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2022 Northern California Prospect Showcase Top SL Spin Rates


NameSL SpinSLGradSchoolHometown
Vance Haskins2223772024LodiClements, CA
Joshua Ramirez2213662025TurlockTurlock, CA
Maximiliano Garcia2204692024El CerritoHercules, CA
Alex Escalante2150672025St. Mary'sStockton, CA
Ryan Ulmen2122682024Oak ParkSimi Valley, CA
Jonathan Wright2115662024Santa TeresaSan Jose, CA
Cody Collins2100752023Fortuna UnionFortuna, CA


2022 Northern California Prospect Showcase Top CB Spin Rates


NameCB SpinCBGradSchoolHometown
Bryce Berry2152712024GranadaLivermore, CA
Cody Collins2075722023Fortuna UnionFortuna, CA
Noah Hanohano2025662025Newark MemorialFremont, CA
Maximiliano Garcia2025642024El CerritoHercules, CA
Danny Delgadillo Jr1975602026FranklinElk Grove, CA
JD Pearce1941622024MiramonteOrinda, CA
Tanishq Shinde1900662023IrvingtonFremont, CA


2022 Northern California Prospect Showcase Top FB Spin Rates


NameFB SpinFBGradSchoolHometown
JD Pearce2207842024MiramonteOrinda, CA
Ryan Ulmen2129772024Oak ParkSimi Valley, CA
Bryce Berry2126832024GranadaLivermore, CA
Christopher Buck2110792025Valley Christian SchoolsSan Jose, CA
Michael Olsen2103772024Castro ValleyCastro Valley, CA
Dylan Blinn2059742026Bishop GormanHenderson, NV
Vance Haskins2058832024LodiClements, CA
Roy Hernandez2036822024VacavilleVacaville, CA
Maximiliano Garcia2013802024El CerritoHercules, CA
Alex Escalante2010802025St. Mary'sStockton, CA
Cody Collins2000842023Fortuna UnionFortuna, CA

2022 Northern California Prospect Showcase Top Exit Velocities


NameExit VeloGradSchoolHometown
Michael Olsen892024Castro ValleyCastro Valley, CA
Brady Rea882024Oak RidgeEl Dorado Hills, CA
Maximiliano Garcia872024El CerritoHercules, CA
Charlie Scola862023Sir Francis DrakeSan Rafael, CA
Talen Hollowell852023John F. KennedySacramento, CA
Vance Haskins842024LodiClements, CA
Roy Hernandez842024VacavilleVacaville, CA
JD Pearce842024MiramonteOrinda, CA
Kenji Tello842024Clayton ValleyClayton, CA
Maddox Thompson842023Marin CatholicSan Rafael, CA
Caden Birch832025North ValleysReno, NV
Cody Collins832023Fortuna UnionFortuna, CA
Logan Mikel832023Don Antonio LugoChino, CA


White vs. Gold


Jadon Anderson (’24 San Jose, CA) smoked a line drive to right on the first pitch of the ball game, top hand spin with serious juice off the bat. Impressive bat speed and athleticism at hand here.


 Dylan Blinn (’26 Henderson, NV) athletic left-handed bat that pieced a line drive back through the middle. There’s definite explosiveness in the swing, barrel seems to stay in the zone forever.


Maximiliano Garcia (’24 Hercules, CA) in the top of the third rocketed a double into the left center gap. The strength is apparent with multiple loud barrels throughout a bunch of high quality at-bats this weekend. The wide base set up helps him utilize a strong lower half.


Alex Wilson (’23 Danville, CA) the big physical presence is an instant impact type bat but also showed a ton of savvy on the base paths stealing both 2nd and 3rd with unbelievable jumps, legit bat with a real feel to baseball at a high level.


 Bryce Berry (’24 Livermore,CA) XL Frame with long levers to bang balls gap to gap. In the bottom of the eighth he back spun a line drive in the left center gap, plenty of room to fill the 6-foot-7 inch frame.


Gavin Hooper (’24 Auburn, CA) stocky frame with tons of intent to do damage at the plate, strong hands show at impact with an advanced feel to barrel. Moves well for the size, later came around to score.


Cruz Torres(’26 Redwood City,CA) roped a line drive RBI triple in the right center field gap, moves well around the bases. Awesome display of bat speed.


Christopher Buck (’25 San Jose,CA) did a solid job of turning around a fastball on the inner third shooting it hard through the middle for a leadoff knock. Pretty simple approach with a swing that contains minimal pre-pitch movement and direct path to the baseball. He also got a pretty unbelievable jump to steal second base with little to no resistance.


2022 Northern California Prospect Showcase Top 10 yd Split


Maddox Thompson1.482023Marin CatholicSan Rafael, CA
Gavin Mora1.552023LodiLodi, CA
Austin Meehleis1.582023LodiLodi, CA
Charlie Scola1.592023Sir Francis DrakeSan Rafael, CA
Talen Hollowell1.622023John F. KennedySacramento, CA
Tevin Knight1.632023Capital ChristianRancho Cordova, CA
Jadon Anderson1.642024ProspectSan Jose, CA
Ian Garcia1.642025De AnzaSan Pablo, CA
Christopher Buck1.652025Valley Christian SchoolsSan Jose, CA
Quincy Malbrough1.652023Del OroLoomis, CA


2022 Northern California Prospect Showcase Top 60 Times


Maddox Thompson6.572023Marin CatholicSan Rafael, CA
Vance Haskins6.852024LodiClements, CA
Talen Hollowell6.912023John F. KennedySacramento, CA
Charlie Scola6.912023Sir Francis DrakeSan Rafael, CA
Brady Rea6.932024Oak RidgeEl Dorado Hills, CA
Alex Wilson6.932023Monte VistaDanville, CA
Logan Mikel6.942023Don Antonio LugoChino, CA
Tevin Knight7.002023Capital ChristianRancho Cordova, CA
Austin Meehleis7.002023LodiLodi, CA
Gavin Mora7.002023LodiLodi, CA
Quincy Malbrough7.072023Del OroLoomis, CA


2022 Northern California Prospect Showcase Top Catcher Pop Times


Gavin Mora2.092023LodiLodi, CA
Ethan Johnson2.162025The King's AcademySan Jose, CA
Eli Burnham2.182025DavisDavis, CA
Alexander Jones2.202023OakdaleOakdale, CA
Dante Caiati2.222024PetalumaPetaluma, CA
Grant Fletcher2.252024Yuba CityYuba City, CA
Dax Trost2.342026BeniciaBenicia, CA
Kenji Tello2.372024Clayton ValleyClayton, CA
Henry Ray2.382026Saint HelenaSt. Helena, CA


2022 Northern California Prospect Showcase Top Catcher Velocities


Eli Burnham782025DavisDavis, CA
Ethan Johnson782025The King's AcademySan Jose, CA
Alexander Jones762023OakdaleOakdale, CA
Gavin Mora722023LodiLodi, CA
Kenji Tello702024Clayton ValleyClayton, CA
Grant Fletcher692024Yuba CityYuba City, CA
Dante Caiati682024PetalumaPetaluma, CA
Dax Trost682026BeniciaBenicia, CA
Henry Ray622026Saint HelenaSt. Helena, CA


2022 Northern California Prospect Showcase Top 1B Velocities


Cody Collins792023Fortuna UnionFortuna, CA
Bryce Berry762024GranadaLivermore, CA
Jorge Guerrero762024Central CatholicCeres, CA
Michael Olsen762024Castro ValleyCastro Valley, CA
Christopher Buck752025Valley Christian SchoolsSan Jose, CA
Luke Leggitt752024LodiWoodbridge, CA
Noah Hanohano742025Newark MemorialFremont, CA
Lucas Stackpole732023SierraManteca, CA
Dylan Blinn712026Bishop GormanHenderson, NV
Jonathan Wright712024Santa TeresaSan Jose, CA


2022 Northern California Prospect Showcase Top Infield Velocities


Roy Hernandez832024VacavilleVacaville, CA
Cody Collins802023Fortuna UnionFortuna, CA
Nathan Del Carlo802024St Mary’s Stockton Ca.Stockton, CA
Alex Escalante792025St. Mary'sStockton, CA
Nico Hilger792023Santa CruzSanta Cruz, CA
Christopher Buck782025Valley Christian SchoolsSan Jose, CA
Ian Garcia782025De AnzaSan Pablo, CA
Quincy Malbrough782023Del OroLoomis, CA
Zachary Bickerton772024LivermoreLivermore, CA
Logan Mikel762023Don Antonio LugoChino, CA


2022 Northern California Prospect Showcase Top Outfield Velocities


JD Pearce862024MiramonteOrinda, CA
Vance Haskins842024LodiClements, CA
Alexander Jones842023OakdaleOakdale, CA
Quincy Malbrough832023Del OroLoomis, CA
Charlie Scola822023Sir Francis DrakeSan Rafael, CA
Christopher Buck812025Valley Christian SchoolsSan Jose, CA
Cody Collins812023Fortuna UnionFortuna, CA
Roy Hernandez812024VacavilleVacaville, CA
Logan Mikel812023Don Antonio LugoChino, CA
Alex Wilson812023Monte VistaDanville, CA
Duncan Delange802025DouglasGardnerville, NV
Brady Rea802024Oak RidgeEl Dorado Hills, CA


Purple vs. Gold


 Vance Haskins (‘24 Lodi, CA) dominant outing with a healthy diet of early count heaters to pair with a quality breaker that got whiffs in bunches late in counts, spun it north of 2100 rpm. Polished offering.

Nathan Del Carlo (‘24 Stockton, Ca) sturdy framed third basemen, who in the top of the first made an unbelievable sliding grab on a pop deep in the foul territory left of the third base bag.

 Zachary Bickerton (‘24 Livermore, Ca) turned around an elevated heater for a line drive knock to left. Impressive piece of hitting. Quick bat with efficient path.

Bryce Berry (‘24 Livermore, CA) solid 4 quad command throughout a semi-brief outing. Fastball is deceptive coming out of a cross fire three-quarters slot. Generates solid carry through the mitt with late running life. Breaker displayed late horizontal sweep with supreme pitchability 2150 rpm.

JD Pearce (‘24 Orinda, CA)  hit a heat seeking missile down the left field line for a stand up double. Physical presence with above average bat speed, compact delivery of the barrel with some explosiveness through the zone. Plus runner.

Duncan Delange (‘25 Gardenerville, NV) loudest barrel of the day thus far in the top half of sixth with lofted barrel deep into the LCF gap. Impressive strength through the point of impact.


Maximiliano Garcia (‘24 Hercules, CA) punctures a frozen rope deep down the right field line for an RBI double. Impressive feel to see it deep and take what is given. Serious bat speed with active hands through contact.

Michael Olsen (‘24  Castro Valley,CA)  nearly leaves the yard blasting one  ⅔ of the way up the wall in straight away right, serious pull side juice for the big physical left-handed bat. If the wind wasn’t blowing straight in, easy to say it would’ve gotten out of the yard.

Navy vs. Red Highlights


Saxon Lucia (2027, San Mateo, CA) collected two solid hits on the day. Showed solid barrel control and ability to stay on plane. Good approach and takes it where it’s given. Sound feel for the age and impressed with his defensive versatility, as well. 


Nicco Olivas (2027, Stockton, CA) was an impressive force on the bump in relief. Ran the fastball up to 77 and showed downward life to the heater. Solid breaking ball in any count, slurvy in shape with some late tight depth. Athletic delivery from a shorter arm circle. Quickness in the arm brings lots to like going forward. Also stood out with the stick, finding a solid knock the other way. Ran into some barrels and opened eyes on the bump. 


Kyle Gravely (2028, Scotts Valley, CA) impressed with his two-way ability. Solid leadoff profile with some feel for the barrel. Hopped on the bump in relief, mixed tempos with a potent fastball/curveball mix. Feel for the breaking ball in any count, solid 1-7 shape to it. Good potential from the left side, repeats well from a steady delivery. 


Isaac Carillo (2027, Antelope, CA) shows enticing physical traits in the box as the frame matures. Stronger levers at the plate, got extended on a fastball and drove it back up the middle for a solid knock. Good posture at the plate with a lot to work with in the frame. Solid performance on the day. 


Connor “Goose” Zuehlsdorff (2027, Napa, CA) was a big time two-way standout. The right-hander ran it up to 82 mph and mixed in a solid breaker. Mixed Intriguing athlete in many facets. Looser hands in the path for contact. Gets good angles and reads it well on the base paths. Really solid performance on both sides that opened eyes. 

Royal vs. White Highlights


Cody Collins (2023, Fortuna, CA) showed out on both sides, running it up to 84 on the hill and showing an athletic presence in the box. Seven strikeouts over three innings of work, lived low-80s with some life. Mixed tempos and showed a low-70s biting slider and some depth to a breaking ball. Has a real athletic look to him with two-way potential, quick hands and present bat speed. Collins was a standout performer. 


Maddox Thompson (2023, San Rafael, CA) impressed with two solid knocks on the day. Opened eyes during BP and it continued during in-game action. Loose, athletic swing with quickness to the hands. Worked the entire field and showed a patient approach. Thompson brings a lot to like in the frame with a do-it-all skill set. 


Luke Leggitt (2024, Woodbridge, CA) ran it up to 83 in relief and showed feel solid mid-60s breaking ball, taking some off it with tighter depth. Missed bats with relative ease and showed quality fastball command. Leggitt brings a physical presence in the box, and it shows on the sound as well. Real solid two-way performance today. 


Alex Escalante (2025, Stockton, CA) showed big feel for the barrel, striping a real nice base hit to center field his last time up. He found more solid contact going the other way his first time up. Real hitters look at points with athletic traits in the frame. Gamer type up the middle and reached low-80s in relief. The bat and arm talent both ways really stood out. 


LT Lindsay (2025, Roseville, CA) had one of the prettier swings of the day. Turning on an inner half fastball to the pull-side gap for a standup double. Lindsay was an impressive force in BP and it continues to show up in game. The hands are quick with some good jump off the barrel. Athletic product making some noise with the stick. 


Ethan Johnson (2025, San Jose, CA) has some upside in the frame with some present juice in the stick. He collected two loud knocks on the day. Strong hands can really match plane and find loud contact at his age. It’s a lean, athletic frame that bodes well for future projection. His bat made quite a loud impression Saturday, and there’s plenty more in store. 


Matthew Rodriguez (2025, Paso Robles, CA) made an impact on both sides, battling over two-plus innings of work and striping a base knock at the plate. Real solid two-way presence in a lean, athletic build with lots of length. The feel on both sides impressed and opened eyes along the way. 

2022 Northern California Prospect Showcase Batting Practice Highlights


Gavin Mora (2023, Lodi, CA) was impressive in his round, turning on balls to the pull-side gap. Intriguing strength and athleticism, loud impact off the bat. Impressed during drills and it continued in his BP display. A name to keep an eye on going forward.


Jadon Anderson (2024, San Jose CA) showed good feel for the barrel and played it well to both gaps. Uses the entire field well, gets extended with good jump at impact. Easy hands can play to all fields, pretty fluid and whippy barrel on display. 


Quincy Malbrough (2023, Del Oro, CA) showed plenty of intent in his round. Barreled balls to the opposite field gap. Quick bat, gets into his lower half and shows strength in the backside. Good frame and barrel skills. 


Dayne Williams (2027, Clovis, CA) was impressive and stood out in his age group. Easy juice at impact, sprayed hard liners to the pull-side gap. Strength in the hands and projects for plenty more in the frame Physical presence with some looseness in the path. Real solid round and held his own. 


Alex Wilson (2023, Monte Vista, CA) showed one of the louder rounds in the group with a solid path and real barrel skills. Loose right-handed path with some barrel whip and quick hands. Present bat speed, good strength at impact. Really impressed with his presence in the box. 


Caden Birch (2025, Reno, NV) had another big round and brings a lot to like at the plate. The body stays sound in its posture while the hands remain fluid through the zone. Matches plane well with good quickness and plenty of intent at the age. Shows strength and shows out for more. 


Zachary Bickerton (2024, Livermore, CA) showed real feel for the barrel to all fields. Good intent and has a plan at the plate. Stays short and uncoils well in his path. Efficient, clean swing that has some jump off the barrel. Real solid display that stood out and has future power projection. 


Vance Haskins (2024, Lodi, CA) had a real display of the barrel putting it on plane and on time consistently. Matches plane and let’s the hands work through contact. Stayed up the middle and continued to make consistent contact. 


Charlie Scola (2023, San Rafael, CA) showed easy backside drives and drove it to the opposite field gap. Big strength, gets into his legs and lots of impact off the bat. Real solid drives the other way and showed feel for taking it where it’s given. Lots to like going forward. 


Maddox Thompson (2023, San Rafael, CA) oozes athleticism in drills, and it showed up in his round. Real loose path that barred balls to both gaps. Barrel whip, present bat speed in the hands. Looseness to the hands bodes well to the athletic profile. Thompson impressed on both ends and it continued in his round. 


Logan Mikel (2023, Don Antonio Lugo, CA) showed easy intent in his round. Uncoils the path and stays awfully short from his clean path. Good length and strength in the frame, lots to like long term. Impressive display and showed real ability to manipulate the barrel. 


LT Lindsay (2025, Rosevill, CA) stung balls to both gaps and stayed calm in approach. Real solid set of hands create strength and some leverage to the barrel. Finds it out front and let’s it get deep. Showed good feel at the plate with athletic traits to like long term.