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Softball  | Softball Tournament  | 6/13/2024

PG Softball KC Summer Showcase

Molly Roller     

Perfect Game Softball

Tournament Recap

KC Summer Showcase

June 8-9, 2024

Shawnee, KS





16u Catalyst National SD took home the championship over the weekend at the Kansas City Summer Showcase in the 16u division and there was no denying the hard work they put in to deserve it!. Named MVPitcher for Catalyst National SD was Desiree Hinsch (’27 Sioux Falls, SD), with 15 innings pitched over the weekend, tallying up 21 strikeouts and only one walk you can see why. Hinsch only allowed 4 hits and held a 0.50 ERA overall. Keeping her pitches consistently in the 60-64 mph range, Sunday afternoon, Hinsch went to work with her mix and ended the game in a no hitter to bring home the ship! Behind the plate for Hinsch was, Danielle Schoby (’25 Brandon, SD) who was also named MVP for the weekend and there is no question about it. Schoby ended the weekend going 10 for 17. With one single, four doubles, three triples, two homeruns and a total of 14 RBIs. Schoby poses a big threat in Catalysts line up and will continue to dominate as she grows. Defensively, Schoby shows strong and maturing frames behind the plate, as well as being a backstop and not allowing much by. Overall a great duo and a bright future ahead for them.


Another threat in 16u Catalyst National SD’s line up was lead off, Macy Bryant (’26 Sioux Falls, SD), going 13 for 17 with ten singles, two doubles, a triple, and five RBIs. Bryant shows plus speed on the bases and carries a solid and level barrel through the zone. Bryant was seen Sunday afternoon keeping her barrel high and level through the zone to send a pitch high in the zone to right field. On the dirt you can find Bryant playing shortstop and covering a wide range of ground. She keeps her feet moving and makes quick reactions when the ball is put in play.


Runner up, Honor and Integrity through Sports, RHP, Nava Basquez (’26 Denver, CO), may be small but boy is she mighty in the circle. Basquez keeps her pitches consistently in the upper 50s range. Basquez keeps a mix of speed and movement in her back pocket no matter the count or where her opponents at in the lineup. With 20 innings pitched over the weekend, 26 strikeouts and only three walks, Basquez showed why she was used so often for her team. Only growth in this players future as she matures.


Ashtyn Hamner (’27 Olathe, KS) with Ksa Klutch- Stevenson can get the job done on both sides of the field. In left field Hamner moves so smoothly through the ball and throw. She has a strong follow through on her throw making a one hop throw to home look easy. Once Hamner showed what she could do out there it held up runners from even trying to take the extra base on her. Offensively, she can bust the ball open and stay disciplined, going 6 for 11 with four singles, one double, and one triple. She seems so comfortable no matter the count and is going to do all she can to find a way on.


Catcher, Bailey Wood (’26 Buckner, MO), with Originals Marsh is a quick pop to throw and clear leader on the dirt. Wood makes her voice known on every play and makes sure her defense is always in the know of the next play and the situation on outs. She has a strong lower half paired with a loaded swing offensively, tallying up seven RBIs over the weekend. Wood was witnessed Saturday morning alone driving the ball up and out for a two run bomb! A true leader and teammate in this athlete.


RHP, Montana Strobel (’26 Fulton, MO), with Lunachix 07 pitches consistently in the upper 50s range, pushes the limits with her curve drop right on the edge of the zone keeping batters question whether to swing or not. Her rise ball is just as tricky starting low and rising into the top of the zone leaving the barrel crossing under the pitch. Strobel bats left handed and utilizes the shorter distance to first base with dominant bat control. She was seen Sunday afternoon doing a quick check swing to push the ball through the 5/6 hole to find her way on and help herself in the circle.


RHP, Ellie Gray (’25 Olathe, KS), with Originals J2 is a very composed and confident athlete. She came to play on both ends of the game. Gray ended the weekend going 6 for 13 with three singles and three doubles helping herself on the other end in the circle. In the circle, Grey had 18.2 innings pitched under her belt with 20 strikeouts and zero batters walked. Gray does well reading the batter and working the movement on her pitches to make easy outs for her defense.




18u Catalyst National SD took home the championship cake in the 18u division this weekend at the Kansas City Summer Showcase. They showed elite skill as a team and a dynamic sense of dedication. Named MVP for Catalyst was Ella Langenhorst (’25 Larchwood, IA) and her bat proved why, going 7 for 15 with three singles, one double, two triples, one homerun, and eight RBIs. Langenhorst has a big glove playing third base and a low stance, staying low through her motion kept her quick tied in with her powerful arm across the diamond made it hard to get on if the ball was hit in her direction.


RHP, Tess Burns (’25 Brookings, SD), for 18u Catalyst National SD had a consistent 57-60 mph mix of pitches. Being 5’10” works to her advantage getting more behind her ball with her length and causes a dynamic break to her pitches. She left the weekend with 9.1 innings pitched and 12 strikeouts throughout. Offensively, Burns got the job done going 5 for 11 with three singles, one double and a homerun. There is a lot of power behind her barrel that transfers through to the ball and drives it across the diamond.


Runner up, Marek Fastpitch Academy 18u, had the MVPitcher of the weekend, Emma Lisenbee (’24 St. Joseph, MO), having 23.1 innings pitched, 19 strikeouts and only 3 walks, shows it was well deserved. She works consistently in the 56-60 mph range and has a nasty curve ball that offsets batters. Lisenbee backed herself in the circle with a dominant barrel in the box. Ending the weekend going 7 for 17 with five singles and two doubles, scoring six runs for team and having three RBIs. She carries a lot of confidence as she enters the box and she does work to make things happen. Teammate, Ashlyn Snodgrass (’24 St. Joseph, MO), is a sensational speedster. Being a dominant slapper works to her advantage with her speed. Saturday, Snodgrass was seen dropping a drag bunt perfectly to find her way on and take the extra base when given the opportunity. Using her speed defensively at shortstop, she covers a lot of ground and has a quick drop step for the in between pop flies.


Jacie Frencken (’24 Stark City, MO) with Regal Platinum carries a powerful barrel to the plate, she has a solid transfer of power and makes her ball hard to play. Pitchers have a hard time avoiding her barrel with how quickly she can adjust and drive the ball. Saturday afternoon, Frencken was seen driving the ball oppo through the 3/4 hole to find her way on. She can also be seen covering both corners on defense, she has a strong stretch when playing first and a vacuum for a glove at third. Overall a vital athlete in the lineup.


Addison Keys (’25 Topeka, KS) with Gold Glove Midwest was an all around teammate. She had an energy about her that kept her team motivated to push towards the same goal. In the circle she showed strong leadership and worked with trust on her defense. She consistently hits the meds range on her speed. Sunday afternoon, Keys was seen driving the ball to the right center gap to get a triple and bring in a couple more insurance runs for her team.