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Softball  | Softball Tournament  | 2/1/2024

PG Softball Griffon Indoor 18U

Kai Lane     

ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI- The PG Winter Series is under way as athletes from across the Midwest met in St. Joseph, Missouri to compete in three pool play games. Meeting at Missouri Western State University is an opportunity for players and coaches to kick start their seasons and evaluate areas they would like to improve and get back into the rhythm of competitive softball. Below are some notable performances in this 18U event.

Sara Rexrode (2024 Junction City, KS) of the KC Rebels National Ingle, is a player that stands out among her competition. Sara stands at 5’9, and is a right-handed catcher and 4-hole hitter. She commands the game from behind the plate, framing the ball well and defending her territory. In her 6 total at bats Sara had 4 hits, 3 of those being home runs, 3 runs scored, and 6 RBI.  Rexrode is a powerhouse, she has a simple, effective swing, an open stance that keeps her balanced and throws her hands at the ball with confidence and simply rakes. 

Kiera Klum (2024 Centerville, IA) of the Iowa Elite Red, had a fantastic day in St. Joe, the right-handed utility player totaled 5 hits, 4 runs scored, 1 home run, and 6 RBI. Kiera does a great job of getting her hands to the ball, letting it travel, and hitting it where it is pitched. Klum makes solid connections with the ball, has discipline at the plate, and makes the pitcher throw her strikes. 

Alexis Adams (2024 Waverly, NE) of the NE WAVE fastpitch 18U, is a right-handed shortstop who is agile, quick and alert in her position, she moves well to the right and the left on ground balls and takes a hard first step. Adams transitions the ball swiftly from glove to her hand, a necessary skill in that position. At the plate, Alexis had 2 hits, 2 RBI, 4 walks that resulted in 4 stolen bases and 6 runs scored. 

Tatum Goerdt (2025 Cedar Rapids, IA) of the Iowa Elite Red is a right-handed pitcher who has a fast whip, tight spin and control of her pitch. Tatum is athletic and closes the gap between her and the batter with her explosion off the mound. Goerdt threw for 21 outs in 7 innings, allowing 1 hit and consistently throwing 64-66 mph. 

Elsa Carrillo (2024 Lawrence, KS) of the KC Peppers Lazor plays first base and is a right-handed pitcher. Carrillo had a great weekend in St. Joe as she shut down her opponents with her screw, curve and change up, Elsa is throwing 61-65 mph, in 6 innings, she gained 20 outs, struck 12 out, and allowed only 3 hits! She is calm, trusts her defense, Elsa is a quality athlete who has a lot of potential! 

Peyton Stineman (2027 Cedar Rapids, IA) middle infielder, and right-handed pitcher for the Iowa Elite Red, Peyton pitched 6 innings, had 20 outs, struck 7 out and allowed only 3 hits. Peyton does a great job of spinning the softball, her curve and fastball are her best pitches, topping out speed at 61 mph. She works the rivers going one or two balls off the plate enticing her opponents to swing at pitches off the plate in two strike situations. Being a 2027 Peyton has so much potential to continue to grow and work on her game, she is one to watch!