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3-Gold vs. 6-White Game Highlights


Bradyn Delaney (2023 C, Peosta, IA) collected 3 hits on the day. He laced a long triple down the left field line, showing above average speed on the bases. Showed off quick hands with quality bat speed to match. He kept them inside nicely, using line drive contact for all his hits. 

Cody Shaffer (2024 SS, Ursa, IL) had two hits on the afternoon. Shaffer collected two singles using an aggressive approach at the plate with good discipline in the box. Looks to use the whole park when hitting with good balance at the plate. He also jumped on the mound and topped at 81 MPH today. 

Dominic Sutton (2024 SS, Hillsboro, MO) showed the ability to use the whole field, and drive the ball the other way. He has a mature approach to his game. He lined a ball the opposite way down the right field line for a loud single. Sutton has a balanced approach in the box with a linear bat path. 

Gunner Sutton (2025 MIF, Hillsboro, MO) uses a slightly open stance to stay on time and track pitching well. Sutton collected a line drive single to right field this afternoon during the game portion. He has quality bat speed and a good hitting profile. 

Dylan Monk (2024 C, Monticello, IA) uses a quiet approach in the box. He had an extremely loud barrel to left field on his single today. Showed good feel for the barrel as well, getting to extension point and keeping the ball fair for a solid hit. Has a linear line drive plane with a polished swing. Strong frame. 

Blake Kopec (2026 3B, Geneva, IL) had a really nice single in this afternoons games. Kopec uses a vertical setup in the box and a rotational approach to generate some backspin on his hits. Along with a good eye for the zone.

Henry Simmons (2026 C, Williamsburg, IA) used a square stance and balanced approach to drive a hard single out to center field today. The bat path works vertically with some natural loft to it as well. Simmons has soft hands behind the plate receiving as well.  

Brendan Tunink (2024 OF, Oregon, IL) displayed a smooth LH swing all weekend long. Tunink has a quiet approach at the plate, with high hands and a feel for the barrel. He showed good gap-to-gap feel in his barrel throughout numerous at-bats on the day. 

Luke Skinner (2024 SS, Woodbury, MN) is a tall, athletic LHH SS with some good feel for the barrel. Skinner had a hard single through the right side of the infield for a pull side single. Advanced feel for the barrel. Isn't afraid to stick his nose in there and get the job done, standing right up near the plate. A lot to like about the MN infielder. 

4-Green vs. 5-Navy Game Highlights


Jake Goodman (2024 SS, Dubuque, IA) used good bat speed with the ability to use the whole field. Had a solid base hit to the left side today. He uses a wide stance to cover all areas of the plate. 

Tyler Sullivan (2024 C, Farmington, MN) showed an easy swing with ability to get the barrel on the ball. He stays on plane well and hit for a line drive single in today's game. 

Jaylan Yates (2025 RHP, Camby, IN) showed good bat speed today with a long single to left centerfield. Yates has a strong, XL frame that generates easy power and leverage. 

John Cain (2023 OF, Elkhorn, NE) collected 3 hits today during his game this morning. Cain showed the ability to keep the bat in the zone for an extended period of time. Also has good barrel control, collecting multiple loud base hits. 

Rocky Yasutake (2024 1B, Solon, IA) uses a short swing with loose levers to connect on multiple barrels today. He showed good bat as well. Yasutake drove a ball down the opposite field line for a double. 

Batting Practice Highlights


Tyler Beck (2025 OF, Swisher, IA) showed off good bat speed during BP today. Swings have big intent behind them. Solid contact today with some carry on balls hit to the outfield. 

Rocco Loffredo (2024 RHP, Stilwell, KS) used his long levers to create separation at the plate. Has a longer swing with a lofted, uphill bat path. Had great timing during his round.

Dominic Sutton (2024 SS, Hillsboro, MO) had an impressive round today during BP. Used a line drive approach to create backspin contact. Strength in the barrel. 

Gunner Sutton (2025 MIF, Hillsboro, MO) is a high waisted athlete who showed off quick hands today at the plate. Gets great separation from the body. Lower half works well through the zone.

Max Mackenzie (2026 OF, Chicago, IL) used a linear, line drive approach to impact the ball today. Mackenzie has quick hands at the plate and some solid hit tools. 

Eli Bryant (2025 SS, Beaver Dam, WI) has an XL frame in the box, during the ball all over the field. Agile athlete with that used an inside-out approach. Bat stays in the zone for a long period of time. 

Jake Goodman (2024 SS, Dubuque, IA) had a wide base and high hand-eye coordination in the box. Consistent, loud barrels all over the field. Wiry strength in the frame and bat. 

Colin Pacholek-Mayer (2025 OF, Downers Grove, IL) displayed an extremely closed stance with some pop in the bat. Showed a gap-to-gap approach with line drives all over the place. 

Rhett Harris (2026 C, Minooka, IL) took a mature round of BP today. Harris work well at the plate, with loose wrists and hands. Toolsy hitter with a great offensive profile. 

John Cain (2023 OF, Elkhorn, NE) showed off good carry on hits to the outfield in BP. More of a rotational hitter with barrel control to most parts of the field. 

Reed Strohmeyer (2025 SS, Dubuque, IA) has a smooth LH swing and approach in the box. Clean vertical bat path. Showed some quick-twitch athleticism in the box as well. 

Rocky Yasutake (2024 1B, Solon, IA) had a quality round of BP today. The big lefty showed some torque in his swing today. Mostly hard pull side contact from the LHH. Put his last ball deep out to RF for a HR in BP. 

Daniel Blickhan (2023 3B, West Chicago, IL) has loose swing at the plate. Stays in the lower half well. Longer stride with good vertical lift in his swing. 

Kaden Phan (2025 LHP, North Liberty, IA) is a toolsy athlete with good hit tools. Took a mature round of BP today, lining numerous balls into the outfield. 

Luke Skinner (2024 SS, Woodbury, MN) displayed a smooth LH swing today. The primary SS, has good snap in the barrel. Feel in the box with a good idea of his approach. 

Tysen Sorensen (2023 C, Le Roy, IL) is a sturdy built catcher who had a great round of BP today. He has an uphill bat path with quality barrel control to go along with it. Strong frame. 

Tanner Soucinek (2025 SS, Moline, IL) worked the opposite part of the field well during BP today. Agile hitter, who has some quick-twitch in his swing. Worked gap-to-gap well with a line drive approach in the box.

Brendan Tunink (2024 OF, Oregon, IL) is a toolsy LHH with big hit traits. Took a quality round of BP. Showed big potential in his bat-to-ball skills. Slightly lofted swing pattern, that results in some good carry on his swings. 

3-Gold vs. 4-Green Game Highlights


Connor Maiers (2023, Peosta, IA) showed tons of promise on the mound and at the plate today.  He worked one strong innings on the mound, running his fastball up to 82 mph.  He is able to generate plenty of spin on his pitching which allows his fastball to stay on plane through the zone and gives his breaking ball sharp bite.  He also made a pair of loud outs at the plate.


Dylan Monk (2024, Monticello, IA) has a projectable frame that is full of power at the plate.  After working a walk, he showed off his power by driving a ball deep over the center field gap.  Behind the plate he showed advanced actions, blocking and receiving well.


Eli Bryant (2025, Beaver Dam, WI) showed toughness at the plate today, taking a fastball off the leg and then roping a base hit the other way for a clean single.  He allows the ball to get deep into the hitting zone, sending a base hit down the right field line in an at bat later in the game.


Nick Conant (2024, Hastings, NE) has nice balance at the plate and does a nice job of letting the ball travel into the hitting zone.  This approach lead to positive results today as he laced a double over the right fielders head in his first at bat and beating out an infield single for his second hit of the game in his last at bat.


Camden Knuston (2024, Tulsa, OK) showed plenty of confidence at the plate and was able to pick up a pair of RBIs in his first at bat, sending a base hit into right field with runners on second and third.  He showed off his speed by beating out an infield single to third base in his final at bat of the game.

Top Exit Velos


NameExit VeloGradSchoolHometown
Daniel Blickhan912023West ChicagoWest Chicago, IL
John Cain892023Elkhorn SouthElkhorn, NE
Dylan Monk872024MonticelloMonticello, IA
Rocky Yasutake852024SolonSolon, IA
Brayden Mitchell842024Central CassErie, ND
Jaylan Yates842025Decatur CentralCamby, IN
Nick Conant822024Adams Central Jr-SrHastings, NE
Finnley Martinolich822026Pleasant ValleyBettendorf, IA
Luke Skinner822024East RidgeWoodbury, MN
Tysen Sorensen822023University High SchoolLe Roy, IL
Noah Trannel822024ValleyWest Des Moines, IA


5-Navy vs 6-White Game Highlights


John Cain (2023 OF, Elkhorn, NE) Displayed good bat speed through the zone with the ability to create extension out front after contact. Tripled sharply to the right centerfield gap in game action. Also showed good arm speed while pitching with the ability to work down the mound with intent. Topped at 84 mph.

Mason Hedrick (2025 RHP, Pleasant Hill, IA) Showed good balance on the mound with a loose arm action through extension. Fastball generated solid natural cut to glove side with the feel to work to each edge, topped at 81 mph. Curveball also displayed solid 12/6 shape with good depth to the bottom of the zone in the mid to upper 60's.

Noah Trannel (2024 SS, West Des Moines, IA) Showed quick hands through the zone with the ability to throw barrel head with intent. Produced loud, hard contact when squared doubling in game action.

Daniel Blickhan (2023 3B, West Chicago, IL) Utilized a compact, direct bat path to contact that produce consistent hard contact throughout the game. Also showed good balance at the place with the ability to work to all fields. Collected two hits in game action including a triple. 

Cooper Skov (2024 RHP, Plymouth, MN) Switch hitter who showed good feel for the barrel from each side of the plate. Stays behind the baseball well at contact with quick hands through extension. Collected two games in game action. Also was solid on the mound displayed a smooth, repeatable arm actions with good feel to the edges of the zone. Worked two scoreless innings striking out 4 batters.

Top Pop Times


Julian Torres1.912023Sun PrairieSun Prairie, WI
Tysen Sorensen1.962023University High SchoolLe Roy, IL
Bradyn Delaney2.122023Western DubuquePeosta, IA
Dylan Monk2.142024MonticelloMonticello, IA


Top C Velos


Tysen Sorensen772023University High SchoolLe Roy, IL
Julian Torres772023Sun PrairieSun Prairie, WI
Dylan Monk732024MonticelloMonticello, IA


Top 1B Velos


Rocco Loffredo872024Fort ScottStilwell, KS
Daniel Blickhan792023West ChicagoWest Chicago, IL
Braden McMullen792026Raymore-Peculiar Sr.Raymore, MO


Top IF Velos


Mason Hedrick872025Southeast PolkPleasant Hill, IA
Nick Conant852024Adams Central Jr-SrHastings, NE
Luke Skinner842024East RidgeWoodbury, MN
Reed Strohmeyer842025HempsteadDubuque, IA
Finnley Martinolich832026Pleasant ValleyBettendorf, IA
Daniel Blickhan812023West ChicagoWest Chicago, IL
Dominic Sutton812024HillsboroHillsboro, MO
Liam Bender802024LibertyCoralville, IA


Top OF Velos


John Cain872023Elkhorn SouthElkhorn, NE
Finnley Martinolich832026Pleasant ValleyBettendorf, IA
Connor Maiers812023Western DubuquePeosta, IA
Brendan Tunink812024Newman Central CatholicOregon, IL
Braden McMullen802026Raymore-Peculiar Sr.Raymore, MO


Top 60 Yd Dash


John Cain6.672023Elkhorn SouthElkhorn, NE
Jake Goodman6.832024Western DubuqueDubuque, IA
Liam Bender6.922024LibertyCoralville, IA
Luke Skinner6.952024East RidgeWoodbury, MN
Will Specht7.012025WahlertDubuque, IA
Brendan Tunink7.012024Newman Central CatholicOregon, IL
Tysen Sorensen7.062023University High SchoolLe Roy, IL
Tyler Beck7.072025PrairieSwisher, IA
Colin Pacholek-Mayer7.082025Downers Grove SouthDowners Grove, IL
Nick Conant7.092024Adams Central Jr-SrHastings, NE


Top 10 Yd Splits


John Cain1.542023Elkhorn SouthElkhorn, NE
Jake Goodman1.572024Western DubuqueDubuque, IA
Colin Pacholek-Mayer1.572025Downers Grove SouthDowners Grove, IL
Nick Conant1.592024Adams Central Jr-SrHastings, NE
Daniel Blickhan1.612023West ChicagoWest Chicago, IL
Connor Maiers1.612023Western DubuquePeosta, IA
Lane Moline1.622023Manson Northwest WebsterManson, IA
Liam Bender1.632024LibertyCoralville, IA
Mason Hedrick1.632025Southeast PolkPleasant Hill, IA
Cody Shaffer1.652024UnityUrsa, IL