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Saturday, August 10, 2002

East Coast Professional Showcase - Top Prospects

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Top 50 Prospects Plus
Name Ht. Grad. Year Pos. High School City, St.
1. Ryan Harvey 6'5 2003 OF Dunedin HS Palm Harbor, FL
Harvey was the top player and top prospect at the event. He showed 5 tools at least average and a few very deep into the plus category. His bat-speed was the fastest in the event and he showed plus wood power in BP and in the games. He ran a 6.75 that translates even better in the outfield because of his outstanding instincts, good first step and efficient routes. His arm showed as the strongest in the showcase, a definite plus and the carry on his ball is extremely good. In fact, the ball never touched a blade of grass in the throwing portion of the skills from deep right field to 3B or to home. He was pitched away early and made adjustments to it quickly with an opposite field HR in his first AB. His body is a plus with a lean strong frame and a high ceiling. His power potential is off the charts. On the mound he pitched a couple innings at 89-91 with a good arm action and a good change-up but we don't come across outfielders with these kinds of tools very often and we think he is a high draft pick as an outfielder.
2. Andrew Miller 6'6 2003 LHP Buchholz HS Gainesville, FL
Miller is a 6' 6" Left-hander with an easy arm and 3 pitches. He showed command of his 89-92 mph fastball and 77-79 mph curveball that he buried on right handed batters. He also showed a very good 84 mph change-up with good arm speed and sink. From the stretch he still showed 88-91 mph velocity and maintained his effectiveness. His frame is slender and lean with a lot of room for growth and development. He worked his way out of a bases loaded situation using all 3 pitches in all counts and we like the way he projects for the future.
3. Jonathan Fulton 6'4 2003 SS G.Washington HS Danville, VA
Fulton was the top infielder in Wilmington. At 6'4 and 195 pounds he has a plus athletic body with professional athlete caliber control of it. His arm is a plus and he throws with good velocity and accuracy from whatever angle suits the situation best. He plays the game at an easy level and has soft hands and quick feet. His bat-speed is good and he showed gap to gap power with a level bat and good overall swing. He ran a 6.72, showed his speed on the bases with a gap triple and was hard pressed to see good pitches after the first day. Fulton is one of the top shortstops in the country and looked the part in the East Coast Professional showcase.
4. Daniel Bard 6'4 2003 RHP Charlotte Christian Charlotte, NC
Bard is a 6'4 right-hander that comes from a low than ¾ arm slot and produces 88-90 mph fastballs with a minimum effort delivery. He showed a nice arm action that was loose with a quick but easy appearance to it. He commanded the low corners with his fastball and was in control to every batter he faced. His fastball showed plus life and he also threw a plus 75 mph slider with a hard, late break to it. At times it looked as though he flicked the ball to his catcher as if he was just warming up and the ball broke hard and the gun said 77. His body is very projectable and combined with his easy motion and delivery we think Bard has one of the biggest upsides in the country.
5. Andy D'Alessio 6'3 2003 1B Barron Collier HS Naples, FL
D'Alessio showed one of the best left-handed bats in the event. He is a strong 1Bman with an athletic body and showed plus bat-speed and a good looking swing plane. His ball had backspin that carried deep in the gap and off the wall on more than one occasion. The ball came off D'Alessio's bat extremely fast and his hitting ability was well showcased throughout the 4 days with numerous hard hits. We registered one ball coming off his bat at 100 mph and showed the ability to drive the ball in the middle off some of the top pitchers in Wilmington. He showed good arm strength at 1B and has good defensive actions that will play at any level.
6. James Houser 6'4 2003 LHP Sarasota HS Sarasota, FL
Houser was one of the top Left-handers at the event even though we have seen him better. He showed a higher arm slot than we've seen in the past and it may have decreased the livliness of his fastball but he still showed 86-88 mph velocity with average life and touched 90. He showed a good curve that we've also seen better with more of a downward plane, registered at 75-77 mph. His frame is projectable and his arm works good. He showed hitting ability as well with a good swing and some power with wood.
7. Andy Mudd 6'3 2003 OF Scotland HS Laurinburg, NC
Mudd is a top prospect who showed big-time tools that translated to the game well in Wilmington. He is a Left-handed hitting outfielder that showed plus arm strength and plus power. He has good bat-speed and attacks the ball. He showed a short to the ball swing with a good finish and shortened up on inside pitches to get the barrel on the ball out in front of the plate. He ran a 7.06 in the 60, reached base in 4.1 twice and has a plus athletic body. He showed a good quiet approach at the plate and we think he is going to generate a lot of draft interest with that swing and ability to play with those OF tools.
8. David Winfree 6'3 2003 3B/C First Colonial HS Virginia Beach, VA
Winfree had one of the most powerful bats in the showcase. He showed bat-speed and wood power but it was his defensive performance that showcased good versatility and athleticism. He worked well behind the plate, popped several sub 2 times and showed a plus arm across the infield. He has a plus well-built body, was clocked at 7.05 in the 60 and it showed as he ran the bases well. He drove the ball with more of a line drive swing and continued to show plus power as we have seen in the past. Winfree can catch but showed in this event that he has the ability required to play 3B at the next level with a corner IF arm and power bat to justify it.
9. Ryan Feierabend 6'3 2003 LHP Midview HS Grafton, OH
Feierabend is a good looking Left-handed pitcher that showed 3 Major league average pitches and good command of them all. He threw an 87-89 mph fastball that topped out at 91 and a plus 75-77 mph change-up with a deceptive look. His slider was another good pitch thrown in the 74-76 mph range with a good break. On occasion he showed a dropdown fastball but his most effective angle was from ¾ where his ball showed life and he had a good arm action.
10. Jared Kubin 6'3 2004 1B/OF Oakton HS Oakton, VA
Kubin showed the most raw power in the showcase. He put on a display in batting practice with a few HR's, one that bounced on the roof of a building about 400 feet away. The ball comes off his wood bat as fast as anyone we've seen this year. He has a plus body at 200 pounds, plus bat-speed, average running ability clocked at 6.89 in the 60 and has good hands in the field. His arm showed playable in left field or 1B and in the games he made adjustments to the outside pitch with a few hard line drives to the opposite field gap. He is an 2004 draft eligible prospect and one of the best in the country from what he has shown.
11. Nick Adenhart 6'3 2004 RHP Williamsport HS Hagerstown, MD
Adenhart was the top 2004 pitcher in the showcase and one of the best overall. He is a long and lean right-hander that comes from ¾ with a very low effort delivery. He showed an 88-92 mph fastball with plus life. He has a slow and methodical approach and shows mound presence and a good comfort level. His curveball was used sparingly but was a very good one at 75 mph and he showed a plus change-up on the low corners at 77-78 mph. He's a top pitcher to keep a close eye on.
12. Justin Henry 6'3 2003 SS Vicksburg HS Vicksburg, MS
Justin is a shortstop with a plus body that projects well and has extremely good actions with major league tools now. He showed quick feet and soft hands in the infield with a fast release, nice arm action and average arm strength. He has strong but easy strides when he runs, was timed at 6.89 in the 60, 4.1 from home to first consistently and his speed plays out well in all phases of the game. His bat could be his most interesting tool. He showed a nice fast left-handed swing with a stable posture and a late trigger. He showed maturity and patience but if the pitch was there, he recognized it and hit it hard.
13. Robert Coello 6'5 2003 C/1B Lake Region HS Winter Haven, FL
Coello is an interesting player with some of the biggest power potential in the showcase. He is big at 6'5 and has a very athletic body with a large shoulder girdle. So much room is there for him to add 30 or more pounds projects him best at an infield corner. He popped 1.95 to 2.0 in the skills, 2.10 in the game and his arm is above average so he might end up at 3B. At 1B he showed a good glove and plus arm. His best tool is his powerful bat. He generated a lot of bat-speed and really whips the head of his bat through the zone, late and hard. He showed topspin on many of his hits and if he let the ball get back in the zone further he might get more lift to compliment that power. We liked the look of that powerful swing. He could be a very high draft pick.
14. Shane Matthews 6'2 2003 RHP St. Stephens HS Conover, NC
Matthews had a good showing at the East Coast Professional event. He showed a real nice arm action that produced 88-91 mph fastballs with sink. He also showed an average pitch with his curve at 77-79 mph. He has a good delivery, controlled both pitches well and showed a clean and easy delivery. He did not have another pitch but the ones he had were major league quality and he was under control and pitching offensively from the start. Watch for Matthews to make a name for himself very soon.
15. Ryan Marion 6'3 2003 RHP Glenn HS Kernersville, NC
Marion is a power right-hander with a fast arm and strong delivery. He has a long loading period but then unleashes a powerful arm stroke that showed 89-91 mph fastballs that topped out at 92. His curve was clocked in the mid 70's and showed potential as an average secondary pitch. We've seen him in the mid 90's before and there is no question that arm is a special one.
16. Scott Leffler 6'3 2003 C Northside Christian St Petersburg, FL
As the best catch and throw receiver in Wilmington, Leffler showed promising improvements with his bat and looked like the top pure catcher in the event. He popped several low 1.8's in the skills, produced a sub 2.0 pop twice in the games and showed near perfect carry to the bag. With the bat he showed a good line drive swing that flashed gap power at times and hit a few good line drives of good pitches in the games. His body is a plus and that arm of his is also a plus. He looks more polished receiving the ball each time we see him.
17. Justin Brashear 6'3 2003 C/IF Barbe HS Lake Charles, LA
One of the top hitters in Wilmington, Brashear might have the most value with his versatility. He showed a nice smooth left-handed swing and HR power. He has a plus athletic body with arm strength, average running ability for a catcher or 1Bman and showed a plus arm. Behind the plate he popped 1.95 and is soft with his hands. He knows how to play the game and showed that throughout the showcase. Brashear could play C, corner IF or OF at the next level and his bat could be the reason to make sure he is in the lineup.
18. Darin Downs 6'3 2003 LHP Santaluces HS Boynton Beach, FL
Downs showed the best overall pitchability in the entire East Coast Professional event. He is a 6'3 left-handed pitcher with a long and lean body and projectable package. He showed an 84-87 mph fastball that we've seen touch 90 mph before. He also showed 2 plus pitches in his 73 mph curve and 77-79 mph change-up. He had the best 3-pitch command in the showcase and struck out every one of the 7 batters that came to the plate in the 2 innings he pitched.
19. Trent Kline 5'10 2003 C West York HS York, PA
Kline was a good surprise at the showcase. He is a smaller than average catcher with a better than average tool box. He showed consistent skill pop times at 1.90 and a 1.97 game pop at the bag waiting for the runner to slide into. He showed good footwork, a fast from the ear arm action and a plus bat. He showed power from both sides of the plate and plus bat-speed from both sides with a slightly shorter left-handed swing. He ran a 7.12 and showed that he can do everything except project like some of the taller players. Even so, he showed plus major league stuff that we have seen bigger catchers never acquire.
20. Chris Vasami 6'4 2003 1B/P Mamaroneck HS Mamaroneck, NY
As one of the best 2-way prospects at the event, Vasami showed well with the bat and on the mound. He is a big strong body with plus bat-speed and plus power and a punishing swing. He has raw power in his arm as well. At 1B he showed plus arm strength across the diamond and good hands. On the hill he showed an 87-90 mph fastball with a soft change that looked to come out of the hand quick but floated heavily around 70-72 mph. His curve was around 73-74 mph and his body works for much of his power on the mound with a strong rotation.
21. Casey Hudspeth 6'0 2003 RHP Sarasota HS Sarasota, FL
Hudspeth had a pair of plus pitches in his 89-91 mph fastball and 76-78 mph curve that could have been the best in the showcase. He showed signs of a straight change but his first 2 pitches were commanding and unhitable. His arm works fast and he gets a lot out of his delivery. We like his package and he showed that his curve might be too good to get a called strike at times. He can pitch !
22. Billy Muldowney 6'1 2003 RHP Westchester East Westchester, PA
Muldowney is another right-hander with a plus curve that highlights his abilities on the mound. He showed an average fastball at 87-89 that touched 90 and his curve was sitting consistently at 76 mph. Compliment that pitch with a plus 78 mph fastball and Muldowney showed some of the best stuff in Wilmington. He can swing the bat too. He showed bat-speed and some pop with wood.
23. Jeremy Laster 6'1 2003 CF Hunters Lane HS Nashville, TN
Laster is an interesting prospect who showed well as a speed-power potential type. He is a centerfielder who ran a 6.53 in the 60, showed good bat-speed but has raw hitting actions. If he quiets his approach and improves his swing the sky is the limit. He took some questionable routes in the OF but tracked everything down when it was all said and done. There is no ignoring his athleticism and potential.
24. Paul Bacot 6'6 2003 RHP Lakeside HS Atlanta, GA
Bacot is a tall and lean right handed pitcher who showed an 86-88 mph fastball that we have seen at 90-91 mph a month earlier. His armed worked easily and he showed the makings of an average curve in the 75 mph range. He threw a low 80's change-up that had some movement to both sides and kept the ball low and on the corners. Although we've seen him better he showed an arm that works free and a body that projects as good as any.
25. Derek Olvey 6'3 2003 RHP Hueytown HS Hueytown, AL
Olvey is a strong pitcher with a power arm. He has a good body and produced 87-89 mph fastballs with a consistent 77 mph curve with average major league action. His arm works well and although he showed control problems we have seen him with plus stuff and like his ability and future potential.
26. Nick Mershon 6'3 2003 SS St Josephs HS Taylors, SC
Mershon is a solid built middle infielder with good hands and quick feet for a player his size. He has 6.9 speed and showed near average arm strength from deep SS. With the bat he showed good power and plus bat-speed. His swing is a good one that projects plus power and a possible future at 3B.
27. Sean Watson 6'2 2003 RHP Florida Christian Miami, FL
Watson is a hard throwing right-hander with a plus curve. He showed 86-88 topping out at 89 and a spike curve at 86 mph that was a plus pitch. He showed good command of both pitches and the ability to throw nothing straight.
28. Sean Rodriguez 6'0 2003 SS/OF Coral Park HS Miami, FL
Rodriguez has some of the best actions for an infielder but the ability to play OF at the same high level. He showed good hands and feet at SS, an average arm that we've seen much better in the past and a good level swing with veteran-like patience. His arm looked tired but his overall package is special even without his best tool showing full strength.
29. John Emmert 6'3 2003 LHP Millbrook HS Raleigh, NC
Emmert is a solid built left-hander that showed command of an 87-89 mph fastball and a soft curve. His delivery showed signs of inconsistencies but nothing that indicated a problem. In fact, with a smoother delivery we think he will be in the 90's with an easier arm action.
30. Andrew Knox 6'4 2003 RHP Bishop Verok HS Ft Myers, FL
Knox is a tough pitcher who had a good showing in Wilmington. He threw an 87-89 mph fastball and a hard 78-79 mph slider, both for strikes. He also showed a 71-72 mph curve a few times. Everything comes out of his hand with the same look.
31. Robert Valido 6'0 2003 SS Coral Park HS Miami, FL
Valido is a slick fielding SS who showed a significantly stronger arm than we've seen in the past. He has good SS actions and is a defensive specialist. He ran a 7 flat and swings aluminum best right now. We expect that will translate to wood as he gets stronger.
32. Billy Konecney 6'3 2003 RHP Dowington HS Dowington, PA
Koneckney is a strong power pitcher with an average Major league fastball. He threw with 87-90 mph velocity and showed signs of a good change-up. He had the makings of a good curve and with faster arm speed we think it will be another good pitch.
33. Asher Demme 6'2 2003 RHP South Lakes HS Reston, VA
Demme is yet another one of the strong power type arms pitching in Wilmington. He showed a very fast arm with a natural smooth slot coming from ¾ and producing 87-89 mph fastballs. He has a slight pause upon high knee lift but has a strong upper body and a slurve in the 72 mph range that could be a good one.
34. Bill Kleinschrodt 6'3 2003 OF St. Pauls Episcopal Mobile, AL
One of the top OF's in a showcase filled with outstanding Centerfielders, Kleinschrodt showed a combination of fringe Major League tools such as running, hitting and throwing ability throughout the workout. His tools played better than fringe in the game however. He showed plus instincts, a quick jump, above average speed on the bases and plus bat-speed with a nice whip through the zone. He is a game day player.
35. Michael Ambort 6'1 2003 C South Side HS Rockville Centre, NY
Ambort is a switch-hitting catcher who has an impressive all around game. He showed a good looking swing and plus power from the left. His bat-speed is a plus and he showed 2.0-2.1 pop times to 2B with excellent carry.
36. Josh Land 6'0 2003 OF Milton HS Milton, FL
Speed is Lands' best tool. He showed it in center field, on the bases and ran a 6.63 in the 60. He took good routes in the OF, and has a playable CF arm. He showed well in the games by hitting a lot of good pitching and making the tough plays look easy in the OF.
37. Ryne Malone 5'11 2003 2B P.K. Yonge HS Gainesville, FL
One of the nicest looking swings in Wilmington belongs to Malone. He is a solid Left-handed hitter with the body and defensive tools for 2B at the next level. He showed plus hitting ability in the games and wood power by hitting one over the wall in BP.
38. Jacob Stevens 6'3 2003 LHP Cape Coral HS Cape Coral, FL
Stevens is a big left-hander who showed a good arm and control of his 87-89 mph fastball and a nice curve that registered 72-74 mph with a good bite. He is a strong player who also flashed some power with the bat.
39. Travis Bogue 6'5 2003 LHP Madison Central Madison, MS
Bogue is an easy throwing 6'5 left-hander who showed the ability to pitch. He threw an 84-86 mph fastball and a sharp, late-breaking curve at 71-74 mph but his best pitch was a plus 75 mph change-up. His arms worked easy and he showed good mechanics. It won't be long before he throws 90 mph.
40. Matt Laporta 6'1 2003 C Charlotte HS Port Charlotte, FL
Laporta was excellent behind the plate with a plus arm and good catch and throw ability. He popped some low 1.8's in the skill portion and showed a strong body with a powerful swing. We like the way he plays the game.
41. Kenny Lewis 5'10 2003 OF G.Washington HS Danville, VA
Lewis has exceptional speed and baseball ability to go along with it. He ran a 6.58 in the 60, showed a short and compact left-handed swing that played well in the games. He ran some 3.7 and 3.8's to 1B and look out if he hits a gap !
42. Dylan Gonzalez 6'3 2003 RHP American Heritage Weston, FL
Gonzalez showed a good overhand arm with an 87-89 mph fastball and the makings of a plus change-up at 77-80 mph with life. His curve is another potentially plus pitch And was thrown as a 78 mph hammer.
43. Brooks Brown 6'3 2003 RHP Portal HS Portal, GA
Brown is an athletic pitcher who showed his best stuff on the mound. He had an 87-89 mph fastball that was still effective consistently at 87 from the stretch. He also threw a good 73-75 mph curve. He looked strong with the bat too showing a good swing and some power.
44. Corey Wells 6'0 2003 OF Plant City HS Plant, FL
Wells showed a speed/power combo with quick hands and good bat-speed. He also showed average Major League arm strength and the ability to track down some shots in the OF. He ran a 6.7 in the 60 and had a 4.07 home to first from the right side.
45. Matt Eckardt 6'4 2003 RHP Milton HS Alpharetta, GA
We have seen Eckardt better but at the East Coast Professional showcase he still threw up to 87 mph with an easy arm action and a lively change-up that was one of the best in Wilmington. His arm works real good and he projects well.
46. Emeel Salem Jr. 5'11 2003 OF Mountain Brook Birmingham, AL
Saleem is a speedy outfielder who was clocked at 6.69 in the 60 and showed good fielding ability. He has some quickness to his left-handed swing and showed signs of a plus center-field arm.
47. Steven Porter 6'3 2003 LHP West Orange HS Ocoee, FL
Porter has the makings of a power pitchers' delivery without the power fastball. He got up to 87 mph but got outs by throwing everything at the corners. He put a lot of energy into his delivery as he showed a good hard 77-81 mph slider.
48. Todd Redmond 6'3 2003 RHP Northside Christian St. Petersburg, FL
Redmond showed a balanced delivery with his 86-88 mph fastball and a good look to his 78 mph change-up. He also had a soft curve at times but his fastball command was there and hard-pressed to find the sweet spot.
49. Victor Hamiskevich 6'5 2003 1B Gonzaga HS Dunn Loring, VA
Hamiskevich showed a quick bat, level swing and good power. He showed the ability to hit the outside pitch and field his position well. He made a super defensive play and hit the wall for a walk in double in the same inning.
50. David Cash 6'3 2003 IF Sickles HS Odessa, FL
Cash showed that he can flat out hit. He has Major League average running speed and makes the plays in the field but his bat was hot and he flashed power to the opposite field gaps from both sides of the plate. Twice each.
Honorable Mention (Alphabetical Order)
Richard Amos 6'2 2003 C Hammonton HS Hammonton, NJ
Amos has a nice swing with some wood pop and showed backspin that carried deep in the gaps. He also showed that he can throw to any base with plus arm strength and accuracy.
Brett Andrews 6'1 2003 SS Trinity HS Asheville, NC
Andrews is a good left-handed hitting shortstop that showed good hitting ability and smooth infield actions that included a very fast and accurate double play turn from 2B on more than one occasion. He has a good swing and made a few routine grounders close showing off his 6.87 speed well out of the box from the left. Could easily have been in the top 50 if the talent was not loaded at the infield positions.
Craig Corrado 6'2 2003 SS Tampa Catholic HS Tampa, FL
Corrado showed nice actions in the field and some good hacks from the right side of the plate. He has a plus body and showed good arm strength from shortstop.
Jay Cox 6'1 2003 3B Smithfield Selma Smithfield, NC
Cox is a short-stop that we like at 3B. He showed 6.87 speed, soft hands and a good arm. He also has a good left-handed swing and power that sent a few balls to the warning track.
Michael Felix 6'0 2003 LHP Rutherford HS Panama City, FL
Felix is a left-hander who threw a live 85-88 mph fastball from ¾ with an average Major League 2-plane curveball. Watch out for this pitcher.
Chris Fournier 6'0 2003 IF Fairfield HS Fairfield, CT
Fournier is a hard-hitting infielder who showed good bat-speed, above average power and a strong finish through the ball. He looked strong and swung the bat against some of the best pitching in the country.
OD Gonzalez 6'0 2003 OF American HS Miami, FL
Gonzalez ran a 6.94 in the 60, showed a good path to the ball in the outfield and also showed the ability to stay inside the ball with a good swing.
Arik Hempy 6'4 2003 LHP Garner HS Raleigh, NC
Hempy is a crafty left-hander with a big body, good working arm and a fastball that touched 89 mph to go along with it. Threw a 72 mph curve and could have been higher on this list if the pitching wasn't so deep.
Wes Hodges 6'2 2003 SS The Baylor School Ooltewah, TN
Hodges is a strong infielder with a plus body, sure glove and an above average arm. He ran a 7.01 and showed a good swing. At times he looks like a natural Ss but might end up at 3B if he develops some power to go along with that swing.
Avery W Johnson 5'11 2003 OF Westlake HS Atlanta, GA
Johnson has some of the best raw athleticism in Wilmington. He is a plus runner, has very good bat-speed and made some catches in the OF that looked uncatchable.
Brendan "Bunky" Kateon 6'0 2003 IF St. Pauls Episcopal Mobile, AL
Bunky is a fundamentally sound infielder with a quick release and good hands. He showed good bat-speed and some power with a rocket off the wall in center field.
Kevin Marrie 6'5 2003 RHP River Hall HS Clarksville, MD
Marrie showed the potential of a plus fastball with 87-89 mph velocity. He flashed a curve and change but his arm worked best from ¾ with the fastball.
Brandon McArthur 6'1 2003 SS Armwood HS Seffner, FL
McArthur is a good looking infielder who showed some hitting ability and good arm strength from shortstop. He has a good body that should develop strength soon.
Blake Murphy 6'2 2003 C Tuscola HS Waynesville, NC
Murphy showed a stable hitting approach with some power in his swing and defensively popped several 2 flats. We liked his swing and think there is more in him.
Scott Sizemore 6'0 2003 2B Hickory HS Chesapeake, VA
Sizemore had a very fast bat and quick hands. He is a left-handed hitter and also looked solid at 2B. He showed a plus 2B arm, nice fielding actions and above average power with wood. He got the bat head down on the ball fast.
Jason Stephens 6'4 2003 RHP Tallmodge HS Tallmodge, OH
Stephens showed an 86-88 mph fastball that touched 89 out of his tall and fall delivery. He showed an easy arm action that threw 2 off-speed pitched in his slider and curve. His slider was 77, his curve was 74 and both were good. He lands on a firm front side and does a lot of things properly. We like the way he is heading.
Jess Stewart 6'4 2003 RHP Osbourne City HS Manascas, VA
Stewart showed good arm strength on the mound with an 88-89 mph fastball and 78-79 mph change-up. His curve also worked well at 77 mph and he showed that stuff twice in the event.
Jonathan Still 6'3 2003 1B Madison Central Madison, MS
Still showed a short-to-the-ball swing and some power with a HR to LF. He popped consistent 2.1 but looked more comfortable at 1B. He can hit !
Keith Weiser 6'3 2003 LHP Hamilton HS Hamilton, OH
Weiser showed a methodical delivery where his arm worked smooth and independently with an 86-87 mph fastball and a straight 79-80 mph change-up. He also showed a 70 mph curve that might be a real good one soon.
Brandon Yarborough 6'2 2003 C Richmond HS Ellerbe, NC
Yarborough is a catcher who showed fast transfers and a couple good pop times but lost a few in the exchange. He showed good bat-speed and uses the entire field.
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