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Softball  | Softball Tournament  | 6/16/2023

Rise Above College Showcase

Annie Fleming     

Rain and thunder could not keep the athletes down this past weekend at the Rise Above Challenge Showcase in Colorado Springs, CO. The 16u division boasted a wealth of talent that fostered a competitive spirit creating an environment ripe for each athlete to showcase their abilities.


For Ruthless 16B, Jordyn Rothstein (2027, Lakewood, CO) demonstrated her athleticism at shortstop with efficient foot work and a quick release. She showcased her ability to reach balls up-the-middle and in the five-six hole making her opponents earn base hits. As a middle of the line-up hitter, Rothstein executes a strong, powerful swing and is looking to drive in runs with each cut.


Isabella Orozco (2026, Lakewood, CO) is a force to be reckoned with in the batters box for Ruthless 16B. Orozco is a righthanded power hitter with a short bat path that gets the barrel to the ball on time. She sprays the ball to all fields, with a powerful turn on inside pitches and well-timed cuts taking the ball to the opposite field.


Aubrey Hummel-Giddens (2028, Littleton, CO)  of the scrappy RMT 14u Brunello squad played beyond her years. Seeing time at shortstop, Hummel-Giddens’ calm demeanor leads the infield with confidence. As the leadoff hitter, Hummel-Giddens hit multiple in-the-park homeruns throughout the tournament. A gap-to-gap hitter, she finds a way to get her barrel to pitches  just out of the zone, making her a force at the plate.


Aurelia Espinoza (2026, Kiowa, CO) dominated in the circle for the EC Coyotes, leading her team to the championship game. With an array of pitches to utilize, Espinoza aggressively attacks hitters utilizing spin to force hitters to chase out of the zone. She takes her aggressive approach to the plate, attacking pitches in all zones and employing a gap to gap approach.


Completing the battery for the EC Coyotes, Braelyn Allison #4 (2026, Elizabeth, CO) boasts a 2.16 pop-time making runners think twice on the basepaths. At the plate, Allison extends well through the ball with a powerful lower half. She utilizes the opposite field and a line-drive approach that drives in runs for her team.


Avery Britt #2 (2027, Elizabeth, CO) is a solid righthanded leadoff hitter for Colorado Altitude. Britt utilizes her speed and power to find a way on a base. She runs the bases efficiently with sharp turns and long strides. Seeing the majority of her time at second base, Britt is a versatile middle infielder with quick footwork and impeccable field awareness.


Danica Unger #13 (2025, Colorado Springs, CO) threw multiple innings in the circle for the Colorado Altitude. A competitor between the lines, Unger slings pitches to all zones relying on accurate pitch placement and her rise ball to work counts. Unger showed an ability to increase velocity as well, keeping hitters on their toes with each pitch.


Cambria Ruecker #12 (2025, Peyton, CO) of the CO Batbusters showed off her leadership behind the plate. With quick feet and well-developed blocking ability, she instilled confidence in her pitchers. At the plate, Ruecker is looking to do damage with an aggressive approach and a powerful swing driven with her lower half.