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Friday, May 31st 6-8 PM

Premier Baseball of Texas
20230 Cypress Rosehill Road
Tomball, TX 77375
Scout Blogs
Sunshine South BP Highlights


Jake Scott (2020 SS, Pearland, TX): Scott projects well physically and should hit for some power as he gains strength, as he already has a good swing with clean hands, quality bat speed, and good barrel feel. 

Trace Shoup (2021 SS, El Dorado, AR): Shoup showed off some serious raw pop to the pull side in this one, peppering balls up the gap and driving one off the wall on the fly. 

Austin Boyd (2021 C, Pinehurst, TX): Boyd does a nice job of getting his hips involved and generating bat speed, working to all fields with authority and jump. 

Matthew Trow (2020 3B, Spring, TX): Trow has very good physicality and as such has advanced power, which he showed off in BP by driving the ball in the air with good carry. 

Trevor Stiles (2020 C, Houston, TX): Stiles torques well into his swing and generates very good bat speed, with solid jump and carry off the barrel when square. 

Davis Carr (2020 C, Humble, TX): Carr's swing has nice looseness and overall barrel feel to it, and he does a nice job working to all fields on a line while projecting for power. 

Jon Johnson (2020 RHP, White Hall, AR): Johnson has advanced physicality and strength and as such has very good raw power, which he showed in BP by hitting one of the few BP bombs of the event. 

Jose Vargas (2022 SS, League City, TX): Vargas showed excellent hit and power tools, really whipping the barrel around and covering the plate with authority while showing off significant pull side juice. 

Carson Queck (2022 OF, Montgomery, TX): Queck has good bat speed and showed the ability to consistently get the bat head out, showing good pop to the pull side. 

Jacob Peterson (2021 OF, The Woodlands, TX): Peterson has very good bat speed with projectable power, and did a very good job working up the pull side gap with authority.
Connor Carson (2021 SS, Bullard, TX): Carson leverages really well off of his front side and gets the ball into the air with authority, and he hit several liners off the left field wall. 

Cooper Cothran (2021 LHP, Abilene, TX): Cothan took one of the most complete rounds of the day, working firm low liners to all fields and also showing the ability to elevate pull side with good carry. 

Jackson Farley (2022 1B, League City, TX): Farley consistently barreled up the ball with authority and sprayed hard liners around, showing a good bat speed/strength combo. 

Hunter Cramer (2020 SS, Conroe, TX): Cramer employed a middle approach with a clean swing, bringing the barrel around hard and impacting the ball with authority. 

Chase Sowell (2022 OF, Humble, TX): Sowell has a loose, easy swing that does a very nice job of consistently finding the barrel, and he projects well in terms of power with added strength. 

Walker Swenson (2020 RHP, Spring, TX): Swenson's hands and hips stand out in his swing, and he did a very good job consistently working back through the middle on a firm line. 

Alec Aranda (2020 1B, Houston, TX): Aranda took a very good round, showing a smooth, easy swing that projects well and doing a nice job of working the ball up both gaps with good jump and carry. 

Rhett McCaffety (2020 LHP, Cypress, TX): McCaffety's hands work really well through the swing, getting the barrel out front on time and impacting the ball consistently on a hard line. 

Randall Carver (2020 3B, San Antonio, TX): Carver showed excellent hitting tools, both in terms of contact and power, finding the barrel with authority to all fields as well as driving it out pull side. 

Jaxon Hansen (2021 SS, Abilene, TX): Hansen has good strength to his frame and that strength shows when hitting, with a compact swing that gets the head out and can drive the ball. 

Cole Ketzner (2020 C, Magnolia, TX): Ketzner showed a very good approach, staying committed to the middle of the field with good bat speed and the ability to square up liners consistently. 

Jack Jouett (2022 RHP, San Antonio, TX): Jouett has very good strength through his body and shows it off in his swing, with good bat speed and real jump off the barrel when square. 

Michael Weidner (2021 C, Midland, TX): Weidner showed a fast bat during BP with projectable power, and he showed good feel for both contact and power. 

Christian Gantt (2021 OF, Port Allen, LA): Gantt has good strength and does a very nice job of using that strength as he leverages the ball into the air off his front side, creating very good jump off the barrel. 

Luke Smith (2021 SS, Corpus Christi, TX): Smith repeats his swing well, torquing his hips into it and generating good bat speed with jump and carry off the barrel, squaring it up consistently. 

Cooper Duennenberg (2021 OF, Kerrville, TX): Duennenberg has good hands in the swing, really getting the barrel out well and on time, squaring it up consistently on a line. 

Kaleb Hicks (2020 1B, League City, TX): Hicks has good strength through his body, and that strength shows up when he squares the ball up, driving it into the air with authority. 

Aiden Mendolia (2020 C, Fort Worth, TX): Mendolia found the barrel consistently, doing a very nice job working back through the middle and the opposite way on a line. 

Jacob Perry (2021 LHP, Fort Worth, TX): Perry gets his lower half involved and generates both good bat speed and strength at contact, consistently barreling the ball up with good jump. 

Cole Kracmer (2020 1B, Grand Prairie, TX): Kracmer consistently got the barrel out front and squared the ball up, working up both gaps with authority and consistently loud contact. 

Thatcher Habhab (2020 C, League City, TX): Habhab took a very consistent round, driving the ball back through the middle on a line and really getting the barrel out front well. 

Hunter Ponson (2021 RHP, Baton Rouge, LA): Ponson generates whippy bat speed with projectable strength, doing a nice job of squaring the ball up consistently.

Luis Martinez (2021 C, Pearland, TX): Martinez showed a smooth, compact stroke with quality bat speed that often resulted in quality, line drive contact. 

Jacob Davis (2020 OF, Spring, TX): Davis has a smooth stroke that extends well through contact with high-quality bat speed and strength, doing a nice job of driving the ball into the air consistently. 

Brennan Holt (2021 SS, Baton Rouge, LA): Holt's hands work really well in his swing and he does an excellent job getting the barrel out front and impacting the ball, driving it on a line. 

Nicholas Mota (2020 1B, Richmond, TX): Mota showed a strong, physical swing with a pull-side approach, getting his hips involved and driving the ball with authority. 

Bryce Jewell (2021 SS, Bullard, TX): Jewell has a projectable, easy swing with plenty of bat speed, squaring up the ball consistently on a line and projecting well in terms of power as well. 

Tucker Simpson (2020 1B, Montgomery, TX): Simpson shifts his weight well and generates quality bat speed with smooth hands, and he did a nice job working to all fields on a line. 

Jalon Mack (2020 SS, Dallas, TX): Mack swings it from both sides and showed well on either side, especially from the right side, where he showed off whippy bat speed with serious strength at impact, driving the ball all over the ballpark. 

Top 60 times


Name 60 Grad School Hometown
Beau Windebank 6.42 2020 Byron Nelson Trophy Club, TX
Ethan Roberts 6.50 2020 Strong Rock Christian School McDonough, GA
Kyle Ford 6.54 2021 George Ranch Sugar Land, TX
Max Mims 6.58 2020 Friendswood Friendswood, TX
Cyrus Twaddle 6.59 2020 Lamar Houston, TX
KJ Merriweather 6.60 2020 Joe T. Robinson Alexander, AR
Clayton Broeder 6.65 2020 Pearland Pearland, TX
Carson Winkler 6.67 2020 Concordia Lutheran Magnolia, TX
Holden Rook 6.70 2022 College Park The Woodlands, TX
William Lee 6.71 2020 Klein Spring, TX
Ryan Erikson 6.72 2020 The Kinkaid Houston, TX
Adam Parker 6.72 2020 Alamo Heights San Antonio, TX
Caleb Chappelle 6.73 2020 The Woodlands Christian Academy Tomball, TX
Cooper Duennenberg 6.73 2021 Tivy Kerrville, TX
Cullan King 6.73 2020 Mansfield Summit Arlington, TX
Aaron Calhoun 6.74 2021 Clear Brook Pearland, TX
Sammy Kindred 6.75 2019 Aledo Fort Worth, TX
Brennan Holt 6.76 2021 Parkview Baptist Baton Rouge, LA
Callum Burton 6.77 2020 The John Cooper Spring, TX
Stanley Tucker 6.77 2020 Lamar Cons Richmond, TX
Kenny Harris Jr. 6.78 2020 West Brook Beaumont, TX
Reid Ricard 6.78 2020 Mansfield Summit Arlington, TX
Dalton Carnes 6.79 2022 College Station College Station, TX
Jose Vargas 6.79 2022 Clear Springs League City, TX
Jack Hardgrove 6.80 2020 All Saints Episcopal Fort Worth, TX
Grant McPherson 6.81 2020 Tomball Memorial Tomball, TX
Carson Zahn 6.81 2022 Memorial Houston, TX
Harrison Hess 6.82 2020 Midlothian Heritage Midlothian, TX
Grayson Kim 6.82 2022 Second Baptist Houston, TX
Trace Shoup 6.84 2021 Parkers Chapel El Dorado, AR
Hunter Cramer 6.85 2020 Oak Ridge Conroe, TX
Bryce Jewell 6.85 2021 Bullard Bullard, TX
Blaine Dunn 6.86 2021 Magnolia Magnolia, TX
Lawson Knight 6.86 2021 Round Rock Round Rock, TX
Jonathan Sisk 6.86 2021 The Woodlands College Park Conroe, TX
Jaxon Hansen 6.87 2021 Wylie Abilene, TX
Rhett McCaffety 6.87 2020 Cy-Fair Cypress, TX
Michael Perales 6.87 2020 Taft San Antonio, TX
Hixson Street 6.87 2020 Sterlington Monroe, LA
Dominic Vicencio 6.87 2020 Bel Air El Paso, TX
Easton Hernandez 6.88 2020 Odessa Odessa, TX
Tyran Norris 6.88 2020 Home School Pearland, TX
Jaden Adams 6.90 2020 George Ranch Richmond, TX
Sergio Alarcon 6.90 2020 Strake Jesuit College Prep Houston, TX
Jacob Davis 6.90 2020 Klein Spring, TX
Hunter Smith 6.90 2020 Klein Oak Spring, TX
Kaden deBerardinis 6.93 2020 Oak Ridge Conroe, TX
Connor Carson 6.95 2021 Bullard Bullard, TX
Jacob Odom 6.95 2020 Anna Anna, TX
Luke Smith 6.96 2021 Calallen Corpus Christi, TX
Cameron Upchurch 6.97 2020 Hebron The Colony, TX
Gage Bane 6.98 2020 Southwest Christian Aledo, TX
Jacob Peterson 6.98 2021 The John Cooper The Woodlands, TX
Jorge Cuevas 6.99 2020 Coronado El Paso, TX
Devin McComas 6.99 2022 Clear Lake Houston, TX
Connor Fulbright 7.00 2021 Cypress Ranch Cypress, TX
Connor Lee 7.00 2021 Pearland Dawson Manvel, TX

2-Columbia Blue vs. 4-Gray Highlights


Callum Burton (2020 SS, Spring, TX): Burton showed very good barrel skills in this one, collecting three knocks including a triple. He plays the game very hard and his competitiveness stands out. 

Carson Queck (2022 OF, Montgomery, TX): Queck has a lot of strength in his frame and arm strength as well, running his fastball into the mid-80's with sink, topping at 86 mph. He also showed feel for a curveball. 

Samuel Lefcourt (2020 LHP, Keller, TX): Lefcourt was excellent on the mound, with very good deception through his delivery and the ability to throw any pitch for a strike. He worked 75-78 mph with his fastball with a good curveball. 

Luke Thompson (2020 LHP, Cypress, TX): Thompson showed good bat speed as well as the ability to generate leverage off of his front side, picking up his team's only extra base hit with a double. 

Marco Martinez (2020 LHP, Brownsville, TX): Martinez impressed in his time on the mound, with a simple delivery and easy arm stroke that produced fastballs up to 83 mph with a good curveball. He struck out 4 and walked none. 

Game Highlights: 6-Maroon vs. 7-Navy


Judah Gallups (2021 C, Huntington, TX) spun on an inner half fastball and drilled a home run in the fifth inning. He also showed a lot of toughness and really competed on the field.

Jorge Cuevas (2020 SS, El Paso, TX) swung the bat well and made hard contact, ending the game with a double and a single. He is a good runner with lift in his swing.

Roy Carlson (2020 C, Florence, TX) also had two hits for the Navy team, finding the barrel and showing pop in his swing.

Hernan Zamora (2020 SS, Red Oak, TX) has a short stroke and makes good contact, barreling a double to left and also hitting a single in the seventh inning. 

Cooper Cothran (2021 LHP, Abilene, TX) struck out six in three innings of work, allowing only one hit and no earned runs. He is a strike-thrower that mixed pitches well and has arm-side run on his fastball.

Hunter Cramer (2020 SS, Conroe, TX) hit a double and showed good athleticism at shortstop, making strong plays and covering a lot of range.

Braydon Gonzales (2020 LHP, Silsbee, TX) hit the ball hard in all three of his at bats, lining out the the third baseman and hitting a double and a single. He barrels the ball well and also stole a base.

Game Highlights 19-Red vs 18-Purple


Bryce Jewell (2021 SS, Bullard, TX) is an aggressive player with athletic ability who attacks balls early in the count and plays hard. Solid runner who turned in a 2-for-4 day at the plate with a RBI-double and a run scored.

Weston Blanchard (2020 LHP, Fulshear, TX) shows the ability to stay within himself and handle the bat well, especially to the opposite field. Turned in a 3-for-4 day at the plate with a pair of RBI.

Michael Kaden Reep (2021 RHP, Huntington, TX) made a full extended diving play in the field and also collected a pair of singles in a 2-for-3 game at the plate. He plays aggressively and is a solid runner.

Jack Murphy (2020 SS, Austin, TX) turned in a 2-for-3 day at the plate, including a RBI-double and a run scored. Shows solid gap-to-gap approach with some present strength levels.

Perry Kyles (2021 OF, Tomball, TX) collected three hits and a RBI, in three trips to the plate and scored a couple of runs. Presently lean and athletic and a solid runner, Kyles can handle the bat and will execute the short game as well.

JJ Rickert (2022 RHP, Mansfield, TX) worked two innings on the mound and collected a pair of strikeouts. Showed the ability to tunnel two pitches and was not afraid to pitch inside.

9-Purple vs. 12-White Game Highlights


Jonathan Isbell (2020 RHP, Spring, TX) showed off the barrel skills and bat speed to barrel multiple balls to the pull side and that included a double. 

Harrison Hess (2020 1B, Midlothian, TX) has a loose, easy delivery with a quick arm and a fastball up to 89 mph. He mixed in a firm slider and also showed a cutter in the low-80s. 

Jaxon Hansen (2021 SS, Abilene, TX) worked up to 83 mph and struck out six over two hitless innings. He has good feel for a changeup while also mixing in a sweeping breaking ball. 

Joseph Pantoya (2020 C, Lubbock, TX) uses a whole fields approach with good hand eye coordination as he manipulates the barrel and collected two hits. 

Cooper Duennenberg (2021 OF, Kerrville, TX)is an athletic prospect who's speed plays a big role in his game. He swings hard and turned in a performance with multiple hits in game. 

EJ Alanis (2019 3B, Edinburg, TX) made a really nice defensive play with a diving catch to his left while getting up to fire at third base. He collected two hits including a double off the right field wall. 

William Lee (2020 OF, Spring, TX) collected two singles with a short, smooth stroke from the left side. There's good present bat speed, a feel to hit, and good speed. 

10-Red vs. 11-Royal


Jack Jouett (2022 RHP, San Antonio, TX) collected three hits with a loose easy swing. He has a calm approach in the game and showed off the raw power with a double off the left field wall. 

Cameron Upchurch (2020 OF, The Colony, TX) showed big raw power with two home runs in game action today. He has excellent raw power with big juice to pull. 

Colin Lovelace (2021 RHP, Spring, TX) turned in a couple of hits with a compact swing and a good approach. One of the hits was a hustle double with good speed out of the box and burst. 

Nolan Newcomb (2022 LHP, The Woodlands, TX) has long limbs with a short arm stroke and an over the top arm slot. Fastball has some run while the curveball has 12/6 shape and he was effective at mixing speeds. 

Michael Weidner (2021 C, Midland, TX) generates good bat speed and is a pretty good athlete as well. He hustled around the bases as he hit a triple to right field. 

Kyler Kaminski (2022 SS, Burleson, TX) has a quick stroke at the plate and collected multiple hits in game showing off the contact skills. 

Game Highlights: 17-Orange vs. 20-Gray


Zachary Zapata (2020 3B, Cypress, TX) had two hits on the day for the Gray team, hitting the ball hard and also showing aggressiveness on the bases.

Sergio Alarcon (2020 OF, Houston, TX) showed good defensive tools, covering a lot of ground and making a nice sliding catch in right field.

Blaze Manley (2020 RHP, Lewisville, TX) worked up to 85 MPH on the mound from a tall and lanky frame. He has a 3/4 arm slot, spotting his fastball around the zone, and creating good arm side run on his fastball.

Antonio Torres (2022 MIF, El Paso, TX) is a young prospect and he swung the bat well, hitting a deep double to left field.

Game Highlights: 13-Gray vs. 15-Maroon


Garrett Ziegler (2020 OF, Houston, TX) impressed at the plate with three hits, including a double down the left field line. Ziegler has quick hands, he recognizes pitches well, and he is aggressive on the bases.

Cyrus Shahrdar (2021 RHP, Shreveport, LA) has two hits in the game, including a double in his first at-bat. Shahrdar barreled up the curveball and made consistent, hard contact.

Jacob Evangelista (2020 SS, Spring, TX) hit a double to right center field and also showed a plus arm from the outfield.

Kenneth Espinoza (2021 3B, Tomball, TX) showed potential with the bat and quick wrists, hitting a double to the left center gap and finding the barrel.

Andy Leon (2021 SS, Richmond, TX) had a perfect day at the plate, going 3 for 3 with a double. Leon showed the ability to turn on the fastball and also drive the ball to the opposite field gap.

Sergio Guerra (2021 C, San Diego, TX) and Daegan Covington (2020 RHP, Taylor, AR) both hit triples in the game, showing some pop in the bat and speed on the bases.

14-Green vs. 16-Navy Highlights


Braden Gill (2020 MIF, Bulverde, TX) showed good speed and instincts as he turned a hard hit ball into a hustle double. He added a stolen base and his athleticism aids his game all over the diamond. 

Cole Kracmer (2020 1B, Grand Prairie, TX) has a strong swing with a short load and excellent power. He crushed a ball a long way for a double and the ball jumps off the barrel as he collected two doubles on the day. 

Cole Kracmer (2020 1B, Grand Prairie, TX) has a pull side approach as he's able to create natural leverage and lift as he did with a hard hit double. 

Caleb Chappelle (2020 OF, Tomball, TX) did a lot of things well in game with good speed and athleticism highlighted by a diving catch. He handles the barrel nicely and is able to use the field and recorded a double and a single. 

Josh Karr (2020 3B, Wills Point, TX) has an open, relaxed stance and is able to get his strong wrists inside the baseball to create excellent strength to pull which he showed with a double in the game. 

Hunter Ponson (2021 RHP, Baton Rouge, LA) has loose, easy hands throughout his swing and that allows him to create easy line drive contact as he showed with a single and a double during game action. 

Game Highlights: 3-Gold vs. 1-Black


Stanley Tucker (2020 SS, Richmond, TX) had quite the impressive game for the Gold team, showing off his great athleticism and baseball instincts. At the plate, Tucker blasted a home run deep to left field, jumping on a first pitch fastball and showing bat speed/quick wrists. In the field, Tucker covered a lot of ground in center and made a great diving catch, and on the mound, he dominated while running his fastball up to 81 MPH.

Tyler Henry (2021 RHP, Carrollton, TX) struck out four in three innings of work, only allowing two hits and one earned run. His fastball was up to 81 MPH and his curveball was at 69 MPH. Henry's arm works well and the ball comes out of his hand clean, projecting for more velocity as he grows and adds strength.

Adam Atwell (2022 2B, League City, TX) showed power to the opposite field and hit the ball hard multiple times. He finished the game with two hits, including a double.

Norberto Brito IV (2020 IF, Odessa, TX) also had two hits and a double, while also working his fastball up to 80 MPH on the mound.

Quaid Tschetter (2021 C, Roanoke, TX) has good athleticism and speed with an up the middle approach. He has a short swing and stays balanced at the plate.

Game Highlights: 5-Green vs. 8-Orange


Tanner Chelette (2022 C, Spring, TX) showed his smooth and easy mechanics, running the fastball up to 83 MPH with a low effort delivery. Chelette creates arm side run on his fastball and has a long, extended finish. Chelette also had an RBI double at the plate.

Bennett Voorhies (2020 OF, San Antonio, TX) has plus power with a short and simple swing. His hands work well and he had two hits in the game, including a double.

Cullan King (2020 OF, Arlington, TX) had two hits for the Green Team. He also showed great speed and good instincts on the bases, stealing second base both times he reached.

Max Mims (2020 OF, Friendswood, TX) also had two hits in the game, showing a short and strong swing with the ability to hit the ball to all fields.

Top Exit Velocities


Pocket Radar Exit Velo

Name Exit Velo Grad School Hometown
Beckett Vine 96 2020 St. John's Houston, TX
Easton Hernandez 95 2020 Odessa Odessa, TX
Shane Martin 95 2021 Grand Oaks Spring, TX
Harrison Hess 94 2020 Midlothian Heritage Midlothian, TX
Cole Ketzner 94 2020 Magnolia Magnolia, TX
Hunter Cramer 93 2020 Oak Ridge Conroe, TX
Sammy Kindred 93 2019 Aledo Fort Worth, TX
Carson Queck 93 2022 The Woodlands Christian Academy Montgomery, TX
Cyrus Twaddle 93 2020 Lamar Houston, TX
EJ Alanis 92 2019 Edinburg Edinburg, TX
Alec Aranda 92 2020 Cy-Fair Houston, TX
Logan Hamm 92 2020 Bridge City Orange, TX
Josh Karr 92 2020 Wills Point Wills Point, TX
William Lee 92 2020 Klein Spring, TX
Hunter Smith 92 2020 Klein Oak Spring, TX
Luke Smith 92 2021 Calallen Corpus Christi, TX
Riggs Barrett 91 2020 Calallen Corpus Christi, TX
Tanner Chelette 91 2022 Homeschool Spring, TX
Luis Cintron 91 2020 Burges El Paso, TX
Jaxon Hansen 91 2021 Wylie Abilene, TX
Thomas Larson 91 2021 Kingwood Kingwood, TX
Jaden Adams 90 2020 George Ranch Richmond, TX
Randall Carver 90 2020 Smithson Valley San Antonio, TX
Ryan Feddersen 90 2020 Wakeland Frisco, TX
Nicholas Franco 90 2022 Langham Creek Houston, TX
Jon Johnson 90 2020 White Hall White Hall, AR
Dylan Kim 90 2020 Second Baptist Houston, TX
KJ Merriweather 90 2020 Joe T. Robinson Alexander, AR
Max Mims 90 2020 Friendswood Friendswood, TX
Tyran Norris 90 2020 Home School Pearland, TX
Jacob Peterson 90 2021 The John Cooper The Woodlands, TX
Skyler Roberts 90 2020 Gautier Gautier, MS
Nick Sharp