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Softball  | Softball Tournament  | 7/13/2023

16U PG Elite 40 KC Scouting Showcase

Rachel Klipper     

2023 16U PG Elite 40 KC Scouting Showcase

Shawnee, KS.

July 7 – 9, 2023


The weekend for the PG Elite KC Showcase was a beautiful one with perfect partly cloudy days and mid 80s to play some superb softball. Our champions, Top Gun Gold KC went undefeated for the weekend and rightfully so with MV-Player Ezra Medrano, whom you could count on to have an impressive hit and gain some bases in game after game. The championship was a battle between our champs, top gun and runners-up, Originals Broughton that did not disappoint with athletes on both sides flashing true athleticism.


Makenna Moore (2025, Grain Valley, MO) with Top Gun Gold KC – continues to grow and exceed expectations as a true two-way player for both her performance at the plate and in the circle. Named most valuable pitcher now what is now 2 perfect game tournaments and this one having 31 teams she continues to show up at the top of the performance boards in the circle. Though she pitched game after game she only progressed upward through the weekend with a continuation of precision in her pitches. In the championship game she allowed 0 runs and walks. Her bat matches her merit as a true power hitter with a wide stance as she just pops her body through the ball.


RHP Hannah Uhles (2025, Carrollton, IL) with Force Elite performed as an exemplary pitch to contact pitcher.  She utilized a mix of pitches including but not limited to a change-up coming in at 45 mph, screw, curve, and fastball, with a top velocity of 63 mph. Her ability to command the ball comes in handy as she’s deep into the count with a reliable defense to back her.


Lilee Keller (2025, Holden, MO) left-handed pitcher with Originals Broughton hit all parts of the zone one through nine while averaging 58 but sticking to corners well to through batters off on what was to come next resulting in a many of swing and a miss. Shining through as a two-way player, going 3 for 3 in 2 games back-to-back her bat was consistent with often straight gap hits. 


RHP Harlee Fowler (2025, Benton, KS) with Kansas Renegades 24/25 is an all-around player from pitcher to outfielder to batting as a key player wherever she may be needed. At the mound, she worked mostly in the mid-50s with a top speed of 56, improving by 4 mph since the tourney in late October. On the north side of her pitches in the result of predominantly rise balls and south side trending as a screwball or curve to drop-curve she was hard to determine what was to come, leaving batters to a missed strike.  


Alyssa Cosens (2025, Pittsburg, KS) with AFA 16u Scruggs as a lefty at the plate she displayed great placement in her hits booted with patience and a respectable read for the ball to receive the pitch she needed for the right result. She pushes for extra bases, snagging an extra 60 feet anytime the opportunity rose along with pushing the limits of the opposing team to often win safely at the next base.


Addison Stephenson Roy (2024, Gardner, KS) with KC Zephyrs-Bowen at the plate, extends well through the ball with a commanding lower half. With an early jump on the pitch, she can frame for strikes. She is in constant communication with her team with an upbeat attitude. Her throw downs on steals are right down the pipe and puts a little fear into anymore with her reliable outs.


Gretchen Huizenga (2026, Overbrook, KS) with Midwest Power Legacy takes an aggressive approach on the ball on top of keeping a wide range and communicating to her teammates on each play. Her smooth transition upon fielding makes for a rapid out with a precise throw to the chest. Second in the lineup she maintains the aggression with a quick hand and hip drive with center hits. A striking swing like her drove a line drive though centerfields glove to gain a double. Regularly she was battling it off for her pitch to get systematic middle hits.


Ava Lay (2025, Derby, KS) with Kansas Renegades 24/25 with a 1.91 pop-up time possesses powerful athleticism with the potential to elevate her game to the next level. While she demonstrated a graceful yet decisive skillset behind the plate she continues to communicate and keep a positive attitude no matter what is to come. At the plate, she reads the pitch upon immediate release and sets herself up for the best success of a power hit. Slinging the ball in the middle she places down the lines with line drives to whip by fielders. Running the bases, she puts max effort in and as a result she can gain an extra 60 feet when the opportunity presents itself.


Abby Sargent (2027, Jerico Springs, MO) with Regal Platinum showed exceptional potential in the field whether it be middle infield or third base. She ahead of the ball with a read on it as the swing is in action giving her the advantage to be there before the ball even touches the dirt. She follows up beautifully with a smooth, textbook field to toss.


Addie Wright (2026, Grain Valley, MO) with Originals J2 stood out with her diving play in the 5-6 hole and a straight shot to first from her knees with ease. From there she stayed consistent with having a reliable glove and vacuuming up anything in her direction, to continue to not be trouble and finish each play out with ease. Her hustle to and from the dugout did not go unnoticed and even late in the day she continued to push through no matter what others around her may have been doing to get to where they needed to be.


Devin Splittorff (2028, Leawood, KS) with KC Rebels 2027a displayed a quick reaction on the ball while continuing to not miss a beat as hit after hit came her way at second. Her level and swift swing that seemed as though she was punching it through the ball ended with hard hits to the gaps. Just as she can be reliable in the field she came to be as a batter with a bunt placed out to gain a run and give her the safe count.