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Softball  | Softball Tournament  | 9/28/2023

PG Elite 16 Minnesota Scouting Showcase

Erica Beach     

MINNEAPOLIS, MN- Many quality teams and individuals gathered in the NE Minneapolis area to compete in the 2023 PG Elite 16 Minnesota Scouting Showcase September 22-24. There was a total of 44 teams in attendance across three age categories. Many of the players were uncommitted and came out to impress. Although the tournament ultimately got rained out on Sunday, there was still plenty of action and high-level play to be watched on Friday and Saturday alone. Here are some of the highlights.

18U Division

Katie Klotz (2024 Farmington) is a C/1B for the Mn Renegades National who had a very nice showing this weekend.  She came to play showing off her ability to hit both for power and for average.  Hitting .500,  she accumulated 7 hits, 1 double, 2 home runs, 6 RBI's, 2 walks, and 1 stolen base, while also scoring 3 runs.   She does a great job behind the plate both as a leader and with solid fundamentals.  Klotz also proved she has what it takes at first base with great hands and footwork.  

Marissa Mittelstadt (2024 Farmington, MN) of the TC Blitz 18U Stapf had a nice weekend at the plate with 4 hits, 3 runs, 1 homerun, 5 RBI's and walked twice. She was just as impressive on the mound throwing 5 innings with only 7 hits, 1 walk and 3 K's. She only gave up 4 runs averaging 56 mph on her fast ball. 

Brooke Thompson (2024 Prior Lake, MN) of  Mission 18U National had a great weekend at the plate and was definitely on her game, with 7 for 12 hitting, scoring 4 runs, stealing 1 base and knocking in 10 RBI's. With excellent hand/eye coordination and great speed, she is a tough out.  With mostly playing outfield, she is also well versed on the infield positions as well. She is the complete package. 

Aliza Acker (2025 Hager City, WI) of the Lady Storm National did a nice job on the right side of the plate.  She tallied 2 hits, 3 runs, 1 double while being a main run producer knocking in 5 RBI's. She showed mental fortitude in pressure situations at the plate coming in clutch when it counted the most. 

Anya Weiler (2024 Hudson, WI) of the WI Thunder 18U had a great Saturday at the plate. With 2 hits, 2 runs, 1 double, 1 homerun and 5 RBI's. With that said, she went to the mound and threw 6 shout out innings, with 5 strikeouts and 2 walks. She had a very dominant showing from both the plate and the mound. She is a strong two-way player who was fun to watch!

Brooklyn Swanepoel (2024 New Richmond) of the WI Thunder 18U is one feisty player and fun to watch. She showed her ability to be a strong two-way player both on the mound and with the bat.  She tallied 5 hits, scoring 5 runs, with 1 double, 1 RBI, 1 stolen base and 2 walks to help herself out.  On the mound, she was just as impressive with 3 innings pitched, 2 strikeouts, 6 hits and 2 earned runs. She is a must watch when she takes the field. 

Emily Gornick (2026 Maple Grove, MN) of Minnesota Elite Gormley hit .400 this weekend and was consistent force in centerfield.  Emily, as a first year 16U eligible player, made some nice running catches which showed off her athleticism and made all the plays look routine.  She gets great reads off the bat with a fast first step and closing speed.  She will be a top talent as she continues to develop.

Aune Boben (2024 Hibbing, MN) of Minnesota Elite Rubischko was perfect at the plate, scored 3 runs and had an RBI.  Aune is at her best in the circle where she hits 60-62mph pitched 5.1 innings and recorded 8 K’s.  A true standout both on the mound and at the plate, this athlete has high potential to play at the next level.

16U Divison

Addy Wallschlaeger (2026 Coon Rapids, MN) of the MN Moose 16U National was a standout Saturday. She helped lead the Moose to a 3-0 record while pitching some stellar innings. Wallschlaeger is a RHP who also plays 1B and OF on occasion. If there was one word to describe her it would be “crafty”. Her speed clocked in consistently between 57-59 mph with GREAT up-spin. Along with this movement, her change up averaged around 45 mph. Wallschlaeger was able to keep hitters off-balance and unable to adjust to keep the ball out of the air. With a few years left to keep growing, it will be fun to see just how much she can hone in on her craft.

Sadie Meyer (2026 Princeton, MN) of the Minnesota Force Impact 16U Standering saw limited time on the field but was too impressive not to mention. Meyer is a R/R middle infielder. One of the most impressive and telling feats of a player is how serious they take their pre-game reps. Meyer showcased smooth hands, great glove angles, movement through the ball, and fast transitions. With every rep, she was intentional, and you could see just how much pride she took in the little things. On the field in game play, Meyer was always talking, moving with pitches, and had great awareness of the speed of the game. In her first at bat, Meyer smoked a ball through the 5 / 6 hole keeping things simple. She is a player to keep an eye on without a doubt.


Ireland Murphy (2025 Apple Valley, MN) of the Minnesota Force Impact 16U Standering was another player that stood out in warm-ups. Murphy is a L/R outfielder. There wasn’t a single rep that I watched her take off. She was intentional with every single movement: from the separation of her hands after the catch all the way to the crow hop that would come when she eventually threw the ball. She took great angles to each ball hit her way but was able to make adjustments and make the play when a first step was misjudged. Murphy is a true triple threat. In an at bat, she attempted a drag bunt, slap footwork, and eventually settled for a double in the right-center gap off a full swing. Along with being a triple threat comes speed and Murphy did not disappoint. She flew around the bases with ease and grace. As a true outfielder and triple threat, she will be a great addition to any team in the future.

Lauren Voss (2026 Richfield, WI) of the Wisconsin Bandits 16 - She was a player who did the little things right and at full-speed. Voss is a 3B who hits and throws R as well. As we walked up to the field, Voss was taking full control of a tricky pop fly ball between four different players on the field. It was one of those balls where any of the 4 could have caught it or collided if not handled correctly. A few plays later, her pitcher misplayed a ball that Voss recovered and fired over to first to save her pitcher from a hit and showcasing her arm as well. Voss was loud on the field and knew exactly what she needed to be doing at all times. On the offensive side of things, Voss saw one pitch in her first at bat and blasted it over the fence for a home run. She was able to display all her skills and left no room to doubt just how great of a player she will become. If you want an aggressive, full-throttle player, look no further.

Maleia Knutson (2026 Sioux Falls, SD) of the 16U Catalyst National Sd was the hardest working player on the field this weekend. She is a R/R catcher/infielder. Pre-game reps included Knutson working from below the ball to steal hypothetical balls for her pitchers and playing every ball like it was an in-game experience. After getting her pitcher’s workout in, Knutson ran over to take infield reps still in her shin guards. There was never a moment where Knutson wasn’t supporting her pitchers and other teammates. Her pop time was recorded averaging about 2.1 seconds with great placement. With a team-first attitude, Knutson is someone who you would never regret to put on your team. If she can keep working towards fine-tuning her infield skills, Knutson will grow into a tremendous player.

Emmy Ly (2026 Savage, MN) of the Mission 16U National was the perfect example of “small, but mighty”. She is a R/R short-stop who only measures in at 5’1”, but don’t let this fool you. Ly was a feisty competitor who had great game awareness. One of her strongest qualities was her arm… or should I say, cannon? Ly consistently fired overthrows when one wouldn’t think there was a chance to get anybody out. Offensively, Ly was competitive in the box with a smooth swing (She is even featured on our Twitter page with a great base-hit to LF). In the future, either middle infield positions would suit her and only time will tell just how much more she can prove others wrong.

Lillyan Bury (2026 Loretto, MN) of the 16U Catalyst National Schmoll is a RHP. Bury was able to consistently work ahead hitters and keep them off balance with her mix of pitches. The most impressive of the bunch was her drop ball. There are not many pitchers who can truly make the ball move like that on a drop ball but Bury does it with ease. She ranges between 59-61 mph on her fastballs, hitting as fast at 63 on Saturday. The real knee buckler came from her change-up averaging 45 mph. With dominant control over her drop ball and the occasional mix-in of the change up, Bury was racking up the strikeouts on Saturday. Bury has the ability to grow into herself and keep getting stronger. If she can continue to pinpoint her drop and change together, there is no telling where she will end up. Bury has the potential to be something special, especially if she can add one more movement pitch to her arsenal.

Jorey Fry (2025 Rosemount, MN) of the Minnesota Force Impact 16U Standering was your true utility player. She is classified as an R/R outfielder, pitcher, and utility player. In her first at bat, Fry executed a sacrifice bunt perfectly resulting in a run for her team. There is nothing better than watching a player execute one of the most nerve-wracking plays. Right after this, she pinch ran and scored herself. In the same inning on defense, Fry came in to pitch and got her team out of a jam mid-inning. While pitching, she averaged between 54-56 mph. Fry not only helped her team keep runs off the board, but she did it all with a smile. She is the type of player who you can count on to do anything you ask of her. She was one of the most impressive players in overall ability this weekend. It will be fun to see which team cashes in on Fry and her ability to play each position with ease.

14U Division

Peyton Laframboise (2027 Sioux Falls, SD) of 14U Catalyst National SD was the clear offensive MV-Player this weekend.  Her power was on display from the right side of the plate leading the tournament in 5 Home Runs and 12 RBI while going 13-15 at the plate.  This catcher has a strong arm and a quick release that also helped her cut down runners stealing.  Her power display will be fun to watch as she develops.

Addison Ellis (2028 Charles City, IA) of Iowa Aries CE was the pitching MV-Pitcher of this weekend.  Addison threw 14 innings and allowed 4 earned runs while striking out 29 hitters.  The lefty’s fastball sat at 58-60mph all weekend.  She dazzled hitters with an impressive changeup which she could locate to either side of the plate.  At the plate this weekend the left-handed hitter went 6-10 with 5 RBI

Libby Winters (2028 Monroe, IA) of Iowa Aries CE was the second most impressive pitcher for the weekend.  This lefty sat at 56 MPH with her fastball and had an effective change up.  Libby threw 6 2/3 innings and struck out 15 hitters.  Offensively Libby provided 9 RBI and displayed her speed with 3 stolen bases a double and a home run.

Iowa Aries CE had three other main contributors in first baseman Grace Bordenaro (2028 Norwalk, IA) went 8-11 with 7 runs scored and 10 RBI, Jenna Fuller (2028 West Des Moines, IA) was 7-10, Ivy Ohorilko (2028 Altoona, IA) was 8-11 and was a solid receiver behind the plate.

Adalyn Sacora (2028 Cedar Rapids, IA) of CR Blue Devils 14U Royal is a smooth fielding short stop who had a solid offensive weekend.  The righty went 10-16 and was the spark plug for the Blue Devils offense.  As she builds strength her approach and technique at the plate will produce even more impressive results.

Bella Sorum (2027 Sioux Falls, SD) of Sd Renegades 14U National Guericke is a solid leader both offensively and defensively for the Renegades.  Bella hit .500 with 1 double, 1 home run 3 RBI and 4 RBI.  She spent her weekend hitting out of the #4 spot in the lineup and her pure swing was the reason why.  As she develops those doubles will turn into home runs as the ball jumps off of her bat.

Reagan Wallschlaeger (2028 Coon Rapids, MN) of MN Moose 13U National has a ton of upside as a pitcher. As of right now her fastball sits 57/58MPH and works up in the zone with it.  As she develops more consistency, she has next level abilities.  She can help her cause as a hitter as well.  She batted #4 in the line-up all weekend and drove in three runs for her team.

Natalie Thurk (2028 Prior Lake, MN) of 14U Catalyst National MN had a nice weekend at the plate producing 5 RBI and 5 Runs.  She has the potential to develop into a solid power hitter as she tends to barrel up a lot of pitches.