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Softball  | Softball Tournament  | 4/24/2024

PG Softball High School Super Showcase

Ashley Mears     

Perfect Game High School Super Showcase

Urbandale, IA

April 19th -21st

An exciting weekend of softball despite the cold and wind. Championship Sunday shaped up to be an amazing sunny and warm afternoon with some exciting championship games. In the 18u division, the loaded Norwalk Warriors came away with championship against the Black Ice. Norwalk’s first seven batters are all committed to play college softball at various levels and look to be a force to reckon with this this summer high school softball season at the 4A level. In the 16u Championship, the Cedar Rapids Reds 16u walked away with the victory over the Alliance Select Gold. In the 14u Championship, the Iowa Aries CE took control of the game from the gates and run ruled the Black Dragons.


Olivia Dougherty (2024 Norwalk, IA) of the Norwalk Warriors was the weekend's Most Valuable Pitcher. The Iowa Western Community College commit threw a perfect game in the semifinal game against the Saints. Dougherty, taking advantage of the new leap rule, comes off the mound hard and showcases a fastball that sits in the low 60s. Her go to pitches is her rise ball and her changeup which helped result in 22 strikeouts in 11 innings pitched and allowed no earned runs.

Audrey Brown (2027 Madrid, IA) of Black Ice was the 18u Most Valuable Player. Brown comes to the plate with a calm yet confident approach. She uses her lower half well and extends through the zone. In 23 plate appearances, Brown had 15 hits and walked once. She had a division high 12 RBIs, which stemmed from two homeruns, three doubles and 10 singles. Brown does what she needs to do to get on base, uses her speed well and scored 10 runs for her team. This athlete is only going to get better as she has a couple more years to still mature in her game. She can play at the next level now, should she choose to do so in the future. 

Jaidyn Sellers (2024 Panora, IA) of Black Ice was another hitter at the top of the leader board. The University of Iowa commit is almost impossible to keep off the bases. Sellers is a lefthanded hitter that can hit for power or drop a bunt and beat it out majority of the time. As a state track sprint champion, once on the bases, she utilities her speed to take extra bases in every situation possible. Sellers finished the weekend with 11 hits, which included 3 homeruns (one was in the park), a triple and three doubles. Sellers will be an exciting one to follow next year at the University of Iowa.

Julia Roth (2026 Dubuque, IA) of Lady Expos HS Blue, is a right-handed power hitter who can play MIF as well as pitch. The leadoff batter did her job well, getting on base but also provided power for the Lady Expos. Roth has a solid stance and utilizes her lower half well. Her bat speed paired with her power resulted in a division high four homeruns. She also finished the day with 10 RBIs. I’m excited to see where this 2026 commits her college career to.

Caedence Risius (2024 Des Moines, IA) of the Cyclones 18u and an Iowa Western Community College commit found herself in the top of the hitting leaderboard as well. Risius has a strong build and a tall athletic frame. She has a small load motion that she utilizes to gain momentum with her swing. Once loaded, Risius transfers her weight well and hits for power. Ending her weekend with two grand slams, Risius collected six hits and eight RBIs. A promising career at IWCC is ahead for Risius.

The Norwalk Warriors, as stated above, are loaded with pitching and hitting talent. An entire article could be written on this team alone. Norwalk’s other pitcher is Carly Brewer (2025 Norwalk, IA) who is committed to the University of Iowa to pitch, has a fastball that consistently sits in the 63mph range and tops out at 65mph. Brewer mixes in her pitches well and works the zone both vertically and horizontally. Brewer finished the weekend with a division high 28 strike outs through 18 innings pitched. Brewer should come to Iowa and make an immediate impact.

On the hitting side the Warriors' first three batters were all in the top 10 and were no easy out. Two of them to mention are, the leadoff batter Nyah Hulbert (2025 Norwalk, IA) a left-handed batter who is committed to Minnesota State Mankato, who pairs her speed and power to be a dual threat on the bases and at the plate. In the outfield, she reads the ball well and can run down balls in the gap. Hulbert concluded her weekend with eight hits, which included two doubles, a homerun and four RBIs. AS a fellow Maverick, I am extremely excited to see Nyah perform at the next level.

Maddie Gullion (2025 Norwalk, IA) is a University of Northern Iowa commit, had a weekend at the plate, totaling eight hits, including two homeruns. Gullion is a plus outfielder who tracks the ball well and gets a good jump on the ball off the bat. At the plate she has a very solid stance and utilizes her lower half well. A line drive hitter, Gullion does an excellent job of staying back and taking outside pitch to the right side. Gullion’s career as a Panther will be an exciting one.

Braylen Conlon (2025 Toddville, IA) a left-handed pitcher for the Saints and a Western Kentucky commit, did her job on the mound keeping batters off balance. Conlon is working with a five-pitch mix of fastball, change-up, curve, drop and rise. She works the zone well mixing in her curve and rise ball. Her fastball sits consistently in the 63mph range. Conlon pitched 12 innings striking out 26 batters and onl allowing one earned run. Another Iowa kid who is sure to make some noise at the next level.


Brylee Cox (2027 Ankeny, IA) of the Alliance Select Gold 14U was one of the more impressive athletes to watch this weekend. Cox, who only stands around 5’, was the weekend’s Most Valuable Player.  The best part of her play is she does everything you want in a leadoff batter to find a way to get on base. Cox has a very confident plate approach, doesn’t try to do too much, and showed how patient she can be walking four times. Once on the bases she is very quick and can turn singles into doubles. She finished the weekend with eight hits which included three doubles and a homerun.

The weekend's Most Valuable Pitcher award went to Tatum Goerdt (2025 Cedar Rapids, IA) who plays for the Cedar Rapids Reds 16U. Goerdt is not new to scout notes as she is a strong pitcher who produces week after week. With a fastball that tops out around 63mph, she also mixes in her change up well. Her go to strike three pitch is her rise ball that comes in right at the hands. She also has a late breaking curveball that helped her with a division high 24 strikeouts in 12 innings pitched. Goerdt continues to shine weekend after weekend as the ability to produce at the next level if she chooses to do so.

Maddie Schonhorst (2027 Huxley, IA) of the Alliance Select Gold 14u was another impressive athlete at the plate. Starting in a solid stance, Schonhorst uses her lower half to explode through the zone. She is also very impressive behind the plate, framing and bringing the ball in to get every extra strike call she can. She finished the weekend with eight hits, including two homeruns and two doubles.

Alexis Havlovic (2027 Bondurant, IA) of Iowa Elite Force 09m is one of the toughest outs at the plate I have seen. She is a pure contact hitter who can also hit for power, hitting the longest homerun I saw all weekend, which was a grand slam in pool play on Saturday. Her stance is very simple, but she does an excellent job with transfer of power and getting her hands through the zone quickly. Havlovic is a true utility player as she can pitch, catch and play nearly anywhere in the field. Havlovic finished the weekend with nine hits which included two doubles and a home run. She did not strike out one time. Havlovic will be one to watch these next few years as she continues to gain experience and mature in her game.

Lily Black (2027 Ankeny, IA) of Iowa Elite Force 09 was another stand out pitcher this weekend. Black, who stands at least 5’9” has all the size you would want in a high caliber pitcher who has not even come close to her ceiling. Black works the zone well, working all four corners. Black’s riseball is probably the most impressive pitch she has that compliments her fastball that currently sits in the upper 50s. I have no doubt that she will continue to improve as she matures and gains strength.

Alli Ferris (2027 Asbury, IA) of the Cedar Rapids Reds 16u found herself in the Top Performers group by being very productive for her team. Ferris is a very confident hitter with a simple plate approach. She gets her hands through the zone well which helped her produce five hits of which two were homeruns. Ending her weekend with nine RBIs.

Julia Christensen (2026 Winterset, IA) a short stop for the Barracuda Aces 16u Jackson, also had a nice weekend at the plate. She demonstrates a very solid stance and utilizes her lower half well, extending through the zone well and generating a ton of power. Christensen tallied six hits, including two homeruns which produced six RBIs.


Sophia Schlader (2028 Urbandale, IA) of Iowa Aries CE is barely over 14 and has an amazing career ahead of her. Earning the Most Valuable Player award, this young athlete’s pitching is what makes her stand out the most. This 2028 threw a perfect game in the championship, striking out 10 of the 12 batters faced in the game. Her fastball topped out this weekend at 66mph but consistently sits in the 63mph area. Schlader is working with a four-pitch arsenal of fastball, changeup, drop, and rise. Her rise-ball is nearly untouchable and it is her go to pitch to seal the deal at the plate, striking out a tournament high of 40 batters in 16 innings pitched. Her batting statistics were far above any other hitter with 15 hits, including five homeruns and two triples, and totaling 15 RBIs. Schlader is one of the top players in the country at her age and will only continue to get better as she ages.

Karter Price (2027 Altoona, IA) of Iowa Aries CE was the weekend's Most Valuable Pitcher. Price is working with a fastball, change-up, rise and drop. Her fastball averages 56mph and tops out at 59mph. Price ended the weekend with 18 strikeouts through 14 innings pitched. There's an extreme upside to this player as well and I’m excited to continue to watch her grow into the game. Not only does Price stand out int the circle, but she is also quite the hitter. Price was also in the Top 10 in the hitting performers, finishing her weekend with seven hits which included two homeruns. Price is a duo threat that has not even reached her ceiling yet.

Brinley Cope (2027 Altoona, IA) another big hitter for the Iowa Aries CE was second on the Top Performer list compiling 13 total hits. Cope has a very confident stance and smooth swing. She naturally has a ton of power which helped result in two homeruns, two triples and a double. Keep an eye out for this 2027, she will continue to turn heads.

Zoe Alto (2029 Bettendorf, IA) a catcher for the Bettendorf Dawgs ‘10 is a pure athlete that I’m excited to follow for the next few years. A 2029, she has not even begun to reach her ceiling as a softball player. Alto has pure athleticism and power that are impressive to watch. Alto ended the weekend with six hits which included three home runs. Keep your eye out for this player!

Olivia Chapman (2028 Osage, IA) of the CIK 09’s has a strong athletic build and confident stance in the box. Chapman does not get cheated in her at bats and makes the most of every plate appearance. She had a strong weekend ending with seven hits, two doubles and two homeruns. She will be an exciting one to watch as she gains strength and experience in the game.

Macyn Bischoff (2028 Bettendorf, IA) of the X-Plosion Grey ‘10 was impressive in the circle. Bischoff works around the plate, hitting spots and working the zone both vertically and horizontally. She changes speeds well to keep batters off balance. As a 2028, she has a ton of room to continue to grow and will continue to do so. Bischoff finished the weekend with 15 strikeouts through 13 innings pitched and a .92 WHIP.

Karsyn Miller (2027 Ely, IA) of the Monsters 14u Engstrom was another strong athlete at the plate. Miller gets her hands and barrel quickly through the zone, resulting in the highest batting average on the weekend going 9 for 13. She does her job getting on base and putting the ball in play. Keep an eye out on this young hitter.

Laynee Oldenburger (2027 Hudson, IA) of CIK 09s was impressive both on the mound and at the plate. Oldenburger has a strong athletic frame with raw power. Using her lower half well, Oldenburger hit four homeruns on the weekend and knocked in seven RBIs. Oldenburger has a lot of potential and will be one to watch as she gains experience and matures in the game.