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College  | Story  | 7/7/2024

Cape Cod Notebook: July 7

Photo: Trent Caraway (Oregon State Athletics)
Trent Caraway (Oregon State, '25 Eligible)

Trent Caraway, coming off his highly anticipated freshman season at Oregon State, has arrived on the Cape this week and continued to show everyone why his name is deep in the first-round conversation for next year's draft. With two home runs in his first four games, the righty bat is bringing his trademark power to the Falmouth Commodores this summer. 

Starting in a relaxed, upright stance, Caraway toe taps into a fluid and smooth swing, using his physical, 6'2" frame well to generate bat speed and power. The feel for the barrel is great as Caraway stays deep in the zone through his swing. The freshman's raw strength is evident, and he can elevate the ball with ease and drive it out of the

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