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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Effects of posture on baseball

Kevin Barr        
Photo: Perfect Game

Effects of Posture on Baseball

 Baseball power-production is limited by poor posture.

•  Good posture projects confidence & slouching implies weakness.

•  Poor posture results in back, shoulder & neck pain.

•  Postural muscles are endurance muscles that keep skeleton aligned.

•  Posture contributes to baseball injury-patterns. Repetitive baseball-movements with rotation occurring in one direction create imbalances in body.

Baseball-Specific Posture Problems:

 Baseball players compensate for muscle imbalances & joint misalignments by overusing muscles.

•  Tight Hip-Rotators & Flexors, resulting in limited hip extension.

•  Weak Glute-Medius.

•  Restricted mid-back rotation.

•  Low-Back pain.

Healthy Posture Guidelines:

 Keep body aligned in straight line through feet, ankles, knees, hips, low back, upper back, neck, & head.

•  Stand with feet hip-width apart to balance weight evenly.

•  Keep knees in unlocked position.

•  Draw in belly button towards spine.

•  Lift rib cage slightly.

•  Pull shoulder blades back & down.

•  Relax arms & hands.

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