Showcase South Underclass Showcase
Aug 9 - 11, 2013 The Ballfields at Craig Ranch - McKinney, TX  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
14-Navy57Justin Acosta Premium Content
14-Navy56Christopher Adams Premium Content
12-Kelly Green28Charlie Allbritton Premium Content
15-Orange18Cody Allen Premium Content
19-Steel29Hunter Amedee Premium Content
15-Orange17Nick Anderson Premium Content
21-Vegas Gold28Brock Anglin Premium Content
15-Orange16Bryan Arias Premium Content
19-Steel27Deron Arnold II Premium Content
19-Steel18Jonathon Artigues Premium Content
20-Tx. Orange58Tristan Babin Premium Content
12-Kelly Green18Alfonso Bafidis IV Premium Content
14-Navy55Samuel Bailey Premium Content
10-Dark Green39Jake Baker Premium Content
20-Tx. Orange57Terry Baker Premium Content
15-Orange15Taylor Barber Premium Content
15-Orange14Santana Barrera Premium Content
10-Dark Green19Bryce Bartlett Premium Content
11-Gold32Jarod Bayless Premium Content
14-Navy54Jarrod Beggiani Premium Content
18-Royal56Donald Belt Premium Content
14-Navy53Anthony Bernardez Premium Content
15-Orange13Connor Berry Premium Content
14-Navy52Preston Betz Premium Content
10-Dark Green18Tyler Bowen Premium Content
12-Kelly Green17Luke Brinkley Premium Content
20-Tx. Orange56Jordan Cannon Premium Content
15-Orange12Aaron Cardona Premium Content
19-Steel17Chris Carrillo Premium Content
10-Dark Green17Samuel Carrillo Premium Content
19-Steel16Ethan Castro Premium Content
12-Kelly Green16Michael Caveney Premium Content
13-Maroon25Chad Chepulis Premium Content
10-Dark Green16Eric Cole Premium Content
19-Steel15Justin Cooke Premium Content
13-Maroon18Ryland Cox Premium Content
14-Navy51Randy Crevier Premium Content
13-Maroon6Austin Cross Premium Content
17-Red18Colby Davenport Premium Content
11-Gold47Alec Davis Premium Content
15-Orange10Will Dawson Premium Content
18-Royal47Dillon Dinges Premium Content
9-Black17Caden Doga Premium Content
16-Purple17Antoine Duplantis Premium Content
20-Tx. Orange55Grant Eastman Premium Content
13-Maroon17Tyler Elting Premium Content
18-Royal46Trenton Farrow Premium Content
15-Orange9Jeremy Fernando Premium Content
13-Maroon16Connor Flanagan Premium Content
12-Kelly Green14Devin Fontenot Premium Content
18-Royal45Justin Franklin Premium Content
14-Navy50Braxton Fulford Premium Content
18-Royal57Grant Gardner Premium Content
20-Tx. Orange54Avery George Premium Content
10-Dark Green15Nicholas Gibson Premium Content
13-Maroon24Grant Gilmore Premium Content
12-Kelly Green13Michael Goller Premium Content
17-Red17Bradley Gouse Premium Content
10-Dark Green14Patrick Granados Premium Content
18-Royal44Gregory Greenwood Premium Content
16-Purple16Tanner Gyarmathy Premium Content
20-Tx. Orange53Thomas Halcomb Premium Content
20-Tx. Orange52Robert Hammersmith Premium Content
20-Tx. Orange51James "Matthew" Hebert Premium Content
17-Red28Curtis Hedgepath Premium Content
15-Orange8Connor Heffron Premium Content
16-Purple15Noah Heinzke Premium Content
11-Gold56Garet Helwig Premium Content
9-Black59Ty Hoecker Premium Content
17-Red16Caleb Holleman Premium Content
21-Vegas Gold47Garrett Horton Premium Content
18-Royal43Koby Hott Premium Content
21-Vegas Gold46Devin House Premium Content
11-Gold35Cameron Howard Premium Content
20-Tx. Orange45Garrett Huff Premium Content
17-Red5Dylan Hutcheson Premium Content
10-Dark Green52Kirk Hutchins Premium Content
10-Dark Green13John Paul Jackson Premium Content
11-Gold46Derek Johnson Premium Content
19-Steel52Cristian Jojola Premium Content
13-Maroon15Anthony Jones Premium Content
18-Royal42Daniel Jones Premium Content
11-Gold45Chase Keasler Premium Content
13-Maroon14Kragen Kechely Premium Content
10-Dark Green12Davis Keene Premium Content
12-Kelly Green10Shawn Kelley Premium Content
20-Tx. Orange50Eungjae Kim Premium Content
19-Steel14Ethan King Premium Content
11-Gold44Jordan Knight Premium Content
11-Gold43Grant Koch Premium Content
12-Kelly Green9Jj Kruzel Premium Content
17-Red15Caleb Kyle Premium Content
9-Black16Kyle Landers Premium Content
10-Dark Green11Shane Lang Premium Content
19-Steel13Erikson Lanning Premium Content
10-Dark Green8Jonathon Law Premium Content
18-Royal41Joey Leondike Premium Content
15-Orange7Kameron Levis Premium Content
14-Navy49Brandon Lewis Premium Content
17-Red14Micah Lloyd Premium Content
9-Black15Blake Locicero Premium Content
21-Vegas Gold43Lael Lockhart, Jr. Premium Content
15-Orange35Tanner Loeffler Premium Content
14-Navy48Jeffrey Lonnecker Premium Content
13-Maroon5Paul Lopez Premium Content
16-Purple14Sean Lopez Premium Content
21-Vegas Gold41Ross Lowe Premium Content
17-Red13Noah Mahoney Premium Content
9-Black14Jorge L Maldonado Premium Content
20-Tx. Orange48Charles Martin Premium Content
13-Maroon12Garrett Martin Premium Content
21-Vegas Gold40Jake Martin Premium Content
13-Maroon11Ricky Martinez Premium Content
19-Steel10Mason Matherne Premium Content
21-Vegas Gold29Demetrius McAtee Premium Content
16-Purple13Cutter McDonald Premium Content
9-Black13Luke McKellar Premium Content
10-Dark Green7Jake McKinnon Premium Content
15-Orange28Eric Monroe Moll Premium Content
12-Kelly Green8Patrick Mora Premium Content
18-Royal55Kyle Muller Premium Content
12-Kelly Green7Philip Nance Premium Content
17-Red12Brock Nelson Premium Content
17-Red49Michael Neustifter Premium Content
14-Navy47Noah Nicaud Premium Content
14-Navy46Marshall Nichol Premium Content
17-Red11Caylon Nichols Premium Content
21-Vegas Gold17Jackson Noakes Premium Content
18-Royal40Bennett Oberstein Premium Content
16-Purple27Obiefuna Obinwa Premium Content
13-Maroon49Garrett Oltmann Premium Content
19-Steel9Kevin Orr Premium Content
21-Vegas Gold16Malik Orr Premium Content
16-Purple12Joesph "Joey" Orsak Premium Content
11-Gold42Isaiah Ortega Premium Content
13-Maroon10Christopher Paddack Premium Content
21-Vegas Gold15Ryan Pennington Premium Content
10-Dark Green6Jake Pfeiffer Premium Content
9-Black58Tyler Pinkston Premium Content
13-Maroon9Austin Preiss Premium Content
15-Orange6Dakota Priest Premium Content
14-Navy45Zane Pritchard Premium Content
12-Kelly Green6Daniel Priwin Premium Content
21-Vegas Gold12Hayden Proctor Premium Content
17-Red10Brandon Provence Premium Content
13-Maroon8Joel Queen Premium Content
17-Red9Daniel Quintanilla Premium Content
9-Black12Caleb Ralston Premium Content
9-Black11Devon Reynolds Premium Content
19-Steel8Mason Rodriguez Premium Content
11-Gold41Jakob Romines Premium Content
12-Kelly Green5Joey Rosato Premium Content
19-Steel7Marshall Rosenberg Premium Content
16-Purple26Adrian Rubalcaba Premium Content
12-Kelly Green4Jose Saca Premium Content
16-Purple11Chris Sagrera Premium Content
11-Gold3Robert Salazar Premium Content
17-Red8Jacob Salim Premium Content
17-Red7Jordan Salim Premium Content
17-Red6Joshua Salim Premium Content
14-Navy44Jake Salinas Premium Content
18-Royal54Kyle Schnell Premium Content
21-Vegas Gold14Isaac Schueller Premium Content
9-Black10Trevor Sessions Premium Content
9-Black9Mak Sexton Premium Content
20-Tx. Orange47Zack Shepherd Premium Content
11-Gold55Braden Shields Premium Content
9-Black8Brandt Shilling Premium Content
16-Purple10Patrick Shore Premium Content
16-Purple9Noah Sifrit Premium Content
21-Vegas Gold13Ryan Simon Premium Content
16-Purple25Trey Sledge Premium Content
11-Gold54Austin Sliva-Wynne Premium Content
11-Gold34Cameron Smith Premium Content
20-Tx. Orange68Jarrett Smith Premium Content
15-Orange5Andres P. Sosa Premium Content
18-Royal39Tyler Starks Premium Content
14-Navy43Chris Stevens Premium Content
18-Royal38Bo Stewart Premium Content
18-Royal37Jake Taylor Premium Content
16-Purple8Nathan Taylor Premium Content
19-Steel5Nicholas Tepera Premium Content
20-Tx. Orange44Jeffrey Thomas Premium Content
9-Black7Kurt Thompson Premium Content
20-Tx. Orange67Drew Van Norman Premium Content
12-Kelly Green2Cameron Vega Premium Content
12-Kelly Green1Logan Vega Premium Content
16-Purple7Camron Verastegui Premium Content
16-Purple6Hunter Weems Premium Content
13-Maroon7Clay Wegner Premium Content
11-Gold39John Weichel Premium Content
14-Navy42Graham Welch Premium Content
9-Black6Graham White Premium Content
12-Kelly Green3Peyton Woble Premium Content
11-Gold37Garrett Wolforth Premium Content
11-Gold36Branson Woodward Premium Content
10-Dark Green4Garrett Wright Premium Content
18-Royal36Ian Wright Premium Content
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