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Softball  | Softball Tournament  | 4/5/2023

14U PG Elite 40 STL Scouting Showcase

Rachel Klipper     

2023 PG Elite 40 STL Scouting Showcase


April 1-2

Chesterfield, MO


What was a very windy weekend with winds going up to 25 mph that did not stop any of these teams from coming together to play to their greatest ability and to hardly see the wind as an obstacle. Coming in as the runner-up, Missouri Bombers ’09 and our Champions, Louisville Lady Sluggers 09 – VB played a spirited nail bitter of game ending in a 1-point difference.



Middle Infielder and RHP Sophia Bell (2027, Chesterfield MO) with Stl Dream showed great potential in all aspects of the field, whether it be at shortstop, pitching or as a batter. As a middle infielder she was quick to the ball with a jump that gave her a great advantage, along with a quick and accurate throw to follow through the play. As a pitcher she hit her spots with great accuracy which came to be helpful in aiding in more than one game with either 0 hits allowed, 0 earned runs, 0 and walks allowed.  Not stopping there, at the plate she was a consistent middle of the ball hitter to the gaps and a quick follow up around the bases. Great potential for this player as she continues to grow and excel.


RHP Chrystal Hall (2027, Eureka MO) with Missouri Bombers 09’ averaging 55 mph with 0 walks allowed in a game. She hits her spots consistently at the mound with the right amount of movement behind each pitch. At the plate with a leveled swing, she shined with a reliable bat consisting in 4 RBI’s, a double, a triple, and a homerun.


Ashlee Mundell (2028, Ashton IL) with T-Force 09 stood out with her great speed and a way of gliding her way around the bases with simplicity, giving her team the advantage of some extra runs in a result of this. On Saturday she stole 3 bases and gained 3 runs in one game.


The 4-11 outfielder and lefty batter Olivia Borgmann (2029, Glencoe MO) with Missouri Bombers 2010 was mighty with her bat with great placement of the ball it was often an element of surprise as to where she may hit the ball next to make her way on to the bases. Her speed followed her to the outfield with great ability to track the ball and make her way to the gaps to find herself an out.


The long-legged pitcher, Summer Branch (2026, Holts Summit MO) with Hype Fastpitch 14U was outstanding in using her greatest tool with a long yet powerful stride that did her a great deal at the mound. She hit her spots averaging at 61 mph with the added plus of the key movement in her pitches she threw a hard to hit ball consistently. This key pitcher had 14 strikeouts in one game alone and in another game, she allowed 0 runs, hits, and walks. At the plate, her athleticism booted with a keen eye for strikes and a forceful swing she was a batter you could count on to hit the ball hard to a gap to ensure another player on base. This crucial plyer has great promise as she continues to shine and get the results, she is having with the great she puts in.


Behind the plate, catcher, Ilsa Hervery (2027, West Des Moines IA) with WDM Panthers was an relentless wall as catcher. Added in with her athleticism out in front of the pitch, she had a good read on the ball to better set herself to guarantee strikes for her pitcher.


RHP Ava Dixon (2028, Foley MO) with 09 Louisville Lady Sluggers-Winans was a key pitcher for her team often finishing out the inning with a strikeout. She hits her spots consistently at the mound and one game she had a total of 12 strikeouts. In another game she allowed 0 walks along with only 3 hits and 1 run allowed.


RHP Norah Culver (2027, Kansas City, MO) with Louisville Lady Sluggers 09 – VB averaging 56 mph for the weekend helped to play a role in her team winning the tournament for the windy weekend. In one game alone she allowed 0 runs and walks. At the mound she was precise in hitting the east and west corners of the plate for some missed strikes from the opponent.