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Tournaments  | Story  | 6/10/2024

Beast of the East Scout Notes: Days 3-4

Photo: Evan Hankins (Perfect Game)
Beast of the East Scout Notes: Day 1 | Day 2

‘27 1B/RHP Luke Talley (Cary, N.C.) had a solid invitational with the South Charlotte Panthers 2027 Victus, landing amongst the top 10 in hitting performers with eight hits and three RBI’s, one of those hits being of the long ball variety. A left-handed stick with an athletic, lean look at 6-1, Talley looked the part in the box with a variety of quality at-bats and swings against some competitive arms. He creates some length through the zone with a good path through it, leading to consistent contact and some pull-side impact with budding juice that he can tap into already as seen in game. Talley has hit for average over the last few years o

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