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Organizational Report: 5 Star

Tyler Russo        
Photo: 5 Star (Perfect Game)

Hometown: Warner Robins, GA
College Commitments: 1250
PG Championships: 233
Drafted Players: 102
MLB Debuted Players: 9

Owner: Andy Burress
Website: 5starnational.com
Twitter: @5starnational
Instagram: @5starnational

2021 Breakout Potential
1. Matthew Gonzalez
2. Trevor Dutra
3. Coleman Rowan
4. Jackson Mayo
5. Dawson Hamilton
6. Dalton Hurst
7. Branson Owens
8. Tyler Gerteisen
9. Michael Conder
10. Cody Nelson
11. Gavin Miller
12. Scott Griesemer

2022 Breakout Potential
1. Gage Harrelson
2. Parker McDonald
3. Tanner Knowles
4. Davis Green
5. Garrett Mackowiak
6. Brady Skipper 
7. Drew Nelson
8. Carlos Elian Martinez
9. Tag Williams 

2023 Follow List
1. James Hays
2. Ryker Chavis
3. Daniel Parris
4. Dylan Loy
5. Stone Russell
6. Riley Jackson
7. Drew Burress
8. Connor Crisp
9. Ethan Robinson
10. Andrew Dunford
11. Brady Neal
12. Kaleb Johnson
13. Reid Harvey
14. Josh Fernald
15. Andrew Elkhill

2024 Follow List
1. Brooks Wright
2. Parker McCoy
3. Hunter Carns
4. Brooks Baker
5. Matt Hoag
6. Cooper McMullen

Top Historical Perfect Game Moments
• Back to Back BCS Championships in 2015 (15u & 16u)
• Back to Back BCS Championships in 2017 (16u & 17u)
• 2019 WWBA Sophomore World Championship 
• Most PG Championships in 2019

Program History
“Mr. Buddy Meyers, in 1985, created the first "Chain Baseball" team after his company Chain Reps LLC.  Current 5 Star Owner Andy Burress played for Chain Baseball in 1993 and started coaching a Chain team in 2007. The Chain name has been a steppingstone over the past few years to help our organization get to where we are today. Mr. Buddy never envisioned what our organization would become. From San Diego, CA to Winston-Salem, NC; from Forest Park, GA to Bradenton, FL and now Texas, the Midwest, and Puerto Rico. The growth of our organization and the impact that a couple of old South Georgia boys have created is unbelievable. Mr. Buddy would be proud of our accomplishments since his passing in 2014. In 2015 "Chain National" claimed back to back 15u and 16u PG National Championships. We had a freshman group ranked number two in the country and a sophomore group ranked number three in the country. In 2016 alone we 32 Division I commitments. These were all were firsts in the history of "Chain." To continue to grow there were things that needed to be structured differently. In 2017 a merger between what was then ‘Jacksonville Warriors’ run by Palmer Knight and the ‘Five Star Tigers' run by Josh Baker was imminent, so 5 Star National was taken on as the new name and brand for the growing organization. Our staff of 38 full-time employees and over 200 part-time employees is made up of mostly former players. We now house 18 training facilities around the country that help us to have accountability with our players.”

Historical Scouting Highlight
“With an organization who has seen as much success as this one, it is difficult to narrow down a particular point that stands out above the rest. My highlight comes from this most recent fall and the performance put forth by the young, talented group of 2023s at the 2019 WWBA Freshman World Championship in West Palm Beach, FL. With one of the most prestigious and well-scouted events in all of amateur baseball happening only a short drive away at Roger Dean in Jupiter, it is easy for this event to get over-shadowed in the hype. This wasn’t the case this year with the talent that not only the 5 Star club brought down south, but the talent that they were given the chance to match up with each time out. A weekend that got underway with a great deal of rain would cause for restructuring of the event and a whole lot of baseball in a short amount of time. In a span of just 48 hours, the 5 Star National roster would take the field seven times, and although they would unfortunately fall short in the championship game to the hands of MVP Aidan Miller, their 6-1 record is nothing to shy away from. With a roster that held seven players that are now ranked in the Top-50 of their class, each time out they had a ton to offer from a scouting perspective. Drew Burress, Riley Jackson, Brady Neal, Stone Russell and Brooks Wright headlined a star-studded lineup while the pitching staff of James Hays, Connor Crisp, Ryker Chavis, Kaleb Johnson, Daniel Parris, Dylan Loy and Chayce Kieck allowed just six runs in their six games prior to the championship bout. A roster with this much talent at such young ages is very rare to see and it will be exciting to follow this group as they likely continue to play together for the next 2-3 years.” - Tyler Russo

What are we looking forward to scouting during the summer of 2020?

“As one of the deeper organizations from top to bottom that we see regularly on the circuit, they bring star power each time out. The 2021 group, that should roster roughly ten players currently ranked in the Top-300, is a talented one led by the likes of Jackson Baumeister and Brodie Chestnutt who both top their in-state rankings for their respective positions. The 2022 group holds just about as much depth, with nine players from last year’s roster ranked in the Top 450. There are similarities in the top-end talent as well with fellow Florida commits Blaydon Plain and Sullivan Brackin leading in their own roles, while two more Top-150 players in Tanner Zellem and Hunter Russell look to impact as well from at the dish and in the corners of the infield. The 2023 roster, however, may just be the most talent-laden group of them all. With six of their players selected between the two Select Festivals this past fall and an astounding eight players ranked in the Top-100 of the class, it is quite simply an unmatched depth of talent. Drew Burress, Nicolas Perez, Riley Jackson, Brady Neal, Connor Crisp, James Hays, TJ Dunsford, and Brooks Wright are just the headliners of a group that will no doubt have more talent jump into the spotlight as they continue to add to their game and continue on the path toward one of the more talented young rosters we’ve seen in quite some time.” 

Best College Resumes
Aaron Sabato, North Carolina
Taylor Walls, Florida State
Robert Tyler, Georgia
Jared Reeves, Alabama
Cam Greathouse, Gulf Coast CC
Cal Gentry, GCSU

Best Pro Resumes
Buster Posey 
● Adam Wainwright 
Josh Reddick
Terrance Gore  
Tyler Austin
Perfect Game All-American Classic Participants
Tyler Austin, 2009
Larry Greene, 2010
Robert Tyler, 2012
Tony Locey, 2015
DL Hall, 2016
Cole Brannen, 2016
Perfect Game Select Festival Participants
Sal Stewart, 2018
Nicolas Perez, 2019
Brady Neal, 2019
Riley Jackson, 2019
Drew Burress, 2019
Ethan Robinson, 2019
Brooks Wright, 2019

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