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Friday, September 03, 2010

Denee Is Cover Girl for Sea Gals Calendar

Jim Ecker        

Customers call the BaseballWebTV & Skillshow office in Seattle and get a friendly, helpful person on the phone. Most of those callers have no idea they're speaking with a member of the Sea Gals, NFL Cheerleaders for the Seattle Seahawks and a local celebrity.

The person on the phone is Denee, the sales manager for BaseballWebTV & Skillshow and the cover girl for the Sea Gals calendar this year.

If the callers only knew.

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"They say she's wonderful and professional, and she really is. She's like that with everybody," said Tom Koerick Jr., the Director of BaseballWebTV ( and the CEO of Skillshow, Inc. (

"She's amazing, and she's pretty," Koerick said, "but no one really knows anything about her."

Denee's mother enrolled her in dance lessons when she was 3 years old.

"It's been a lifelong passion ever since," she said. "Dancing has been a big part of my life."

Denee, now 27, has studied ballet, tap-dance, hip-hop, jazz and lyrical dance. She was a member of the dance team at Washington State University, where she majored in advertisng and marketing, and also danced for the NBA's Seattle SuperSonics before that team left town. This is her second year with the Sea Gals.

"Dancing for the Seahawks is a natural progression for me," she said.

Denee, who is married, leads an extremely busy life, but says she loves it. She began working for BaseballWebTV in January of 2009, prior to her first season with the Sea Gals, and successfully juggles both careers.

"I work all day, and then I have practice in the evening for about four hours, twice a week," she related. "Everything is going great."

There are 29 members of the Seahawks dance team. Denee was on the cover of the Sea Gals calendar last year with two other members, but this year she's on the cover all by herself.

"If the calendar sales don't do well this year, people are going to blame the cover girl," she said, laughing, "so the pressure is on."

People can buy the Sea Gals calendar by calling the BaseballWebTV & Skillshow office at 206-652-1290 and asking for Denee. The calendars cost $15, plus $5 for shipping and handling. Denee will autograph a calendar at no extra charge, or you can get all 29 of the Sea Gals to autograph a calendar for $50.

In addition to working at BaseballWebTV and dancing at Seahawks games, Denee has toured with the show group, traveled on behalf of BaseballWebTV & Skillshow to Perfect Game events, worked as a local radio host and made other special appearances for the Seahawks.

"I don't know how she does it," said Koerick.

Denee traveled with 10 other members of the Sea Gals on a military armed forces entertainment tour after the 2009 NFL season to Japan, Guam and Hawaii and greatly enjoyed the trip.

The Seahawks open the 2010 NFL season at home at Qwest Field on Sunday, Sept. 12. Denee is excited about the start of a new season and the chance to dance before a large crowd again.

"Oh my gosh, it's the best feeling," she said. "There is so much excitement and energy on game day."

The Sea Gals are paid for their work, but it's not exorbitant.

"It's the sheer enjoyment. We all love to perform," she said. "I love being a member of a team where I get to learn from other women. We've all created great long-lasting friendships, and so there's much more than just money."

Denee also filmed a DirecTV commercial this season with dancers from the Raiders, 49ers, Cardinals and Colts. "It's pretty neat to see us up on national TV," she said.

It's also pretty neat to call BaseballWebTV and speak with a member of the Sea Gals, whether you know who you're speaking with or not.

"She brings an amazing energy to the team," said Koerick, referring to his team at BaseballWebTV & Skillshow. "Her energy is great, her professionalism is great. I can't tell you how many people compliment us on Denee. We are lucky to have her."

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