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Softball  | Softball Tournament  | 3/1/2023

Perfect Game 16U Griffon Indoor

Rachel Klipper     

Perfect Game 16U Griffon Indoor

Saturday, February 25th, 2023

St. Joseph, MO.


Right-handed pitcher Gracie Birk (2025, Burlington KS) with Top Gun 07 KS stood out as she was touching 65 and averaging 63 mph pitches. With total control of the ball to follow her speed she had few walks for the Saturday games. Her north to south was a strong attribute for a great deal of missed pitches by the batter. At the plate she was just as valuable with a strong even stance while driving the hips through she had more than one hit that slammed the left center fence.


 Abigail Sherry (2025, Ballwin MO.) with St. Louis Heat 07 was instrumental behind the plate as catcher. The scrappy catcher was ahead of the pitch to ensure few balls past her and was able to make a significant impact in framing for strikes to gain some wins at the plate for her team. With constant communication in plays her team was able to efficiently finish out innings. He accurate and quick lead to most coaches in fear to promote any stealing. 


Behind the plate, Norah Macken (2025, Elkhorn NE) with Nebraska Quakes Gold 16U Macken had a superior read on the runner giving her the unknown advantage of when to throw down and to be 5 steps ahead of whoever would be stealing. It did not take long for teams to learn to avoid stealing when she was behind the plate. At the plate with a strong even stance following with hard middle of the hits. She was a key player behind and at the plate. 


The 5-9 Elsa Carrillo (2024, Olathe KS) with Midwest Power 16 displayed exceptional leg power behind her pitching with an average of 63 mph for the weekend. Her ability to command wondrous movement in her pitches was a highlight to instrument a win for her team. In one game she allowed 0 hits and only 1 walk while at the mound.


Lefty Alesa Kastle (2026, Lees Summit MO) with Originals 08 was substantial at the plate with a keen eye for strikes and the ability to hold off on balls. Her consistent bat the plate gave her the skill to get on base more often than not stood out with a quick hip drive to follow through with a middle of the ball hit to the gaps. Once on base, there as no doubt she could find her way around the bases by stealing to get into scoring position.


Behind the plate, Tatum Johnson (2026, Urbandale IA) with Iowa Nationals had a remarkable dexterity in unnoticeably framing pitches. With the bonus of being a reliable wall to let few wild pitches past. At the plate, she was just a reliable with her remarkable swing. She displayed skill to adjust quickly depending on the incoming pitch, 1 to even result in a homerun opposite side of the field. When on base she was aggressive to ensure free extra bases when the opportunity arose.