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Friday, November 01, 2002

142 pitchers 90 mph or better in Jupiter Final total and new record!

Perfect Game Staff        
Last year, 2001, the Perfect Game/Baseball America World Championship in Jupiter Florida had over 90 pitchers who touched 90 mph or better. That was the unofficial record of most 90 mph pitchers at any one event. The record lasted exactly one year as the 2002 tournament in Jupiter produced 142 pitchers who touched 90 mph or better. The pitchers listed below are from 30 different states plus Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Florida led the way with 32 pitchers who touched 90 or better. Texas had 26 pitchers and California 14. Georgia has 11 pitchers on the list. Alabama. Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Puerto Rico and the Dominican all have three or more on the list. Several other states had two pitchers on the 90+ list. 87 pitchers were clocked at 91 mph or better. The break down is as follows. One pitcher, Jared Hughes was clocked at 96 mph, two were gunned at 95 mph, 7 hit 94 mph, 5 touched 93 mph, 20 at 92 mph, 44 at 91 mph and 54 pitchers were gunned at 90 mph. Listed below are the pitchers who threw 90 or better at Jupiter. Several others who are not listed, we have seen throw 90 or better, but for whatever reason they did not touch 90 in Jupiter. A few others did not pitch in Jupiter, for example, Chris Worster (Yellow Jackets) threw 93 several times a few weeks earlier at the qualifier in Ft Myers. Worster did play and was a key hitter for the third place Yellow Jackets. There were another 100 or more pitchers in Jupiter that topped out between 86-89. The new record may stand for quite awhile, but that's what we thought last year.

Please Note: We have heard from college coaches regarding pitchers they got at 90 or better. Please understand that the pitchers listed are all based on our scouts radar readings. It is possible that others may have thrown 90 or better on other guns, but we can only report what we see with our own eyes. Most all our scouts use Stalkers, but we do use a few Jugs as well. We have found the Jugs sometimes reads the same, sometimes a little, (1-2 mph) higher. The highest readings were all confirmed with the Stalker gun. Remember, we are not necessarily claiming that this list contains all the top pitching prospects. We realize there is much more than velocity involved in making a pitcher a top prospect. We know of several pitchers, who did not touch 90 in Jupiter, that are top pitching prospects. Note: If anyone is aware of a pitcher we missed on this list please contact us and we will be happy to check our charts again. Phone: 319-298-2923 or email

*Peak velocity is listed, size is unofficial and as reported on roster.

MPH Name ? Ht/Wt Team Home State
96 Jared Hughes RHP 6'6/220 Baseball America California
95 Xavier Paul RHP 6'0/200 ABD Bulldogs Louisiana
95 Jay Sborz RHP 6'4/220 All Star Baseball Virginia
94 Tyler Kersten (04) RHP 6'4/225 Houston Heat Texas
94 Nick Adenhart (04) RHP 6'3/180 All Star Baseball Maryland
94 Javi Guerra (04) RHP 6'2/170 Louisiana D'Rays Texas
94 Chad Billingsley RHP 6'2/190 Team Florida USA Ohio
94 Brad Lincoln RHP 6'0/185 Kyle Chapman Texas
94 Brad Depoy RHP 6'1/195 Houston Heat Texas
94 Adam Miller RHP 6'0/180 PG Green Iowa
93 Jeff Allison RHP 6'2/195 Baseball America Massachusetts
93 Homer Bailey (04) RHP 6'4/180 Team Florida USA Texas
93 Doug Frame LHP 6'1/205 Houston Heat Texas
93 Brian Chambers RHP 6'2/190 Florida Crush Florida
93 Adam Hale RHP 6'4/195 Bellaire Texas
92 Trip Mealer RHP 6'4/240 East Cobb Braves Georgia
92 Ryan Marion RHP 6'2/185 On Deck Baseball North Carolina
92 Ryan Harvey RHP 6'5/192 Tampa Tornadoes Florida
92 Robbie Wooley RHP 6'1/185 Midland Indiana
92 Mike Rozier (04) LHP 6'5/200 Ohio Warhawks Georgia
92 Michael Rogers LHP 6'0/170 ABD Bulldogs Oklahoma
92 Matt Bush (04) RHP 6'0/170 Baseball America California
92 Lee Land RHP 6'3/210 Midland North Carolina
92 Josh Copeland (04) RHP 6'1/195 Ohio Warhawks Georgia
92 John Danks LHP 6'2/175 Austin Baseball Club Texas
92 Ian Kennedy RHP 6'1/180 Team Florida USA California
92 Gabriel Sosa LHP 5'10/175 Team Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
92 Eric Cordier (04) RHP 6'3/215 Wisconsin Blazers Wisconsin
92 Daryl Maday RHP 6'3/210 Hitters Wisconsin
92 Claudio Rodriguez RHP 6'5/215 PG Black Dominican
92 Chris Perez RHP 6'5/225 Baseball America Florida
92 Chris Nelson (04) RHP 5'11/175 East Cobb Astros Georgia
92 Bryant Beaver RHP 6'1/195 Ohio Warhawks Oklahoma
92 Anthony Whittington LHP 6'5/215 Baseball America West Virginia
92 Andy Beal (04) RHP 6'0/190 South Bay Sharks California
91 Zech Zinicola RHP 6'2/220 ABD Bulldogs California
91 Troy Grundy (04) RHP 6'1/175 Ohio Warhawks Utah
91 Trevor Plouffe (04) RHP 6'1/165 Baseball America California
91 Tony Portugal RHP 6'2/200 South Florida Bandits Florida
91 Tim Ladd (04) LHP 5'11/165 East Cobb Astros Georgia
91 Tim Battle RHP 6'1/185 PG Navy Georgia
91 Stuart Pomerantz RHP 6'7/218 Dulins Dodgers Tennessee
91 Sergio Perez RHP 6'2/220 Florida Crush Florida
91 Scott Maine LHP 6'3/170 Yellow Jackets Florida
91 Russ Warthen RHP 6'0/195 California Blaze Nevada
91 Raudel Alfonso (04) RHP 6'2/200 Powerhouse Florida
91 Quenton Andes RHP 6'2/185 Baseball America New Mexico
91 PJ Zocchi RHP 5'11/185 Bayside Yankees New York
91 Phillip Utley RHP 6'3/235 Dulins Dodgers Tennessee
91 Paul Fagan RHP 6'5/210 PG White Florida
91 Nolan Mulligan RHP 6'5/180 PG Navy Florida
91 Michael Wagner LHP 6'5/215 Tampa Tornadoes Florida
91 Matt Nachreiner RHP 6'2/175 Austin Baseball Club Texas
91 Matt Lea (05) RHP 6'4/205 Dulins Dodgers Tennessee
91 Kevin Nabors RHP 6'3/210 PG Navy Alabama
91 Kenn Kasparek (04) RHP 6'9/205 Houston Heat Texas
91 Josh Rainwater RHP 6'2/225 Louisiana D'Rays Louisiana
91 Jonathan Pannell RHP 6'1/170 PG Navy Virginia
91 Jonathan Castillo RHP 6'0/190 PG Black New York
91 Johnathan Ramos RHP 6'3/175 Team Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
91 John Smolenski RHP 6'2/185 PG Red Pennsylvania
91 Jo Jo Gutierrez RHP 6'3/245 PG Royal Florida
91 Jim West RHP 6'2/185 California Blaze Arizona
91 Jesse Naber RHP 6'1/185 South Florida Titans Florida
91 Jeffery McCollum RHP 6'2/195 Dulins Dodgers Tennessee
91 Jay Rainville (04) RHP 6'3/210 East Cobb Astros New Hampshire
91 Jacob Stevens LHP 6'3/215 Ohio Warhawks Florida
91 Doug Denson RHP 6'1/175 Bama Bombers Alabama
91 Donald Veal LHP 6'3/195 Ohio Warhawks Arizona
91 Daniel Bard RHP 6'3/180 On Deck Baseball North Carolina
91 Cory Van Allen LHP 6'3/180 Kyle Chapman Texas
91 Chuck Lofgren (04) LHP 6'3/190 California Blaze California
91 Chase Christianson RHP 6'4/200 Bama Bombers Alabama
91 Charles Benoit LHP 6'2/220 Dallas Mustangs Texas
91 Brian Futral (04) RHP 6'4/180 Ohio Warhawks Georgia
91 Billy Muldowney RHP 6'1/185 All Star Baseball Pennsylvania
91 Billy Konecny RHP 6'3/190 All Atar Baseball Pennsylvania
91 Asher Demme RHP 6'2/195 Team Florida USA Virginia
91 Andy Gale (04) RHP 6'5/205 Top 96 New Hampshire
91 Adam Jones RHP 6'1/180 California Blaze California
90 Yuri Higgins RHP 5'9/180 Florida Crush Florida
90 William Blackman LHP 6'6/200 Arlington A's Texas
90 Will Romanowitz (04) RHP 6'0/165 PG Red Pennsylvania
90 Will Joestock (04) RHP 6'5/180 Midland Michigan
90 Wes Yeary RHP 6'1/185 Tallahassee Titans Florida
90 Vinnie Pestano RHP 6'1/200 PG Royal California
90 Tyler Eddy RHP 6'2/185 Bama Bombers Alabama
90 Tyler Clippard RHP 6'4/170 Florida Crush Florida
90 Travis Schlichting RHP 6'3/175 Austin Baseball Club Texas
90 Travis High (04) RHP 6'2/170 PG Kelly North Carolina
90 Taylor Bennett RHP 6'3/215 Dulins Dodgers Tennessee
90 Steven Wright RHP 6'2/200 ABD Bulldogs California
90 Stephen Byrd RHP 6'2/200 Central Florida Renegades Florida
90 Ryan Zink RHP 6'4/200 Wisconsin Blazers Wisconsin
90 Ryan Turner LHP 6'2/170 Ohio Warhawks Georgia
90 Ryan Sweeney LHP 6'5/185 Baseball America Iowa
90 Ryan Schwartz (04) RHP 6'2/185 East Cobb Astros Georgia
90 Ricky Hargrove (04) RHP 6'0/165 Team Florida USA Texas
90 Reidier Gonzalez RHP 6'1/175 PG Royal Florida
90 Nick Loden (05) RHP 6'3/175 Florida Crush Florida
90 Mike Flye RHP n/a Impact Baseball North Carolina
90 Mike Crotta RHP 6'6/205 Yellow Jackets Florida
90 Miers Quigley (05) LHP 6'3/190 East Cobb Astros Georgia
90 Matthew Pike RHP 6'6/190 Colorado Scout Team Colorado
90 Matt Piatt RHP 6'4/210 PG Green Indiana
90 Matt Leva RHP 5'10/170 Houston Heat Texas
90 Luis Atilano RHP 6'3/170 Team Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
90 Kyle Muschara RHP 6'2/190 East Cobb Braves Georgia
90 Kyle McCulloch RHP 6'2/170 Bellaire Texas
90 Kevin Marrie RHP 6'5/200 All Star Baseball Maryland
90 Kerr Foster RHP 6'5/216 Kyle Chapman Texas
90 Kyle Perry RHP 6'1/175 Kyle Chapman Texas
90 Justin Valdes RHP 6'1/160 Midland Florida
90 Josh Wells (04) RHP 5'11/180 Columbia Angels Texas
90 Josh Butler RHP 6'4/195 ABD Bulldogs California
90 Sandino Santana RHP 6'3/175 PG Black Dominican
90 JJ Whetzel RHP 6'0/180 Tallahassee Titans Florida
90 Jason Kiley RHP 6'4/210 Pinellas Phillies Florida
90 Jason Corder (04) RHP 6'2/185 Baseball America California
90 Jack Harris RHP 5'11/175 SW Stars Texas
90 Eric Spivey RHP 6'5/180 PG White Florida
90 Eric Grabowski RHP 6'2/185 East Coast Pirates Massachusetts
90 Eric Forestiere RHP 6'0/180 PG Gold Arkansas
90 Dylan Gonzalez RHP 6'3/175 Team Florida USA Florida
90 Drew Matheson RHP 6'1/200 PG Maroon Florida
90 Drew Bishop (04) RHP 6'0/175 Dallas Tigers Texas
90 Donald Jordat (04) RHP 6'2/185 PG Royal Florida
90 Derik Olvey RHP 6'4/210 Bama Bombers Alabama
90 Derek Abriola RHP 6'2/195 East Florida Scout Team Florida
90 David Kopp (04) RHP 6'3/185 South Florida Titans Florida
90 Daniel Albritton RHP n/a South Florida Bandits Florida
90 Corey Kluber (04) RHP 6'4/200 Dallas Tigers Texas
90 Chase Perry RHP 6'5/210 Dallas Mustangs Texas
90 Casey Springer RHP 6'2/215 Kyle Chapman Texas
90 Brooks Walling (04) RHP 6'5/215 PG Royal California
90 Brandon Strickland RHP 6'0/220 Louisiana D'Rays Louisiana
90 Brad Hocking (04) RHP 6'3/190 East Cobb Braves South Carolina
90 Brad Furnish LHP 6'2/160 Dallas Tigers Texas
90 Austin Redwine RHP 6'5/205 Impact Baseball North Carolina
90 Andrew Knox RHP 6'4/185 Ohio Warhawks Florida
90 Adam Leduc RHP 6'1/195 College Select Motreal, CAN
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