel16Nicholas Gordon Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold14Reynaldo Guillen Jr. Premium Content
9-Texas Orange13Kyle Hansen Premium Content
5-Purple27Palance "PJ" Harris II Premium Content
3-Maroon14Tyler Hasper Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold13Austin Heinz Premium Content
5-Purple14Ray Hernandez Premium Content
8-Teal15Felix Javier Hernandez Mercado Premium Content
7-Steel15Juan Hillman Premium Content
4-Orange11Stephen Holland Premium Content
4-Orange10Dave Hollins Premium Content
1-Black15Todd Isaacs Jr Premium Content
6-Red15Alfredo Iser Premium Content
2-Gold15John Jones Premium Content
8-Teal14Nelson Jorge Pagan Premium Content
5-Purple1Derek (DJ) King Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold25Grant Klenovich Premium Content
1-Black26Sam Kraybill Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold12Brandon Laboy Premium Content
4-Orange9Clay Lane Premium Content
5-Purple13Jake Lanferman Premium Content
8-Teal13Kevin Lara Premium Content
2-Gold27Octavio Lara Jr Premium Content
7-Steel14Edwin Lebron Gonzalez Premium Content
6-Red14Zach Ledbetter Premium Content
5-Purple12Antonio Leite Premium Content
9-Texas Orange11Matt Lemmons Premium Content
4-Orange8Spencer Levine Premium Content
3-Maroon26Francisco Lopez Premium Content
2-Gold2Miguel Lopez Premium Content
5-Purple11Christian Lowry Premium Content
7-Steel13Keshawn Lynch Premium Content
3-Maroon13Christian Maldonado Diaz Premium Content
4-Orange7Samuel Martin Premium Content
1-Black13Trevor (Tj) Martin Premium Content
2-Gold26Tyler Martin Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold11Adrian Martinez Premium Content
6-Red13Anthony Martinez Premium Content
2-Gold3Jose Martinez Premium Content
5-Purple10Juan Martinez Premium Content
6-Red12Aidan McDermott Premium Content
4-Orange26Keegan McGovern Premium Content
4-Orange6Jared McKay Premium Content
9-Texas Orange24Michael Mediavilla Premium Content
9-Texas Orange10Evan Mendoza Premium Content
  Mathew Moclair Premium Content
1-Black12Harrison Moore Premium Content
7-Steel25Nicholas Moore Premium Content
5-Purple9Hector Morales Premium Content
8-Teal12Jason Morales Premium Content
8-Teal25Roy Morales Rivera Premium Content
1-Black11Anthony Munoz Premium Content
6-Red25Dane Myers Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold24Albert Neff Premium Content
1-Black10Richard Nesler, II Premium Content
3-Maroon25Isaac Nieves Premium Content
6-Red11Abel Nunez Premium Content
6-Red10Inoel Nunez Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold10Alex O'Donnell Premium Content
8-Teal11Gabriel Ojeda Premium Content
2-Gold14Kyle O'Keefe Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold9Dallas Oliver Premium Content
8-Teal10Kevin X. Ortiz Colon Premium Content
7-Steel24Nicholas Padilla Premium Content
8-Teal9Alexis Pantojas Premium Content
9-Texas Orange9Kristopher Perez Premium Content
9-Texas Orange8Jordan Perkins Premium Content
7-Steel23Tyrone Perry Premium Content
5-Purple26Steven "Zeke" Pietrzyk Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold23Zack Plunkett Premium Content
7-Steel19Jason Plyn Premium Content
2-Gold24Luis Possamai Premium Content
4-Orange5Caleb Prentiss Premium Content
2-Gold13Jose Quintana Premium Content
5-Purple25Bradley Ramon Premium Content
8-Teal8Luis Ramos Premium Content
7-Steel11Milton Ramos Premium Content
3-Maroon11Andres David Ramos Rivera Premium Content
3-Maroon10Michael Reid Premium Content
3-Maroon9William Rittenberry Premium Content
3-Maroon8Kevin Rivera Premium Content
8-Teal7Marco Rivera Premium Content
8-Teal24Michael Rivera Premium Content
3-Maroon7Amauri Rodriguez Premium Content
8-Teal23Gilberto Rodriguez Premium Content
8-Teal6Jose Antonio Rodriguez Premium Content
3-Maroon6Leo Rodriguez Premium Content
1-Black9Manny Rodriguez Premium Content
7-Steel10Nathan Rodriguez Premium Content
2-Gold12Victor Rodriguez Premium Content
6-Red9Tristan Rojas Premium Content
1-Black19Felix Roque Premium Content
2-Gold11Jon Rosoff Premium Content
7-Steel9Noah Sadler Premium Content
3-Maroon5Yordany Salva Premium Content
7-Steel8Alain Santana Premium Content
6-Red23Shelton Schimming Premium Content
5-Purple2Alberto J Schmidt Premium Content
5-Purple8Joe Shashaty Premium Content
4-Orange4Morgan Shuler Premium Content
6-Red8Nicholas Shumpert Premium Content
5-Purple7Eddie Silva Premium Content
1-Black8Chase Slone Premium Content
2-Gold10Colt Smith Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold7Bruce Steel Premium Content
9-Texas Orange23Duke Stunkel, Jr. Premium Content
9-Texas Orange2Yuri Sucart Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold8Joshua Terry Premium Content
8-Teal5Javier Torres Premium Content
1-Black24Sixto Torres Premium Content
10-Vegas Gold6Kyle Van Hoeck Premium Content
5-Purple3Ryan Vega Caballero Premium Content
7-Steel7Brandon Vicens Premium Content
3-Maroon4Carlos Villegas Premium Content
1-Black23Seth Wall Premium Content
6-Red24Robert White Premium Content
2-Gold8Kevin Williams Premium Content
2-Gold7Ronald Williams Premium Content
5-Purple5Sam Williams Premium Content
3-Maroon3Travis Wills Premium Content
2-Gold23Dash Winningham Premium Content
6-Red7Nick Wojtysiak Premium Content
1-Black7Trevor Wood Premium Content
1-Black22Devon Woodward Premium Content
2-Gold6Colton Wright Premium Content
6-Red6Justin Wylie Premium Content
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