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To make a schedule request please email with the following information: Team Name, Coach Name, Tournament Name, Age & Division, Phone Number, Email Address, Sport - (Baseball or Fastpitch), Specific Request - (eg. “My team can’t play on Friday night”, or “We would like to request game times after 1pm on Saturday”). Only schedule requests sent by email will be considered.

All requests will be reviewed but no schedule request is guaranteed.  The deadline to submit requests is the registration/payment deadline for the tournament.

Registration Deadline: 2/1/2023
5 games guaranteed
weather permitting
Grade 6 or younger OR born on or after Dec 31, 2009
Metal/Composite Bat
Bat Restrictions
Coolers Not Allowed
Entry Fee
695 USD  
Gate Fee (plus tax where applicable)
Team Gate Fee: 300 USD (Per Team)
Individual gate fee will not be collected at this event
At this time DiamondKast is not scheduled for this event.
For more information regards to this event, please contact:
PG Midwest - Softball
Fastpitch Tournament - Frequently Asked Questions
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