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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Lower-Body Power for Baseball

Kevin Barr        
Photo: Perfect Game

Lower-Body Power for Baseball

 Low-Intensity Plyometrics are effective tool for developing Lower-Body Power.

  Improves joint stabilization, landing skills, speed, & balance.

  Allows player to link strength with speed to produce lower-body power & convert to explosiveness on field.

Plyometric Training-Guidelines

  Drills should be simple & emphasize stabilization.

  Requires minimum strength base. All players, regardless of age, should start at beginning level & be able to perform 10 x bodyweight / single-leg squats before progressing to intermediate level.

  Physical-demands require longer rest-intervals. Work / Rest Ratio of 1:10 required to maintain intensity-level.

  Do not perform on consecutive-days or when fatigued.

  Synchronize leg & arm actions.

  Select 2 drills.

  Incorporate 2x per-week at beginning of speed & agility program.

  Proper footwear & soft landing-surfaces are important (perform on grass or astro-turf).



  Standing Long-Jump



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